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Okay, noticed that one was getting a lot of momentum, so it seemed like a good time to move it and clear the Speed RP for the next set. Have at it, guys.

3/4/2012 #1
Hatake Kai

(Thank you Gemina-san~!)

Collin nodded at Natalya.

"And you all ready guessed that we're warlocks... I guess it's lucky that you're taking care of Emil then..." He wasn't really sure waht to say.

3/4/2012 #2

(I am back. I am sorry I was gone so long, but it was unavoidable...)

Yong Soo smiled back at Vlad. "I'm fine; let's just focus on getting there." The hospital was within sight, and hopefully they would get there before anyone dropped from blood loss...


Chen sighed, calling back through the house clearly rather than loudly, "Fiona, are you done with the blood yet?"

Then his eyebrows crinkled, as he saw a corner of paper sticking out from under the sham of the bed. "Gilbert, will you take a look at this?"

3/6/2012 #3
Hatake Kai

(It's all right, just hope everything all right.)

Fiona stood up as she heard Chen call out to her.

"Yeah, just finished." Putting the bucket out of the way for now, she went to where she heard the others.

3/6/2012 #4

Lovino began to droop a little, but tried to speed up his pace. The sooner they got there, the better.


Belle bit her lip as she jostled her wrist. They were about to be at the same hospital she'd been kicked out of earlier..Damn. She prayed the staff would give her a break and let her in. She didn't know what she would do if she didn't get any painkillers soon.

3/6/2012 #5
Shaded Reality

"Alright..." Vlad replied, not really buying Yong Soo's words as they reached the hospital. He held open the door for the others to enter first.


"Thank you for doing this," Arthur said, gesturing towards Emil, who now lay peacefully in the bed. The rest of the room was empty.

"You're rather lucky I work here. Otherwise you'd have some explaining to do to get this transfusion," Natalia replied, stiffening slightly as a new scent wafted in from the door in the lobby down the hall.

3/6/2012 #6

(Yeah, I'm doing okay now.)

Yong Soo was quick to pull Lovino over to the desk, saying, "This is Vlad, and this's Lovino... Vargas? Her name's Belle. They've lost a lot of blood."

The lady at the desk called back for help, and swiftly, several scrubbed up persons appeared, to escort the injured away. Paperwork would have to wait a bit, considered how much blood had been lost...

3/6/2012 . Edited 3/6/2012 #7

Lovino struggled a bit, but followed the people into another room. The stream of cuss words could be heard back at the front.

"You better have ****ing talented doctors!" He growled, glaring at the nurses. Lovi wouldn't admit it, but he really didn't like hospitals.


Belle watched as they escorted the werewolf away. He had a...colorful vocabulary. She eagerly limped after the people, though the bright lights only added to her headache.

"Has anyone named Emil been brought here?" Belle had almost forgotten about her partner, maybe he had been taken here after all.

3/6/2012 #8
Shaded Reality

Vlad followed after Lovino and Belle, looking around curiously.


Natalia looked out into the hall, sniffing slightly.

"I can take them in here," she said to the other nurses. She turned to Belle. "Emil's in here as well."

3/6/2012 #9

(Ah, Shay, I do hate to point this out, but revealing information about a patient to anyone they haven't expressly said is okay is against the law...)

A pink-scrubbed nurse steered Lovino towards a gurney, as a doctor appeared, directing a couple other nurses. They were swift, forcing him to lie down as one felt for a vein and the others concentrating on stopping the bleeding.

Another doctor was swift to get similar treatment for Vlad, as he was forced onto a gurney and a large needle jabbed into his arm.

One of the nurses gave Natalia the nod to take Belle to be evaluated, as she didn't seem to be in imminent danger of dying.

Yong Soo accompanied Belle, calling out to the pair, "Just do what they tell you! They know what's best..."


Chen floated out the wall to meet Fiona midway. "Ah. Thank you very much. There seems to be a piece of paper under my bed... you don't suppose you could take a look at it?"

3/6/2012 . Edited 3/6/2012 #10

Lovino closed his eyes and gave into the darkness as the nurses began to treat him.


Belle hobbled into the Doctor's room and looked over at Emil. He seemed to be sleeping fine, so she turned and stared stiffly at the others in the room.

"What happened to Emil?" She questioned them. The hunter was thoroughly glad that Yong Soo had followed after.

3/6/2012 #11
Hatake Kai

Collin heard the commotion outside. And seing the new girl, he wondered if she was a hunter as well.


Fiona nodded as she saw Chen.

"You're welcome. No problem, come show me where it is."

3/6/2012 . Edited 3/6/2012 #12
Shaded Reality

(*facedesk* I fail)

"Eh? What was that for?" Vlad asked, eyeing his arm.


Natalia sniffed the air a bit and paused.

"How well do you know Emil?"

3/6/2012 #13

(Eh, it happens. I figure you haven't been through the ER as much as I have... XD Usually, after the patient is let in, they fill in some paperwork, wait in the waiting room, and then get evaluated by the nurse, which usually consists of questions like, What's your birth date? and Do you use drugs? as well as checking the heart rate etc. Then treatment is administered, if deemed necessary, and the patient is admitted to other parts of the hospital if deemed necessary. This is all waylaid if it's a life-or-death scenario and they have to act immediately.)

Lovino was taken to a room where appropriate actions could be taken.

The nurse was grim, and Vlad didn't get a response. Instead, he was moved back to a room, where they began the blood transfusion, after stopping the bleeding. One of the nurses, a blonde woman in her thirties, looked at him in concern. "I think he's in shock," she said, looking over at the doctor.

Yong Soo looked over at Belle questioningly. "Who's Emil?"


Chen gladly led Fiona back to his room. "Right there, poking out from under the sham." He almost hoped it was something serious, but at the same time, he didn't want to make it hard on his family.

3/6/2012 #14

"We're roommates.... And we work together...Why?" Something didn't seem right about this doctor.

"Can I please have something for my head? I have a horrible headache,"

3/6/2012 #15
Hatake Kai

Fiona nodded, grabbing the paper. "Do you want to read?" She said as she unfolded it.

3/6/2012 #16
Shaded Reality

(Ah. Fortunately, I've never had to go to the hospital sooo...)

Vlad blinked questioningly at the nurse.



Natalia paused, unsure if she should tell this woman the truth or not.

"He...needed a blood transfusion," she said, beginning to treat Belle's wounds. "Here." She handed Belle an aspirin and cup of water.

3/6/2012 #17

(Lucky duck. ;))

The same nurse asked Vlad, "What's your name? Do you know where we are?"

Yong Soo watched the pair, and he desperately hoped Belle did not have to get undressed or anything. If he didn't have a buddy with him, he was afraid of the temptations he would encounter in an ER.


"Yes, please." Chen looked over Fiona's shoulder, and quickly read the scant information. It was a business card, as it turned out, for a funeral home. "Oh... I must have died in bed. It must have gotten dropped there when they came to get me."

It was a blessing, at least knowing he died in bed. That must have been a peaceful death, right?

3/6/2012 #18
Hatake Kai

(Lucky... I hate hospitals.)

Fiona nodded, looking at the card.

"Yeah, that must be it." Reading the address again. "This place is near where me and Collin are staying."

3/6/2012 #19

(I know; In some ways, they're really helpful, in other ways you'd rather stay out.

I got to go to sleep; night, gals.)

3/6/2012 #20
Hatake Kai

(Yeah, I would be in big trouble without them... Night Orpah, I'm going to sleep too.)

3/6/2012 #21

Belle rubbed her eyes and took the aspirin, drinking all the water. The Belgian looked at Yong Soo and whispered softly in his ear,"He's a hunter, like me..."

Emil requiring a blood transfusion made sense...She had heard something about blood before the connection went dead. The hunter turned and looked at the other two in the room.

"Who are you guys?" Belle sounded calm enough. If they're the ones who brought Emil to the Hospital, they couldn't be enemies...right?

(It is just Collin and Arthur in there...otherwise Im an idiot)

3/7/2012 #22

(How could I not notice this?! :O)

Gilbert raised an eyebrow. "So are we going to Fi's place to see the... What's on the card?" He looked over Fiona's shoulder at the card. "Funeral home?"

"So Chen died in bed," Matthew said, not meaning for someone to hear. "...But we still don't know why..."

3/7/2012 #23
Shaded Reality

"I'm Vlad. I'm in a hospital, and apparently I'm going into shock," Vlad replied, blinking in slight confusion.


Natalia stood up, having finished bandaging Belle's wounds.

"There. I'm finished bandaging you up, but you still need to rest."

"I'm Arthur Kirkland," Arthur replied, getting up and offering his hand.

3/7/2012 #24
Hatake Kai

Collin stood up as well.

"And I'm Collin Kelly."

3/7/2012 #25

Belle stood up as Natalia moved away, and stuck out her uninjured hand.

"Nice to meet you guys, I'm Belle De Vos.." She shook their hands before looking at the Doctor.

"Can I talk with them outside first?"

3/7/2012 . Edited 3/7/2012 #26
Shaded Reality

Natalia paused and carefully scanned Belle before nodding.

"Just don't take too long."

3/12/2012 #27

Belle smiled and walked out of the room into the hallway. She waited for Arthur and Collin before shutting the door. Making sure no one was near by, the hunter lowered her voice.

"So, what really happened? Emil's getting a transfusion for bloodloss, but he has no wounds...And before our line cut out, I heard something about a vampire," Belle watched them carefully for their reactions. These two obviously knew more than twere were revealing.

3/12/2012 #28

Yong Soo smiled at Natalia nervously. "Hi..." She smelled like a werewolf, but that was no guarantee she was friendly at all... He'd run into plenty bitterly against his kind.


"Maybe I was sick or something... it doesn't look like anything violent happened here, does it? You don't smell anything?" Chen directed his last question at Gilbert, figuring he'd notice blood. The carpet looked like it had recently been cleaned, but could be because they were selling the house, right?


The nurse continued talking to him, as his wounds were being quickly- and what would have been painfully- cleaned and closed off. "Tell me about yourself. How old are you? When were you born?"

(I'm so sorry I haven't posted... I sort of forgot, and then I was scrambling to turn in homework and yeah...)

3/12/2012 . Edited 3/12/2012 #29
Shaded Reality

Arthur narrowed his eyes at Belle's question.

"Am I correct to assume that you are a hunter as well?"


"Hello. Do you need any treatment?" Natalia replied, sniffing the air discreetly. This one smelt like a vampire.


"Eh? Alright," Vlad said, not really sure what exactly was going on. "I'm Vladomir Dracul, twenty-one years old, born in Romania in... erm..." he paused for a moment; he had never been good at math. "In nineteen ninety-one."

3/12/2012 . Edited 3/12/2012 #30
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