Faerie: A Sisters Grimm RPG
Have you ever wanted to be an everafter or maybe live in Ferryport Landing? Well, here you can! A Sisters Grimm RPG! Everyone is welcome!
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Summergirl172-account no.2

Register your OC characters here, and I or or another moderator will approve them. An OC character is your own made up, non-canon character. OC stands for 'original character'.

You can also apply to become a teacher at the Ferryport Landing High school. You may have more than one character if your schedule allows it.

Canon characters can be chosen from the list provided below. No other canon characters will be accepted. If a member already registered a canon character you can NOT register them again, if you do we will delete your registration form for them.

Available Canon Characters:

Puck/Robin Goodfellow, Daphne Grimm, Relda Grimm/Granny and Uncle Jake.

IMPORTANT: Please go to 'The Future is Grimm's topic; Randomn Roleplaying fun info only' by Summergirl172 if you have any questions.

Note: If you are off topic in any other topic except this one, where you can ask questions related to registration, I or another mod will delete your post.

Answer these Questions:

Full name:


Place of birth(P.O.B): OPTIONAL(which means you don't have to answer it btw)

Year:As in what grade in school. If the character is too old or is not even a human just write N/A(not applicable).


Nationality(optional): This info isn't necessary

Status(everafter, human etc):

Appearance: Please use your imagination in this area! For example if your character has a certain hair style, describe and please be specific!




General Character Traits/Personality:Is your character loud and obnoxious or quiet and withdrawn? They can even be a complete snob if you want!

Dressing style: Is your character laid back in baggy pants or always a stand-out with their own unique sense of style?! Please specify your character's style sense here.


Powers/magical skills(everafters only): If you don't have any just write none or if your human just write N.A. If you have any plz specify(please be reasonable).

Any relations with canon characters: Here you can specify if you have any relations to any canon characters. For example, you could be a distant relative of the Grimm's or Sabrina's classmate. Anything can go but please be reasonable, for example you can NOT be Puck's girlfriend(unless you register as Sabrina first), that position as we all know is TAKEN! If you have no relations please put 'none'.



Pet:(if any)

A suggestion for a canon character (optional): if you have none leave out please!

After you are approved you can start whenever you want!

Also the sooner someone registers the sooner a mod will post a new topic to begin the RPG so please register your characters asap!

P.S Have fun!

6/18/2009 . Edited by Bleached Rose, 9/13/2009 #1

Oh, you have to do a character form for cannon characters? Well...ok.

Full name: Elvis Grimm

Age/Date of birth(D.O.B): ? The books don't say. I'm guessing he's around 14 in human years, though.

Year: N.A

Gender: Male

Nationality(optional): Uh...dog?

Personality: Nice, sweet, and very protective of the Grimms.

Status(everafter, human etc): german shepherd dog

Appearance: Very big with chocolate brown fur with black spots. The cuuuuutteeessttt doggie EVUH!!! ;)

Eyes: Deep, chocolate brown.

Hair: Dark brown with a few black spots on his back.

Height: VERY big.

General Character Traits: Sweet and protective, but can also get kind of scared at times.

Dressing style: He's a dog, he doesn't wear anything, except when Daphne stuffs something on him.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes - a good tummy rub and sausage. dislikes - playing dress-up and taking a bath.

Powers/magical skills(everafters only): None, although sausage does have a powerful effect on him.

Any relations with canon characters: He is the Grimms' pet.

History: He was raised in a kennel and Relda Grimm found him and took him home.

Siblings: He had a sister in the kennel but she was adopted.

Pet: He IS a pet. ;)

How's that?

6/20/2009 . Edited by Bleached Rose, 6/20/2009 #2

OK, well, I'll try...

Full name: Sabrina Grimm

Age: 15

Year: 9th grade

Gender: female

Nationality: Germany, America, Ireland (just felt like putting something colorful in...)

Personality: ANGSTY, gets mad a lot, trust problems

Status: human

Appearance: golden blonde hair, light blue eyes, high cheekbones, looks like her mother.

Eyes: light blue

Hair: golden blonde

Height: 5'6

GCT: angsty but protective, in love with an Everafter, always has a plan

Dressing style: AEROPOSTALE, likes just shorts and a T-shirt. Something simple.

likes: normal food, reading, music (especially alternative)

dislikes: Granny's cooking, Puck, Stupid Charming.

Powers: none

relations: Grimm's niece/granddaughter/sister/enemy

history: parents kidnapped, she and daphne moved from foster home to foster home, went to live with their granny, helps her on cases, recently fighted in a Scarlet Hand war, now in the Book of Everafter.

siblings: Daphne, Unknown baby brother

pet: Elvis Grimm

heh, hope that was good enuff for ya.

6/20/2009 . Edited by Bleached Rose, 9/15/2009 #3
Bleached Rose

Thanx u guys r awesome! Oh yeah 'year' means what grade, as in school, do you want them to be in. Like, you don't have to keep the characters canon, you could make Sabrina 14 for example but if ur either too old or not even human just write N.A.

...so does any one you guys wanna be a moderator!

P.S U guys are all approved. When i or another mod post a new topic you can start rping.

6/20/2009 #4

YAY!!! Im the first non canon character!!!

Full name: Sally Hopkins

Age: 15

Place of birth: Australia

Year: 9th grade



Status: Everborn. reference from Betrayal from within. An everborn is not in a fairytale, but is born with their powers.


Eyes: green

Hair:muddy blonde

Height: 5'5

Personality: kinda crazy, always in a good mood, when Sally gets irritated she shouts and looks like she's gunna murder someone. Is a good person to talk to when your sad. kinda funny... sometimes. LOVES SPORT!!!

Dressing style: Baggy Hoodie with grey summer shorts, knee length cargo pants, happy T-shirts.

Likes:goats, carrots, Sport, chocolate, Lord of the Rings(NERD!!!).

Dislikes:Twilight, Zac Efron, maths

Powers/magical skills: Electricity. I think that includes controlling technology like computers and all that stuff. But I'm not quite sure. meh, tell me if I'm wrong.

Any relations with canon characters: goes to Sabrina's school, and later becomes her friend...I think

History: Well her mother died when she was 3, so she only has her father and her... um... goat. When her father realised that Sally had powers, he decided that they would move to a small town. He chose Ferryport Landing. They have just moved to ferryport landing.

Siblings: no siblings.

Pet: A black and White Pygmy Goat. Called "Carrot".

7/4/2009 . Edited by Bleached Rose, 9/15/2009 #5

Also, you called me Ashley in your review for Why Dont You Ask. Thats not my name. I think.

7/4/2009 #6
Bleached Rose

Really, like ohmigosh I did? jks I was actually accusing 'I-am-AWESOME-in-my-own-way' aka Ashley, cuz she got 'awesome' stuck in my head!

Also Ashley, you NEED to register a character format for a canon character too! I already told Lucy (can I call you that Queen Lucy of Narnia) for Elvis! Seriously, do you EVER listen?!

Elli, your form is great but can you choose more RESONABLE powers or just have one of the powers you chose. Also try to add more history if u can(I'm happy with one finished sentence btw). Also you can edit ur own post incase you didn't know. ;)

Also guys, GET MORE PEOPLE TO JOIN! I want to start this RPG forum soon!

7/4/2009 #7

Yeah, sure, you can call me Lucy Summer. :)

Ooh, Elligoat, your character's neat. :D

7/4/2009 #8


7/4/2009 #9
Bleached Rose

Srry took me so long but you are approved Elli!

7/5/2009 #10

Why don't you register?

7/7/2009 #11
Bleached Rose

I'll register later. I'm not feeling creative at the moment so it's not like I can make a good character up.

7/7/2009 #12

I just copied myself. Coz I'm such a great person! JK. I pretty much described myself. Except for what I look like. I can't think of anything for appearance. What do you mean by that anyway? Coz you had hair and eyes after it.

7/8/2009 #13
Bleached Rose

Oh, just specific details like a crooked nose or something. I wrote appearance so you could have the chance to describe their exact 'look', like for example they might always tie their hair in a french braid or have a crooked smile or something like that.

7/8/2009 #14
The Literature Dragon

Well here is my character who just happens to be an exact older version of me. Except that I'm not an ever-after, I'm not 27 and that's not my name! I actually studied into this. Also, I was wondering if you can do more then 1 character. I wanted to make a friend for Puck.

Full Name: Adella Calista Avery (Meaning: Noble, The most beautiful, and Wise)

Age: 27

Place of Birth: Egypt

Year: Drama, History, & Language teacher

Gender: Female

Nationality: Egyptian

Status: Everafter (One of Ariel's sisters, she's exacly like me!)


-Eyes: Teal

-Hair: Long and Black

-Height: 5"5

-Tail: Gold

-Shells (Top): Green

General Character Traits: Carefree, enthusiastic, is always there, loves to give advice to her students in love and fashion.

Dressing Style: Loves Gold and Green, (Just like my grad dress!) Always wears dramatic clothes, preferably off the runway. Loves Pearl headbands and necklaces.

Likes: Shopping, Swimming, Teaching, Advising, Giving her students makeovers, playing the harp, reading magazines, making grilled cheese, and the nice-looking gym teacher.

Dislikes: Prince effing Eric, Seeing her sisters sad, unflattering clothes, and the nice-looking gym teacher.

Magical Skill: Can do all human things underwater, even without tail, can also make water appear with her fingers, can turn people into mermaids, and (as her 12th birthday wish from her father) can change clothes for humans and mermaids as well as her own with a snap of her fingers.

Relations With Canon Characters: Is Sabrina and Puck's new Drama, Language, and History teacher. Kids love her. Needs the Grimm's help to get Ariel back to normal.

History: Was sent away from home because her dad banned her from shopping. She raised the King's bills a good 70 thousad dollars. Also she wanted to help Ariel, learn about those wierd human things, and shop in a mall.

Siblings: 1 younger sister (Ariel) and 5 older sisters.

Pet: A golden, teal eyed munchkin cat named Sky, who in the water turns into a cat-fish.

Well that's that, tell me if I need to make any changes or can make more characters.

7/8/2009 . Edited 7/8/2009 #15
Summergirl172-account no.2

I got no problem with ur character but uh ease up on the vocab, there are a couple of younger users here. Btw why did u write 'the gym teacher' in both likes and dislikes?

I don't get some of the stuff you wrote, like for powers 'can turn people into mermaids, and in the day can change their clothes as well as her own.' Your approved but just change some of the stuff, I like ur ideas, they're just kinda hard to understand.

And yeah, sure you can make two or more characters, just make sure ur schedule allows it!

Also do you know what to name the high school Puck and Sabrina go to?

7/8/2009 . Edited 7/8/2009 #16
The Literature Dragon

Hopefully I've eased up a bit, tell me if I still need to change certain parts that I've missed. I fixed up the power parts too, read it over and tell me if I should correct anything.

The gym teacher...hmm, you know that cute guy who sit's two rows down from you in home ec? You fight with him a lot even though...he may be a little cute, and you may have a crush on him...maybe. That's our gym teacher!

If anything still needs some clearing up , don't hesitate to tell me.

and the high school name, I thought it was called Ferryport High?

Or maybe we could think up something more creative, and we need a mascot too.

7/8/2009 #17

erm. We need to invite a few people to join the role play. I'll go invite some people now.

7/15/2009 #18
Bleached Rose

awesome =)

7/15/2009 #19

Umm... Who should I invite?? I was thinking MoodyRuby or something. Maybe DancingQueen coz they're on alot... JoshRamsay.GrimmFever prolly. meh. I'll just invite random people

7/15/2009 #20

Ooh, I’ll make a character!!!

Full name: Lila Bernz

Age: 14 ½, but DOES grow because she wants to.

Place of birth: Ferryport Landing, USA

Year: 9th grade

Gender: Girl

Nationality: American

Status: Everafter – her dad was Hansel from the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ story, her mom was Samantha Bernz, an Everafter never heard of before from anyone except the Grimms. (Her mom can grow plants and understand animals.)


Eyes: They change colors – sometimes they’re blue, sometimes they’re green.

Hair: Dark brown

Height: Like, 5'6

Personality: If she doesn’t know you first, she’s really shy, but when she does know you and likes you she can be loud and funny. You wouldn’t really want to be her enemy.

Dressing style: Simple t-shirts and shorts/jeans. She doesn’t care about her clothes much.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes – reading, playing outside, and growing things. Dislikes – school, Disney Channel (except for Sonny With a Chance and Wizards of Waverly Place), and people that tick her off.

Powers/magical skills: She can grow things – trees, flowers, and all that stuff – which she inherited from her mom.

Any relations with canon characters: goes to Sabrina and Puck’s school.

History: Not really much. She’s lived in Ferryport Landing all of her life.

Siblings: Her seven-year-old sister Emma.

Pet: A cute little gray tabby kitten!

Eh, hope that was enough! And I might make Emma a character, too. And tell me if the plants thing is too…well…Barbie-like. L Oh, and a question – during what book does this take place?

7/16/2009 . Edited by Bleached Rose, 9/15/2009 #21

Well since summer isn't here, I think I can approve you. don't know which book. Could be after, could be during the books. I dno. Ask Summer. PM her or something. The plant thing isn't cheesy. It's cool.

Sally (My character) is an Everborn. Lila is an Everchild. The daughter of an Everafter. There is also Evermade, which has been made into an Everafter. I think that's about it. I got it from Betrayal from Within.

7/18/2009 #22
Bluestocking Inc

I claim Red, cause her and Daphne rock.

Full name: unsure. Though when asked for identification, she gives the false name 'Sofia Grimm'. Red.

Age: Looks 10 or 11

Year: 5th grade.

Gender: Female

Status: Eveafter

Appearence: Honey colered curls, huge green eyes, pale skin with a few freckles, rather short for her age, and usually has a sad, distant expression on her face.

Eyes: Huge green eyes

Hair: Honey amber curls.

Hieght: 4'11

Charachter traits: Quiet, and shy at first. After you get to know her, she becomes a bit more lively. She is very good at stopping arguements, and talks quietly, but everyone notices when Red talks, because it is such a rare occasion. Is determined, with her whole heart and soul, to find out what happened to her baby brother and parents. She also would like to make friends with Mr. Clay, and wishes to overcome her fears. She is grateful to the Grimms and looks up to them, in a way.

Dressing style: She's dropped the cloak for a more modern look. Dark jeans with a red sweater or T shirt, and has started to wear headbands.

Likes: The Grimms, red, soft things, truth, and answers.

Dislikes: The Scarlett Hand, and people who tease her for her past.

Powers: Control over the weather, to a certain exstent. She can only create new weather, but she cannot recall what she has made. (i.e. She creates a tornado that can blow you to Oz and back, but can't stop or destroy what she created.)

Relations: She and the Clay go way back...

History: Ever heard the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'?

Siblings: Little brother, that she's still searching for.

Pet: A white bird that is really a cloud.

7/24/2009 . Edited by Bleached Rose, 9/15/2009 #23
Bleached Rose

Ok, your character format is ok. What I don't get it is, is Red in 10th grade? I mean 4'2 is pretty short for a tenth grader. I mean, I'm like 5'6 . Also you have to follow everyone else's age, like Sabrina is in 7th grade so Red will have to be younger than that. Also good job in the appearance section! The powers are a bit strange but they're creative so I'll accept them.

I'll approve you after you explain the whole year thing. For age you can write: Physically she looks 8-10 yrs old or something.

7/24/2009 #24
Bluestocking Inc

I edited it. Sorry!

7/25/2009 #25
Bleached Rose

Well, that makes way more sense. Your approved!

7/25/2009 #26

None of the people I invited have came... I'll re-invite them. heh heh. Thats one way to be annoying!

7/29/2009 #27

Dudes! I forgot to tell you. Erin KNOWS about Ferryport barrier and the Grimms and all that stuffs, but she's been around for a very long time, like, 300 years, so she knows the Grimms can help her.

The reason why I chose the Mediumish powers is because my great-grandmother was supposed to be one, so yeah. Also I think my house is haunted!!!!!!


8/13/2009 #28
The Literature Dragon

Since I dunno where Summer is, I'm going to try and figure this out!

First of all, do you think your character is going to interfere with you being Sabrina at all? Because it seems like Erin might end up being a good friend of Sabrina, so it's going to be tough to play 2 kinda main characters. Unless you just play Erin or just Sabrina. But I'm not sure, double check with Summer, I'm so dumb with this stuff.

Also you might want to give her a bit less powers, or lightening them up a tad.

Last thing, relations with canon character means what relationship does Erin have with the original book characters. In this case, you can write NA, because she hasn't met them yet.

Do what you can with that! But check with Summergirl.

8/13/2009 #29


Erin has way too many powerssss.......

Delete delete delete.....................

8/14/2009 #30
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