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I would like to know why are there not that many fan fics of this game? This seems like this game has a good story to it but why arnt there that many of them? I see like 119 of them when I think there should be like 1000 fan fiction stories of the game? I would like to know are there more of the game fanfictions on here instead of here? I read a few but not that much. I would like to know are ther any fan fics of where The charaters get sucked into the Valkyria chronicles universe or something like that?

1/18/2011 #1

Why aren't there many VC fics? Well, it's no secret that a fandom's quantity of fanfiction depends on its popularity. While VC is a brilliant game, the sad truth is that it just wasn't that popular compared to others. I'm guessing this is due to a) people being put off by the bright colours and anime style characters and, more importantly, b) the fact that the game is a PS3 exclusive, which severely limits its audience given that the X-box is the more popular console.

The good thing is that what is lacks in quantity the VC section makes up for in quality. The average fic here is of a much higher standard than in other sections I've seen. My theory is that the average VC fan is more likely to be:-

a) Older (and hence arguably less put off by more original games like VC, or more likely to own a PS3 due to its high cost or having built up brand loyalty to Sony having played their consoles since the PS1, like myself).

b) More in touch with their creative side – as they are able to appreciate the beauty of a game like VC beyond its game play (e.g. with its 'painted' visual style, its rich world and characters etc.) they may well be more open-minded and imaginative.

As a result both their age/experience and personality type may make them more likely to write a decent fic. Of course, that's just my theory. Could be talking absolute rubbish :-)

1/20/2011 #2

I think Huhn summed it up pretty well, but I would also like to add that

C) The average Valkyria Chronicles fanfiction writer is also far handsomer/prettier and overall much better looking and suave than writers for other sections, and this allows them to... uh... write fewer but better stories. Or something.

1/22/2011 #3

You're absolutely right DC, but only because the fact I'm here drags the average WAY up. :-)

1/24/2011 #4

You tell em', hun!

Er... I... I mean Huhn! Huhn, with two H's!





God, I could stare at that grey silhouette of yours all day...

1/24/2011 #5

I hope there are more good fanfiction crossovers in the future. Lord knows I can't write fanfiction.

1/26/2011 #6
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