killer RP house of night more
ok here you can rp talk or really do anything you feel like!i know that there are like 50 of these, but i really dont care.
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here guys, start your roll plays here after your oked

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follow this out line






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name: Ela Raven

Year: 3rd

apperence-long curly brown hair, brown eyes that chnge to black sometimes, a medium strong build.

personality- shes very loud and out there. she has a dark sense of humor and is a little insane, but everyone loves her, or not. she has a bunch of good friends, and she id very powerful. shje can keep a secret and is loyal.

History: after being marked her parents disowned her and she came to the house of night where she changed her name from Elanum thanea to elle raven. she can be quite dark and mysteriys, and no one trully knows her anymore....

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They're twins.

Name: Antonia Jefferson/James Jefferson

Year:Third Former/Third Former

Appearance: Blood red hair and bright blue eyes./Dark blood red hair and bright blue eyes. Both are 6'1"

Personality:They both like to stick together and are very close. Antonia is a little more out there and straight forward, while James is pretty shy until you get to know him.

History: After being Marked her mom kept with her through it all. She knew that it wasn't her choice and have no problems with vampires. Her dad on the other hand disowned her and left her mom. She has two sister and two brothers.

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cool charachter. we can start the rp now or when more people join. your chose

6/3/2009 #5

Now is okay with me.

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you can start it, i dont now anything really good, so...

oh and tell me there powers if the got any. i have fire and spirit, but you can have any you want that are posible. like no full one mindcontrol. k?

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The Dark Side Has Yaoi

JELLO!!! Peace and Purpleness!!!

Name: Lan

Year: ?

Appearance: Tall. Wears a really dark black cloak all the time, which covers his face.

Personality: To the people who don't know him, creepy and mysterious. To the people bold and nice enough to befriend him, he is still very mysterious, but he is less vague and cryptic. He constantly listens to depressing music, like Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day) and Deathbed (Reliant K).

History: Some random dude murdered his parents, and had no where else to go... Misses his best friends, and all of there inside jokes. Because of this, he tries to incorparate his inside jokes into his normal talk, but it just isn't the same. This is the only time when he tries to crack jokes. He is mysterious b/c he doesn't want to let people in & lose them again.

Powers: Ummm... So... UBER SMART!!! And very wise is able to anticipate and out think most people. and Has Telepathy and Levitation. Basically anything that has to do with the mind, aside from mind control. That's just lame to have mind control XP


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The Dark Side Has Yaoi


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The Dark Side Has Yaoi


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no reason. im just being my random, weird, sycotic self

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The Dark Side Has Yaoi


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The Dark Side Has Yaoi


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like i said before: just me being my wierd, insane, sycotic self! :P

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The Dark Side Has Yaoi


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can i add one if so she would ve like this. . .

Name: Aaralyn Binder

Year: Third Former

apperence: has very long silvery blonde hair that is very thin and very straight. she is 5'5" so she is not very tall. her eyes take on many different shades of violet and her mark is the same color. she has a tattoo that stretches from her shoulder to her wrist and it wraps around in many different binding shapes. she is also very skinny but curvy in the right places. she has an affinity for spirit and to bring peace in disstressful situations (the spirit is also violet like her eyes so it ties together)

personality: she is a very loving person and very open to everyone around her. she doesn't get scared easily and doesn't take crap from anyone. she is also very sarcastic but its just playing around which allows her to have a lot of friends

history: she was adopted as a little girl and moved around from adoption homes a lot. the only people that stayed with her the entire time throughout her life were her friends. they would do anything to contact her because they cared about her so much

i know its a lot but its a lot of thought and i like her lol

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The Dark Side Has Yaoi

Approved!!! You can go to the role play thing. Normally All Things Evil would do this, but i haven't gotten a pm from them lately... So i'll confirm it!!! Have fun in Role Play!! And beware of Lan. Act like you don't know what has happened, even though you do (if you read the begining!!)

6/29/2009 #21

Can I be Aphrodite?

7/1/2009 #22
The Dark Side Has Yaoi

By all means. Go ahead.

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The Dark Side Has Yaoi


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Name: Jason Mathers

Year: third former

apperence: black hair that falls over his face perfectly to where sometimes only one eye is showing. he is 6'0" and muscular but not overly muscular.

personality: very quiet and shy but once he opend up he is super nice and very cool

history: his mom died when he was two and his dad abused him and didn't like the fact that he got marked

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The Dark Side Has Yaoi

Have fun!!! He'll be next to James' and Lan's room, Kay?

7/8/2009 #27

ok that's perfect

7/8/2009 #28
The Dark Side Has Yaoi

Sweet! Please don't have him be a newb tho.

7/8/2009 #29

no problem lol

7/8/2009 #30
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