The most Cliched Things in Shugo Chara Fanfictions
You know how there's always these repeated patterns in SC fanfics? Maybe it's that cliche Amuto plot or that one ooc detail always present? Are you tired of them, need to rant, need to support, or otherwise? xD Discuss why you love em'/hate em' here!
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I've read a lot of fics where Rima is abused by her parents because of their fighting.

The reason her parents started fighting in the first place was over the matter of her safety! They even drive to school to pick her up to make sure she's safe. I really don't think they'd do this to her. Maybe, over several years, if lots of bitterness was to build up, I could see one of them hurting her. Things would have to develop to that point. But the author needs to make this clear. I could see her getting hurt by accident, when one of her parents throws something across the room and she got in the way, but they wouldn't hurt her on purpose.

I've seen a few of these fics that have been done well, and they're not too unreasonable. But I think that the idea is overused.

Another thing I think is overused is Rima having to live with Nagi at his home for some reason or other, whether it be to escape her abusive parents or because they died, etc. I've read a lot of fics like this, and some of them are very enjoyable, but I think it's overused.

7/29/2010 #1

I KNOW! Nagi and Rima living together is one of the earliest ideas and one of the most trite. I think that Rima hating her parents like that is unrealistic and her parents actions, even more. The whole abusive parents thing is WAY TOO overdone for amuto and rimahiko. I want to see more fics where Rima's parents actually get along, even if they've divorced. I don't think I'll see any too soon though. This is fanfiction for crying out loud. and I'd say most of the people in this fandom are preteens to early teens. Wangst-fest!

8/6/2010 #2
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