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The Pirate on Wheels

Go help the research, and see how many words you know.

2/17/2012 . Edited by Georgasaurus, 4/2/2012 #1
Bitter Sea Light

Got 17,700. Pretty proud of that. :D

2/17/2012 #2

^ You should be. That is incredibly impressive for a non-native speaker.

I scored 38,000.

2/17/2012 #3
Sputnik Writer

I got 32,800.

Although I'm still crap at crosswords.

And basic maths apparently.

2/17/2012 . Edited 2/17/2012 #4

I scored 21,600.


2/17/2012 . Edited 2/17/2012 #5

I got a meagre 20,400. Clearly I can forget any career that involves writing...

2/17/2012 #6
Ten ways to spoil dinner


I'm gonna go cry in the emo corner, now.

2/17/2012 #7
Ten ways to spoil dinner

I took the test again, got new words, and got a new score.


I wonder if I keep taking this test, will I get some sort of happy medium? |D

2/17/2012 #8
The Pirate on Wheels


I scored 38,000.

As expected.

I got 32,800.

Wow, good job.

2/17/2012 #9


Hm... that's pretty high for me. XD

2/17/2012 #10
O. Gallan Rager

Damn it. 16,000 words. Still. It takes time to learn more words. *shrug*

2/17/2012 #11
Silver-hair Angel

I know 34,500.


2/17/2012 #12
31,200. Cool.
2/17/2012 #13
Lilly Valens

25,800 for today.

2/18/2012 #14

Tried again and this time got 23,000~

2/18/2012 #15
Tallz Is De Langste Ster

I got 36,000~

Edit:~ Oops. Typed an '8' instead of a '6'.

2/18/2012 . Edited 2/18/2012 #16
Whimsical Symphony

My score was 34 100

Pretty decent, I suppose.

2/19/2012 #17
Tallz Is De Langste Ster

Whimsical Symphony, kindly introduce yourself in the appropriate thread before you create any other posts~

2/19/2012 #18

I got 40,200.

Yeah, go books!

2/22/2012 #19


( Though I'm not sure what the good of this is. Is it better to learn multiple languages to a basic level, or one to an expert level? )

2/22/2012 #20

I don't know... I looked at their chart for the distribution of education to vocabulary, and I'm a bit confused about it. Here I am, 17, in eleventh grade, and I have an estimated larger vocabulary than people who have gone to college and people well over twice my age.

I don't think I did it right, even though I knew almost all of the words they provided.

2/22/2012 #21

I had conflicting results, too. Because I didn't have my Verbal SAT score, I used my Critical Reading Score (480/800, which really says something about me), which (according to some of these graphs) shows that my score should have been about 10,000 words less than it actually is. That, and I have the vocabulary of a 35-year-old. Your score sounds more accurate, given how intelligent you are (or seem to be). Don't put it past yourself!

Maybe we should retake it and recalculate, like Ten had?

2/22/2012 #22

Averaging out your tries works out fine. I have 30,800 over three tries, which seems about right. 31,200 then 30,200 then 31,000. So I have the vocabulary of someone in their forties, about.

2/22/2012 #23

29,000 and new score of 31,000 is about 30,000?

I spose my SAT was just grossly inaccurate, then. D:

2/22/2012 #24

SAT or V-SAT score?

I don't even remember mine, not like it ended up being of use anyways. :|

2/22/2012 #25

SAT Critical Reading. I don't recall ever taking a verbal, actually.

2/22/2012 #26

Took it today (after reading for a few hours, if that makes any difference?) and scored ~33,000.

2/22/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #27

I took it again and got 41,600 this time. Part of it is just luck of the draw with the words that you get.

2/22/2012 #28
Elizabeth Burke


I feel so average :(

5/6/2012 #29
yet another ghost

So ordinary, I am.

5/6/2012 #30
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