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The Pirate on Wheels

Write poems, request poems, or even give me topics and challenges, or just converse in freeverse.

Ruling rules:

Everything beyond this post in this thread must be a poem, be it freestyle or otherwise.

Feel free to be silly and have fun though. EX: Wicky Wock I liked that a lot.

Requests for poems are exempt from this rule, though you are encouraged to try. EX: Write one about the earth, the wind, and sky. Write it or die.

*Thread title subject to change based on the level of complaints raised by Kelvin, though not necessarily in the method he would prefer.

8/27/2012 . Edited 8/27/2012 #1

Right now I can plainly see

That there should be a decree

TLO's poems are quite bad

They make those who read them very sad

She can't stop using ABAB

(Or making thousands of OCs)

So do us a favour and ban her from this thread

Before somebody lops off her head


But the thing that's on my mind the most...

Ha ha ha, I got first post

8/27/2012 #2
swinging from saturn

Wait, what, how can this be,

The first post was stolen fom me?

8/27/2012 #3

Put a spoon in the bowl and eat it, Pasta

...Nothing rhymes with pasta.

Dot underscore dot

This poem fails a lot

8/27/2012 #4
swinging from saturn

Cannibalism isn't cool and my name is not Titus,

Could it be, maybe,

You have something to share with us?

8/27/2012 #5
Elizabeth Burke

Dear Spryo I think you are mistook.

There are quite a few words you've overlooked.

I'll start with two, so I don't seem a jerk,

There's hosta, a house plant

and rasta, a religious movement,

(No, really I only I only stopped to avoid more work).

8/27/2012 #6

And what do you think I could do with that?

I can't even work with those

To you I do not tip my hat

(I really need to stick with prose...)

8/27/2012 #7

All you need to do is follow your nose.

8/27/2012 #8
swinging from saturn

And then you will see,

With great certainty,,

How powerful words can be!

8/27/2012 . Edited 8/27/2012 #9

Except, 'powerpul',

while fun to say, is not a

word, dearest Pasta.

8/27/2012 #10

Of spelling she is not a masta

Time to edit out that disasta

8/27/2012 #11
swinging from saturn

Typos suck, this is true,

I wish I'd spot that--not you two. /D

8/27/2012 #12

Well if not us, then who

Because we love you too

And love is better as two

8/27/2012 #13
swinging from saturn

Corrections are corrections,

And I thank you both kindly,

But hey, I came up with a new word,


Oh, don't mind me.

8/27/2012 . Edited 8/27/2012 #14

Pasta, oh Pasta,

how I love you,

you are pastacular,

and powerpul,

most importantly,

you are yummy.

8/27/2012 #15
swinging from saturn

. . . :D That was perfect,

I have nothing else to say,

But I love you too, Mars!

C'mere, bay-beh~ ♥

8/28/2012 #16


I say that we

run away together.

We shall love each other

forever and always.

And have much


8/28/2012 #17
swinging from saturn

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Just like us after Ten,

Murders me and you.


8/28/2012 #18

You and I shall live,

for Ten enjoys you and me

having sexyteimz.


8/28/2012 #19
swinging from saturn

And we're alive again!

The sun's warm kiss,

The wind's mighty breeze,

And plop! Here I am,

On my knees,

I have a proposal, oh yes, I have two,

Just take my hand, Mars,

And please say I do?

And after the ceremonies, we'll have lots of KD,

and ride off into the sunset--you, Dallas, and me.

8/28/2012 #20

Of course, my love,

of course, I will

say I do,

to you.

(Shall we bother Jimmy or Ten to marry us tomorrow?)

8/28/2012 #21

What's this craziness?

You have to tell me now,

dunno what to say...

8/28/2012 #22
swinging from saturn

I don't mind bugging either of hem,

I hope they don't, as well,

I don't mind buggng either of them,

But what if they fall down a well.



You're imaginng things, crazy bat,

Straight out of hell, into a well,

With Dallas and Jimmy, girl.

8/28/2012 #23

Looks like this thread has cruely died,

Why is everyone's tongues so tied?

8/30/2012 #24
The Pirate on Wheels

A cruelly dead thread,

fills my whole life with dread.

So bring it to life,

and you could be my wife.

8/30/2012 . Edited 8/30/2012 #25

This thread, it seems to

be popular for marriage

proposals. Coolness.

8/30/2012 #26

Wedding bells they ring,

and happy people sing.

A pretty crazy game,

this way to change your name.

My rhyming needs

an upgrade now,

or I'll see,

the dancing cow...

8/31/2012 #27

This thread is gay.

Gay gay gay gay gay.

Gay gay gay gay gay.

So very very gay.

8/31/2012 #28

Nobody cares what you have to say, so go away-way-way-way

8/31/2012 . Edited 8/31/2012 #29

A thread

to talk

poetic ways.

Just something for

this crazy Dane;

Never really,

fully sane,

speaking poems all her days.

One question though that asked must be:

Did The Pirate on Wheels propose to me?

8/31/2012 . Edited 8/31/2012 #30
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