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(I officially dedicate this forum topic to Rin-san and Vatican-san~)

(To Vatican-san for being so patient and not being upset for his posts being deleted...)

(And to Rin-san for emailing me each individual one I didn't have in my email! *still in the proccess of recieving and re-posting them*)

4/13/2010 . Edited 5/22/2010 #1

Feliks nodded.

"I won't..." He sighed, still cuddling. He liked cuddling...in fact, he just liked human contact in general...so long as it wasn't sexual...

4/13/2010 #2

"Ve, that would be nice and then I could hug you more easily."

Of course the last thing on his mind was staying safe, it was that it would be easier for him to stick with Germany this way.

4/13/2010 #3

Germany smiled.

"Yes...along with other things..."

4/13/2010 #4

What a pair the two made, the sexual addict and the sexual-phobic...

Maybe Alice would be proud he's been able to stop himself...

...or maybe she'd be mad anything happened...

He closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

(Speaking of which... I'm still like half dead~~ Should sleep. Night~!)

4/13/2010 #5

That would be nice. I'll just go get the one I have just lying around...

Hong Kong walked into the room, rolling his eyes. He scanned the room, pausing to look at the closet door. That would be wide and stable enough. Now... could he detach it? He walked over to the drawers, seeing if he could conveniently find a screwdriver or something..

4/13/2010 . Edited 4/13/2010 #6

Italy blushed slightly at the insinuation.

"Well, yeah.... and it would also help for finding the others."

He hadn't seen his brother in a while. He wondered where he had wandered off too..

4/13/2010 #7

(following RC's lead again, I should probably sleep too...)

Poland also fell asleep, breathing somewhat loudly. He was tired...

4/13/2010 #8

(Note to Q-chan: ...Female Iggy doesn't have glasses yet xD. ...I don't know how she's going to get some, but *shrug*

And to Rin and Gem: XD. Austria versus Hong Kong glare fests. Brilliance. I want to see a sequel).

Over across from Germany and Italy, Alice stirred a little; squeezing her eyes together and groaning ever so slightly. She wasn't completely conscious yet, but it was obvious she wasn't far off. She'd begin to realise the pain pretty soon...

4/14/2010 . Edited 4/14/2010 #9

"Better get you to a room little guy." said Will to the little penguin in his arms after several minutes of walking down the hallways. "Any room is good yes, as long as there are no crazy people, madmen, or any other synonym related to that." he chuckled nervously. It was some relief from being stuck in this house and finding no way of getting out. He silently made a mental note of people he could go to, and could not go to. He spied a room that was at least partically open. There seemed to be no screams or shouts of terror so he entered. "Hello?" he called. He seemed to be saying that a lot.

4/14/2010 #10

Alice stirred again when her ears detected William's voice; the petite bodied Brit mumbled again, louder this time, and finally - inevitably - opened up her rather misted over eyes. Her breath instantaneously hitched when the pain hit her, growing in strength and intensifying at its peak when she moved barely a millimetre... she could feel the nerves in her arm shooting like lightning... so weird...

She blinked, trying to remember what the hell had happened to her. She remembered James. She remembered the blood. ...She remembered clicking the trigger... and two bangs. The Brit groaned to herself, not daring to move a muscle, just in case it disturbed the pain even more.

"Goodbye, damn b*tch"

... It looks like you got your target, James...

"H-Hello?" She whispered, not really unable to speak very much louder.

4/14/2010 #11

Will looked down, caressing the bird in his hand. What relief came to him when he discovered it was the woman from before. He walked closer, just a little, and smiled weakly. Concern filled his eyes.

"Hey, are you ok? That James kinda hurt you earlier."

4/14/2010 . Edited 4/14/2010 #12

Alice closed her eyes again as the guilt washed over her. She didn't really intend to shoot, unlike James, and ended up doing it completely out of self-defense. It was something along the 'If I'm going down, you're coming with me' line of logic. She couldn't believe it actually managed to get that far. ...She lifted her left hand and rubbed her temples, covering her face behind the hand. It was stupid that she was feeling guilty and worried for her brother's sake...

He was right though, and both of them knew it. And James... James looked so sad when he announced that he was going to reject his 'mistake'. Was letting her live really such a mistake? They both were in tears by the end. And James sounded like he really was in turmoil. He just... wanted people to love him for himself. Alice, somehow, completely understood. They both were in better synchronisation to each other than previously thought. They both had regrets, and a reason to feel that the people around them didn't give much of a damn.

"J-J-James... is... is he alright? Will, Is my brother alright?" She asked, removing her hand and revealing that there were tears dwelling in the corner of her eyes. She undoubtedly was worried, and it wasn't just the pain causing it.

She tried to move, pulling the duvet covers with her as she attempted to shuffle up - but burst down into a fit of swears when her arm flared with agonizing pain. Her eyes darted to her right shoulder, discovering it wrapped up in bandages. Who had done it? Someone must have moved her. So then, did that mean James was okay too?

"S-Shit, he shot me... he really shot me... bloody f**king hell..."

4/14/2010 #13

"I-I don't know." Will said uncertainly. "I took off before I saw anything else." He paused. "Wait, why are you crying? You got away from him didn't you? Shouldn't that be a good thing?"

4/14/2010 #14

Alice sighed and turned her head away. She hadn't realised that she was getting teary... she dried her eyes quickly in an attempt to compose herself.

"H-He... I shot him. I really thought he was going to kill me, so I shot him. I didn't mean to hurt him. I-It's not a good thing. Our civil war is just going to get worse, isn't it?

F**k... what am I doing to myself? To England?!

B-But... But he's right, Will. Everything he bloody said was right... W-What am I supposed to do?" She covered her face in her hand again, knowing that Will - or anyone - could actually answer her question. She had to figure it all out by herself, evidently. But she had no clue what to do.

A thought occurred to her:

"Will, why didn't you run when I told you to?!" She said, voice tone elevated as if she as angry but the volume never went up more than just over a whisper. "You could have gotten killed, you bloody moron!"

4/14/2010 #15

Will blinked. What was with the sudden attitude change?

"You were getting hurt!" he protested. "I-I don't know..."

4/14/2010 #16

"Don't be stupid, Will! I'm glad you ran when you did. Really! I was going to be just fi-" fine... She stopped herself there. Evidently, nothing was going to be 'fine'. She wasn't sure if James really intended to kill her before he got overly emotional, but, needless to say - the result wasn't exactly 'fine'.

"...I don't think any of us was expecting that outcome." She sighed, sitting up - carefully this time. "...I'm lucky he shot me where he did..."

4/14/2010 #17

Will nodded sadly. It was still hard to believe that she got hurt.

(G2g, school. Bro says hi!)

4/14/2010 #18

Italy noticed when South England finally woke up.

"Ve, glad to see you woke up. How are you feeling?"

4/14/2010 #19

Alice looked over at Italy and Germany, finally realising that they were there in the room next to her... she was find of distractedf with dealing with the pain and talking to Will that she had completely bypassed their existence by accident. She cleared her throat and shuffled back on the bed again, careful not to disturb her arm or shoulder.

"...In pain, but I'm more or less fine. Feliciano. I don't feel dizzy or anything, so I don't think I lost too much blood..." She said, gaining a little bit more strength in her voice now that she was getting a little bit more used to the sting. Alice didn't even bother concealing who she was anymore; eventually people would find out, whether she wanted them to or not - so why care? Almost everyone she had ran into had accepted it pretty quickly without needing much of an explanation.

"Feliciano, is he okay? James. ...I... I got him badly, didn't I? Is he alive?!"

4/14/2010 #20

(ahaha~ and another person chooses to not question why Italy is dressed like a girl )

Italy nodded as she described how she was. He assumed that James was the other person in the room that had been shot based on what she said.

"Ve, Roderich is taking care of him right now so he should be fine. Who is he anyway?"

He had only heard the name from Poland but he had no clue just who James was or if he was even a country.

4/14/2010 #21

(...Er, er, slow reaction? 8D).

Alice opened her mouth to reply, but she found herself stilling when she finally drank in Italy's appearance. Why, pray tell oh God and all that's holy, was Italy dressing up as a woman - in broad daylight and acting completely like normal? Alice raised an eyebrow, and eventually shook her head.

"So he might live..." Alice commented. She wasn't sure whether that was a good or bad thing, in honesty. James's last statement pretty much announced that he wanted her dead, no matter what. He was through with 'protecting' her, when nobody would listen, it seemed. If James lived, then surely it just put Poland, France, and herself even more at risk? ...But... she was really relieved that she supposedly hadn't killed him. James was a part of her, her brother, after all. She needn't feel guilty for caring.

"...He's North England. My other half." She replied eventually after gathering her wits.

"...Italy... this is going to be a really stupid question. But, are my eyes deceiving me, like I suspect... or are you dressed up as a woman?"

4/14/2010 #22

(yeah~ makes sense *nod* she was probably more concerned over what happened to her brother)

Italy nodded in response to South England's statement about James. When he heard the information about James being North England it all made sense. He wondered why James had looked so similar to South England. He guessed that this made them siblings if not twins. But there was still the question looming over his head over what happened.

He opened his mouth to ask when South England beat him to the punch and asked her own question of why he was cross dressing. He blushed and nodded. He had gotten used to what he had been wearing, as strange as it may sound, and had forgotten that he was dressed in an.... odd manner.

"Er... well, yeah I am dressed as a woman. Vatican, found out about my relationship with Germany... and he wasn't too happy. So now I have to dress as a girl to make him happy..."

South England had always been a protestant country, maybe he would be on Italy's side.

4/14/2010 #23

Alice rolled her eyes.

"That git is delving far too much into our affairs... I'm surprised he hasn't had a go at Francis by now. Or me for that matter..." She sighed, squirming a teeny bit underneath the sheets. She kind of wanted to gather her knees for to her chest again - her favourite way to sit, recently, it seemed - but the hole in her arm wasn't going to let her make any sudden moves. She lifted her left hand and ran it more or less over the sight of the wound, wincing slightly when she found the hole. She was lucky that she was a nation and that he probably would only take a few days to heal up. She hated being shot.

She remembered what she had said... 'or me'. Vatican didn't know it yet, but he was certain to have a go at her when he realised that she was going to have a baby out of wedlock. Alice really didn't like the idea of explaining that little fact to him, nor the thought of him shouting at her. A lot of people were going to shout at her soon, she thought. She'd just have to get used to it and take it like the strong willed nation she was.

"...You shouldn't have to dress up and everything to please him. Vatican shouldn't bother - these are modern times, damn it! Who cares if you and Ludwig are together? ...Francis and I were together before I got turned into a girl, and Vatican doesn't care about that. So why should he care about what happens with Ludwig and you!?"

4/14/2010 #24

Italy sighed as Vatican talked. What she said was the truth after all. But Vatican was still his brother. Which was probably why he was so desperate to have Italy return back to the path of "righteousness and holiness" instead of continuing to have his relationship with Germany.

But heck he would go to hell and back if he could be with Germany. Which if the bible was correct then he would be going to hell.

"He's my brother... that's probably why he cares so much. But, I can't let him control me, I want to be with Ludwig! Roderich said that he'll support us against Vatican... and well I was thinking that the more support we had the better."

(sorry my return e-mail is taking so long! I'm trying to write an adequate response! but I LOVE your email XD )

4/14/2010 . Edited 4/14/2010 #25

(Poor Romano. He just wanted some of the ice cream. *Pats his head*).

Alice nodded again, giving Italy a slight smile.

"Well Feliciano, you certainly have my support. And I don't think Francis can say any differently either, so you've probably gotten his vote." Alice grabbed the duvet and shifted it a little higher up her body; she was feeling kind of cold after losing all that blood. Not to mention hungry too. The morning sickness had claimed all of the other food she had eaten, and she really needed to have something before both her and her baby starved...

"...Vatican's going to be mad at me anyway," She groaned. "So I don't see why I shouldn't help fight for your cause simultaneously. Oh and thinking about that, uhm, sorry if this is a little forward but... do you have anything to eat?"

4/14/2010 #26

Italy smiled back at South England cheerfully it felt nice to know that other people backed you up.

"Ve, Grazie! It means a lot to me, really." He looked around when he heard her mention food and sighed. It seemed that in their haste to go help with the accident that they had left the jars back in the other room.

"I'm sorry... but I don't. I could get you some from the other room though." He glanced back at Germany, he didn't want to leave him just yet. Not after that fall he had earlier.

"Um... also, what should I call you now... you don't still go by Arthur do you?"

4/14/2010 #27

"Alice." She replied calmly. "James decided to call me that... and well, it sort of stuck. I'm... not going to be able to return to being 'Arthur' for another few months now, so I suppose it'll be better if everyone got used to it."

Without realising it, she found her hand resting slightly on her stomach and had absently begun staring down at herself. She knew that she had to get used to being female, at least until the baby was born in a few months time, and maybe even a little bit after that... and even then, she didn't though whether James would bother turning her back. They didn't seem like they would be on good terms at all if the latter lived.

"...Feliciano... uhm. If you could get 'some', then that would be really really helpful. But... you don't have to, of course. It's just that I need to have something pretty soon, er, I can explain, but, it's a little... complicated."

4/14/2010 #28

(ahah~ I finally responded to the email! I tried to write mine pretty long as well but I had fun with it!)

Italy nodded and didn't notice South England resting her hand on her stomach or that she would glance down at it occasionally. If he did then he thought nothing of it.

"Ve, okay then~ I'll go get some really quick since you must be hungry right?"

He got up and moved to go retrieve the jars of food they had. They had maybe a half of jar of orange preserves and another half a jar of peach preserves but it would have to do for now.

4/14/2010 #29

(Argh, I wrote the last one so long that I might lose confidence, Owwwo...!! It's terrifying when you think 'Oh God, I have to match the same standard - don't I?').

Alice smiled, happily watching Italy go off and get the jars for her. People were being pretty helpful to her recently, without even asking the reasons why. It might have been because they were all slightly different now and learned to stick together a little more; or maybe it was just because her attitude to the world around her had changed. She didn't mind people helping her anymore, whereas before she probably would have shied away or insisted on helping herself.

She probably learnt to trust people more, because she knew that they were all in this together. Trapped and isolated with each other as company. She was beginning to see quite how much the world could care. Including herself.

She smiled warmly and tucked the duvet covers over herself a little. Alice didn't have a clue how long she'd have to stay put... but... she hoped, honestly, that France and Poland didn't find out. Not until the wound healed over or the whole thing was sorted. She didn't want to have gotten shot in vain...

4/14/2010 #30
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