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Katsuki Shizenno

I dunno why I'm creating this. My family watches to many hospital dramas, I guess. XD Um, I'm Dr. Katsuki Shizenno. I'm still deciding on a nurse...

8/23/2009 . Edited 8/23/2009 #1
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone


8/23/2009 #2
Katsuki Shizenno

Alexander. What happened to her? Does this have something to do with that bladder control incident?

8/23/2009 #3
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

alexander: no this is far worse

8/23/2009 #4
Katsuki Shizenno

Well, what happened.

8/23/2009 #5
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

twenty two twinkies in fifteen minutes

8/23/2009 #6
Katsuki Shizenno

That's not worse that bladder control. Unless it makes her pee more...

8/23/2009 #7
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

no it makes her crazy.

kumi: -is chewing on izuru's head cause she thinks he's a twinkie-

8/23/2009 #8
Katsuki Shizenno

--grabs Kumi-- --knocks her out-- KONAN!!!

Konan: Yes.

Katsuki: Take her to the sanity regaining room. Don't worry. She'll be done in a few hours, Alexander. You can go with her.


8/23/2009 #9
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-tears te door of the hinges and runs-

8/23/2009 #10
Katsuki Shizenno

Itachi: --uses his Tsukiyomi--

Katsuki: Thanks Ita-kun. NEXT!!!

8/23/2009 #11
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-breaks out of it- freedom

8/23/2009 #12
Katsuki Shizenno

-_- --sighs-- Kumi. If you don't calm yourself, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!! Seriously. Just come with us calmly. --grabs you-- Calm down. You're gonna be okay.

8/23/2009 #13
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone


8/24/2009 #14
Katsuki Shizenno

Aww. Don't be scared. It won't hurt. We gotta fix you though. And by the time we're done, if you don't cooperate, all my other patients will be dead. C'mon Kumi.

8/25/2009 #15
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! -takes off running in my underwear-

itachi: O.O i don't get paid enough for this

8/25/2009 #16
Katsuki Shizenno

--chases you-- JUST GREAT!

Konan: (on intercom) Dr. Shizenno, we have a problem. Millions of boys have a blood loss problem from nosebleeds.

Katsuki: Nosebleeds?

Konan: Kumi is in her underwear.

Katsuki: CRUD KUMI!

8/25/2009 #17
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-runs on all fours-

8/25/2009 #18
Katsuki Shizenno

--tackles you-- Ugh! Kumi, I'm sorry but--forces a diarrhea causing medicine down your throat--we have to get it out of your system.

8/26/2009 #19
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-kicks u off of me and keeps running- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/26/2009 #20
Katsuki Shizenno

--sits down-- It should kick in soon. Aboooouuut NOW. --does--

8/26/2009 #21
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-keeps running and is not affected-

8/27/2009 #22
Katsuki Shizenno

-_- Just great. She's got a strong system. It'll take about 15 more minutes. Konan! We need backup!

Konan: Yes, Dr. Shizenno.

--back up straps you to a stretcher with an unbreakable jutsu, disables your powers, and knocks you out--

8/28/2009 #23
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-kicks konan and stands up while on the streacher and takes off running-

9/1/2009 #24
Katsuki Shizenno

--is LOL-ing at you-- Okay...wow. She's a real problem. Ha. --grabs you and holds the stretcher over my head-- --binds your legs and feet-- --takes to into a room and gives you knockout gas--

Konan: --operating on...gross stuff inside you--

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/1/2009 #25
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-inside Kumi's mind- i'm a little tea pot short and stout here is my handle here is my spout when you kick over tea comes out. Pop goes the weasle!!!!!!!!!! all around the skeletons grave the zombie chased the weasel the monky thought it was all in fun then POP GOES THE KUMI

9/2/2009 #26
Katsuki Shizenno

Itachi: --screams--

Katsuki: What?!

Itachi: I can see inside her mind.

Katsuki: O.O Okay. Perform the procedure.

Doctors: --obey--

Kumi:--wakes up a few hours later cured--

Katsuki: --sighs-- Finally. Next patient, please, Konan.

9/2/2009 #27
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-takes itachi's hand- time to go to gumdrop land


9/5/2009 #28
Katsuki Shizenno

Itachi: --runs away--

Katsuki: Kumi. Stop being mean. OR I'LL HAVE TO GIVE YOU A SPANKING.

9/5/2009 #29
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

never!!!! -chases after itachi-

9/5/2009 #30
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