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Soo...Any suggestions on a Last Remnant fanfiction? ^^

6/18/2009 #1

I think an alternate universe fic where Dave and Rush don't nessessarily get along at first would be interesting. It'd be nice change since they are so close in the game, but who's to say that being brought up in a different setting wouldn't change that. :P Just a thought I had.

6/21/2009 #2

I really like that idea actually. :3

6/21/2009 #3

Feel free to use it if you want ^_^

6/21/2009 #4

I believe I'll give it a shot. :3

I saw a story that someone did last night that was simply amazing, and the plot was a lot like what you suggested. It was the same world and such, but a completely different story, and I don't think remnants exist in it either. It's a great read. ^^

6/22/2009 #5

i would love to see what would happen if Rush never mistook Emma for Irina. Wondered what would happen if he never, well, rushed in.

6/24/2009 #6

Emma would have been caught in the G** Bolg's crossfire without the protection of Rush's talisman. :( But besides that I'd love to see how that would have placked out as well!!!!!! :D

6/24/2009 #7

really? i have a short attention span so I never watched the cutscenes, but I always Youtube saved me from about 10 minutes! Thanks.

so, without Rush, There would be only be three right hand men? wow.

6/24/2009 #8

really? i have a short attention span so I never watched the cutscenes, but I always Youtube saved me from about 10 minutes! Thanks.

so, without Rush, There would be only be three right hand men? wow.

6/24/2009 #9

pft. Emmy would be called in, duh! Jeeze.

7/21/2009 #10
Reaper's Shadow

How about some Emmy x Rush, or some kind of some female Leader x Rush pairing that isn't yaoi that makes sense? I have no qualms about people writing yaoi, though I don't read it, but that's pretty much all there is in this section.

8/4/2009 #11

That doesn't sound bad at all actually. I was thinking of writing an EmmyxRush in the future...Or maybe some IrinaxDavid...I'll figure something out when I have more time. XD

8/4/2009 #12
Glory For Sleep

Hey guys!

I come from the Pokemon fandom, but recently I've been playing the Last Remnant and have fallen in love with it.

So, I'm known around the Pokemon section for writing for obscure pairings that differs from the norm. When I first came here, I noticed that the section seems to focus on RushxDavid. Though I don't mind that pairing, I would like to see some more variety.

Maybe, some day, I'll write for this section. I'm thinking about doing a oneshot with a pairing of, perhaps...EmmaxTorgal? It would take place before Emma...'goes'...obviously.

Or maybe BlocterxEmmy? Hah, I'm insane! 8D

Eh, I was checking this place out and thought I'd drop in my thoughts. :D

8/5/2009 #13

I kind of like EmmaxTorgal. :3

8/5/2009 #14

well, here's another point to make: NOT ENOUGH LR FANFICTION!!!!!

oh, can anyone else say that they have gone through the ancient ruins AND killed the demigod? BWAHAHAHA!!!... he made the conqueror look like a pansy a**....

8/6/2009 #15
Reaper's Shadow

How about a fanfiction dealing with the six months that pass by after saving Irina that deals with Emmy x Rush? That's all I got at the moment sadly, and I can't write such a thing due to the amount of fics I have to write.

8/6/2009 #16

MK - Yea, the same thing happens in Final Fantasy games...Like Final Fantasy 12. The last three Espers were harder, by far, than the last four bosses. XD

8/6/2009 #17
Reaper's Shadow

I just thought of a perfect idea for Rush x Emmy!

Okay, it takes place during the six month gap after saving Irina, and in order to become stronger, the generals decide to go through some training excercises. They are attacked by the Conqueror's sidekicks, along with a powerful demon. Emmy and Rush tackle the demon, but after the use of the G** Bolg by David, they are knocked into a cavern below the battlefield, along with the demon, though unconscious and believed to be dead. Emmy falls on top of Rush, and the end up making snide comments at one another before realizing the predicament they are in. Without a way out, they wait for David and the others, all the while talking about their pasts and Emma, as well as slowly getting closer. The demon comes back to life, Rush protects Emmy, using the talisman to defeat the demon. And as soon as they are rescued, Blocter keeps making comments and laughing at their little adventure, though Emmy manages to even scare him with a glare even more deadly than her mother's.

Not much, but hey, this could easily make an enjoyable fanfic in the hands of the right author, so long as it isn't rushed. I can't do it, mainly because of my own crap to deal with. I hope someone can write this!

8/12/2009 #18

Neat, I hope someone can. I'd be no good at it, and I barely have enough time continuing my own. XD

8/12/2009 #19

Hrm. I like the idea of it. I'm too lazy to do it myself though! XD

that, and the fact that I have no way to get the chapters online, or anywhere really.

8/13/2009 #20

It's obvious by end game Dave had developed some feelings for Rush. He cried, and that spoke volumes since he didn't shed a tear at Emma's passing. I'd like to read a fic that explores how their relationship developed. Need not necessarily be BL.

I'm fine with BL if done well, but 'Dude, I have the hots for you. Let's shag!' type of fics is dime a dozen (and more often than not left me cringing in its absurdity, LOL).

8/25/2009 #21

Oh! You've really given me an idea there...

8/27/2009 #22

hmmm well I for one am VERY cofused that Irina, after getting permission to fight from Dave, is kinda thrown into the fray unnaturally fast [and she's a squad leader! and has some badass skills!] I'd like to see a fic about where she learns to fight, doesn't nesessarily have to have a pairing. I just think it would be an interesting read :)

8/29/2009 #23
Reaper's Shadow

That sounds like something I can whip up, though some of it would be mainly comedic as she tries to figure out what works for her. And as a bonus, I can work in a slight Rush x Emmy. Seeing as how I'm having trouble deciding what to write, I'll work on that one.

8/30/2009 #24

I agree. That's an interesting idea Toko. :3

8/30/2009 #25
Reaper's Shadow

I just got another idea!

First off, it's Emmy x Rush, but told during the story, like stuff from their meetings, hunting together, stuff like that. For example: Emmy teaches Rush the finer points in buying weaponry and medicine, but the two get closer, overcoming their last fight when Rush called her an old lady by mistake. BUT, a relationship between him and Hinnah/Hannah (whichever one had black hair and was nice as the other would tear him apart) begins to form after the quest. Emmy gets jealous, but denies it, only to see that Rush was struggling to decide which girl he likes more. It only get harder when he see both sisters against him, and then that moves onto the bases with a heart-wrenching fight.

Now I heard on the PC version you can recruit these two after beating them on the DLC, so the story can be expanded further, revealing their true reasons for following the Conqueror. But even after finding out, Rush still moves towards Emmy, and then all of that leads to the final battle and beyond.

Please tell me someone is willing to work on this! I know I am trying to get a friend of mine to do this once she beats the game, but I'm afraid of the possibility she might like Rush X David and believe it to be a more believable pairing.

10/26/2009 #26
K. A. Raith

Actually, to be fair Rush/David is an implicitly canon. If you pay attention to the cutscenes (especially the damned flower scene; you DON'T show a flower to your male BFF with THAT gesture) and other details (the one in which Dave asks to fight outside and the 'yes' option is like, "Aw, I can't say no to you", everyone?), you'll notice. Plus, the Japanese version of the dialogues (which mostly VERY different with the English version) is a bit more 'out-spoken'.

AND, the exchange between Conqueror and Rush after the credit? In the Japanese version, instead of "they're waiting for me", Rush says, "I'm going back because he's waiting for me." He; not she, not they.

2/2/2010 #27

@Scion of Rheinvard:

the Japanese version of the dialogues (which mostly VERY different with the English version) is a bit more 'out-spoken'

You stoked my curiosity. Any idea where I can find translations of the Japanese cutscene dialogue? What did Rush say in JP in place of the infamous 'Aww, I can't say no to you.' ?

2/4/2010 #28
K. A. Raith

I mean the dialogues in general, not that particular one, although that particular one indeed invoke our curiosity. I understand a bit of Japanese and I played the game with Japanese voice + English subtitles/texts, so I know how different both versions are (and anyhow, Rush calls David 'David' in the JP version, not 'Dave'). About the literal translation for the Japanese version itself, I'm still searching for it with no luck. Maybe anyone knows how to extract the JP subs from the game? Someone from LastRemnant.Wikia has it done for weapons' and arts' names, so I guess it's possible to get the dialogues too... maybe.

2/5/2010 #29

Ok, now I'm getting a little creeped out...

From what I've heard (most likely wrong) the japanese are more open about perverseness and have slightly different qualities to consider someone gay... And you know, Rush could just be acting like a big older brother... OR!!! he literally is not permitted to say no... what with Torgal and emma (not sure which side emmy is on later) 3 feet away.

And about Rush being gay, have you checked the diary entry on the quest with Hannah and Hinnah after completion...? mmmmHM! Gettin a lil warm in heeeyah,,,,

2/8/2010 #30
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