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I made this topic to be posted in if someone is leaving the site for longer than a day or two and wish to let everyone know.

I will not be back until late Saturday night or Sunday morning. Forgive me if this seems short notice, but I am leaving in 40 minutes...

4/2/2010 #1

I will be moving back into my house all week (my family was renovating) So I doubt I will be on much. Sorry!

4/6/2010 #2

This is a topic I shall be posting under frequently. *sniff*

Sorry I haven't been on from Monday-Wednesday. It turns out it was both my parent's vacations and they forbid me to go on the computer.

As for the rest of the week, my cousins gave us a surprise visit last night, so there goes the rest of spring break on the computer. Sorry. I'll see if I can join on Sunday.

4/8/2010 #3

Ah, yes. I may not be on for most of Saturday because of a one day con and I have hetalia cosplay friends coming down from Nashville. I'll post some of the pics on the wiki though!~

4/8/2010 #4

I might not be really online the weekend since my friend is coming to sleepover. But hey, she's also a Hetalia fan, so maybe I'll still be seen lurking around here and the chatbox with my friend

4/8/2010 #5

Not feeling too dandy, so... regrettably, I'm going to take a few days off.

I'll come back soon enough. Don't worry.

Two or three days, tops.

See you then guys.

4/8/2010 #6
Vatican City

I will not be around for at most three days, due to the SAT situation and piano lessons, so feel free to control my characters.

4/8/2010 #7
Vatican Illuminatus 503

Starting tomorrow, I will not be around until April 28. I have an internship program...which I should attend six days a week...

4/10/2010 #8

For the rest of today, and a few days after (probably until Thursday) I wont be online. I have family coming to visit, and they'll be staying in my room, which has the computer...

4/13/2010 #9

Sorry for being gone for another 2 weeks *sigh*

I won't be here tomorrow and I probably won't be on during school days now... I won't be on April 24-30, because I need to study for STAR Testing the weekend before, and I have STAR testing that school week.

I'm sorry.

4/16/2010 #10

I might be gone for random chunks of time, as I am super sick, and have been dropping dead from time to time....so if I suddenly disappear, know that I've fallen asleep, and amuse yourself with the idea that I will probably have keyprints on my face when I wake up...*nods*

4/16/2010 #11

Well this isn't to announce that I'll be gone for a super long time but I'm just putting up when I have work so if I randomly disappear that may be the cause:

Thursday (22): 6 - 9:30

Saturday (possibly gone) (24): 1 - 5

Sunday (25): 2 - 6

4/21/2010 #12

For the next week or so, I will not be posting in the main roleplay due to exams and such. Although I may still post a little in other threads from time to time.

4/22/2010 #13

My computer's had some kind of breakdown, and it can't even turn on anymore. That's why I haven't been on for the last few days. I'm using my friends computer to tell you guys that I won't be on until it's fixed, which will probably be sometime this week.

4/25/2010 #14

Ok, it's a good while away, but....

On May 13th to some other date which is unknown at the moment (though it's possible that it's the 16th) I will not be here.

I will give permission to certain people to move my characters when the date for me leaving is closer.

Thank you for you comprehension,


4/26/2010 #15

Once again, my mind has the vicious tendency to magically predict the future.

So I start talking to Gemina and Q-chan about how I might take a week off of the forum, to catch up on my studies. Although that was a maybe.

Turns out, depressingly, that I don't have any choice in the matter.

So, from May the 1st to May 7th, I will not be on. Whatsoever.

And this may extend, if I don't follow out several criteria. All of which terrify me so much that I could, and very nearly am going to, cry.

I'll be on my email sometimes during the day, anywhere from 8:30 to 3:30 my time. If you want to talk to me or need me at all... here's my email:



... I check all of them.

So, I've got until... er... 3PM Fanfiction.net time, before I'm gone for a week. Yay.

See you guys if I miss you.

4/30/2010 #16

Ah, and I will not be online on Sunday all day. *nods*

4/30/2010 #17

I have testing coming up, so I'll be on very little for the next couple weeks. I also won't be on period Friday or Saturday. Those are the days of the performances of the production I'm in. Sorry!

5/2/2010 #18

I will not check at all on Wednasdays. But i will all other days of the week to read what has progressed.


5/4/2010 #19

I've noticed that I am spending too much time here so I decided to cut the time until SUmmer Vacation. So:

I will not be here during School Days

I will not be here this weekend

And everyone has free reign (except killing) over my characters.

~ GlaciaLeafia

5/10/2010 #20


Bye Glacia!

5/10/2010 #21

I am going to be gone until Sunday, as I will be camping (yay).

5/14/2010 #22

I'll be gone from 6-10:30 on Saturday and 7 - 9:30 on Sunday. I may not be on all that much anyway this weekend because I'll be studying for a chemistry test on monday....

5/14/2010 #23

Wow. I'm sure I missed a lot of stuff since you guys are already on part 7. Anyway, I won't be here tomorrow [Saturday 5-15] because I have some family stuff to do. Sorry.

5/14/2010 #24


My internet to my computer died, so you'll barely see me on this site until it's fixed. (Or until Summer Vacation)


5/15/2010 #25
Irene Astreiyath

I'm completely lost in the game T___T sorry, I leave T____T

5/16/2010 #26

Riucey, you don't have to leave just because you're lost...it happens to all of us. I could help you jump back in...

5/16/2010 #27
this account is no more
Sorry for randomly dissapearing. I somehow managed to get locked out while the rest of my family was away. I'm so skilled..... And apparently I have a history test on wednesday, so I'll probably won't be on until then.
5/17/2010 #28
Irene Astreiyath

Thanks *hugs*

5/17/2010 #29

Okay, so I have to be gone for an hour or so for two minutes, but when I get back, I will help you figure out where your character should be, kay? ^_^

5/17/2010 #30
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