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Bitter Sea Light

Listen -- the numbers are speaking.

(And yes, you may ask questions about FanFiction's numeric data in here...or make suggestions as to what to work on next...or post the already found data. :P)

1/6/2011 #1
Lord Kelvin

Basically, there are some crackpots that can find sense in some numbers one can find on FFN, but they don't know what matters to the fans.

This should be beneficial for everyone, who wants to know something numeric about FFN that isn't out there yet.

1/6/2011 #2
Rib Eye Steak

Which are the most reviewed fandoms on the site?

1/6/2011 . Edited 1/7/2011 #3
Lord Kelvin

Bleach, Pokemon, Twilight, HP, Supernatural, Avatar.

1/6/2011 #4
Lord Kelvin

I'm about to find how many new stories were posted in fandoms that appeared in 2010.

1/6/2011 #5
Rib Eye Steak

Is it possible to know which are the most reviewed stories ever and how many they got?

1/7/2011 #6
Lord Kelvin may be the most reviewed one at the moment with over 56,000 reviews. There have been more popular ones, but they were deleted in the first months of 2010.

A graph on monthly review counts in Harry potter.

1/8/2011 #7
Venere Veritas

Can I ask which story in every section (games, books, etc) has the most reviews?

Just out of curiosity.

1/9/2011 #8
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

I found the number of user IDs generated on 1/9/11, because I was bored.

Accounts 2694921 through 2696418 were created (total 1497) over 24 hours, roughly 62 accounts per hour, or about 1.04 per minute. Alternatively, only ~5 of these accounts will be administratively deleted. Using Kelvins statistics, ~329 (22%) of these accounts will remain active after six months.

So, if 329 will remain active and 5 will be deleted for infringement (working on a very 'fragile' scale here, it won't necessarily go directly by the books), ~1163 of these accounts will be abandoned by June of this year.

1/9/2011 . Edited 1/9/2011 #9
Lord Kelvin

I'd like to remind that Google account holders can use Google Docs for spreadsheets and longer passages of text. Remember to set your document's settings to public view only, so others wouldn't erase it.

1/10/2011 #10
Lord Kelvin

We've waited long, but here it is, an update to FFN Research with more content than ever before. Who gained most stories? Which category shrank? How much dead weight does FFN have? And more on growth prospects in one wholesome post:

1/11/2011 #11
Lord Kelvin

I have a post about nationalities on FFN coming up. Might be complicated or simple, we'll see how much I bother. What we can do to spice things up is this:

Think about what countries are most common on FFN and provide percentages. Do it for the whole site or fandoms. Mind you, if you include nationality break downs with at least three countries for a fandom, I'll be willing to include that fandom into the research paper. I'll be taking your guesses and hypotheses for a few days now, so take your time, but don't miss the train.

1/22/2011 #12
Lord Kelvin

A rating list for organised critic forums with at least 5k posts on FanFiction.Net

1. Literate Union #3 General - 232k

2. Veritaville #2 PJO - 129k

3. Order of the Concritters #- 17k

4. Critics United #60 General- 13k

5. District 14 #4 Hunger G. - 8k

6. Flames, Flames, Flames #12 PJO - 7k

I might be missing a few.

2/28/2011 . Edited 3/5/2011 #13

District 14 (#4 HG) is nearing 8k posts, if it counts as an organised critic forum.

3/5/2011 #14
Lord Kelvin

Much obliged. I wonder if I'm missing anyone. Would be nice to make it to 10.

3/5/2011 #15
Lord Kelvin

So far, 122 million reviews were submitted on the site.

3/6/2011 #16
Lord Kelvin

I have good news and bad news for FFN Research.

Good news: it looks like predictions for 2010 made in July last year came true.

Bad news: the evidence takes 16 megs of Excel.

3/10/2011 #17
Lord Kelvin

An exclusive for the Literate Union.

The age distribution of FFN members.

3/11/2011 #18

Y axis has no scale. -.- Is it just supposed to be by ones?

3/11/2011 #19
Lord Kelvin

The scale doesn't matter. It's the shape of the graph.

3/11/2011 #20

It isn't the most important thing, but it is relevant.

3/11/2011 #21
Lord Kelvin

It's a preview. The whole deal has a 0.3% error margin.

3/11/2011 #22
Lord Kelvin

No clue how long it really took, but here it is: representative statistics on demographics of FanFiction.Net members.

3/18/2011 #23
Lord Kelvin

A few links for free, but somewhat unreliable info on FanFiction.Net

Alexa. Gets info from people, who downloaded the Alexa toolbar. Sparked controversy in 2008, when a lot of websites shifted in rank due to method adjustment. Difficult to trust when it shows increase in traffic/views/whatever during the glitchy period of now. Several days delay.

Compete. Collects data from user panels. Had controversy when it tried to install spyware tracking software on university computers. Shows only monthly graphs for free, one month delay.

Quantcast. Does not target FFN specifically. Gets traffic data only when users of websites with their tracking software installed are linked to FFN. Month delay.

Google Trends. Gets info from Google searches. Does not show actual site analytics.

Are there any other sites that let you see FFN's graphs?

3/28/2011 #24
Lord Kelvin

The above links are vague in how FFN's doing during the glitch, so here's what I did: I grabbed February and March (up to 28th March) info to see whether things are as good as Alexa says or as bad as Quantcast claims.

Reviews submitted in February: 1,885,895

Reviews submitted in March: 1,619,595

Stories submitted in February: 80,300

Stories submitted in March: 65,300


AKA, less content on FFN in March; Alexa knows squat.

3/29/2011 . Edited 3/29/2011 #25
Lord Kelvin

This is interesting. no longer shows data while it did at the time of my previous post.

- good explanation of why the data is not available.

If you recall, this has a one month delay. FFN had huge bugs last month. Coincidence? For some reason, FFN's reducing the amount of info about its business.

4/18/2011 . Edited 4/18/2011 #26
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

Here's a quick thing I did because I was bored. These numbers may change a little bit by the actual purge date as this is done ~1 week before the actual purge.These numbers are strictly math estimates.

The Great Forum Purge, 04/31/2011

FanFiction.Net General Forums Top 30

All topics with last post date of 07/31/2010 or earlier will be purged.

KEY: [forum rank as of 04/25/2011] [forum name] [posts to be lost, est.] [+/- rank after purge and posts after purge, est.]

1) The Domain-- x [+/-0, 286187] [1]

2) Literate Union-- x [+/-0, 264316] [2]

3) Roleplays Rock-- LOSS 13786 [+/-0, 227930] [3]

4) Twilight Role Play-- x [+/-0, 163387] [4]

5) The Longest Forum Ever-- LOSS 521 [+/-0, 126836] [5]

6) Black Hearts, Bloody Roses-- LOSS 10000 [+/-0, 81067] [6]

7) RP Village-- LOSS 4004 [+/-0, 73852] [7]

8) Of Cabbages and Kings-- x [+/-0, 73460] [8]

9) The School RPG-- LOSS 4701 [+/-0, 68073] [9]

10) OC Roleplaying Hotel-- LOSS 5533 [+/-0, 59894] [10]

11) Boarding School Rp-- x [+/-0, 59874] [11]

12) Roleplayers Anonymous-- LOSS 6943 [-3, 49690] [15]

13) Come one, Come All-- LOSS 9647 [-5, 44424] [18]

14) Se présenter et papoter-- LOSS 21 [+2, 51212] [12]

15) MC RPs-- x [+2, 51151] [13]

16) Conversation Station-- x [+2, 49853] [14]

17) Fantasy Rules-- x [+1, 49157] [16]

18) Creature Haven, School for Monsters-- x [+1, 44685] [17]

19) The Fireplace Alliance-- x [+/-0, 41841] [19]

20) Astraea Argentum-- x [+/-0, 36848] [20]

21) Anything, really Friends only-- LOSS 4269 [-4, 32467] [25]

22) The Shoppe-- LOSS 5006 [-5, 31495] [27]

23) Role Play!-- x [+2, 36308] [21]

24) Livin In 90's-- x [+2, 36137] [22]

25) The Store Next Door-- x [+2, 36137] [23]

26) Dragon's Massive Fantasy Crossover-- LOSS 5091 [-2, 30988] [28]

27) RP, do not enter if your name isn't Zelina56 or Gi-- LOSS 5000 [-2, 30329] [29]

28) Chatterbox tavern-- x [+4, 32904] [24]

29) Lolli's Forum-- LOSS 75 [+3, 31651] [26]

30) Order of the Concritters-- x [+/-0, 29174] [30]

4/25/2011 #27

Can you find the actual net worth of in US dollars? I keep on getting different amounts when ever I look it up.

5/9/2011 #28
Lord Kelvin

As you could see above, FFN blocks certain statistics websites from showing any stats. By default, FFN gets ~1.5m visitors per month. Every user creates ~20 page views (18 to be more precise). The total number of page views would then be 30m. Assuming a website gets $1000 per 1m, that is $30,000 per month or $360,000 per year in ad revenue. FFN may have extra earnings from tie-ins with Google and LibreOffice.

The annual revenue relates to its sale price quite directly. All you need is a sale multiplier. For a good website, that ranges from 2 to 4. I'd make it 2.5 for FFN and say $900,000.

It is obviously worth less now than it was in 2007.

5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #29
Sextuple Covalent Mo2 Bond

I wasn't sure where I should post this, but it's FFN related so... it might fit here. :3

Ever wonder what happens when you have a story in fandom x and that fandom is due for deletion? This happens:

Apparently the category is disabled for submissions first, then this happens, then the stories are flagged and removed.

For relevance... I wonder how many categories are deleted and how often this could happen?

5/26/2011 #30
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