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OwlBear EX

Just decided to make a thread for those of us who have a banquet of ideas for Touhou fiction and want to spill it to those who'll hear it.

I have a lot of ideas for Touhou stories and the like, but as of now, I'm too tired to really list them all. So in my stead I'll let someone else go and we'll get this thread rolling from there. Note that these ideas don't have to be those of new stories, mind you they can be ideas you have for your current story that you want some of us to look over. Although please take care not too spoil anything important~

In anycase, have fun...I'll be back...whenever to post my thoughts and what not.

10/22/2009 #1

Ahh, interesting topic. For the moment, I'm concentrated on my third "Sukima" series fic. I am thinking of making a few more spin-offs of it... But not just yet.

10/22/2009 #2
Chaos Rex Regis

I can't say I'll have any ideas for fanfiction anytime soon, but if I feel like taking the comic in a certain direction I could post that here first to get some feedback on it...

10/22/2009 #3

Ah...Hello, OwlBear. :D

Anyway, I just got this idea in my head after watching a video, and it just keeeps bouncing around! It's not leaving after 24 hours, so I thought ~Meh, I'll make it into a fanfic.

The video I watched was Dial Connected ~ Eternal Luna Dial.

If you've watched it, then you probably know what idea I'm coming up with... X)

10/22/2009 #4
OwlBear EX

Hello indeed. I haven't watched too many Touhou videos (connection is too slow for that sort of thing), but I think I'll give it a look see just so I can see what sorta fic idea you were inspired to expand upon.

Also Comic ideas are just as welcome as fiction ideas are, Chaos. So feel free to post them if you want to~

While, I'm here I'll say that alongside Mystic Mutation, I have another idea for a story; It's somewhat of a retelling to Mountain of Faith...only I tweaked with things a little and made it slightly different. In this story (that has yet to be given a title) the Youkai Mountain is a dangerous mountainous region where humans are being taken for sacrifce to the Lamia Goddess Kanako. Normally this does not happen as the monsters and youkai who live there don't usually mess with the humans...although now, that doesn't seem to be the case.

With the population of the Human Village clearly in danger, Village Leader; Keine pulls together a team of warriors to venture to the Mountain and take down the Lamia Goddess Kanako.

Alternatively, I have another idea involving Sakuya as a Cu-Sith...but that needs a bit more time before I can get a decent plot out of that.

10/24/2009 #5

You know, I've got this really good idea that I'm planning to turn into a game with the use of Danmaku-Fu (unless someone here happens to know how I can make it stand alone as a game). Would anyone care to hear about it?

11/9/2009 . Edited 11/9/2009 #6
Chaos Rex Regis

Sure, but what do you mean by "Danmaku-Fu" and "standalone?"

11/12/2009 #7

You don't know what Danmaku-Fu is? It's a program used to make your own bullet hells. You can make anything from a single Spellcard to a whole game, if you know how. I learned how to use it a long time ago, but my computer broke down and after it got fixed, Danmaku-Fu and all my other Touhou games stopped working! I still can't play them... But that problem will be solved come Christmas.

Anyway, when I say stand alone, I mean make it so the game would stand by itself, without the need to have Danmaku-Fu to run it (anything made in Danmaku-Fu requires Danmaku-Fu in order to be played). You know, so that it would stand alone, like any other game, and wouldn't need Danmaku-Fu to play. But that sort of translation from Danmaku-Fu script to stand-alone script isn't so simple, so that part was more of a joke than anything else.

PS: I need to feel important around here, so if you guys wouldn't mind, you could leave the Danmaku-Fu scripting branch of our circle to me. I just feel like I'm useless when all I do is give everyone ideas for what to draw.

11/12/2009 . Edited 11/12/2009 #8
Chaos RK9

I have an idea!



1/25/2010 #9

Mmm... an idea thread.

Oh by the way, this is my first time in a thread. Deal with it.

As for ideas, I'm kinda serious in my ideas, been heavily influenced by SMT (Shin Megami Tensei).

Hey, what about an sports competition between humans vs. youkai? I haven't seen one fic with one before...

...Eh, what am I saying?

Oh and, I know this is low advertisement, please review my story "Human of the Other Side". Some will like it and other obviously won't. Also try to support the Sukima series (the longest I have seen so far)... Keep it up Willie.G.R.

Heraklinios, out.

1/30/2010 #10

Hmm... sport competition between human and youkai, huh? That is a good idea.

I don't blame you for the advertisement. It's like one has to beg for a review around here. Though I just enjoy writing, and thanks I will keep it up. Already working on the next Sukima while I work on the spin-offs.

1/30/2010 #11
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Chaos all I have to say is...no. *Steps on it with size 13, mud-covered combat boot*

4/8/2010 #12
Courier Hazama


Been thinking up some ideas for stories based around Courier's past and such.

Like why he plants flowers in Yuka's garden and how he met Yukari and stuff like that.

Also thought of a short story where Keine forces Courier to work at the village's daycare. lolwut

Not to mention I've been trying to compose a theme for him.

Yes, I love my OC that much.

6/25/2010 . Edited 6/25/2010 #13

Hmmm, at the moment I'm just concentrating on Imperfect Metamorphosis. Trying to get at least one chapter per week out, though that all depends on school work and overcoming writer's block.

Anyway, if anyone's interested, it's pretty much taking two of the biggest enigmas of Touhou fan-speculation (Rin Satsuki and Ex-Rumia), throwing them together (literally!) in the weirdest way possible, and setting them loose. And since Rin doesn't actually exist in canon and thus has no official portrayal, I decided to turn her into a dangerous (but lovable) Lovecraftian-type terror that, while not exactly stable, is more misunderstood than anything. Ex-Rumia, however, is...not misunderstood.

Anyway, been a blast to write so far, though due to my ADD style of writing (write a paragraph, go play MoF, write a page, watch half an episode of whatever anime series I'm going through) it does mean I can't exactly work on other stories until I get this one done. Later on though I want to do a series of Higurashi-style stories (a repeating Groundhog day-type loop that ends with one of the characters going insane and murdering everyone) using the Touhou setting and characters. Hopefully I can get some ideas for specific arcs.

And in the not-Touhou universe, I also have a Firefly story I want to tackle.

Okay, enough shameless self-promotion. We now return you to your regularly scheduled forum!

6/25/2010 #14
Courier Hazama

Recently I've come up with a concept but I'm not sure how to carry it out.

You may have noticed on the OC thread that I have stated Courier receives migraines because his amulet is attempting to seal more power than it should.

"Courier's sealing amulet absorbs so much of his power that it gains a mind of it's own and takes on his form."

Much thinking is in order.

7/27/2010 . Edited 7/27/2010 #15

That sounds interesting. There is much potential there for a good plot :)

7/27/2010 #16

I'm thinking about finally writing my own story, and I have an idea. Totally overplayed idea about 'guy gets stuck in Gensokyo with knowledge of Touhou', but an idea nonetheless. What I have here is the main character's basic profile, and I would like it if you guys could say what you think could be improved about it. Oh, and yeah, I know it's seems suspiciously similar to me, but ah, write what you know, eh?


Name: 'Mikey'

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Physical Appearance: Slightly paler than average, with brown, short hair and eyes. He wears thin, blue rimmed glasses and has facial hair that seems to be between stubble and a beard and moustache (a poor excuse of one, anyway). Wears a navy blue t-shirt with a blue and white striped shirt over it. Black denim jeans with a brown belt, and white trainers with blue soles.

Personality: Quiet around strangers, and prefers to stay in the background. However, among people he knows he tends to be loud and outgoing, always making jokes, usually self-depreciating. Often goes off on tangents when discussing things. When scared or nervous, he tends to talk quickly, make jokes and insult his opponent (accidentally or purposefully), usually when it would be a bad idea.

Background: Born and raised in Scotland for all his life, Mikey has only ever had two interests; video games and the internet. He has mostly been a shut-in all his life, but he has a small circle of friends he hangs around with. Having finished with high school, he finds himself waiting for university courses to begin and without a job. Two of his favourite possessions are his iPod and DS, both of which he carries about with him everywhere. He has amassed a vast collection of games and video game knowledge, including a certain bullet-hell series...

Skills/Powers: None (except running from things)

Danmaku Bullet Type/Shape, Bombs: N/A

Other Information:

•He has no actual magic capabilities to speak of, but the magical energy that exists all around in Gensokyo may have an effect on his body eventually.

•If caught in combat, his preferred tactic would be to run away and try not to get hit. If he is to actually fight his opponent, he would probably end up using unarmed combat, although he's not strong at all.

•If he had a weapon, he would using a long rod or pole to swing around quickly. Although he would still like a gun.

• Prefers glasses over contacts.

•When given the choice over something, he'll usually choose the one that is the easiest, or the funniest.

•Sometimes believes he's going insane, if only to make sense of the situation.

•Mikey is only his nickname.

8/2/2010 #17
Courier Hazama

Well, your character doesn't seem like much of a Larry Stu, which is good.

(Courier Hazama scored 86 on the Mary Sue Litmus Test...)

Hopefully your story doesn't start out with Yukari's gaps like all the others. :l

8/3/2010 #18

You don't say no to Yukari's gaps!!! Yukari's gaps say no to YOU!!!

Seriously though, Yukari's gaps are always fun to use, they are very overused. I have been keeping this in mind for another OC (don't worry, she's a girl this time) for another "branch" for my Sukima series. Guess you could call them spin-offs?

Oh, and don't tell Yukari I said all that about her gaps. If she finds out, I'm- *gaped*

8/3/2010 #19
Rage Against The Pendulum

I have an idea of a crossover

Nitori in Rapture(Bioshock)

Think about, she's an engineer and Andrew welcomes those type along with other great minds, I've already have a reason set for Nitori to leave Gensokyo to Rapture(no I'm not telling you.)

The bad news is that I'll only do this after I'm done with my current fanfic, otherwise the reason will only become a huge plothole.

9/26/2010 #20

O_O Wow, that' s a nice Idea. What sort of messes could that kappa ADD to the chaotic, survival world of Rapture

9/26/2010 #21

Ok, so today I had a most peculiar dream, where I was in a deserted world with two other people, and after driving around like maniacs through the streets, we enter a medical clinic. Inside, we find Zombies. Yeah, I said zombies? WtF? I haven't been watching any zombie movies, I haven't been playing any zombie-related games.... yet I have a zombie dream (and I SWEAR, I thought I saw Satori as one of the people accompanying me. Anyway, do you know what's my weapon against them? A CAMERA!!!! A FREAKING CAMERA!!!

The whole thing was WEIRD (been having VERY weird dreams lately), and the strangest part, the camera flash knocked the zombies back as if really shooting at them. I could see this beam of light coming FROM the camera lens and hitting the zombies hard! And after that... I wake up thinking "OM NOM NOM NOM" Seriously, WTF!? I had to laugh XD!

Now... after all of this, I think I'll make a Residen't Evil-like fic with Aya taking pictures of Zombie Touhou characters in order to beat them. Yes, it's just RANDOM GENIUS!

I love it when a dream helps me come up with stuff to write.

12/11/2010 #22

That actually sounds kind of cool. And seeing how Reimu's a zombie already...

12/11/2010 #23

A Zombie? She's the QUEEN of zombies :D

12/11/2010 #24
Death Drive 128

So... Any idea on the origin of these zombies and how they came to be? My first thought was just EX-Rumia raising the undead via the Black Arts.

12/11/2010 . Edited 12/11/2010 #25

Who knows.

12/11/2010 #26

Touhou Ibunshu has an interesting version, in which Mokou keeps turning fairies into zombie-like creatures by scorching them without killing them. All taken together, it's pretty creepy when a horde of them attack Patchouli and Koakuma, who are out for a walk.

As for Willie's story, Orin will probably be involved.

12/11/2010 . Edited 12/11/2010 #27

Heheh, need to get working on the notes to be sure, but I think there's gonna be VERY few actual survivors.

12/11/2010 #28

kind of reminds me of Fatal Frame, only without the laser affects XD

12/11/2010 #29

Alright. After organizing my thoughts and writing the notes, the fic goes as this:

The "zombies" come due to an experiment Marisa tricks Patchouli and Nitori into helping her with. Though they think it's a spell for betterment of Gensokyo, Marisa's real goal is an immortality potion she can actually use (see Touhou Wiki, Marisa's description in Perfect Cherry Blossom, to understand where this comes from). The potion works, but not the way Marisa wanted it, and now she... and EVERYONE who is zombified, are immortal. Aya and Satori are the ONLY survivors that team up, being immune tot he spell itself (but not to bites, scratches, or death), and head out to find a solution. Yuka is another survivors, but she's our anti-hero, and her resistance is just natural. They travel all around Gensokyo to find the cure or whatever (like I'm gonna spoil the whole plot), and have to fight off zombies and mutated creatures that "die" when Aya uses her camera, or Satori uses a flash spell (they come back to life after a few days). Hatate will be, like, a pain in their cute asses. Like Nemesis, she can open doors at will, calls either "SHAMEIMARU!" or "BITCH~" (reason for the latter remains with me), or a combination of the two, and like Nemesis, she's a PAIN to knock out, and even worse, she gets up again after a few hours only.

This should be one of the few Aya (main character) fics that's not a one-shot, and pairing her with Satori should be fun. Aside from the suspense element, I'll be adding comedy, so those without sense of humor might not like it... then again... well, the future's not set in stone, so this should be fun. Heheh, gonna have 3 fics to work on, but instead of overworked, I feel freaking excited about starting with them :D

12/12/2010 #30
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