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Kurush Wuzurg

No one has argued against this, so I'll put this up.

This is the topic for learning the terminology of magic. Anyone can look up the spells in Negima through here:

But how are you to know the terms in it? What is the history behind it all? Why are you even thinking about hanging out here?

It's because you seek knowledge. I can provide it for you. All you have to do is ask.

9/2/2009 #1
Kurush Wuzurg

Perhaps something that could help you.

This is my theory, using historical facts as a basis, as to how European magic came to what it is today. This is purely ficitonal and future evidence might close this down, but here it is.

The first written records of magic come from Egypt, in heiroglyphs depicting priests wielding staffs and using prayers in order to drive back angry creatures that the gods created. This would form the basis for any magic using tradition in the world, even influencing also the Jewish Kabbalah.

The introduction of affinities come from ancient Persia with the rise of one of the world's greatest prophets: Zarathustra, founder of the oldest Monothistic religion in the world, Zoroastrianism. The basic beliefs is that Fire and Water are sacred, and that through them, God can be seen. As such, it would be most secure that Zarathustra was a Pyromancer, or Fire User at first. The priests in Egypt were mainly Light and Dark, though the dark arts there was mainly the control of animals that could inflict great harm.

Furthermore, the arts of magic comes also into the Greco-Roman, where we have the standing foundations of itself. The Romans, being a stealing and nationalistic people, took Magic for themselves, having the official language be turned into Latin, nowadays a dead langauge which few people can understand correctly. But that was the doing of the Roman Catholic Church. The Ancient Greek langauge is considered more elevated as a more civilized language even by the Romans, which does explain why the high level spells in Western magic is in the mentioned language.

The Celts has also influenced the world of magic. The Celts were mainly worshippers of Animalism, the pagan religion in which you believe that animals, trees and other things that aren't human have a soul. Something similar in Shamanism. In so, if we look at the spells in Negima, we see that there are reference to spirits of the elements and of other being that are referred to as rulers of some type of magic, an example is in Averruncus' petrifaction spells: "Oh,King of Lizards". This could refer to as some sort of king of lizards that would petrify people and turning them into statues. Maybe Gorgons or Basilisks, which could explain "Evil Eye of Petrifaction".

The Pactio is a system which has a thousand year old history in the Negimaverse, but I find it based on other things. The idea of a knight protecting a mage in battle is very common thorughout the world. The Knight would hold back the enemy forces, whilst the Mage would cast the spells that would get rid of the enemies. Anyone who has played Dungoes and Dragons would have this tactic done, simply because it works effectively.

But the usage of artifacts is no stranger to a bond between a fighter and a mage. In the case where the Mage is a powerful one with possession of many powerful and magical items, the Mage would often bestow a powerful weapon in the hands of a fighter with which the latter would use to great effect, since he is used mentally at least to use it. There is also the case of a magic Master giving an item intended for Magi to his/her disciple, which does explain the variety for artifacts in the Negimaverse.

That's as far as it goes. I can't think of anything else. If anybody like to contradict the theory, feel free to. I have no problem with that whatsoever.

9/18/2009 #2
Kurush Wuzurg

A few words to help with the weird terminology I set up recently, though there doesn't seem to be much understanding from what I gather. Hope fully this will help.

Types of magic styles

Combat: This indicates that one is favourable with close quarters. Fighters with Chi fit in here as well, at least those who prefer full contact instead of ranged. Battle magi are included.

Wizard: This is the traditional ranged style that practically every mage is taught in at school. Long range artillery, multitudes of magic arrows and a heavy barrrage of spells are included here more than anwhere else. Negi is one right now in the Rp.

Healing: This deserves to be its own class. Healers are specialized magi, focusing on fixing injuries and diseases. But the tradeoff is that they have poor offensive spell capability, whilst they can have also good shielding abilities.

Support: This is a key one for some magi. It's also the most versatile. Supporters can summon, put up shields too (only stronger), teleport, read minds, you get the general idea. They have lack of offensive abilities as well, so it is comtemplated with the Wizard style to make up for it.

Terms for a mage with affinities

Aeoromancer: This is one with Air as his/her affitnty. Negi is one to begin with. Lightning can be seen as part of this one.

Pyromancer: This is one with Fire.

Hydromancer: One with Water.

Geomancer: This is Earth magic, including stone, and petrifaction. Base metals can also be used here.

Nayomancer: This is for Ice.

Okiamancer: This is for Shadows.

We'll refer to Light and Dark as "Light mage" and "Dark mage" respectively.

10/17/2009 #3
Kurush Wuzurg

Actually, there is some meaning in that there should be more than just kissing to make a Pactio. I would like to point out that the official titles are still "Master and Disciple", or "Servant" in the latter case. To this extent, a kiss used to be a sign that you are subordinate to the one you're kissing in some cultures (can't recall them). In my first story, The Gaelic Hunter for instance, I had a couple (can't mention) drink wine instead. I took that from actually the Bible, in the story of Jesus. Jesus drank wine together with his disciples, even before the Last Supper, and there is now archeological proof that states that Jesus was a magician as well.

But that's not the point. Here, it simply means that you should show to the Master that you have a great sign of respect for them, therefore, kneeling is one of the best way to show your submittance to the Master.

2/1/2010 #4
Kurush Wuzurg

Not pointing to anything specific in the RPG here, but prior to relevation of my current story Power of the Mind, I needed to get this down before it escapes.

Although a very basic spell, Telekinesis, or TK in this case, is actually one of the most effective spells one can learn, if you got the right way of thinking. TK has a ridiculous amount of uses for very specific places. Example: in close quarters, when you got a weapon, or you're unarmed, and the opponent's got on. TK could be used to actually direct the weapon's arc of swing, or it's direction in thrusting, making that the blow it makes could either be a lethal strike, or just a simple scratch. It's a little complicated, but once you got it, you got it. A simple telekinetic adjustment could make the difference between a scratch (or miss), and a serious wound.

TK could also be used to enhance one's leap, or even be used as an early flight power, unless that's what the Magister Magi use in order to fly on their own. It also has a defensive ability, possibly being able to halt an enemy attack instead of just blocking it, and an offensive usage, to send invisible force attacks, or to choke an enemy from afar.

It certainly wouldn't surprise me if there were Kinetic Magi in the Negimaverse, given it's high potential.

3/8/2010 #5

I've seen quite a few fics that used telekinesis for Negi's abilities, but they've never expanded on it or used it for combat or even exploited him knowing it other than mind reading and channeling his emotions. I've even seen a few fics where they've had Negi say he was psychic as well to cover his mage background. Maybe this is worth a pet fic project as an experiment? Negi is a psychokinetic practitioner perhaps? I'm intrigued now.

3/8/2010 #6
Kurush Wuzurg

Worth a go if you'd like. I at least intend to have Nodoka practice such arts in PotM once I get that far.

3/8/2010 #7

I'll try to write something up. To be perfectly honest my muse is working but not for anything I really want to write. I have about sixteen stories I haven't updated in awhile. : /

Meh...we'll see what happens. I've got nothing better to do until six.

3/8/2010 #8
Kurush Wuzurg

In the meantime, I'd like to ask not to post here, thank you.

Now this has basically nothing to do with Western Magic or the sorts, but it could be worth knowing. And Knowing is half the battle.

This is initially my take on Nordic Magic. Runes. What the old Magicians of the North would do when they didn't have Western Magic, they had the old Futhark Runes and the new set as well. What they did was creating a sort of summoning system using the runes. They might've carved the necessary runes onto small wooden panels much like Japanese would paint Shogi pieces. They would then store it away until they spoke the spell they wanted to have and Voila! They'd have the magic thrown. Now, this is much like the Eastern Style, except that the Eastern requires hours of preparation to make the right spell. Northern magic is very simple in comparison and granted that you got some wood and a knife (or just a pen on paper), plus knowing the Futhark runes, you could make up a rather instant spell to help you out. Most of the spells is more or less focusing on summoning, allowing giants, trolls, dwarves, and Valkyries to come out, fighting for you. (On a side note, it doesn't have to be the old Nordic language you have to know to cast the spell)

This probably would've fallen out in favour of the Western style of magic. Mainly because it was slightly faster and you didn't have to spend so much time for yourself making all those prepared runes. Plus, it helped out that you didn't run out of energy or anything like that. It was probably due to practicality that the Nordic runes were abandoned by most people rather than persecution from the Church.

4/4/2010 #9
Kurush Wuzurg

Now, I take back my statement. If you wish to share any theories on magic regarding the Negimaverse, go ahead. Knowledge is power. It should be shared.

Illusions. That is the subject this time.

Everybody who knows of magic should know the basics of illusions as well. They are not real, they are seemingly walk-through (sometimes literally), and they run on a constant supply of magic energy or limited amount of time. However, that is the complexity in them. To make a permanent one, you would need to link its existence to its location, making it run on the natural magic around, and at the same time, it must be very simple in comparison to some.

How the Magus Aevum, or Mage of the Beginning as he's more known as, managed to create the whole Magic world, is basically beyond our full understanding, and it doesn't seem that KA will reveal it any time soon. But the mechanics he used are pretty much the same: Tie its existence to a fixed location (Mars) and make it run on its natural energy (Mars's supply of Magic energy). The inhabitants could follow a more loose operation in order to exist, as the probable factor of such people, including Rakan and Theodora of the Hellas Empire.

Here's how they could function to exist: They hunt for magic energy. Although not actively, they rely on one supply of magic energy in order to exist. Most people run on Mars' energy, hence why it could cause such a drain on the planet. If the enviroment alone could be used for the illusion to keep up, then the energy could probably last another 500 years at minimum. Enough of that now. The inhabitants stay on Mars, but when they do venture down to the Old World, which they could do from time to time, then things get a little complex.

Example: Rakan has entered the Old World with Nagi. He doesn't have the energy of Mars to supply his existence, if he even knew he was an illusion. The mechanics of him would have linked him instead to Nagi, making sure he remained 'alive'. This would however take a moderate drain on Nagi without him realising it. Ergo, the illusion would continue.

This illusion is highly powerful because it's very adaptive. The main problem is however is that Mars' energy is running out. But that will not be addressed in this post.

That's all for now, folks. If there is anyone reading this stuff...

8/4/2010 #10
Braka Lightbringer

I have a question for you if you don't mind.

2/16/2011 #11
Kurush Wuzurg


2/16/2011 #12
Braka Lightbringer

If chronomanice relates to time magic what would control over matter and space be?

2/16/2011 #13
Kurush Wuzurg

Now, that I can't really give a proper answer to. Matter is just the substance of every physical object, including magic itself. I don't think that such a magic school would exist. It's... too radical. One can't really have full control over matter alone. Your best proximity to it - if I have to guess - would be a very high level of Telekinesis which in theory is capable of bending matter at a molecular level. That would probably take decades to master, even for Magister Magi.

Space is controversial in that one doesn't know how to control it. Likewise, no one has ever bothered with trying to gain control of it. I can't even name the school.

Sorry. This was not in my field.

2/16/2011 #14
Braka Lightbringer

Then can you answer me this, if someone could by stint of much effort could master Telekinesis and thus effect matter itself would you not then have the ability to control space as well?

It stands to reason that if someone mastered TK (I don't know some one like Eva, who's has had seven hundred years to prefect her art) then they would effect space at the molecular level to their will? Would they also not be able to make jumps to anywhere from anywhere?

2/16/2011 #15
Kurush Wuzurg

In theory. But it'd be simpler as well to just use a gate spell for jumps like that.

2/16/2011 #16
Braka Lightbringer

What if a gate was not available ? Surly there must have times when gates don't work or have been sabotaged in some way? For example when Fate went to attack Negi during the Kyoto arc he created his own but what if Asunas ability was AOE or something or someoen with AOE effect nullified gating? If it could be proven that there was a way to bend or control space without using gates? It would be nearly to block if used right. Further to that if one were to combine Chronomanice with TK and intercapedomanice you would not be able to touch the controller at all.

2/16/2011 #17
Braka Lightbringer

Sorry for double posting,chrome is acting up on me again.

2/16/2011 #18
Kurush Wuzurg

Now you're being too enthusiastic about this. Magic Cancel is in theory designed to block out any magic but in practice, it only hinders offensive spells. And that's when it's directed at the person with Magic Cancel. It's only recently that Asuna has gained some control of it. And let's leave it at that.

Gates in this case can be virtually anything from water, to shadows to fire. Finding a gate shouldn't be hard if you know the proper spell for it. Bending space without a gate is possible but using a gate is so much simpler and without proper testing, you're better off using the gate without losing something important. Like say, a limb or your head.

Combining Chronomancy with TK is not an easy thing. You'd have to be at Nagi's level to accomplish that. Furthermore, one can't simply do something like that and expect to walk away safely. There's always a risk that it'll fail or backfire on you. And what is intercapedomancy anyway? If that has to do with space, then it's probably too dangerous to pull off. Eva would but that's because of two reasons if she actually did practice it: She's immortal and therefore cannot die, and she's had centuries to work on it.

It's like playing Blood Bowl without knowing the purpose of the ball. "There's a ball out there, dummies." In other words, this would make several spells - which are simpler and faster to use - obsulete. They are there for a reason. The reason being, they're easier than researching something that is workable in theory but near useless in practice.

2/17/2011 #19
Braka Lightbringer

My idea was that the person was that he would an immortal older then Eva and has lost interest in doing thing " in the normal way" I would share my plot ideas but for fear of being flamed I'll not.

2/17/2011 #20
Kurush Wuzurg

You can try doing it as you think, but if you do, then it would be a good idea as well to show that the ways I presented here would also be shown in your fic to show just how impractical your guy is. Just a suggestion.

2/17/2011 #21
Braka Lightbringer

Thank you for answering so considerably. Most people who I tell my ideas to laugh at me.

If you don't mind I would like to run some plot ideas by you via PM

2/17/2011 #22
Braka Lightbringer

And out of courestiy what manice would light magic be ( light magic being on the lines Samus's light cannon from MP:Echos)

2/17/2011 #23
Kurush Wuzurg

This is none. It's only called White Magic because it's very common and no one has actually bothered to name it.

2/17/2011 #24
Braka Lightbringer

Then I shall then:Aduromanice

2/17/2011 #25
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