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Arc Trader

If anyone's wondering where all the threads went, just went and pulled a dick move that purged all threads older than 9 months.

This used to be a premier board to go to for FFT lore and plot discussion. Even though this board hasn't really been active, all those, all those years of discussion are now gone.


11/25/2010 . Edited 11/27/2010 #1


WTF Indeed! Those years of discussion just gone! Boy am I pissed off!

I was almost taken back when I looked at the page and it said 500 post. I thought "Oh is acting weird again." But then I saw this! I'm right with you Dark Triad. Totally unbelievable!

11/27/2010 #2
Vegeta the 3rd

Once again FFnet is acting like a do***e. First it's the whole complications on certain grammar ( can't have ? and ! in the same sentence, it turns into ? or ! instead of ?!, or the really retarded way they set up 'breaks' ) now this.

Are they just trying to screw us over?

11/29/2010 #3


in the fuck

This board was a pretty important part of my life the four or so years it was running, and having it wiped out in the blink of an eye... unbelievable. Abso-fucking-lutely unbelievable. If there was any sign that FF.Net didn't give a flying damn about it's user-base - even going beyond the shitty interface, genre crackdowns, and general obtuseness - this, THIS would be it.

... On the bright side, at least the board's active again, I guess. Hey guys, how's it happening?

11/30/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #4
Arc Trader

"November 26, 2010: We will also at this time introduce an auto-delete feature of removing PM message with send timestamp of older than 9 months. The 9 months freshness limit will be enforced for both PM messages and forum topics to ensure fast response time for these systems. For perspective, there are 17 million pm messages currently in the system and we need a self-cleaning system to move forward."

Haha. "Move forward." Haha. HAHAHA. If you've any PMs that you want to save that are approaching that 9 month deadline, now's the time to save them.

The only website that loves to screw over its userbase as much as this one is Youtube. I'm still pissed off at how they forced the new channel layout on us. And I got mega pissed-off when Starcraft legend Jon747 got his account terminated, which ensured that 4 years of Brood War professional matches that were only available on Korean TV are now lost forever. Kind of like 4 years of FFT discussion here, gone in the blink of an eye.

11/30/2010 #5
Writer Awakened


There aren't enough faces in the world to be palmed after this one.

12/9/2010 #6

So many wonderful words and discussion and helpful tidbits down the drain...that's kind of depressing. Makes me wish I had saved some of that stuff onto my computer for safe keeping.

12/10/2010 #7

Makes me wish I had saved some of that stuff onto my computer for safe keeping.

You and me both! I think about all the interesting discussions we had here and it makes me sick to think its all gone. I'm seriously considering stickying all topics just to make sure none of them disappear again. Hmm...

12/25/2010 #8
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