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Bitter Sea Light

Every intelligent author knows that it isn't very wise to upload something before another pair of eyes have looked it over. This is the place where Romeo comes to meet Juliet, where Alpha meets Beta.

Drop a line below with this format if you want someone to Beta for you:

Type of Fiction:(original/fan fiction)

(Fandom:) (Twilight, Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia etc)

Genre:(romance, horror, fantasy etc)

Title:(the title of your creation)

Summary:(a short summary of your work)

Estimated Length:(how many chapters or words)

...or you're that kind person who wants to Beta without asking:

Type of Fiction:(original/fan fiction)



Beta Type:(grammar, plot, character development etc)

Time Period:(long-time/quickies)

Word Average per Chapters:(what are your limits? How much there should/shouldn't be?)

Just a little notion, though. Alphas, make sure that you've made the story as clean as possible for your Betas. Betas, make sure you are aware of what you're doing and have the patience/willingness/time to work on someone else's creation.

Also, keep in mind that forums aren't meant for posting stories. Exchange files via e-mail/DocX/PM or some other way, but don't post full chapters/stories on the forum.

Posts which are more than three months old may be removed as they are stale posts. Please update old posts every now and then so that we know this is still an active request or offer.

Brownie points to AbiterOfDarkness for coming up with this idea. :)

11/16/2010 . Edited by Elizabeth Burke, 9/19/2012 #1

Hi I'm looking for a beta for my first story. I uploaded it already although I don't consider it fit for that. The description of the story is below:

Type of Fiction: FanFiction

Fandom: Games - World of Darkness

Genre: Horror, action, mystery, dark

Title: Hunter (title is a work in progress and not really creative... i know that much)

Summary: Daniel stands alone against the forces of darkness, the vampires that crawl in the shadows of his city. He doesn't know why he's fighting them but he is certain that he has to because no one else even knows about them. Clearly M rated for violence.

Estimated Length: 3068 online. Those are broken into 2 chapters and a small authors note. Estimated are something around 10-15k and 8 to 10 chapters. The storyline is already finished. I just have to write it down.

Because of my bad grammar and spelling I mainly need a Beta who is willing to correct the mistakes Word didn't. The main mistakes I expect are the tenses. So please keep that in mind. I uploaded the first chapters already and I hope that it is readable in its current state but I would be grateful for other opinions.


As advised in the chat thread I took the entire thing down again and am waiting for someone to betaread it first. Will be wise I guess because nobody made it over the first chapter the few hours it was online. Generally not a good sign.

8/19/2012 . Edited 8/20/2012 #2

ALPHA SEEKING BETA (I think in the classifieds we would see ASB)

Type of Fiction: FanFiction

Fandom: Wheel of Time

Genre: Action/Adventure

Title: Legacy of the Wolf

Summary: Set millenia after the end of RJ's series of books, a farmer tries to resist the pull of destiny as war seems to be on the horizon.

Estimated Length: Current Length: 10 chp. (24,000 wds.) Estimated Completed Length: 24 chp. (90,000-115,000 wds.)

Note: I would love someone who could also help with canon, but the only truly important critique is that concerning the craft itself. Plot devices, character developement, pace, word usage, etc.

9/2/2012 #3
Yuli Ban

Type of Fiction: Fan Fiction

Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog

Genre: Suspense/Horror

Title: "You've Seen The Jackal"

Summary: Three quiet nights plus three in a soul-lusting desert breaks free; from the depths of chaotic violet nights arise- you've seen the jackal. (Working summary...)

Estimated Length: Story well incomplete; about 400 as of yet.

This is but an alpha of an alpha. I just need some betas to point out a few things as of right now so I know what to look out for once I start filling in the rest.

9/6/2012 #4

Type of Fiction: Original

Genre: Sci-fi

Title: Modification Program

Summary: A prison guard at a near-future San Quentin State Prison discovers that the felons uplinked to the ModProg mainframe may not be so very different from himself.

Estimated Length: 6,500-7,000 words

Help needed: All around (grammar, spelling, structure, plot development, character development, pace)

9/14/2012 #5
Aspiring Mythmaker

Looking for a beta.

Type of Fiction: Fanfiction

Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog

Genre: Crime/Suspense

Title: To Cage the Beast

Summary: As the hammer falls on Station Square's underworld kingpin, total strangers must work together to escape his underground base...or be buried along with him.

Estimated Length: 10-15 chapters, 2,000-4,000 words each.

Help Needed: An extra pair of eyes for spotting grammar issues, comments on dialogue, characters, and story structure. Does not require knowledge of canon.

9/17/2012 . Edited 9/17/2012 #6
Yuli Ban

Type of Fiction: Fan Fiction

Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog

Genre: Sci Fi/Drama

Title: "Unidentified Flying Hedgehog"

Summary: No working summary as of yet, but basically about multiple converging fates when Tails and the gang go on a world vacation and stop in the city of UFOrlando/when Blaze accidentally ticks off ETs and escapes to UFOrlando/when several agents of darkness, only loosely related to each other and many against each other, follow the Tour, Blaze, the ETs, and each other, to UFOrlando; all the while, a backplot develops that will span from this fanfiction to a sequel. (Note, not a frame story- just many intertwined stories)

Estimated Length: 12 chapters have been written, varying from 1,200 to 3,200 words, and 23 have been planned as of currently. If you stay to the end, in the neighborhood of a novella, 60,000 to 80,000 words.

Help Needed: This story, in no way, requires any knowledge of fandom. What I am most at odds with is how this fic's unusual style works, as well as the story's fluency, structure, coherence, and prose. A knowledge in alternative POVs and first person reporting style are definitely boons.

10/17/2012 . Edited 10/17/2012 #7

Hello, I have two full time stories on my plate and one of them is nearly finished. It's one of the first stories that I've ever written, but it is in serious need of a tune up. Some one please take pity! Thank you.

Type of Fiction: Fanfiction

Fandom: Harry Potter

Genre: Romance/Action

Title: Inheritance of the Elves

Summary: Harry Potter has recently been informed that he is not only an Elf, but that because of identical magical signatures, both of the Weasley Twins are his mates. On top of all of this, his three best friends are plotting to turn him over to Voldemort.

Estimated Length: As it stands now (almost finished) it is 13 chapters of 17,075 words total. I would like it to round out to 20,000 words as a completed story.

The Help I Really Need: I need the most help with my plot and my characters as there are a few OC's in the mix. My plot is in serious need of fleshing out and my OC's are on the verge of being Mary Sues and Gary Stus. Thank you again for any help that you can give me.

1/14/2013 #8

Offering my Beta services:

Type of Fiction: Fanfiction

Fandom: Harry Potter or Twilight

Genre: Romance

Beta Type: I do best on things like word choice and flow of a story, though I will be willing to help out with anything that you need until you find someone who is a perfect fit for your needs.

Time Period: I would rather beta something that is shorter in duration. Right now something under 10 chapters would be ideal.

Word Average per Chapters: 1,000 words - 3,500 words a chapter would be fantastic. If it's going to be a oneshot than I would go up to 12,000 words total.

1/14/2013 #9

Type of Fiction:Fanfiction

(Fandom:) persona/megami tensei (persona is a part of megaten)

Genre: adventure/mystery


Summary: the fate of four to discover the truth of two. both past and present holds the truths to the path of atonement AU, OCs, P3xP4 with elements from the other 2.5 games (i suck at summaries)

Estimated Length: I currently have the first chapter at 5,600 words and both games could clock in 60-100 hours each.

as an extra i am willing to take this on a chapter by chapter basis

2/24/2013 #10

Type of Fiction:Fanfiction

(Fandom:) persona/megami tensei (persona is a part of megaten)

Genre: adventure/mystery


Summary: the fate of four to discover the truth of two. both past and present holds the truths to the path of atonement AU, OCs, P3xP4 with elements from the other 2.5 games (i suck at summaries)

Estimated Length: I currently have the first chapter at 5,600 words and both games could clock in 60-100 hours each.

as an extra i am willing to take this on a chapter by chapter basis

2/25/2013 #11

Alpha looking for beta.

Type of Fiction: Fanfiction

(Fandom:) Naruto/One Piece crossover

Genre: adventure, friendship, suspense

Title: Remnants of a Shinobi's Fire

Summary:Konoha has fallen. Desperate to escape, our heroes turned to the sea for refuge. Watch as they struggle to find their place in the new world and take back what they've lost. The Grand Line will never be the same again. Team Seven–centric. Strong!Sakura.

Estimated Length: 9 chapters posted so far, 40k words.

I am looking to revise my earlier stuff, since I'm kind of careless with verb tense grammar.

3/11/2013 #12

Type of Fiction: FanFic

(Fandom:) Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Genre: Angst, Adventure

Title: Remorse

Summary: Chaos Story. The end.

Estimated Length: Around a thousand per chapter, like 900-2000

3/23/2013 #13
Luna Goddess of the Night

Seeking a Beta. Doing it a bit early, so I can get perhaps one or two in place.

Type of Fiction: Original

Fandom: N/A, it is original work.

Genre: Supernatural, hurt, angst, horror, friendship, romance.

Title: Currently untitled, thought Moonlit Bite is in consideration, due to the type of series I'm looking to put it under.

Summary: Basically, demons are starting to take over and become rogue. They've already devoured most of the old Gods, such as Zeus or whomever. And a select few have gone into hiding, selecting one to protect, and bestow an item, such as the Shield of Helios, or Blade of Selene. Meanwhile, a young girl is enjoying her birthday, or trying to. Getting drugged and bitten by a hybrid, she ends up being pulled into a world she didn't think she'd be a part of. She knew demons were around, she just never thought it would happen. But being pulled from a sheltered life, she's forced to grow up, and take on new responsibilities. She ends up stumbling upon a plot to revive Luci, daughter of Hades and a hybrid on earth. And only those pure can bring her back. Meaning, even if you've had sex, not until book two, of course, you can still be pure by not committing a crime or whatever. But this revolves around the myth of those being virgins, being pure.

Estimated Length: A prologue, 21 chaps, and an epilogue.

Basically, if anyone is interested, do PM me about it, and we will talk.

4/28/2013 #14
Stray Sentinel

Type of Fiction: Fan fiction

Fandom: Fallout 3

Genre: Adventure/Romance

Title: Broken Road


"She slumped against the wall and flipped the knife open and closed, the solid *snick* like a metronome marking the seconds. "This isn't a fukkin game, kid. We do this wrong and we die. Even I know that."

She could see new muscle in his shoulders when he crossed his arms, and felt a brief stab of regret. No kid should have to grow up like this, the rifle cradled in his arm as familiar as a limb. He was a weapon honed razor-sharp.

"We don't got a choice, mungo. We're already on the shit list."

The kid from Vault 101 goes careening off the tracks of fate, and in the process changes the face of the wasteland anyway."

Estimated Length: Not sure... I'm up to 20,000 words at the moment.

6/8/2013 #16
Type of Fiction:Original, Fanfic Fandom:Doctor Who(seen all of the new who episodes, some classic who knowledge Harry Potter(up to the fifth book as of today) Genre:Anything but smut and lemons Beta Type:I'll have a go at any job, but I specialise in grammar, punctuation, etc. and general polishing. Time Period:Any length will do, but long-term preferred. Word Average per Chapters:At least a hundred, but no more than 6000
7/21/2016 #17
I mean 6000 per chapter
7/21/2016 #18
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