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This is where you introduce your characters of Toy Story!! Here is and example using my main character(Although she isn't from Toy Story... ^^;)!


Name: Melia

Species: Dragon

Main Color: Silver

Secondary Color: Gold

Skin: Silver and Gold Feathers

Description: She can be hyper sometimes but is very loyal and sweet. She is a bit picky and bitter but as a friend she's someone you would like a lot. She can morph into a human and can camouflage in her environment. She may be a SRMTHFG OC, but she has appeared in other places where you least expect her, like Toy Story. XDDD


What is your Toy Story OC?

6/6/2009 #1
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Name: Kate


Main color: Black


description: Due to her friend Ted messing around with controls in a lab, Kate ends up getting turned into a toy cat figurine. She was bought at a toy store and was about to be thrown away if Andy hadn't bought her. She has a crush on Slinky. Kate is a sweet, cute, and a good babysitter.

5/30/2010 #2

Hello? ...... Is anybody here? I'd like to register an OC if you don't mind.

Name: Xie-zhi ((pronounced: hay tay))

Species: Unknown

Past/History: The pet of a powerful and well-known sourceress; her master uses her not only as a frined, but also a hunter, gatherer, spy and anything else she can think of. Zadiia - her master - will more than often use her magic to shrink/grow/transform Xie-zhi for spy missions, either on humans or her enemies. Several times she is often mistake for something else; like in this case, a toy, when her master's magic is at play.

Appearance: Her head is that of an Eastern dragon; muzzle, horns, whiskers and all. The scales are lavender and her mane is dark green. The scales continue only until the end of her neck - there, her shoulders are compact and her body takes on more of a wolf physique, but is covered in feathers insted of fur. The feathers continue until her large, dark bat-like wings - again the scales continue until the hips. Her legs are long and thin, ending with tiger paws and covered with a dark red fur. She has a scorpion tail with a highly leathal venom.

Reason for being turned into a toy: To spy on the weaknesses of human children; Zadiia may favor Xie-zhi over her other minions, but she absolutely despises humans.

7/15/2010 #3

Name: Katie

Species: Human

Main Color: Yellow

Secondary Color: Red

Skin: Skin Color

Description: Jessie and Buzzes daughter sewn together with love. Has blue eyes brown yarn hair because her uncle has brown hair and blue eyes after her father. She has inherited imagonary genes from both her parents.

8/18/2010 #4
Michael C. Ryan

Name: Michael Ryan

Description: Refer to my profile page and website. ;)

9/20/2010 #5


Name: Kes (Previous owner named her - Short for Kestler)

Species: Lion (grr) (Refer to picture: )

Main Color: Yellow

Secondary Color: Orange

Skin: Soft and fluffy!

Description: She is a very silly little lion and is always hanging asround Woody because she looks up to him. Her BFF though is Trixie and Mr. Potatohead, cuz they are just cool like dat.

12/26/2010 #6

Name: Carol

Species: Fox

Fur: Black

Sencondary: Grey

1/17/2011 #7
Rhonda Petrie

This is pretty much the only Toy Story OC character that I have available right now, but I have some more potential characters planned right now that I might introduce later, including a female Vietnamese potbellied pig, who might be a potential love interest for Hamm, and a female Vietnamese rag doll named Ming Lao. This OC may look like a toy but she's actually an alien experiment; on the other hand, she is somewhat related to the universe, and since she is one of my best characters, I might as well put her here.

This info is taken from my profile since I'm not in the mood to rewrite again but what I have pre-written is very good, so here you go. And she does appear in a couple of my stories, most notably "A Child In Their Midst", "Joshua & Naomi: Revenge In Rendezvous", and "Team Legacy Meets The Rod Squad: London Odyssey", which is now featured on DeviantArt.

Name: Borgia

Species: Dog (dachshund)

Gender: Female

Appearance: A female, gangling, lanky, wiry Slinky Dog-like experiment who is dark black with white paws, a white muzzle, white fur surroundings her beady amethyst eyes, a small, red nose, and has a dark purple beady tail along with a dozen legs.


Borgia is designed to not only have infinite elasticity, (meaning that she could stretch on for miles and miles and can also twist, turn and bend), but she can also turn invisible and shape-shift into any form.

Background history:

She was one of Mr. Sanders' experiments to be created in the White House in the days before The War Of The Countries broke out and suffered unimaginable abuse, suffering and pain as she and her brethern were used as pawns and tools in order to further the villains' cause and consolidate their power as the most powerful and unstoppable nation in the world.

Even though Borgia was intended for evil, she was never successfully corrupted by her master's evil influence and instead became withdrawn, mistrustful, leery and suspicious of other people and her surroundings; she trusted no one but herself and her family and even then she also became suspicious of her own family due to some of them becoming corrupted for Mr. Sanders' villainous schemes.

However, it is indicated in "A Child In Their Midst" that Slinky Dog may have feelings for her and in "Revenge In Rendezvous" Borgia is smitten and taken with the young male dog and appears to have chosen him as her mate. However, there is a possibility that Simon, aka Experiment 1954, might also take an opportunity to fight to steal her from Slinky and win her heart and affections.

2/28/2011 #8
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