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Welcome to the Olympics 2012, hosted in London, Britain! Awww yea~

This is the thread for all your Olympic needs, whether it be a link for the opening ceremony, quirky links on the Brits, discussion on the events, and of course...betting. ;)

So sit back and enjoy yourselves. Let the games begin!

Olympics opening ceremony and general information:


Yes, LUers, we are betting on the events!

State your bet for the next event on who will win or lose. You can be as specific or as vague as you like, so long as it's not 'I bet someone will win.' You *must* state a team name and the outcome for that team.

Same-bets will be grouped. So, for example, if three people bet that Great Britain will win, they go into one group.

The winning group will work together to decide the fate of the other groups. This means you will have to put a phrase of their choice into every single post for 50 posts, and you also have to change your pen name to something of their choice for 24 hours.

The penalty for the losers has to be announced within an hour after the game. You can't use your sock to carry out the penalty. Spamming the 50 posts isn't allowed.

5/28/2012 . Edited 7/27/2012 #1
Tallz Is De Langste Ster

Who the hell was that singing? Don't let him represent Great Britain's music! DX

7/27/2012 #2
Sputnik Writer

Yay! We built a fecking Empire like this!

*sniff* Never been so proud to be British.

7/27/2012 #3
Sputnik Writer

Ha! The Queen jumped out of a helicopter.


Which idiot gave her a parachute?

7/27/2012 #4
Tallz Is De Langste Ster

I thought she was actually going to do it for a moment. Stupid stunt double!

7/27/2012 #5
Tallz Is De Langste Ster


Wouldn't be a ceremony without him.

7/27/2012 #6
Sputnik Writer

I don't know. He nicked some of that sketch from an old Mr Bean bit.

7/27/2012 #7

This is awesome. Can't believe I'm enjoying it this much.

7/27/2012 #8
Sputnik Writer

Cynical Jess? Enjoying something so unabashadly patriotic? Who'd a thunk it?

We need an Empire again.

7/27/2012 #9
Sputnik Writer

That rendition of Abide With Me was cracking stuff.

7/27/2012 #10

I feel proud to be British. It'll probably wear off by tomorrow. xD

7/27/2012 #11
Sputnik Writer

The next time you see someone fall out of the pub and vomit on a policeman.

7/27/2012 #12
Tallz Is De Langste Ster

Particularly as her father is a policeman. :DF

7/27/2012 #13
Sputnik Writer

I knew that, which is why I didn't tell anyone about the massive pile of marijuiana under her bed.

7/27/2012 . Edited 7/27/2012 #14


7/27/2012 #15
Sputnik Writer

Sorry, did i say marijiuiana? I meant massive piles of chocolate.


God, this thing is starting to drag.

7/27/2012 #16


7/27/2012 #17
Sputnik Writer

Why were they all wearing bacofoil?

7/27/2012 #18


7/27/2012 #19
Sputnik Writer

Oh God! How gay do the Germans look?!

7/27/2012 #20

I was thinking the same thing! XD

7/27/2012 #21
Sputnik Writer


We're coming out as the United Kingdom. We're gonna be here all night.

7/27/2012 #22

Wahey, Lithuania. :D

7/27/2012 #23
Sputnik Writer


7/27/2012 #24
Sputnik Writer

Tell me the Mauritius flag doesn't look the gay pride one.

7/27/2012 #25

I didn't see it. D:

7/27/2012 #26
Sputnik Writer

7/27/2012 #27

Haha. XD

I know I posted this in the chat, but...

The Olympic Guide to the British:

7/27/2012 #28
Sputnik Writer

I showed Maria that earlier. She LOL'd.

7/27/2012 #29

Dem ceremonies.

Didn't get to watch all of them because work but they looked awesome.

7/27/2012 #30
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