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Sod 'em all, call 'em DUMPLING and give them a big glomp.

9/12/2010 #1,741

And if the video in my last post depressed anyone, watch this one to cheer yourselves up - this is one of Brooker's funnier screenwipes.

9/12/2010 #1,742

Can anyone help me with my wikia page? I just need someone to make the basic outline so I can fill it out, since I have practically NO idea how to do it.

9/12/2010 #1,743

Just do what I always do: go into code mode (I HATE VISUAL AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT), copy-paste from another page, and change the sections.

9/12/2010 #1,744

Chapter two is up! ^^

9/12/2010 #1,745
James Firebrand

ANYONE who enjoyed "Government Funded Male Cheerleader" needs to watch THIS:

9/12/2010 #1,746
Inara Harame

I FINALLY finished my first Society fic!

9/12/2010 #1,747
Here for the Twister

Yay! I like it that lots of Society stuff is popping up at the moment... though I feel a wee bit guilty I haven't written anything for months...

9/12/2010 #1,748
Inara Harame

Never mind, need a few more hours of editing before I can call it finished.

9/12/2010 #1,749

Inara: Send it to someone for betaing, if you haven't done so already. Then you can post it.

9/12/2010 #1,750
Here for the Twister

If you need betaing I'm a Grammar Nazi. This can be a good thing, it can also be a terrifying thing.

9/12/2010 #1,751

Either tomorrow or Tuesday I will finally after years of begging my parents be getting high speed internet, and will then probably get my butt handed to me in CoD 4,5,Conduit and SSBB. (Actually I'm not too worried about Brawl)

9/12/2010 #1,752
Lord Monbodo

@JF O_o There are no words...

9/12/2010 #1,753

@Ulera: At least you have high-speed. My high-speed has so much loss during transmission that a 2Mbps connection only can accommodate 256Kbps

9/13/2010 #1,754

Well I don't have it yet... I will get it today or tomorrow (Hopefully today)

9/13/2010 #1,755
James Firebrand

@ Lord Mondobo: ^_^

9/13/2010 #1,756
James Firebrand

OKAY! My current fic is COMPLETED! All that's required now is polishing and beta-ing and I'm good to go! Keep your eyes peeled!

9/13/2010 #1,757

Whelp, no $300 check to the mail, so no internet today...

Anyway, I really need to get to work on my latest fics.

9/13/2010 #1,758
James Firebrand

Fic's up!

Review and Enjoy! Although not necessarily in that order...

9/13/2010 #1,759

New announcement:

Season 1 is now CLOSED and is no longer accepting fics (barring incomplete multichapters).

Any objections?


Please forgive me, I wrote this post about as functional as an unconscious fish last night (not enough sleep).

I meant it as a suggestion, not as any infringing on Tash's authority.

She must hate me now...I'm sorry.

9/13/2010 . Edited 9/14/2010 #1,760

Excuse me Aster! Who died and made you the boss?!

You seem to have forgotten that I am Society leader, not you. It is not your place to make decisions about what people can and can't write for any more. It is mine, Harriet and Michaels. Even if we had discussed and agreed (which we have certainly not, since this is the first I'm hearing of this!) you are not a leader! It is a leaders prerogative to announce this sort of thing. Not yours!

So as leader I can state right here and now that we are not closing season one. And in the future if you think we have reason to do stuff like this, you ask me first, and remember just who is in charge here. I am sick of people disregarding my authority just because they are too lazy to ask a leader first. This goes for everyone, not just you.

9/14/2010 #1,761

...please read the edited post.

9/14/2010 #1,762

Oh snap. Someone's about to tell me to be quiet, I can tell.

While we're on this topic, can someone tell me what constitutes a Season 1 fic?

9/14/2010 #1,763

Eep. *holds bag over head* Angry Tashy is angry. She's in the middle of her dissertation and hating it...I know how she feels 'cause I had the same supervisor as her, and he is a right twazzock.

Season One is the events before Red Skies Twilight, basically. I/We could probably elaborate on the details of this if you want.

9/14/2010 #1,764

F*** F*** FUCKITY F*** F***!!!

Ye gods! My complusion to read/watch everything anyone sends me is causing me so much pain. I am literally another link away from going on a killing rampage! Now included in the list of Things People Have Made Me Watch/Read is Nick Clegg conspiring to take down the dystopian government and Clegg/Cameron RPS ... on the Guardian's website!!!

9/14/2010 #1,765

Hey all, I have a question for you. I just wanna know if Adrian has been revived yet? And if that's the case, in which fiction was he revived in?

9/14/2010 #1,766
Isis the Sphinx

*tries not to faceplant* Have you been keeping up with recent updates? Adrian was revived in Insert Jaw-Dropping Reveal Here. It was an epic five chapter fic written by Val-chan. *nodnod* Go read.

9/14/2010 #1,767

thanks Isis, and no I've not been keeping up very well with recent updates, I'll go read it right away.

9/14/2010 #1,768
Isis the Sphinx

*has been watching a massive Rurouni Kenshin marathon*

Something I've noticed about Saito. He may be a complete j*** and a donkey, he can also be very, very amusing. I mean, what kind of guy comes up with cute/fuzzy animal counterparts for the females that annoy him?

Kaoru-Tankuni (spelling?) Megumi-Kitsune Misao-Weasel (Which consistently makes me think of a naruto fan-vid on Youtube that has a little Sasuke going "Itachi, Itachi, Itachi, Itachi, weasel, weasel, weasel, ect....)

9/14/2010 #1,769

Apologies for my earlier outbreak. Talked with Aster. Misunderstanding on both our parts. Very sorry.

9/14/2010 #1,770
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