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Une Rose

ok, so here is where you can talk about anything and nothing!

be as random as you like, because it is off topic for a reason!

ummm, i guess thats all i have to say on this subject....

except to play nice kiddies, i don't want to have to bring out the pressure washer again!


6/1/2009 #1
Lady Tragic

Um, can you please fix some spellings? Take the 'c' out of Trek in the forum title, 'challenge' does not have two a's (appears in both the forum title and the 'request a challange'(sic) thread).

I don't mean to b***, but it's driving me up the wall...

6/2/2009 . Edited 6/2/2009 #2
Une Rose

omg! i am so sorry! i didn't even notice!

its alright, you were competely right to bring it up! thank you!

6/2/2009 #3
Lady Tragic

No prob. Shiny looking forum gets more visitors!

6/2/2009 #4
Une Rose


thanks again!

usually i'm really good with spelling and all that... i don't know what came over me when i made this!

oh noes, maybe i'm losing my spelling ability! :O

6/2/2009 #5
Lady Tragic

Heh, could just be a blind spot... My spelling and grammar is excellent, but I misspell 'experiment' and 'conscious' on the first try every time.

6/2/2009 #6
Une Rose

ya, there are a few words like that for me... but i can't think of any right now...

my spanish teacher cannot spell 'origin'. she always has to ask the class if its spelt with an 'e' or an 'i'

6/2/2009 #7
Lady Tragic

Not totally off-topic, but a bit away from topic's beaten path...

I could use some opinions on this OC.

Bonus points if you catch some Diane Duane book references...

6/3/2009 #8

my spanish teacher cannot spell 'origin'. she always has to ask the class if its spelt with an 'e' or an 'i'

Original is a word that I usually have to pause for thought with. And "completely" is another one that always makes my Spell Check flash red at me. *Sigh*

6/4/2009 . Edited 6/4/2009 #9
Black Mary Janes

I'm a terrible speller as well. My typing is kind of sucky too, so even when I know what I'm spelling, it comes out looking like crap. It took me three months to learn how to spell 'weird', and now when I type it, the letters switch around, so it usually says "wired".

6/18/2009 #10
What I was suggesting

I have an excelent excuse for my terrible spelling: Dyslexia! lol

and also a spellings check so I shouldn't spell anything wrong anymore. XD

6/19/2009 #11

Hey everyone!

This is off topic in regards to your discussion of spelling issuess etc - though, Black Mary Jane, I have the same problem as you with the word 'weird' - hope you don't mind!

Anyway, I just bought the novelisation of Star Trek 2009! Yay! I haven't read it yet and probably won't for a good few days and was wondering whether any of you guys here had read it and what your thoughts were? Good? Bad? Anything to say on the subject at all? It would be nice to know what genuine fans think...


~Fridayweed :D

6/19/2009 #12

I really want to read the book. I saw it in the city the other day and I decided I better not buy it or I wouldn't have enough money to get the bus home. Which might be a problem. But I'd have been happy sitting in the city at the station reading a book. Lol! I'll probably buy it soon. =D

6/19/2009 #13
Aashlee Elizabeth

Fridayweed, I bought and read it, hoping to get some more details on the characters' backstories. However, the novel basically followed the movie. In the few instances where it deviated from the movie, it was cheesy; I preferred the movie.

When I read a novel, I want detail. Sadly, this was lacking this time. However, I do know that J.J. Abrams is fanatical about retaining control over his reboot, so Alan Dean Foster may not have had free reign when he wrote/transcribed the novel.

6/19/2009 #14
What I was suggesting

I bought the novel last week and I'm about halfway thru, which is really unique for me. I rarely read anything printed for some reason. I bought the book mainly because it helps me remember the movie in more detail and with the characters from the movie. I have to admit that I also wanted to see how the accents should be written down.

I don't particulary like the dialogues in the book that aren't in the movie, I did enjoy the beginning where Spocks birth is being described. I was really good.

"The baby is healty, why does it cry?" "Because it's human."


6/20/2009 #15
Black Mary Janes

Haha, I love that I'm not alone in my terrible typing!!

I also bought the novelization, after spending hours searching Borders for it (it was not where I expected it to be, which was on the table along with all the other book versions of summer movies). It helps me remember what happened, and the characters a bit. It's all right, but I wish I had the movie. The book is more (and this sounds so weird) wordy, for obvious reasons. But also, I've noticed that, as usual, the actors don't always say the whole line, so what really took just a few words in the movie is expanded to a full paragraph in the novel. I dunno, just to me that ruins a lot of the character. It happens a lot with Bones, where Karl Urban either condensed his line or just dropped half of it all together, and to me that is much more in character. Maybe I'm just feeling for the actors.

Wow. That was a lot for areally simple question.

6/28/2009 #16

Ahh, yes. They do tend to shorten the lines all the way through. I have a feeling though if they actually extended the lines it might ruin the flow of the movie. Which was excellent, by the way. I REALLY wished that they would have put in the line where he's on Delta Vega ranting about Spock. I almost died laughing at that part. I kid you not.

Also, TOS throwback: During the part right after the bar, but before he gets to the shuttle (ie looking up at the Enterprise), he's arguing with himself about getting the hell out of there and he says "Just go. No particular direction. That-a-way."

7/1/2009 #17
Black Mary Janes

Yeah, I think the shortening of lines is an actor thing too. I know when I get a script, I always read it and then whatever I actually say in rehearsal and performance is different. It's a character thing, too. It just annoyed me, because sometimes the"extended" line was really funny, and I was it was in there.

Case and point, Kirk rambling as he wanders Delta Vega. That should have been in the movie. We could have spared a few minutes of the wild animal chase for that. I know, I laughed for like, ten minutes straight, even after I had moved on.

7/1/2009 #18
rose taylor

This may not be off-topic, exactly--but can someone please explain to me what tribbles are? Every time I ask my dad, he starts to answer but then we somehow get off-topic.

Also...coke or pepsi?

12/14/2009 #19

uh, i know this is waay off topic but, can someone give me some advice on how to write star trek fics?? i know thats weird... i just cant figure it out

12/31/2009 #20
rose taylor

Well...the most I can say is, the more you know about the fandom and characters you're writing about, the better off you'll be. You might want to watch some TOS stuff, to get a little more insight into the characters. Obviously there'll be some differences because of the whole alternate timeline thing, but it'll at least help a little, I think. It helped me.

Also, random question for anyone out there who might know the answer--would Sarek and T'Pol have known each other? I've done some research, but I can't find anything to suggest one way or the other. Help?

1/7/2010 #21

This may not be off-topic, exactly--but can someone please explain to me what tribbles are? Every time I ask my dad, he starts to answer but then we somehow get off-topic

So, basically tribbles are small unintelligent life forms that reproduce extremely fast (they are born pregnant). When feed enough a tribble reproduces asexually, having an average of a litter of ten every twelve hours. Tribbles make a cueing sound that is calming to most humanoids, with the notable exception of Klingons, who wish to eradicate all tribbles. Spock claimed that he was immune to tribbles effects in "The Trouble with Tribbles", but I honestly don't believe him. Also, random side note, a cadged tribble is on Scotty's desk on Delta Vega in the new movie.

And definitely coke.

And now for the classic off topic question, Spock or Kirk? I am a Spock person

4/9/2010 #22
rose taylor

Thank you! That is helpful.

I, personally, am a Spock person. However, I think the deeper question is LN-Spock or ZQ-Spock? Because as much as I love Zach Quinto--Leonard Nimoy is the BEST.

4/12/2010 #23

LN Spock is obviously the best.

4/12/2010 #24
rose taylor

Apparently I'm an extremely off-topic-y person, but I just was wondering what characters from TOS you'd like to see in the 2012 movie and who you'd want to play them. I personally would love to see Scarlett Johansson as Rand, Mamie Gummer as Chapel, and Rachael McAdams as Helen Noel. But anyway. What are you guys' thoughts?

11/5/2010 #25

to be really random. is anyone interested in a star trek challenge? i think i got a good one.

11/8/2010 #26
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