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Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone


2/20/2010 #211
Katsuki Shizenno

Kumi taste like banana cream. --giggles again--

2/21/2010 #212
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-scoots away-

2/25/2010 #213
Katsuki Shizenno

--is giggling like I'm drunk--

2/25/2010 #214
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

izuru! plz help me im scared! TT.TT

2/26/2010 #215
Katsuki Shizenno

Izuru: What? Of her? YOU'RE scared? Why?

Katsuki: Nya~nya~nyap-py~

2/26/2010 #216
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

she's TOO perky TT.TT WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! MAKE IT STOP MOMMA! -curls up into a ball and begis to suck my thumb-

3/3/2010 #217
Katsuki Shizenno

Izuru: O.O Um....Katsuki, sweetie. Why don't you go see Tobi?

Katsuki: Eeheeheeheehee! Otay! OvO --leaves--

3/3/2010 #218
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-is rocking back und forth while giggling-

3/5/2010 #219
Katsuki Shizenno

Izuru: Kumi....ALEXANDER!

3/5/2010 #220
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

alexander:-come into the room- kumi what ever u broke fix it.....-looks at her- OMG! KUMI! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED

3/12/2010 #221
Katsuki Shizenno

Izuru: I dunno. Katsuki had another mood swing and then Kumi freaked out.

3/12/2010 #222
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

give her peanut butter

3/19/2010 #223
Katsuki Shizenno

Izuru: --puts a spoon of peanut butter in Kumi's mouth--

3/19/2010 #224
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-begins to turn red and starts throwing up-

3/26/2010 #225
Katsuki Shizenno

Izuru: EW! Alexander?!

3/26/2010 #226
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

alexander:she's alergic to peanuts u dnt let her eat it she just plays wih the jar!!!!!!!! now we've got to take her to the hospital

me:-throws up again- a-a-a-alexander.....i-i-i cant breath

3/29/2010 #227
Katsuki Shizenno

Izuru: O.O --gives you an epi-pen shot-- .......................I'm confused...I thought dark angels didn't have allergies and I thought she said it was cheese or something...

3/29/2010 #228
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

-passes out-

alexander: kumi's always geting her and her mom;s allergies mixed up now get her to a freaking hospital b4 she dies!

4/2/2010 #229
Katsuki Shizenno

Izuru: What? What? I gave her an epi-pen! That shoulda worked. --calls an ambulence--

4/2/2010 #230
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

alexander:it never works for a dark angel it just makes it worse!!

me:-is turning blue-

4/3/2010 #231
Katsuki Shizenno

--ambulence arrives--

4/4/2010 #232
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

don't just stand there help me get her in it!!!! -starts to pick me up

4/7/2010 #233
Katsuki Shizenno

--medics are helping out--

Izuru: Don't panic, Alexander.

4/7/2010 #234
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

alexander:how can i stay calm?! my wife is having a friggin allergic reaction!!!! ugh! and she's friggin pregnant! do you have any idea wht dis could 2 our child?

4/9/2010 #235
Katsuki Shizenno

Izuru: .......I thought she already gave birth...Okay then, but she's already at the hospital. Worrying makes you die early unless you're a demon like me. Oh wait! You're a vampire...Okay you can worry.

Katsuki: --appears-- Where's Kumi?

4/10/2010 #236
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone

alexander:-is in a corner curled up into a ball and rocks back and forth while mumbling to himself-

nicole: she's in de hospital

4/16/2010 #237
Katsuki Shizenno

............... --cries--

4/16/2010 #238
Kumi Akatmatsu Moonstone
Karita: izuru! u put my cousin in the freaking hospital! i'm gonna kill you!!! -tries to grab him- nicole and kaza:-grab her-
4/21/2010 #239
Katsuki Shizenno


4/21/2010 #240
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