Why is it in every Ember fanfiction?
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I honestly don't know where all the Lina/Doon is coming from. Yes, they do eventually live together, and at the end of Darkhold, Lizzie admits that Doon likes Lina more than her, but I don't see any tension between them in the books. Some of the fanfictions are too extreme for twelve-year-olds.

6/7/2009 #1

I dunno. Why doesn't someone make a fanfiction that is set During the nuclear war, like what it's like when everything goes to hell and the world erupts into mushroom clouds.

6/22/2009 #2

Because I'm writing "My Life As A Roamer" right now. :D It's a good idea, though.

6/23/2009 #3

You know what? I think I'm gonna do that. It'll be a nice break from writing Redwall fanfiction.

6/23/2009 #4

Have fun. Are you going to base it off of The Prophet of Yonwood?

(I don't like to beg for reviews, but My Life as a Roamer could use some)

6/24/2009 #5

Does it have bandits/raiders? (Can't remember what they are called).

And no, because the Prophet of Yonwood takes place about 30 (?) years before the disaster. If I write this story, It will be set during the Disaster. It's going to detail how the some of the people on the surface survived the nuclear war.

6/25/2009 #6

It will have a bandit in 2 more chapters.

Prophet of Yonwood takes place 50 years before the Disaster, about 2050. (Diamond of Darkold says "In the middle of the twenty-first century) Ember is inhabited around 2100, and they get out in around 2300.

(Yes I am obsessed with Ember.)

6/27/2009 #7
The Bagel of Justice

Personaly I think people are so attracted to the idea of DoonLina is because: 1, they like romance and there wasn't alot in the books and 2, the whole 'new discovery' thing is a great concept to begin with. So why not. It is streching their chemistry, however, and they should wait to write one of those fics until they determin the charecters are somewhere along the lines of 20.

6/27/2009 #8

I'm fine with that; I'm talking about the fanfics that make them fall in love at 12-14.

6/27/2009 #9
The Bagel of Justice

I must say that I agree. A crush would be aceptable, but young authors take every minute trying to write a young love ff, and it's absoulutly sickening.

6/27/2009 #10

And mushroom clouds, stuff burning, and nuclear doom is way more fun to write about!

7/17/2009 #11
The Bagel of Justice

Toatally! I think I should write a fic about the disaster...

7/18/2009 #12
Fierce Kitten

Okay, here is why everyone thinks DoonLina exists, and why people write about them getting together so young. 1) they had been friends forever up until that stupid fight they had when they were ten, that ended up with them not talking for two years. It's not like they didn't really know each other like in other stories.

2) Wasn't it obviouse in Ember that Doon had a crush on Lina? If you havn't noticed reread it with that in mind. Crushes develope over time, and, like you said, some of these fics take place when they're fourteen. Two years is an okay amound of time for a crush to become a love. And who knows how long Doon had a crush on Lina? It could have started backwhen they were eight, for all we know.

3) I don't get it when people say young people can't fall in love. What? Only old people can fall in love? Lina and Doon knew each other for a very long time when they were very young. ...? Why can't that platonic love become romantic just because they're 12? "Dating" doesn't mean "sleeping with". It's just getting to know someone in a different way, see if you might one day want to think about marrying them. You don't actually have to kiss, or even hold hands.

8/3/2009 #13
The Bagel of Justice

Right. Well, first off, I have a friend a grade below me, she's 13, and she went through 29 'boyfriends'. Her claim was that they didn't kiss, date, or even hold hands, but were still dating....W**? So it could be the same with the others but...honestly.

8/3/2009 #14

How come nobody has really written a story about what is happening during the presumed nuclear houlocaust? For a post apocolyptic book, there is way too much romance, and too little violence. I mean what about bandits? Someone should do a City of ember/Mad Max crossover, or mabey even a City of Ember/Fallout crossover. I mean, the universes aren't that much different.

8/3/2009 #15
The Bagel of Justice

I'm in the process of a story about the disasters. It's a young girl (around 9 brother 14) and her older brother.

They live in pretty much the middle of nowhere so the dieseases don't effect them and their city doesn't get bombed, but they watch it all through the news and stuff until their mother thinks it's over, and takes them to see the damage. They arrive and people are dieing of the dieseases and everything. their mom get the dust from the radiation so they loas up a car with all this crap and journey to find a new place to live (A fire destoryed their house while they were gone.) And see the damage of different places before stopping by what used to be Lousianna to load on up on things and collect more people. A caravan takes them further, but everyone gets the diesease. (sister included.) And dies so the brother alone drives to a new home, by California, and starts a town.

Pretty violent, even though you can't see it on paper. Think watching people drop dead in the streets. think Black Plague! So far I'm only 5 chappies in, but there's lots of death, destruction, diesease, and other bad things that start with 'D'... Plus mushroom clouds.

8/3/2009 #16

2. Eh, in Darkhold they end up living together, but in Ember, Sparks, and most of Darkhold except for the end (when they get back from Ember) I just see platonic love.

3. But the fics I'm talking about do involve kissing, and more than non-physical romantic love. I just don't like it when fics just randomly dump the romance on without building it up.

8/7/2009 #17
The Bagel of Justice

AH! Yes, but the got older, remember, seeing as that was supposedly the last Ember book.

8/9/2009 #18
The Anonymous Photographer

There are Doon/Lina fanfics because Doon/Lina exists. It is there. Through every book (except the 3rd, duh).

But I don't know why all the fanfiction writers have them sleeping together and junk like that. It is really immature. I mean really. They ARE 12. But yeah, fanfic writers can change the age, but making nasty (bad written) love scenes between them is stupid and pointless. Gosh, why can't there be a nice fanfic like the way Doon and Lina liked each other. They weren't into the physical love, but more emotional. Didn't anyone notice that!?!? I mean really, Doon cared about Lina. He wanted her safe and by him. Same went for Lina.

Stupid fanfic writers didn't see it.

12/14/2009 #19
The Creepy Blue Person

I think that people just ruin stories by adding romance into them

2/14/2010 #20

Well, I think it largely depends on the story, but with post apocalyptic stuff, definately. I mean who needs stuff like that when Raiders are out there killing people? Violence is way more interesting in most cases.

The City of Ember is like Vault 101 in Fallout 3. (sealed for 200 years, everybody tries to catch Lina and Doon when they escape, ect.)

2/14/2010 #21
The Bagel of Justice

Yeah. But I do like Doon/Lina anyways, when it's sweetly written.

2/15/2010 #22

I have noticed that, I've read a lot of Ember fics that have a good plot and are ruined because the author had to go and dump inappropriate random romance on the twelve year old's. It's sweet in the books, they're relationship, but in the fics, it's really just gross. It makes me sad.

7/6/2010 . Edited 7/21/2010 #23
The Bagel of Justice

It does, doesn't it?

8/18/2010 #24

Well, that's the thing about the pairing, you can't deny that it isn't there, but you can't say it is there too, it's just sorta...there...out in the open...I think that the author sort of left that part out for us to determain...sort of...oka, i'm confusing myself...-.-

5/17/2012 #25
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