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This is my first ever fan fiction story, I might make more if this is liked :)

contains tickling, MM/M and hints at F/M and M/M :) if you dont like any of that then I'm sorry this might not be the story for you :)

Otherwise enjoy:

It had been a very long day in the Danger Room, in an intense battle against the X-Men's common foes: The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. Wolverine alone was battling the group of villains for 3 hours straight; he was exhausted by the end of it and was looking forwards to a well-deserved rest. On the other hand Nightcrawler had been pondering how his hairy teammate always seemed to be in a bad mood or just grumpy, he had been thinking as to how he might be able to lighten Wolverine's mood. After a series of tickle fights that had been going on throughout the week between both Kurt and his other friends: Bobby, Hank, Piotr and Kitty, the blue furred mutant had the mischievous idea to tickle wolverine. But he faced one problem… Kurt didn't know if Logan was ticklish, and probably if he tried to tickle Logan the small feral would probably dislike it and try to punish him for his actions, so Kurt reluctantly decided against it.

Meanwhile Logan had showered and changed into his more comfortable jeans and a white T-Shirt and had made himself comfortable in the Day Room, the short but stocky man slumped in the big arm chair and propped his big bare feet up on the table. Logan was so comfortable that he'd unknowingly fallen asleep. A few minutes later Kurt walks into the day room to watch some cartoons that he'd recorded earlier. He sat down on the couch and was amazed with the sight he saw; to his right were wolverine's bare pink soles. Overcome with mischievousness and curiosity the demonic mutant let his long furry tail slither to the X-Man's feet. Lightly moving up and down the relaxed soles, Logan's mouth started to tighten into a smile when he suddenly jumped up with a throaty growl, looking around to see what had awoken him, wolverine found Kurt's tail right where his feet were, "Elf! What do ya think yer doin'?" Wolverine exclaimed

"Oh, sorry mien freund, I didn't know my tail had moved there," Kurt unapologetically lied.

"Well don't tick--" Wolverine stopped himself from giving away his weakness and cursed his lack of care, "Just don't do it again." Logan growled and sat back to his original position.

Kurt struggled to hide a wolfish grin when he spoke, "So, Logan, don't you ever get bored of being constantly grumpy?" Kurt asked,

"Whats-it to ya, bub?" Logan replied bluntly,

"I just wanna cheer you up," and Kurt's attempts to hide his grin failed. Logan glanced at Kurt and the smile that he saw made his skin crawl, Wolverine's tough expression almost shattered with fear.

"Wh-what? No! I don't need cheering up," Logan growled, the feeling of nervousness had taken over his body.

"Oh come on, just smile a little… I might even get a laugh out of you,"

"Don't do what I think yer gonna do… you'll regret it." Wolverine threatened but in a flash Kurt had hold of his left ankle, "I'd love to see a smile Logan." The blue X-Man grinned as he rested a slender finger on wolverine's arch, just the meeting of Kurt's finger to his foot made Logan's leg flinch.

Partly angry and partly nervous wolverine tried to deter the Elf from tickling his foot, "It'd be useless anyway… 'Cause I ain't ticklish."

"Oh we'll see about that mien freund," and with that Kurt gently scratched the inside of wolverine's arch. Grunting and writhing about the feral tried to keep all of his giggles to himself; only a gritted smile was tickled out of him.

As the tickle assault was going on Hank was walking by when he heard a growl from the day room, wondering what it was he poked his head through the door, "Is everything okay in here?" he asked a little concerned,

"Hank! Help!" Wolverine spat out at Beast. A smile spread across Hanks face as he realised what was happening, "Having fun, Kurt?" Hank asked with an ear-to-ear grin plastered on his face,

"Ja! Do you want to help?" Kurt offered, and to Logan's despair Beast pinned him to the ground with one huge hand and with the other attacked his ribs. A faint giggle mixed with a growl emerged from the pinned X-Man and soon a flow of giggles and growls came out as he tried to grasp each one he grew weaker and became a heap of muscle, adamantium and giggles, "Try the toes, Kurt," and Kurt stuck his tail in-between Logan's big and index toes, and Logan's head flung back with a deep belly laugh, he couldn't hold it in much longer, "Hahaha! You're dehehehed… Hahaha... Bohohoth of you!" Wolverine threatened the two ticklers.

Kurt enjoying it thoroughly stuck his fury blue tail in-between each of wolverine's toes, each time getting a full hearted laugh, when he got to the pinkie and ring toe Wolverine's deep laughs became more higher, and he wriggled and squirmed so much that hank could barely keep a grip on him. Kurt went back to just scratching the soles, this time Kurt got a lot more laughter out of him.

Hank moved his free hand to wolverine's arm pit and tickled furiously, and wolverine's reaction was not unlike when Nightcrawler tickled his pinkie toe. "Kurt, I have an idea," Hank said as he tickled wolverine's muscular abdomen,

"What is it?" Kurt asked,

"I get a firmer grip and we do both armpits and pinkie toes together," They both grinned evilly, and hand straddled wolverine by sitting on his abdomen and pinned his arms above his head with one strong hand, "Are you ready?" Hank asked with a wink, and wolverine's eyes widened in despair. "Go!" they both shouted and tickled the poor mutant in both extremely weak spots, "HAHAHA!!! NO! NO! NO! STAHAHAP! Plehehehease!" Wolverine begged, his voice was lost as he tried to make them stop.

"We'll let you go if you give us all the Twinkies and also get a lot more Twinkies!" Kurt winked at Hank, they both seemed amused by their demand,

"Yes, yes okay ahahaha! Just stahahap tickling mehehe!" Wolverine whispered among his loud laughs,

"Say, Uncle," Hank replied to wolverine's plead,

"Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! For god's sake!"

Finally the two stopped their tickling and let the poor X-Man rest in peace.

After dinner Wolverine walked over to Hank and Kurt, "Don't tell anyone about what happened" Wolverine said,

"Sorry mien freund, but others heard your laughs and pleads and news travels fast." Kurt smiled guiltily and Hank just winked at him

"Don't worry Logan it's only tickling, it wont kill you," Hank chuckled,

Wolverine thought of a smart a** comment but decided against it, he looked around and Scott looked curious but what frightened him most was the look Jean was giving him, it was a playful but yet mischievous look that made wolverine just want to scream and run for the hills.

The red haired woman walked over to him and whispered in his ear, "You're not a big bad wolvie any more, and I know how to get my own way," She said cheekily, but her tone just made wolverine want to scoop her up and hold her, but what she said made him shudder, and as she left she tickled his side making him spit out an unforgiving giggle.

Later that night he was sitting in his room when the door opened, Logan sat up and was partially surprised to see Scott standing there with a bag, Scott closed the door behind him and locked it, as he walked to the foot of the bed he dropped his bag and leaned forward, his glowing eyes were unmistakable in the dark room. Scott then started to speak, "You stole my wife, you took my place as leader of the X-Men, and you've humiliated me more than once in front of the entire team, I think its pay back time…" And with that he pulled out a pair of adamantium handcuffs and smiled.

To be continued…

8/10/2013 #1

Ooooh, I loved this. Wolverine tickling = some of my favorite things. XD This was really fun to read and reminds me a lot of something that could have come from my own mind. Especially the part where Hank and Kurt make Logan promise them Twinkies in exchange for stopping the tickling. XD I always pictured Wolvie's pits and pinkie toes being his weak spots so that's another way we think alike. lol I myself have a couple stories like this on here, but I'm more into drawing so if you're ever on DeviantArt you can find my stuff there as well (mostly X-men tickling ;p). There is a link on my page I think. Actually have a pic I did that made me think of this, but with Piotr instead of Hank ( Again, loved reading this and would love to read more if you ever get the chance. :)

11/6/2013 . Edited 11/6/2013 #2
Sparkling Lover
This is incredibly funny and a joy to read.
6/12/2015 #3
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