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Ok! The subject is seperate of what I'd like to see writen but.... I find the stories of Kirk being part betazoid or other are few and far between. I would love to see more of them as I've only found three. On to the challenge. spock is with uhura and jim is slowly coming to realize that he is in love with him. as the good guy that he is he keeps it to himself not wanting to "break them up" as it goes against his moral beliefs spock through touch picks up on his emotion and calls him a small town uneducated promiscuous man w*** etc. which as the reader know is not true but for development is how spock perseves jim. re. crew gossip about the academy etc. Jim is crushed by this and keeps a professional distance while hearing the crew gossip one or all reasons that spock finds him repulsive an uncompatible. time passes mission to colony to relocate vulcans to new vulcan. during relocation they are attaced by romulans or etc. jim and other person, woman as eventually this challenge includes mpreg. are attacked directly as they are left in the transported on the way to the enterprise. she dies and is energized as a green mess. (include red as well ) jim doesn''t' materialize. (voyager ep ? tuvok and nelix blend to one person ) Jim becomes part vulcan and still on the plant must run for cover to save his life. finds minners in mountains, sencers don't work and is presumed dead while still hidding with family of vulcans. spock realized how little he knows of jim at this time and how much he misses him cares and loves him. weeks to months pass and jim and etc contact pike through a relay post? using captains codes pike is surprised by jims apperance and tells jim he's been declaird dead after not being able to find him jim decides to stay dead for meny reasons , his mom will hate that he's part vulcan because she won't be able to see george in him even though see's been estranged fromm him for that reason etc. and for all the reasons spock and crew see him as. Jims file is closed or due to him being alive but not publicly recognized only admirals will know how to reach him in an emergancy (too much time has passed and as the other party died the merging of human vulcan dna can't be reversed ) ship comes to rescure him and the family that adopts him and they arrrive at new vulcan to further hide himself as he's still recognizable he gets his adoptive mother to cospeticly only disfigure his face dies his hair dark brown and hides behind a mask. jims new family include t'lira as the mother tuvok as the older twin and jim as savok jim and brother build ships for new vulcan with help by the feduration and other planets are compleated in 6-8 months to celibrate the launch starfleat sends its admirals and top captains for the event' spock arrives meets jim without knowing who he is and is attracted by him ...... eventually he realized who savok is and tries harder to win him over happy mpreg ending please away you go with the rest .... sorry for all the typos and sp errors :)
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