The most Cliched Things in Shugo Chara Fanfictions
You know how there's always these repeated patterns in SC fanfics? Maybe it's that cliche Amuto plot or that one ooc detail always present? Are you tired of them, need to rant, need to support, or otherwise? xD Discuss why you love em'/hate em' here!
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If there is any cliche thing in Shugo Chara fanfiction, specifically Amuto or Tadamu fanfiction. It would be this.

Although I've only seen this in Amuto fanfiction (note i mostly read amuto) it is possible you have seen in Tadamu aswell.

It goes something like this:

Amu gets excited about a date with Tadase. She arrives at the rendevous point. See's him either with another or making out with another girl.

Tadase either artificially apoligizes or is not sorry at all, and she runs away crying. At some point Ikuto comes in (most of the time it's when he barges into her room).

He teases her not knowing her situation, and then comforts her.

Very cliche. However it does make a beautiful and heart-warming oneshot, about the first 3 times. And then I get bored of predicting the ending :/

9/8/2009 #1
Tsuki no kimi

(*cough* newbie jumping on the bandwagon *cough*)

YES. I hate that! Like it was stated in other thread topics, Tadase seriously wouldn't cheat -_-.

Another similar cliche is where Amu shows up for a date(exclamation points!!!!!), Tadase's uber-late or off daydreaming in his own world, and then *LEBANG* IKUTO THE SUPR HAWT SEX KITTEH COMES AND SEDUCES HER!! Suddenly, Amu turns violently OOC and they practically get it on in a public place. Tadase comes back and is all brokenhearted and tells Amu that he'll never get over her... and then they dump him. Or Amu delivers a lecture. HAPILY EVR AFTERZ!!!

... yeahno.

9/18/2009 #2

Ah. Classic cliche. This one had been mentioned several times in other posts. xD Glad someone made a topic about it. That cliche especially needs to be killed!

OOC-ness at its worst no? =__=" Tadase wouldn't cheat! If the story was more in canon then it's probably one of his fangirls that just leaped onto him and amu just happened to be there at the wrong moment.

I've only read one fanfic where it seemingly looked like that cliche situation was in it, but it really wasn't . Instead, Tadase actually gets to finish his date with Amu and Ikuto's okay with it. (Yes, this one's a tadamu fic.) Now that's a happy ending!

I've read many summaries with that CS situation. I don't even bother to think about giving it a chance. It gives me the impression that the writer is probably a rabid fangirl that isn't concerned with IC-ness and possibly can't write very well either. Ah, summaries. First impressions here are so important!

9/19/2009 #3

*raises hand* Im guilty as charged for writing at least one of these a few months ago, not sure if I posted it though.

1/2/2010 #4

Actually I've never read one of those. O.O But it's not like I would WANT to anyways. I mean come on, Tadase wouldn't ever cheat on Amu. And Ikuto sure as hell wouldn't cheat on her either. That's waay too OOC for me, they are both really good and would never hurt Amu like that. I mean I may be total Amuto and ocasionally make fun of Tadase (okay maybe not ocasionally but I seriously am joking) but I actually really like the guy. I may be Amuto but that's too OOC and taking it too far.

1/13/2010 #5

I only wrote one 'cuz I was mad as hell at Tadase... I had a few phases where reading/watching anime/manga, I would get mad at him for being stupid sometimes, thus I would vent.

3/21/2010 #6

I agree that Tadase has his moments sometimes. And venting on stuff like that is one of the reasons for fanfiction am I right? :D But what just bugs me is that it's OOC. And there is many a swear word/useless insult. I'm pretty sure that breaking up is much better though than the whole cheating scene. It'd be more IC if Tadase first politely break up with Amu and then say that there's someone else. Then she can go cry.

In my honest opinion, Ikuto looks more like the cheater just because he's more of the flirt while Tadase looks more like the kinda nice guy you'd find with an abusive girlfriend. xD

3/27/2010 #7
Rinashi Akita

XD It's really OOC and annoying.As said above many times,Tadase would never cheat,as also said above,his fangirls might have just attacked him like we all know they will some day lol

8/14/2010 #8

I'm actually guilty of adding a few of these to my favorites. But, that was when I was new to fan fiction and hadn't read that much yet. Once again I think this falls into my theory of "The Idea Stealing Chain".

8/2/2013 #9
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