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Anything concerning FFTA and Fanfiction is welcome here. Doubles as a place to exchange writing tips, give critique, or just a place to hang around and chat. We've formed a community and we have a lot of fun.
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Here's the list of all of the forum community members spread out through The FFTA RP (Chill-Out), FFTA discussions (Kyr), and The All Purpose FFTA forum. Basically, what they are are active posters that keep in touch and help out around the boards. Okies, here we go, kupo. These are in no particular order, kupo. I'm not listing from most active to least or nothing. *KupoKupoKupo (Admin) *Vampire Slushie *Sage (Moderator and subscriber) *Tomai *Icey The Fox *Animefreak *TehnOObslayer *Chill-Out *Kyr the DOOD *Ezel Berbier *DarkSoccerKnight *BubbleGum Chocobo *1angelette *Melomancer *German Bunnie I'll add on to the list as needed. Basically, to be a member of the FFTA community, you have to be, like said, an active poster and unless your virtually or physically unable, keep in touch. Up there is Tomai's absolutely 1337sauce picture of a few members of the community.
4/19/2006 . Edited 10/10/2007 #1

As of June 21th, 2006 at 10:25 am, these are all of the authors who've posted on this forum along with the number of posts each of these individuals has posted

KupoKupoKupo: 148

Vampire Slushie: 85

Sage8675: 69

Animefreak249: 64

Raiegki Leviathan: 11

DarkSoccerKnight7012: 10

Ezel Berbier: 9

tehn00bslayer: 7

JSB: 3

Mako Streak: 2

Red Mage Moogle: 2

sweetmaiden: 1

Kaelle: 2

The Turtle: 1

Green Earth PFC: 1

goldfish demon: 1

Jenza1202: 1

RangerIke: 1

raitei: 1

Harakiri-Penguin: 1

kingdom kirby9: 1

Kalimar: 1

Thanks to Sage8675 for making this list, kupo, and next time, I'll either do it or I'll get someone else to do it, kupo.

But either way, don't expect another one of these for awhile, kupo.

6/21/2006 . Edited by Grammar Sage, 8/5/2008 #2
Grammar Sage
As of October 21th, 2007, Melomancer performed a second post count. Total posts amounted approximately three thousand. In numerical order: Kupokupokupo (780) Grammar Sage (459) Bubblegum Chocobo (365) 1angelette (304) Animefreak249 (261) Tomai (232) Vampire Slushie (210) Darksoccerknight7012 (185) Icey the Fox (96) Melomancer (84) Mushroom Flower (22) Kaelle (15) Dark Leviathan (13) Ezel Berbier (11) Raiegki Leviathan (11) Daxindal (10) German Bunnie (9) Haseo (9) Asper_Tenerum_Viscus_VIII (8) JSB (8) Grey-X (4) darksteel ninja (2) Insane Juggler (2) Lunar Kweh (2) Mako Streak (2) Red Mage Moogle (2) Assassin Blue (1) Daray Guna (1) Glass Angel Girl (1) Goldfish Demon (1) Green Earth PFX (1) Jensa1202 (1) Kalimor (1) raitei (1) RangerIke (1) RolandtheWicked (1) Sweet Maiden (1) The BluDevil (1) The Turtle (1) White Iguana (1) Worldwyrm (1) ------ In alphabetical order: 1angelette (304) Animefreak249 (261) Asper_Tenerum_Viscus_VIII (8) Assassin Blue (1) Bubblegum Chocobo (365) Daray Guna (1) Dark Leviathan (13) Darksoccerknight7012 (185) darksteel ninja (2) Daxindal (10) Ezel Berbier (11) German Bunnie (9) Glass Angel Girl (1) Goldfish Demon (1) Grammar Sage (459) Green Earth PFX (1) Grey-X (4) Haseo (9) Icey the Fox (96) Insane Juggler (2) Jensa1202 (1) JSB (8) Kaelle (15) Kalimor (1) Kupokupokupo (780) Lunar Kweh (2) Mako Streak (2) Melomancer (84) Mushroom Flower (22) Raiegki Leviathan (11) RangerIke (1) raitei (1) Red Mage Moogle (2) RolandtheWicked (1) Sweet Maiden (1) Tomai (232) The BluDevil (1) The Turtle (1) Vampire Slushie (210) White Iguana (1) Worldwyrm (1) Many thanks to the hours Melomancer must have spent on this.
10/27/2007 #3

Just because I noticed it's been one year.

10/27/2008 #4


It feels like it's been a few seconds.

10/28/2008 #5
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