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Arc Trader

Hi all. I know this board is dead but I want to bring attention to what Matsuno's up to, after he basically disappeared from the world after leaving the FFXII project.

Matsuno's big project now is the remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. The original SRPG that predated FFT, I talked about this game before on this board some years ago and was incessantly comparing its plot to FFT's. In the end, I concluded TO's plot was superior.

Well, if you missed out on TO the first time (not hard to do that... it only got a limited PS1 port in the U.S. and no European release), you're in for a treat. The game releases in Japan on November 11 but it was already confirmed for a U.S. and EU release. Even better, the script is being completely retranslated by none other than Alexander O. Smith of Kajiya Productions, a guy who's had plenty of experience on Matsuno games: Vagrant Story (often hailed as one of the best translated game scripts ever) and FFXII.

Check out the videos:

TGS July '10 trailer:

Story introduction trailer (with English narration):

Intro to jobs system:

1st 10 minutes of the game (untranslated):

Japanese website:

North America/Europe website: (because is already taken... that's what happens when Square lets a property lay dead for 15 years, you get domain squatters, lol...)

It sounds a lot like the War of the Lions remake, right? Well, I can tell you it's much more comprehensive that WotL. TO's remake, in addition to new classes and a few new story-recruitable characters, is getting the length of its script more than doubled (from 300,000 to over 700,000 words), a completely remastered soundtrack (the music in the trailers is FAR from the same of the original game), and a new "Wheel of Fate" system that allows you to replay story battles and take full advantage of the branching storyline.

As for me? This is a day-one purchase. Can't wait. As far as I'm concerned, a must-have for anyone who's a fan of Yasumi Matsuno, SRPGs, or just good games in general.

11/1/2010 . Edited 11/1/2010 #1
Myst Knight

I don't know. I'm a bit leary of retranslations ever since the War of the Lions fiasco ("I am no hound heeling at the Church's skirts!"). I find simple is better when it comes to RPGs. I was mostly interested in FFT for the Final Fantasy elements; then I got hooked on characters like Ramza. It takes a lot to get me into a SPRG (though I'd like to give Growlancer a go again).

11/18/2010 #2
Arc Trader

I find I truly don't mind the War of the Lions script at all. It helps that I was never that attached to the PS1 translation in the first place. Something I noticed was that the majority of the "fan-favorite" lines that were changed for the remake (i.e. "Blame yourself or God") are mostly found in the game's first chapter. From Chapter 2 onwards, the WotL script really picks up for me.

I can't fault the remake either because it was the first actual release of FFT to the European market. In fact, there is an excellently written Ovelia/Agrias fic on that perfectly replicates the pseudo-Shakespearian dialogue of War of the Lions, and it remains in my opinion the best fic I've read that takes a stab at that approach. There's a good reason why it worked: the writer of the fic is British, and without War of the Lions, he would never have played Tactics in the first place.

Getting back to Tactics Ogre, a retranslation is absolutely necessary: as I indicated, the script for the game has increased to over 700,000 words (for comparison's sake, Final Fantasy XII, the last Matsuno game, even if in name only, was 600,000 words). There is a ton of dialogue that wasn't even present in the original. Another point to make is that Kajiya Productions does not have access to the original translation done by Atlas: this was indicated on Matsuno's Twitter, and it very much seems like it is because of legal reasons. Considering that the translator on board is Alexander O. Smith, who's done 2 Matsuno games already (Vagrant Story and FFXII), it makes sense that he'd translate Tactics Ogre in the same vein that he did those two.

I have every confidence this will be better than the War of the Lions script. I'll admit that my big issue with that retranslation was that the speaking style was inconsistent. Sometimes you'd have say, Ramza, talking in extremely flowery speak and then in another instance he'd be talking in a much more modern style like the PS1 Ramza. However, from the screenshots I have seen of the English text for TO, Smith is going to pains to differentiate the speaking style of individual characters: bandits talk like uncultured thugs while famous generals and knights have a much more sophisticated manner of speaking. This is in contrast to say, Golagros/Gragorath's insanely stylized threat when he was at Ft. Ziekden, which I'll admit was a bit much to swallow even for me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he did this as well in FFXII.

11/19/2010 #3
Writer Awakened

Well let's not bandy words: the translation in the original FFT was awful. Patently awful. By far the worst aspect of the original PS1 game. So it wasn't as though they took something that was originally great and butchered it in the port.

Looking forward to TO PSP, because I've never played an entry in that series before.

12/9/2010 #4
Myst Knight

Sorry, but I'll take "choppy and sloppy" over "pretentious and elitist" any day. At least in the original FFT, you can get a hold on all the characters as decent joes; the highfalutin cast from WotL aren't the same people I knew from FFT, and they're not people I want to get to know.

You really haven't seen a bad translation until you've taken a look at the NES library, some of which are on the level of a six-year-old first creative writing attack. Some of it makes the original FFT look like poetry.

12/16/2010 #5

Both FFT scripts were pretty bad! But the original PS1 script loses out simply because it's technically bad. What were those dragons doing breathing bracelets on me anyway, and why the heck did the Blaze Gun shoot ice bullets?? This writing are sick. WotL's writing was much more obnoxious to read however, so it's pretty much a wash between the two. A shame really, since Matsuno's other works always received such fantastic localizations (Tactics Ogre via Atlus, Final Fantasy XII and motherfuckin' Vagrant Story YEAH via Square).

Anyway! Tactics Ogre: My sole experience with the game was struggling to get through a training mission that lasted half an hour and just would not end so if they speed up the combat and streamline a bunch of stuff my enjoyment of the game would probably increase immensely. Looking forward to it, especially since it, the 3rd Birthday and 4 Warriors of Light are a much-needed break between all these damn FFI/II/IV remakes Square keeps churning out.

1/9/2011 . Edited 1/9/2011 #6
Writer Awakened

This writing are sick

Off course!

a much-needed break between all these damn FFI/II/IV remakes Square keeps churning out.

lmao. No kidding. Did FFIV really need a "compilation"? Really? IV? What's next, the Compilation of Final Fantasy 9? Find out who the flying fuck Necron is? XD

I liked the DS remake of IV, but why does SQUEEEEEEEEEE-NIX feel the need to compile everything anyway? Don't they know that over-saturation just kills the brand?

1/9/2011 #7
Arc Trader

I don't blame Squeenix for trying to squeeze as much cash as possible out with this FFIV Compilation, really. They are in desperate need of money, or did you miss the fact that they slashed 90% of their profits last month for the year 2010?

Three words:

Final. Fantasy. XIV.

FFXIV has been nothing but a disaster for Squeenix. The only reason Squeenix still managed to turn a profit instead of going into the red is (probably) because of strong sales of FFXIII, though the fanbase reaction is another story.

FFXIV, though, is so bad, they have even apologized for it:

FFXIV's trainwreck has led to the delay of the release of not only the new Deus Ex game, but also the iPhone port of War of the Lions.

1/10/2011 . Edited 1/10/2011 #8

I think you're mixing up your correlation with your causality there, DT. FFXIV is definitely the albatross around SE's neck for late 2010 and 2011, but it's only a recent release whereas the remake bonanza's been going for a while now. If it continues unabated - or, worse yet, it reaches a point rivaling that of Ys - then odds are it'll be they're treading water at this point.

What everyone's really wondering though, is where's the FFVII remake? It'd be a license to print money for them, and lord only knows they need it at this point. _

1/11/2011 #9
Arc Trader

I have just obtained a PSP with 8GB worth of memory cards for $130. Good deal or no? I'm interested to hear opinions, but at any rate I am prepped to grab Tactics Ogre when I can.

Still pissed off Fry's didn't have War of the Lions. They're the cheapest place to get it too: $9.96.

1/14/2011 #10
Arc Trader

IGN (8.5):

1Up (A+):

Gamespot (9.0):


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