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Yoshi 2.1

For starters, I've recently created a story that centers in a reality where the Smashers, Capcom and Namco characters all live together in one big metropolitan city called Thermondo City, with two sub cities called Smash City and Dimtro City.

The current story I've created that features this reality is called Three World Civil War. The next story I'm working on is called Delta Team, which features Yoshi and Sonic forming a team of heroes which includes some of their fellow smashers, some Capcom and Namco heroes, and some OCs.

The members are:

1. Sonic

2. Yoshi

3. Fox

4. Lucario

5. Mega Man Volnutt

6. Charizard

7. Felicia

8. Morrigan

9. Chun-Li

10. Link

11. Zero

12. Roll Exe

13. Klonoa

14. Taki

15. Valkyrie

16. Marth

17. Mewtwo

18. Samus

19. Zelda

20. Dante

21. Snake

22. Cammy

23. Talim

24. Proto Man

25. Sophitia

26. Max (Storyteller222's OC)

27. Nexis (Storyteller222's OC)

28. Ninja Joe (Storyteller222's OC)

29. Glamor Girl ( my OC)

30. Shadow Stalker (my OC)

Feel free to give a response to this topic.

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