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Aw, man, the mew glitches were awesome. I can't remember all the details, but you could get a legendary Pokemon before your third badge!

I got tired around Diamond and Pearl...and I doubt I'll buy Black or White.

The Pokemon rap can't sound too catchy with over 500 to name and rhyme.

2/5/2011 #31
Double Dee Dee

The Pokemon rap can't sound too catchy with over 500 to name and rhyme.

Too true.

The Pokemon rap lost its shine after 2nd gen.

2/5/2011 #32

By the brick, I mean this:

I had the Color Pikachu edition.

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/5/2011 #33

It was in all of them and, apparently, it was a test "pokemon" that they forgot to delete.

MissingNo freaked me the fuck out.

I remember I was so happy when I found it, though. All my friends Ooohed and Aaahed over my 'mysterious Pokémon'.

2/6/2011 #34
The Pirate on Wheels

*sigh* Toonami. I'd never join an afterschool club while you were around.

PS: I still have a working brick. ...naturally the back is broken.

2/7/2011 #35
Double Dee Dee

This commercial from the 80s is made of win, fo'sho~

2/9/2011 #36

Anyone remeber the movie Madeline Lost in Paris?

Also, this show:

Decided to use this clip, because it's catchy!

2/12/2011 #37
Double Dee Dee

Remember the One Saturday Morning tune from Disney at its best?

Yeah, those were Saturday mornings worth waking up to!

2/12/2011 #38

This must be what love is.

5/12/2011 #39
Elizabeth Burke

Did anyone else ever watch Busytown? I saw the new version this morning. Didn't live up to the original.

8/6/2011 #40
Spartan Altego

I remember the first time I ever saw Batman Beyond, way back when. It was my favorite cartoon then and it still is now, ten years later. Cartoons these days don't have tentacle mouthrape like this anymore:

(You'll get the joke in a moment ^)

Opening Seqence Of Win...

And Fight Scenes Of Win:

(^ A fight scene with two minutes of no sound except footsteps in the middle. Fantastic.)

8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #41
Double Dee Dee

Batman Beyond


Totally love the unedited version of Return of the Joker. It's just so fantastically morbid. :'D

Yet, nothing tops Batman: The Animated Series. Batman Beyond is just a close second~ ;D

8/7/2011 #42
Sputnik Writer

I won't tell you how old I was before I realised Top Gun was the most homoerotic film of all time:

Its still my second favourtie film though.

8/12/2011 #43
Sputnik Writer

Doesn't get any more nostalgic than this.

9/17/2011 #44
The Pirate on Wheels

Adventure Time is worth watching. It's one of the few worth watching.

9/17/2011 #45
Double Dee Dee

What's the story, Wishbone~?


The Big Comfy Couch

10/28/2011 #46
Tallz Is De Langste Ster

Does anybody remember Roald Dahl's 'BFG'? :D

10/29/2011 #47

Does anybody remember Roald Dahl's 'BFG'? :D

My childhood. O_O Esio Trot, James and the Giant Peach, The Twits, Fantastic Mr Fox? But the Big Friendly Giant was good stuff. Even though I've probably forgotten half of it. ;-;

10/29/2011 #48
Tallz Is De Langste Ster

I remember all of those! Loved them. :3

10/29/2011 #49


Will never forget those amazing drawing toys.

1/4/2012 #50
fallen Silverwing

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Its quite a hilarious cartoon and my personal favorite

2/11/2012 #51
Ten ways to spoil dinner

EEnE is seriously my favorite cartoon :D Ever. Of all time.

2/11/2012 #52
The Eds Rock

Ed, Edd 'n Eddy rocks!

2/12/2012 #53
Double Dee Dee



/caps!rape is necessary because Toonami equals srs bsns

4/12/2012 . Edited 4/12/2012 #54
Ten ways to spoil dinner

Was an April Fool's day prank :K But yeah, I was awake and saw it, and it was... awesome :D

4/12/2012 #55
Double Dee Dee

I just got the news today from watching Marzgurl's video on TGWTG. D:

I will drown my sorrows in Sociology class now. ;-;


/first world problems

4/12/2012 #56
Ten ways to spoil dinner

XD Well, I'm sure you will see it some other day. April Fool's next year maybe? ;)

4/12/2012 #57
Double Dee Dee

Actual Nickelodeon is airing All That and Kenan and Kel. ALL WEEK around 8/8:30 pm.

Accurate presentations of my feelings/emotions right now:

//brb dying

6/25/2012 . Edited 6/25/2012 #58

God this thread makes me feel old. Most of the things on here came out while I was already in high school or college. :(

I miss afternoon cartoons. DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, TailSpin on Disney-owned-ABC and Animaniacs, Hysteria, Pinky and The Brain on The WB.

And Gargoyles. I miss that show. Goliath was really hot - for an animated character. (Yeah, yeah, don't tell me you never wanked over Jessica Rabbit.) :P

9/26/2012 #59

There's a TV-show here titled Television from when Dad was a Child (because what mum watched doesn't matter)

Most of those things they show are things I remember watching... makes me feel so OLD!

9/28/2012 #60
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