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Lord Kelvin

1st post: General rules of the forum, plus the LU's (organisation's) rules.

2nd post: Forum directory.

3rd post: Forum admin's/mods'/regulars'/fossils' description. A hierarchy of sorts.

4th post: The LU's lore.


General Forum Rules

By posting in the Literate Union forum you acknowledge that you have read, understood and vowed to uphold the following:


And that's what you need to know.




These rules apply to this forum. Please follow them and we will have no problems.

1. English. You watch your language while you are here. That means syntax, spelling, capitals, non-excessive punctuation, and, so help me God, if I catch anyone using chatspeak, I will rip you a new one and then throw you to a gang of rabid homosexuals. If I tell you you are doing it wrong, then youaredoing it wrong. Don't argue with me. Just fix what I tell you to fix and we won't have a problem.

2. George doesn't care if he upsets or insults you. Your feelings are not important to anyone.

3. Annoy any moderators, you'll be banned.

4. Troll around and you shall be banned.

5. No, you may not be a moderator. GTFO.

6. Sexual innuendos are allowed as long as they do not breach someone's comfort zone. If you are told to halt, do so at once. Most mods don't mind or take offence to the majority of the innuendos, but there are regulars who don't like them. Be careful.

7. Wanna chat? Go right ahead and initiate a conversation. You can double post; do anything as long as you don't offend a forum member, but only in the chat thread. You can tell which topic is the Chat Thread by the word 'chat' in the title.

8. Want someone to get some concrit or flame, go post the complete link the appropriate thread. No chatting allowed in there.

9. If a moderator dislikes your attitude/post content or you are posting in the wrong thread/trolling/generally being a pain in the ass, you will be warned. Continue with such behaviour and you will be banned. If you want to appeal the decision to ban you, speak with the moderator that banned you first, not George. Failure to do so is a sign of bad will, which may exacerbate your situation.

10. Racism will be given one warning. Make a racist comment again and you will be banned permanently unless you can convince your banner that you're not a massive douche after all.

11. Introduce yourself before chatting with us! :)

And last but not least, the most important rule of them not piss off the Forum Mum. B


Literate Union Rules

These rules apply only to those who are a member of The Literate Union. This is outside of the LU forum and does not apply to you if you are only a forum member.

1. Restrain Yourself

Try not to be a complete and utter moron in your reviews. "OMG, your commas suck and you shud die in the pits of FI-YAH foreverMOAR!!!" is not acceptable, unless you are using satire.

While you can be as immature as you want, being on the same level as those you are reviewing just makes you look like a twat to everyone else.

Also, take into consideration that while the LU doesn't mind immaturity, people will judge you depending on your behaviour. Don't expect the people you review to take you seriously or respect you if you act like a child.

2. Good Grammar

Unless you are indulging in sarcasm, please use proper grammar, capitalisation, spelling, and punctuation.

3. No Troll/Copypasta Flaming

You must always include constructive criticism in your reviews, even if you are a flamer. If you fail to read a story and integrate valid criticism into your reviews, you will be warned. If you repeatedly ignore such warnings, you will be excluded from the LU until you learn to write reviews the way we want them.

4. No Anonymous Reviews

You must be signed in when submitting reviews under the LU flag. This is the only way we can keep track of you (yes, we know our members' accounts very precisely), can avoid the troll!reviews and an author should have a way to contact you for some further information.

5. Make Your Signature

Sign every LU review with 'LU' at the bottom. This will spread around the word of the LU, and possibly irritate those we are reviewing in the process. Note, this is only for emailed subjects and the like. Anyone you review in your own time does not need a signature at the bottom if you do not wish for it.


We've noticed many users on FanFiction.Net, those that have posted on this forum, claiming they are now "proud members of the Literate Union" when they are not.

By posting on this forum, you do not become a member of the Literate Union.

Unless you have been contacted by George or Bitter Sea Light personally and have received an email from them, kindly refrain from claiming membership in the LU. Only approved members may add "I am a proud member of the Literate Union" to their profile.

Thank you.


There aren't many rules, people, and you can act however you want in the forum (stay within the forum rules here, at least, 'kay?) or any other forum (do whatever the fuck you want XD).


Original rules by George, May 31st 2009.

Kelvin!Edit: FFN is eating spaces/bold/italics in posts. Notify if database upgrades mangle this text (again).

3/2/2011 . Edited by Elizabeth Burke, 9/21/2012 #1
Lord Kelvin

Forum Directory

Created for better navigating. Right below this little note are the current chat thread and a place where a newcomer should introduce him or herself before doing anything else in here. The second group (Flagged Topics) are the most important topics in our forum. They are also --surprise, surprise-- flagged, and appear on the top of the forum's first page. The second group is for threads, which are important or fun, and is entitled Varia. The third group of links is named Old (No Longer In Use) Topics. It contains the forum's history.

Feel free to browse around and post everywhere you can. Just make sure the post is in the right thread and isn't a blatant disregard of the forum rules.


Introductions – Introduce yourself here before skipping off to any of our threads.

Chat 64 Blows the Horn of Nintendor – The current chat thread.


Flagged topics:

THIS THREAD - Basic LU policies and orientation. Also, a list of people you will encounter in the forum.

Alpha Calling for Beta – Find a beta or offer your betaing services.

Ask LU – Ask anything you want from us. Q&A only.

Critique/Flame request – Submit links to stories on FFN that, you believe, need some help/are just too awful to even imagine/do not belong on this site. Not a place for complaints. Seriously.

The Fire Brigades – In case another anti-[x] group (which is somehow relevant to this forum), notify us here.

Srs Bsnss – Important happenings, which are relevant to the forum.



Necroing is allowed if the thread is unlocked.

Ate a Book? Read our Pie! – Stumbled on a good book that just has to be read? Share your findings with others.

B-Day Me, Yes? -- It's your birthday? Receive your greetings, cakes and well wishes from one place.

Boris did it! – Boris, the FanFiction cat is always up to mischief. In case your sock went missing, gremlins ate your homework, or your sister ate your candy…Boris did it.

Быстро и Весело: Foreign Languages – Learn a language other than English.

The Daily Debate – A little intelligent chatting on a topic, which is opened for interpretations. Suggest a topic, pick a side.

Drawings! – People, who love to write, have come together on this site. Some people are even more talented. Show us how excellent are your drawings.

Failcam- All instances of failure can be showcased here, online, in the forum or even in real life.

FFN in Numbers – All about's numeric values brought to you by research.

Flamer/Concritter Central – A place where flamers/concritters come together to share the fruits of their work. Whether someone has amused you with a PM/review/a chapter about you/something else...this is for you. If you want to express your dismay about how we do things…there are other places for you.

FUS RO DAH -- The Skyrim ThreadThe thread for Skyrim players, discussion, videos and more.

Game: Rule of Thumb – Make up your own rules in FFN and offer an outcome to others'.

The Graveyard – The fics which have been deleted with the help of the LU-ers and the forum goers.

How Clever Is Your Bot? -- amuses you? Share it!

Hug You: Fluffiness and Greetings – Whether you're feeling fluffy or just need a hug, this thread accepts them all.

I Can Has a Problem? – This is the place where one can be free to complain about everything wrong about their life.

"I'm so Happy I Could Puke." -- Feeling overjoyed about something? Share it!

I Know What You Watched Last Night -- The movie thread where you can state your opinion on a movie or just discuss something movie-esque.

Jagshemash! I like you. Read/Video Recommendations – Suggest awesome videos/reading material to others.

Jobbing Classes and Assignments-Come classify your fellow forum go-ers as RPG characters.

The Kitchen -- AD's kitchen. Feel free to post some misogynist stuff/(cooking) recipes in here.

Let's Have a Party! -- When you want to celebrate something, feel free to do it in here.

The Love Shack- A thread for fanfiction style shipping of LU posters.

My Announcements and I –Feel free to tell us about what important things are happening in your life.

My Grammer is Gooder – Seen a grammar fail that is bigger than this forum's post count? Post it here.

My Little Pony Happy Fun Time Stables -- Whether a brony or just a pony fan, you belong in here.

NaNoWriMo: Faster, Monkey, Faster!- A thread for the participants (and supporters) of National Novel Writing Month- a challenge in which one attempts to write 50,000 words during the month of November.

Nerd Thread -- Nerdy goodness. If you're into computer games, or something that qualifies as extra nerdy, this is the place for you.

The News Thread -- In case something happens in the world, e.g volcano eruption, [x] makes it to the EURO 2012, in India a man marries a cow etc.

Norris. George Norris – George beats Chuck Norris. Fr srs.

The Not So Serious Thread Of Marriage -- Go and marry someone without bothering anyone.

Our George Who Art in Bacon... -- Your God's been ignoring you? George never does.

Poetis Postes* - A thread with only one rule, every post must be a poem. Celebrate verse and your inner bard here!

Pottermore, Away! A thread specifically for sharing in the HP game Pottermore with the LU.

Puns and Brain Teasers – In case you're feeling extra witty or just have some lame puns that can't be without being said out loud.

Quotiest Wits – Quotes are there to inspire or amuse us. Put them in here for others' joy.

Random Facts – Those little facts can make us gawk because of their absurdity or blink because that's the most interesting thing you've ever heard. Don't be shy and share your knowledge

Reviewed by Mudkipz – Seen a lulzy review? Post it and check out others'.

The Review Game – Review the last fiction on the list and add your own to the mix.

Review It Together: PhD Guaranteed – In case you think we can improve your reviewing skills, ask for help.

Screw You, We Will Win! -- The Sports Thread – Everything and anything about sports.

The Shit List – List of fictions created by SkyeGavin, which break the rules of FanFiction.

Slanguage – Slang guidebook.

Smiley Central – All the smilies come together for a cup of tea in this thread.

Songs? Help? Huh? – Your music is always appreciated.

The Next Spam Thread – A thread where spamming isn't frowned upon.

State your Nation – Create your own nation via and play with others in the forum.

That Thread with the Glasses -- A special something for the nostalgics.

Twilight: the Parody of all things Art – Everything that is good and bad in the Twilight series.

U MAD, BRO -- The Pub Thread -- Trolling and fighting happening in here. Proceed with caution

Useful Links – Links that are helpful in one way or another.

What's on YOUR Screen? – What are you using, how does your background picture look like, what do you have opened etc.

What's Your Vocabulary? – A link to a site that tests how many English words you probably know. See how you stack up against other posters.

The Whore Store – Advertise your story/forum/something.

Writer's Gender: Readable am I? -- A game of sorts to figure out what statistics and computers and stuff think to be your gender based on your writings.


There are other threads, including ones for holidays, and serious or special events and announcements pertaining to the forum. Most of these are locked and are rather old (FULL OF HISTORY, YO) and if one is really interested...they're mostly on the last two pages of the forum. Mostly. 03


Originally by Bitter Sea Light on Nov 22nd 2010, 3:16pm

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Lord Kelvin

Meet the Sexy Beach Bums

Firstly, I would like to give credit of the format of this thread to T/D. Their format works perfectly, but at the same time, it should be credited.

The original format comes from this awesome forum and this awesome thread.

If you want to use the format, you go damn well ask the admin of the forum. I was given permission.


Welcome to 'The Literate Union' (formerly known as 'I Has Forum?'), a place that George created out of boredom. This place is open to everyone, but is primarily inhabited by concritters and some flamers. A lot of people are just here to chill and talk, though. Banning isn't a common practice, but if the forum rules have been violated...we do what we must. We're a close community, and it usually follows that if you piss one of us off, you piss all of us off:

Remember: fuck with the LU and a gang of maintenance men will stuff you gagged in a morgue.

Anyhow, onto the Sexy Beach Bums:



Mods are the lords and masters of the forum, and do not take bull shit. They will also fuck with your posts, should they deem it necessary, especially if you show them any disrespect. If they tell you to do something, you do it. If you think you are being treated unfairly by a regular, talk to a mod. If you think a mod is treating you unfairly, talk to George. If you think George is treating you unfairly, talk to God.


All hail His Georgasaurusness! ;D


Ten ways to spoil dinner -- (admin) Ten is the forum perv, renowned for both his comments (about boobies) and his ego (that loves boobies). He came to the forum a long time ago as the student, but has now become the... something. While he originally didn't involve himself so much in the specific activities of the LU (again; a long, long time ago), one fateful day he got an opinion off, and he hasn't shut up since. He then managed to become a mod, and from there a co-leader. He's obviously planning world domination, but he won't spill the beans.

Tallz Is De Langste Ster -- (co-leader) Tallz is an England-dwelling psychopath with an odd obsession for dogs. Lord Kelvin (who she likes to call 'Flutterby') thinks she's short and affectionately calls her either tuberous or potato. That usually leads to friendly banter, which causes many lulz to others. Tallzie doesn't like sweet stuff, so it's pointless to try and bribe her with a cookie. Maria knows because she tried...and failed. :( In reality, though, Tallz is a lovely girl. She's just as British (never mind that she's actually originally from the US) as Jess is and is able to chop your head off verbally. And then kick it away like a bouncy ball. :3

Georgasaurus -- George is the creator of this forum and a sexy beast at that. He is also an asshole, a forty year old paedophile, and Raptor Jesus. His friends call him George (with the exception of Maria who calls him Jess because --OMG-- GEORGE ISN'T ACTUALLY A GUY! :O). George is very hard to insult, very sarcastic, and very British. The British part instantly makes him awesome, and if he were any more awesome, God would quit his job and ask George to take his place (Update! George became more awesome and took over God's job. He's very happy with his new place of office. Many bitches around.). George likes to swear a lot and cause trouble amongst idiots, but also hates racism and sexism. However, if he thinks it will piss you off, he will probably make a sexist comment (for the lulz, of course). George is a former flamer, but still does everything for the lulz as this is the meaning of life. No matter what you have said or done to him, if you are civil with him, then he will be civil with you. If you act like a retard, George will treat you like one.

Also...this is completely true:

Bitter Sea Light -- She has boobs. What more could you want to know? Well, Maria is now giving me dangerous looks, so I'll quickly add a description to cover my ass. Maria hails from Estonia, a place where it's really fucking cold, and thus, inhabited by people who must be suicidal or something for wanting to live in that weather. Extremely polite, Maria will rarely be confrontational, unless you annoy her to the point where most would have already kicked you in the head and stolen your wallet. She became a co-leader of the LU after being a loyal member for a year, is one of our most valued and clever con critters, and helps to co-admin this forum. If you manage to anger (it's an achievement on its own) Maria, do so at your own risk, because she can easily match George in the abuse department if you rub her the wrong way. Maria discovered video games at a very young age and looks back at games such as Heroes III, Warcraft III, Rollcage II etc with fond memories. Nowadays games such as Darksiders, Prince of Persia, Darkness II make her mouth water. Also, World of Warcraft. Chris, her loving boyfriend, knows how massive of a WoW!nerd she really is. So, proceed to ask questions about the game at your own risk. D; Actually, she's a nerd in general. Doctor Who (9th and 10th Doctor, anyone?) and biology = love for her. She's also extremely huggly and fluffy, which is why she was given the status of Goddess of Fluffiness and Kittens. Ask her for a kitten, and she'll first smother you with cuteness before handing over a lovely four-legged furball.

Que Quieres Spyro Kid -- A self-described "hopeless romantic" and "center of attention", Jimmy is otherwise known as 'Spyro Kid'. He's the perfect dragon fanboy. This is where he got his penname. He used to be intensively against the LU as a whole, but joined the Literate Union after he started critically reviewing in May 2010. Lolno, he just understood how damn awesome we are. ;D As months went by, he's come to leave critical reviews that will fill up the review box. Jimmy is certified in several areas of software navigation. He loves anything to do with computers, writing, technology, sports, and rainbows. He's a really friendly, really (and we mean 'really' here) girly person. He has one of the largest harems in the LU, and doesn't mind (enjoys) being the wife in the marriage. In fact, he'll probably propose to you one way or another, so look out ladies...and gents. :3

The Pirate on Wheels -- Is not a sexy beach bum - move along.

Jyu Viole Grace -- AD always has some random pen name that only he understands, so yeah. Woo. His nickname stands for 'Army Dude.' AD is an arse that really doesn't care about anything, even more than George! As far as he is concerned, the Internet is just the Internet, and nothing is serious. He likes to troll, is a master of it, and also really good at IT shit. He has a very long history with MMORPG-s and other very awesome games. He also likes watching anime and reading manga (and manwha). No, that does not make him a Japanophile, fuck off. How cool is AD? The answer is 'very.' He also enjoys pie. Omnomnom, anyone? ;D

Aron -- Aron is the forum's resident Australian, which makes him a badass motherfucker, a bushranger, and a crocodile hunter in one package, tied together with a ribbon made of beard and Down Under accent. He is the God of the Southern Hemisphere, a paragon of southern hemisphericality. To share his gifts with the world, he's an International Studies undergraduate with ambitions to trot the globe and bed foreign chicks like a baws, because he's just that full of himself. After all, he's buddies with his reflection. He's got a massive...IQ (mind out of the gutter, ladies ;D), which he constantly uses to outwit and bewilder, having earned his Ph.D in Douchebaggery and a Master's in Trolling, which means he's always right. The annals of the LU are filled with legendary tales of the mind-asplodingly ridiculous exploits of Aron's insane trolling, certified pure by seven different bullshit-detection agencies around the world. In case you hadn't noticed, Aron is also a headcase, and he kind of clashes with le female population of the forum, but it's really just for feeding all of the Oz/Maria shipping - the forum's number one underground OTP!

Elizabeth Burke -- Mel is a White Collar (hence the penname) and Burn Notice fanatic. She is a major romantic who can speak fluent French and in verse. She has recently discovered optimism and thinks it is fun. Because being pessimistic is so last decade. If this were a dating profile, she'd tell you she loves sunrises, the four elements, puzzles, wordplay, and a good philosophical discussion because those just float her boat. Since it isn't and her heart is taken, we may all bow our heads and have a moment of silence. Someday we might recover, but for now our hearts will remain broken for we have missed out on an awesome-awesome catch. :( She just wants other people to be happy, and does her best to be a friend to anyone she meets on the LU or off. Yeha, she's that much of a peach. Be jelly. D;




Regs are trusted members of this little forum, and have earned their place here. George likes them, and even respects a few of them. If a mod is not present and the regs ask you to do something, do it, if it is reasonable (like STFU and GTFO. That's always a reasonable request). Disrespect a reg and all hell will break loose. Regs are always next in line for moderation, so don't ask. If you ask, you will not be considered. Arranged in alphabetical order.


Aspiring Mythmaker -- Myth is a friendly dude (yes you read that right, don't worry we were all confused once ;)) who is mythical enough himself to have a very short reg post.

A Tengu Reporter -- Lilli (or Lily for those special-special people :D) is a seventeen-year-old girl from the Philippines who couldn't seem to stop munching on her popcorn. Sometimes it's the other way around. Don't even try comprehending this. Because monster!popcorn doesn't exist. That's just nonsense. *...shifty eyes* Right. She's a nice person, easy to get along with, but don't try pissing her off, mmkay? Her bunny little eyes might start glowing red and randomness would just kick in and take over. Trust me, you'd rather have a happy Lilli. :] She loves her smileys (her favorite is :3 as her "clever face") and tildes, so you'll see them pretty often. Funny how her tilde had only shown up once here, though [There used to be a tilde in here, but then FFN happened. B[ ].

Lilli has successfully completed the Literate Union review challenge and earned the rank of Senior Review Monger.

Aeikon Devleon -- Acorn is...well, an Acorn. He forgot who, but someone kept blaming him for throwing stuff at Kelvin. He strongly believes it was the work of pinecones because they will do anything to take him and his Oak siblings down. Even though most of the time he isn't serious, he knows when the play stops. Also, he tends to be a bit blunt and sarcastic, although none of it is meant negatively. Ask him something, more then likely he'll have an answer for you; he doesn't bite, and he loves giving advice. Oh. He has an intense hate for squirrels; if you bite him bite him, you'll die, and walnuts are right after pinecones on his enemy list.

CloneGirl -- Daky is a simple girl, with simple desires and simple pleasures. It helps that her brain is currently renting out space to a lot of air. Her two aspirations in life are to utterly dominate the world and shape it into her visage, or to stand proudly on a street corner selling suckers and beating away the crack heads who think she's dealing drugs. They're /suckers/. Get over it. ...oh god, out of root beer. D:

Double Dee Dee -- Has nothing in common with the infamous Sweet Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. . . except she might eat your babies when you least expect it and just be generally awesome. ;) Or maybe, she's more like Dee from Dexter's Laboratory? It's possible. Don't let her go near any buttons if that's the case.

General Kalt-- Ice is an immigrant from the forum known as Lurkers Paradise. After George convinced Ice that the LU was moar fun, Ice proceeded to hop the border and run like Hell from the pursuing Zombie Hitler and his army of trashy dressed Japanese school girl zombies. Upon arriving at the LU, Ice soon proved that he was a Social Parasite; by feeding off others misery and reaping the lulz like Satan steals the burgers at Hell's annual barbecue. Ice is learning German; disregard anything that seems to not make sense. It's German. Ice/y has also been called a variety of names; Assbunny, Kalt, Fucking German guy, Satan's fuck-buddy, Fapping Monkey, Aqua, Corrupted Puke and many others that were either given by butthurt twelve year old's or Star.

halloweenbaby -- Mars is a pretty cool planet (hot, red and such)/pumpkin (it's orange)/candy (sugary stuff = awesomesauce). She loves to huggle, cuddle and snuggle. Especially with others. Because sharing the love is what warms up peoples icy hearts. ;D She likes chatting with people. A lot. Srsly. Whatever topic you throw her way, she'll turn it into a nice conversation that is always appreciated. She isn't always the fastest or most observant of people (must have some Estonian in her genetic code) but she does catch on. Eventually. ]D She's a total Harry Potter nerd. She uses smileys a lot because they make the world go around. In general, she's pretty friendly and a very sweet girl. She's a Canadian after all, but don't think of her as a wuss -- she could easily kick your butt because she's been practicing taekwondo and has belts and stuff in it. So...careful. ;3

highways -- Rachel once killed a man over water balloons.

Howlitzer -- One of the forum's resident Canadians and a huge (yet reasonable) Sonic the Hedgehog fan, among other things. Somewhat quiet and attempts to be reserved, though not shy to voice his opinions if he feels the need to. Likes to avoid conflict but doesn't mind a fight if it can't be helped. When he does, it will be witty and many a lulz is had. Plays both electric and upright bass, writes and raps, and generally listens to good music when he finds it (and tries to make some if he can). Yeah, that's right he's that much of BAMF. Data is incomplete when it comes to the amount of overly flashy bling-bling he owns. Probably a lot. Every rap artists owns tons and tons of that stuff, after all. Always down to talk about literally anything, except maybe ponies and Twilight. Because he's a manly-man. He has a fair bit of patience when needed - he does work at Walmart, after all - so he may offer you his unrustled jimmies if you need them. Means that you can talk to him and h won't be weirded out by you. Or something. Anyway, GOTTA GO FAST! :D

Lord Kelvin -- Lord Kelvin has the honour of being the first person to be banned on this forum, but George unbanned him later for potential lulz. The admin and Lord Kelvin have a strange relationship, being that neither can stand the other, and yet there is a distinct air of grudging respect between the two, which has reduced the previous George vs. Lord Kelvin drama to the occasional evil eye across the room. Lord Kelvin is a well-spoken, intelligent critic, who takes no prisoners and no bullshit when it comes to reviewing. This causes many a noob to accuse him of being a flamer, when really, he's just a concritter with a flamethrower. Lord Kelvin helped to mod the forum for a long time (and did it quite well) before he decided to give up the status.

For those who want an example of the evil eye stare-outs:

You can decide for yourself which is which. The two chicks are definitely EC and Stori, though. :K

piewacket -- Aimlessly wandering around after the great fora deletions of 08-09, piewacket stumbled upon Georgasaurus. A few exchanges of PMs later, she decided to check out his forum. By the end of her first night of posting, she was married to Into. This was the result of his madly falling in love with her at first sight and shamelessly plying her with jewels, furs and shoes. When not at the LU, Pie's interests include; Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain and making love at midnight in the dunes of a cape. Piewacket is easily recognizable by her trademark black cat icon and is known as the Forum Mum because she's just such a sweet lady. :3

Pure Evil Breed -- As her pen-name indicates, Evie is an evil [LIEZ! PURE AND UTTER LIEZ! D:] person. If you don't believe this statement, just ask Into [...STILL -- LIEZ! D;], whom she likes to cyber-kill. She is mostly okay to talk with, but piss her off and you'll end up like Into. She has an affinity for forum drama and likes to identify herself as a lurker. Talks of anime and manga is a sure way to gain her attention. Coming from a third world country, dial-up is her life, so don't link her to youtube because she won't bother to click it.

Seoul Gamer -- Sega is the forum's paranoid thinker, always pontificating about things most normal people don't bother about unless they're dying. He's a friendly fellow, and always willing to lend an ear if you have something to say. Be warned, though; by the time you finish talking to him, he'll have gone so far off topic you'll be on another planet. Having lurked around the forum during the summer of 2010, Sega poked his head in to ask a question and was quickly drawn into the LU's ego-ridden world. He now pops in on a regular basis to comment on life in general and have a go at this "humour" thing everyone seems to be so into, though he remains mercifully oblivious to the punchlines of the LU's many dirty jokes. Someday, he hopes to become a man, but until then, he'll enjoy the many perks of the life of a distracted young forumgoer. Oh, and if you see him digging, do give him a hand. He'd greatly appreciate it.

Shanrock -- Rocky is the youngest PedoBear to have stumbled upon the LU forum. Whenever gracing the forum, ladies can be seen fawning over his absolutely delicious Australian accent. Apathetic, and not really not giving a shit about much, Rocky's quite the debater; he'll hold onto his beliefs as strongly as he holds onto the idea of "Young girls like it down their throat" being completely innocent and only regarding alcohol, which many believe is a Pedo!fail. Moving on... Rocky is, overall, a funneh guy who hates dancing, irritating trolls, and sex toys. He loves cricket and hates it when the Australian team is losing and can often be seen voicing his opinions about it...not so softly. Rocky's a second year engineering student who is planning an anime series and loves/likes Pokémon. He's also a lazy ass, totally using the cuteness of his eyes to make Mandy write this, because he's mean like that.

Silver-hair Angel -- Silver has been on FFN for a long time. A long time. Too long. This bitch needs to retire already. [HA, LOLNO. :D Maria would have a mistress less if she would do that... ;_;] Anyway. Silver is one of the oldest forum members, so that makes her a little wise. Liek...Yoda!wise. :] But not as old. And she's also a little taller. And a girl. ...0D If you need someone to vent to or need advice, she's probably a good person to talk to. When she's not being a shameless flirt or a pervert, she's great to chat with on many different subjects-- games, anime, movies, fan-fiction, music, politics, etc. Silver is going to school to be a future journalist or editor; this works out because she's slightly anal-retentive about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. She's also stubborn, passionate about her own beliefs (but she always takes the other side of things into consideration, like the objective asshole she is), and will defend anyone she sees that is being wrongly attacked. Silver is generally very friendly to everyone, although she has her days where she will be a jerk and will curse you out if you bother her. You can gauge what mood she is in by how many curse words and smileys she use per post, so tread carefully if she's cursing too much. Because that's fucking scary. :]

Sputnik Writer -- Sputnik is a 27 year old Kitty wrangler and part time alcoholic. Before Maria infected him with happy thoughts, he was a cynical Brit. often spot him smiling at one thing or another. Doesn't mean that his cynical side has disappeared, though. It's just hiding, waiting to pounce its next victim. WUAHAHAHAA! BD [Correction: his cynical side broke up with him and moved into the body of Spartan. :] Orite, where were we? He got out of the coffee serving business when he realised all customers were bastards, although he likes you if you'll buy him a pint. Or two. Or three. Whatever rocks your boat. Likes picnics in the park, holding hands, sunsets and pornographic fornication, but also his syrupy tea and spicy dishes that would make many a men cry. They're just that hot. Also, ponies are a no-no in his book. He will talk too you if you like the footy, even if you are American, but when he's watching a best leave him be. Or y'know, join in on the craziness. ;D

St. Elsewhere -- Still known as 'Asshole' and 'That-Guy-Who-Changes-His-Penname-Every-Five-Minutes', is an ex-flamer who turned harsh concritter. Known for his love of many different fandoms (and wives), Into is actually kind of nice, once you get to know him. No. Seriously. He also has no time for stupidity, and, like, twenty sock accounts, so don't screw with him. Into loves reading, writing, foruming and tennis, and is currently learning Spanish from audio tapes/Ribby. He is also one sexy Australian, vying for DNA's vacated spot as the forum's Australian Sex God. Into rarely goes a day without appearing at the LU, so go on and talk to him. He doesn't bite.



swinging from saturn -- Pasta [NO. SAMMICH SAMMY. :K] can't seem to shut up when the situation calls for it, and her humor resembles that of a twelve-year-old boy's ('T is true). That's why she and Jess would get along well due to the transgender thingies. Doink :D She is a master at late-posts because of her stupid Windows phone (which she still loves, kthnxbai), so don't be too surprised if she answers your post two pages later! She will try to be nice, but when she wants to, she can come off as a bit of a bitch. Meh, sometimes she couldn't care less. She also lurves tildes, and has decided recently to cut-off her overuse of emotes. That saddens Maria. :(

TikiPrincess -- Tiki is a charmer who has quickly and swiftly moved to the ranks of reg. Her penname reminds she is an a tropical locale and that she's just gracing us with her presence. She's a married gal, but still up for hearing about 'all the naughty bits' especially if they include spanking. She's generally up for a chat about whatever you're into, because despite being so awesome, she's also incredibly friendly. Tiki was voted 2012's favourite newbie, after she jumped straight into the flow with a stream of innuendo that would make George blush! Oh. And she also sucks. Hard.

Wesfanemt333 -- Wes is a lovely lady who works far too hard to make us all yummy granola bars (be grateful it's 42 hours a week people). She's one of our oldest posters, if not one of the oldest members of FFN, thus putting her in contention for the forum mom. She self-describes as a huge geek and being so laid back, she's almost horizontal. Her pet peeves are chat speak in stories or in the summary, and real person fanfic on FFN. She went to Wizard World Chicago this year, and met Stan (the man) Lee and Colin Ferguson. Which makes her better than you, be jelly.


People who haven't been around in a while:

Those who were active at one point, but now...not so much. :K Arranged in alphabetical order.

AColdAndBrokenHallelujah -- Having a totally awesome name, Kenzie is one of the very first people to have come in to LU forum that had a twin previously settled here. Kenzie can be seen talking to Icy about Hetalia and loves RvB, and also enjoys civil (right ;) ) debate about pairings of both the shows/whatevertheyare. She's easily amused, laughing at anything worth reading and she loves smileys. 8D A procrastinator, she's unable to finish what she starts...most the time. Being a book nerd and listening to her iPod most of the time, she clicks right in.

AP -- Yet another average brown American on FFN, AP is a lazy piece of crap, which is why he doesn't have any stories up, despite the hundreds of ideas he has. Instead, while not devoting time and lack of energy to his own forum, he chooses to come the LU, bemoaning the fact that he always seems to just miss harassing n00bs. Though he doesn't actively concrit for the most part due to his laziness, he condones some of LU activities (apart from the more extreme flames); he identifies himself as being part of the LU forum in statements such as 'We are all LUsers.' He also is big on respect and equality, so even when snorting derisively at the n00biness of others, he will make sure that he or others don't go over the line. AP is also weird within the LU family because he does not commit incest, despite his sexiness. When not being lazy, he can be found staring at his description, wondering how he managed to overcome his laziness to write this.

Aquaman52 -- The self-proclaimed "idiot American" of the forum, Dylan came to this site enraptured by the possibilities of an entire web domain dedicated to aspiring writers and confident that he had found the perfect place to read great fiction and write a bit of his own. After ten minutes of browsing the Twilight archive, that dream went the way of the dodo, but as a result of his newfound desire to bring honor back to fan fiction, he discovered, briefly stalked, and finally became a respected member of the LU. Dylan is very sarcastic and very blunt, and takes great pleasure in occasionally provoking revenge flamers into padding his review count. Recently, however, he's tried to be more diplomatic and fair to the good people of this site, and has subsequently gained a reputation as the "nice" LU member that probably only exists within his head. He has a penchant for sports, disaster movies, and thrash metal, so naturally, his favorite fandom is the Lion King. We can't figure it out either.

Ataokoloinona -- Atao is a nineteen year old, semi-patriotic American who loves Haida artwork and explosions of all kinds. She came to the LU lol-ing and was instead put on the defensive. However being properly educated and holding the promise that Dic would tell her when she was being an idiot, Atao has since continued to say somewhat stupid yet humorous things that occasionally make people laugh. Mission accomplished. Successfully succeeding in becoming a good acquaintance of many, Atao is a sweet girl who knows the right moments of being sarcastic, making others laugh, and seriousness.

Cerulean City -- Blake is mucho respected by both of the admins, and will nearly always be defended in forum matters by George. Blake is a Pokéfreak, and loves his precious Pokémon fandom to the point where he'd marry it if he could. Blake has many wives across many forums, so if you're female, watch out! Blake the Bigamist is on the prowl. Blake is currently at university doing something that I forget, but it's actually English, which in all actuality is not that hard to remember. Blake's pretty chill, is super busy, and really quite loves owning people that try to mess with the forum.

Chimerical Knave -- *hits with a spoon* Apart from being at the end of getting hit with a spoon, Chris is a guy with too much curiosity in him and will butt into almost any controversial issue. He's also those people who likes to offer words to help others smile and one heck of a listener.

Crimson Dei -- Lumi is the most blindly observant, distinctly quiet, cautiously reckless person you'll ever meet. She's smart for a complete idiot, and rather clever when she isn't acting like a moron. Lumi seems to have a more-satanic-than-thou attitude (at least, it's what other people have told her before) and is the kind of person that can rearrange your face and hand you your lips if you piss her off, but is often too lazy to try anything. Kind of contradictory, eh? Thought so. And on a more serious tone...she isn't actually that ebul at all. ;3

DNAPD -- Better known as DeoxyriboseNucleic Acid or Pep, but NOT Dr. Pepper; DNA is always ready with his razor sharp wit or if that fails, a string of nonsensical four-lettered expletives. Barging in from nowhere, DNA has made himself at home at the LU forums and in the hearts and hugs of the female members. DNA has been described as the 'Australian George' therefore automatically makes him the 'Australian Sex God.' He is also a medically deformed, gender confused princess with a multiple personality disorder. DNA's a foul mouthed lover and a leather wearing doctor with a mouthwatering tattoo--what's more sexier? And really, what else do you need to know?"

Ever Heard of a Dictionary -- Apparently, according to the poll, Dictionary tells the truth and should painfully kill herself. Dictionary is funny, flirty, chatty. Though she is sweet, she's brutally honest; inclining to honesty almost in everything she says; so to many, she doesn't seem to be kind. She considers her friends' feelings above all else, but also does not open up to anyone except those she is closest to. Learning is something she values highly, so being wrong does not upset her. Something that gives an insight into her personality is she absolutely loves the darkness, rain, thunder, storms, and places were she can be alone with her thoughts. She's obsessed with different types of metal music, drawing anything and everything relating to Dark Art, and her leather clothes. Don't touch them or you'll burn under the glare. Dictionary left after a bunch of shit went down on the forum and was a co-leader of The Literate Union before Maria.

Elodie the Scribe -- This is Elodie (ELLE uh dee). She is eighteen years old. She is a proud nerdandgeek, and has a strange fondness for the bizarre. If you're friendly, she'll be all hugs and kisses. If, however, you act immature and/or stupid, she tends to get nasty. Other then that, she's a goofy, totally sexy she-beast who likes to tease and has a weird taste in men. She has a strange obsession with girly-man, Cillian Murphy, and Dr. Who legend, David Tennant, which often drives the rest the rest of us crazy. Her heart is in the right place, though, and when she pulls herself away from her two pin ups, she is a good CCer and fun to chat with. Her responses in our epic forum wars are also very fun to read.

FearTheShadows -- Haley is a slightly schizophrenic fifteen year old who started posting for the World Cup, and kept posting because the insanity of the chat got her hooked. She is rarely serious about, well, anything, although it's hard to tell between her serious stage and her just trying to get a reaction. She is the proud leader of a Psychotic Dictatorship that boasts a sect for S&M fanatics, and is one of the more arrogant and egotistical new regulars on the forum. She is admittedly rather dim, and has no respect whatsoever for n00bs and fucktards. She spends a lot of time flirting, being perverted, and whining about Southern Californian weather.

flamestar211 [Atom, Bailey, Broken, Bailey-wa, Ulq, Grif, Flame] -- Atom is 13 years old and has been a member of Fanfiction for two years. She is 5 feet 5 and 1/2 inches and weighs 135 lbs. She lives in Virginia, the 13th original colony (and now state) of the USA. She has two cats and loves to draw and read. She is on forums and chat rooms more than she needs to be. She is in desperate need of a bar of soap for her mouth. Bailey has recently started to flame again after a year's absence and her flaming account is called Flaming Raves.

HexGirl4 -- Hexy is a 16-year-young girl and is nestling in New York. What part of it, we don't know, so STOP ASKING STALKERS! D; There are certain phases of obessions that she'll use very long time without them getting old for her. She's fairly even tempered and gets along with almost everyone. Also, she's a huge fangirl of the kickass fictional detective Kate Beckett.

Most Definitely Mad -- Jeb is a funny guy, but bored easily. He needs a really good topic to be able to converse with someone for a while, otherwise he'll wander away while you're still babbling on. Jeb is also blunt, like most of us, but he's also there for his friends. He's a sensitive kind of dude, but also hate brussel sprouts. Like, really hates them.

OmNomNomCookies X3 -- Cookie is a cookie-eating dinosaur (but she dares to say it only when Jess isn't around) that resides in the land of Eng -- the land of dinosaurs. She is 14 and writers block is the bane of her rather miserable existence, hence the fact that no stories have been published on this account or her FictionPress one. OmNom is misanthrope (OHGEORGE HOW SHE HATES YOU, BUT SHE DOES NOT HATE /YOU/) and a professional procrastinator. NomNom is convinced that she is a demigod [*pose*], or an elf, thanks to her obsession with PJO and LoTR. She spends an unhealthy amount of time on FanFiction, and that's liek...almost 24/7. Daisy/Jekyll/Rubberduckzillah/Donut is a girl with many names and sometimes when she opens her mouth...only randomness comes out of it. Ahem. Spoon.

Onyx Da Rager -- Onyx is a guy, who changes his pen name too damn often, but you'll always recognise him because of the Onyx bit. For some reason, he likes that part of his name the most and often goes by it, but welcomes every other nick people have for him. He loves to write poetry, stories and random writings. Often about cats. :3 [Maria likes. ;D] Reading and video games are his favourite pastime activities. Best of both worlds and whatnot. :P Like many aspiring authors, he wishes to get published and aims to be an accomplished writer in the next five years. This is why he wants all the help he can get and why concrits make him happy like a nut makes a squirrel go into a frenzy. :3 He loves all types of music, listens stuff from wall to wall. Basically, anything that makes his head bob and mouth move. Mainly it's rock and rap, though. He (like many on this forum) is a perfectionist when it comes to grammar, punctuation and spelling, but he doesn't chew you out if you make a mistake. Others might, but he's just liek...chillllllll. :D Also, cartoons and comics, he draws 'em. :3

Private Tucker -- Mildly hard exteriored Casa is actually very sweet and very compassionate girl with too much knowledge of the past. She's a York fan-girl, George's partner as a solid BLUE, spends way too much time watching RvB and thinks Wash/South wins at life. She's also a red lipstick, red stocking wearing sexeh girl not matter what else she thinks.

Ramenluver -- Ramen is still young enough to be at the risk of attracting pedophiles, carriesan unhealthy hate of Hawaiian shirts, is a hot chocolate junkie, and often speaks about herself in third yah, this isn't all that weird to her. She also likes to beat the living shit out of George, and can often be found, alongside Elodie, abusing the poor admin and then winning his love back by waving a jar of nutella in front of his face.

Rib Eye Steak -- Proudly being the first latino to be graced with an appearance in the LU reg's thread, Rib has come to join to the already large list of Pokéfreaks that infest this lovable world of ours. While there's a 10% chance that he won't understand whatever you just said, this superb source of Mexican proteins is striving to become a true gentleman, so it's likely that he'll address you with a "mister/miss"...well, sometimes. He is highly curious, wants to be a lawyer and a published author sometime in the future and also worships Dr. Pepper.

Shiner Shining Bright -- She is a 14-year-old girl from Maryland, and is addicted to Sims 3. Much to Maria's joy, she loves to overuse emoticons, and considers herself to be kind, friendly, and a good listener. She's also a science nerd, a procrastinator, and has been a concritter/flamer ever since she saw how fun it could be. Being as Jewish as George is British, Tammy is a cheerful, but shy young lady. Her main fandom is The Old Kingdom Trilogy, but she's also adept in Pokémon, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and Warriors. When it doesn't suck too much.

Shopaholic Pixie -- Lally is a fifteen year old shopaholic. She spends most of her time shopping. If she is not shopping,she is either reading, spending times with friends, or talking to flamers. She is terrified of needles and shots. She loves Emmett, Jacob, and Harry-all fictional characters of course. She is described as quirky, random, crazy, and a mental patient all by her friends.

Spyro's Bud -- Shadow is one of the forum's many insane guys, acting as if he's a dragon and not easily admitting otherwise. This friendly gutter minded dragon has been around for quite some time, being on FFN for over four years and counting. During a LU raid on one of the MA threads, Shadow happily tagged along with the spammers and soon joined the LU merrily. Nowadays he's known as a somewhat polite manwhore in training, the many wives he has although most are dead [OMG, a wealthy widow! Come and get 'im, girls! ;D] or gone. He sticks to the Spyro fandom, but knows many other fandoms, some in preparation for joining and others just to beta for friends. He's almost always happy, dirty minded, optimistic, and prone to tackle anything that breathes. He's also very green. *nods*

thadudeman -- Crow is a black feathered, fun loving beast with a passion for all things weather. Crow came to this forum out of curiosity, but after talking to the many forum members on the chat thread, he became inspired to help the LU purge the Spyro archive of its many shitfics. After seeing such astounding results, he decided to take his efforts a step further and become a concritter, until eventually, he became a member of the LU. Crow is a weird dude, and is known for his "Billy Happy Bob" avatar, as well as an assortment of other strange images that would cause the casual observer to shudder. He can be witty and intelligent one second, and slower than molasses the next. Crow is also an amateur storm chaser and a Frisbee God, and loves any sort of physical activity. He is also a perfectionist, and thus, he tends to do things very slowly, which is probably why it took him a full day to write this. Crow left after a bunch of shit went down on the forum.

Torchic101 -- Torchic101, is a beautiful thirteen-year-old girl with Attention Deficit Disorder (or ADD). She has had one boyfriend. They are still together. She can be a bitch when offended. When she grows up, she wants to be an enrichment teacher for third through fifth grade students. People describe her as crazy and funny. She was born an raised in Illinois, US. She tends to be a smarty-pants sometimes but can be sweet when you get to know her. She's a tomboy and going through a bit of a depression right now, but she's still standing strong.

UnnaturalKetchupTaco -- Taco is a huge RvB fan, and a diehard Blue. Not a fan of many TV shows, she instead spends her time procrastinating doing homework/chores on the Internet, chatting or RPing. Sleep is a low priority to her, and usually doesn't get to bed before twelve on weekends. She is the owner of a few socks, one being the coveted Bow Chicka Bow Wow. Although her sock has Tucker's catchphrase, she is a Church fangirl. She can usually be found quoting RvB in normal conversations, much to the amusement of herself.

wacholder -- Juno changes sporadically. She's everywhere, but nowhere at the same time. Like a freaking ninja! :O For now, she's nonsensical - never making much sense at her best moments, seeing everything through a cracked pair of lens (but then you have to look closer!). She's rather cold and sarcastic at times but is willing to help people up, regardless of who they are. Ask. Grab her attention with talk of fairy tales and pshftery about. Don't be surprised, though, if minutes later her words have disappeared. She loves to edits her posts. No one doesn't quite know why, but it is an unspoken speculation that her words are just too wise to keep on constant display for the public. Trufax. *nod* Just like everyone else on the planet, she's different from everyone else. Her friends are the most beautiful people in the world.

Wanderous One -- Her name is Dark Light Faerie...DLF...Liz (BUT ONLY TO MARIA BECAUSE SHE'LL LIKELY RELEASE RABID KITTENS ON YOU IF YOU STEAL IT! :K)...Pancake...and she skipped over to The Literate Union because of Daky. It took a while, but she was eventually hooked and as the time progressed...she, too, was corrupted by the perverted bunch that inhabits this little nest of a forum. She is a geek, a nerd, an artistic individual with bad taste in fashion and music who often feels twice as old as she really is. Lying to her friends is something that this fairy detests a whole lot, and although she usually tries to get along with everyone, she's fully capable of biting when necessary. Guess there is a little pixie blood in her after all. She's fully capable of being witty at one moment and completely awkward at the next. It isn't that unusual for her to butt in far more than she should in certain conversations, or disappear from the forum for weeks at a time. Nevertheless, whenever she is on, she's probably the most courteous-and sparkliest-fairy you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

xXIceshadowXx -- She came to the LU expecting a whole bunch of rotten flamers, figuring it would be a great place to release some of her pent-up anger, but quickly realized just how much of a family the LU is and soon found it to be her secondary home. She's a tad bit quirky, will often post random lyrics and rant about her latest woes on her Pokémon games. Icy/Icelyn is a proud forum!wifey of Rib, and tries her best to get along with everyone. However, she's sure to snap if you get her on a subject that's particularly sore for her. She also has a strange fascination with trolls, which is probably the product of her minimal time with them. If anything, she's quite welcoming when it comes to newbies and enjoys meeting new people.


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Literate Union Lore

Created on May 31st, 2009, this forum has a rich history newcomers should know for their benefit.

The Literate Union is the pinnacle of critic alliances on FanFiction.Net. It was established on October 25, 2009. By 2010 it became the most prominent organisation striving towards a better FFN experience. By 2011 every fiftieth forum post made on the site originated from the LU.

Besides this forum, the Literate Union has dedicated wiki pages, blogs, a region in NationStates, a private mailing list and a private IRC channel. More on the LU can be found in Fan History:


Below is a list of quirks and forum tradition you may see during your first visit:

~ - the tilde/squiggle appears on the end of a sentence or post to show its playful tone.

24/7 - discussions take place every day around the clock. Forum regulars hail from across the globe. You can find people from Australia, Eastern Asia, Europe and the Americas all in one place. The Literate Union forum is a place for the broadest cultural experience on FanFiction.Net.

Boris the FFN cat - Boris is the personification of glitches and things disappearing from the site.

Brevity - the longer the post, the less people will pay close attention to it. Concise and clear posts encourage lively dialogue in the LU forum.

Chat page 1 - it is considered a competitive victory to have the first post in an unlocked chat thread.

Chat page 85 - smiley page. Every post on this page in a chat thread has to be made of smileys. Effective since chat #15.

Chat page 100 - it is considered a competitive victory to have the last post in a chat thread. Lurkers, who do not participate in the race towards the end of the page and get the last post are called snipers.

Chris-spooning - hitting anyone named Chris with a spoon is a custom celebrating effective speech and tact.

Credit - the forum credits its sources for any adopted themes. Be sure to credit the LU if it inspired you to create a thread/post format elsewhere.

Critic-friendly - this is one of the few forums on FFN to welcome fan fiction critics and offer them advice on further development.

Dogs and cats - there are many cat and dog lovers in this forum. Expect them to argue.

Experience - you may find many FFN veterans in this forum. Don't be shy to ask questions to learn the secrets of their craft.

Forum marriages - the LU is the only forum on FFN with a special thread for everyone wishing to get married.

Forum size - the LU is one of the biggest forums on FFN with a growing collective. It does not assimilate members; you get to keep your individuality.

George is god - Georgasaurus has godly admin powers, so expressions like: "George help us all" and "I pray to George" are normal.

Gopher references - used for people scheming against the LU in the underground.

Greeting newbies - every newcomer gets a greeting upon posting in the intro thread.

Holiday bashes - the LU forum celebrates various holidays and events by making specific threads. Everyone is welcome.

Links in posts - LU forum members consider clickable links to be superior. Use a link shortening service for long links.

Lurkers - the number of people reading forum posts is always greater than the number of active posters in the LU. Those in the background are called lurkers. Lurking lets new people learn about the forum prior to making a post.

Nutella - speciality call to attract George's godly attention.

Page stretching - making a page stretch for someone due to faulty formatting or absurdly long links is a faux pas.

PiMs - official LU cookies.

Quoting posts - posts are referenced via the quoting feature, so it is easier to follow. Using bold or italics instead of the quoting style is a faux pas.

Roleplaying - not supported in this forum. Participants are expected to speak for themselves, not via fan characters.

Skipper/Slayer references - used to describe objective idiots promising to bring an army to destroy the LU.

Sockpuppets - best avoided to prevent confusion.

Suicide - a faux pas as a conversation topic. Life is serious business.

Threads - anyone may suggest a new thread, but only forum staff can make one. A thread should have a name that looks witty and functional.

TL;DR - stands for "too long; didn't read". Expect this reaction when making a lengthy irrelevant post.

We LU. Seriously. - the original LU forum description since 2009.

This is an incomplete list. Feel free to add more to make it easier for newcomers.

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