The Power of a Dragon
Dragons are the most powerful mythical creatures ever. Famous for their ability to fly and breath fire. Some were ridden others were not. Become a dragon or Rider and take to the skies.
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Maze nodded. "It'll be a long walk," he stated before moving on the road back to the elven capital.

5/27/2011 #331

"not like there's anything left here anyway..."

Flare muttered sadly, following behind.

5/27/2011 #332

(Time skip?)

5/27/2011 #333


5/27/2011 #334

After walking a several week journey, Maze finally led Flare to the hidden capital. "Home after so long..." Maze muttered, "And for a reason so terrible...."

5/27/2011 #335

Flare didn't speak at all, eyes still on the ground.

5/27/2011 #336

Maze saddened at the sight of Flare's depression, but continued on, walking toward the palace. While she was with him, Flare would not be disturbed.

5/27/2011 #337

Flare just followed along behind Maze.

5/27/2011 #338

Eventually Maze entered the council room. It was mostly empty at this time, but the king and several other nobles were still there.

"Who are you, soldier?" the king asked.

"I am Lieutenant Maze and this is a friend of mine, Flare," Maze introduced. "I've come to report terrible news.... The village I was posted at was destroyed... We are the only two survivors."

"The Draco-" The king began but Maze interuppted.

"The culprit was Dragon Slayer Zane." The words hurt Maze to say outloud, but it had to be said. "He has betrayed us." The news started a commotion between the nobles. They started murmuring about this upset. As for the king, he just sighed a deep and sorrowful sigh.

"Never would I had thought.... Tell me everything that happened." With that, Maze began to explain everything that he remembered happening. How Zane had for no known reason began burning down the village and about the rise of Cerberus.

5/27/2011 #339

Flare listened half-heartedly to Maze's explanation.

That's not all of it... That man... He's to blame.

She thought to herself, staring at the ground as she waited for Maze to finish speaking.

5/27/2011 #340

When Maze was finished with his story the king deeply sighed. "This is terrible news," he spoke tiredly. "We must not disclose this to the public. The Dragon Slayers are a symbol of hope in our war... Send a message to all Dragon Slayer masters. Zane, the Dark Dragon Slayer is hereby charged with treason and is sentenced to death. Any who find him are to kill him on sight."

Maze knew the sentence would be inevitable, but still it shocked him to hear it. "Y-yes sir..." he said with a bow before turning to leave.

5/28/2011 #341


Flare's head snapped up when she heard Zane's sentence.

5/28/2011 #342

"Don't make things worse, Flare," Maze pleaded.

5/28/2011 #343

"But Maze... It wasn't his fault."

Flare argued.

5/28/2011 #344

"Even if he was tricked into it, Flare," Maze sighed, "Zane still made the decision... We elves have our orders," he told her, hoping she caught his drift. "If any Dragon Slayer or any other informed officer sees him... They won't hesitate to kill him."

5/28/2011 #345

Flare glared at him.

"I get it. Fine."

Flare stated, marching off.

5/28/2011 #346

While Flare was leaving, the king and the nobles were conversing about what to do about the situation.

Rayal walked down the hall Flare was in, heading to the gardens.

5/28/2011 #347

Flare walked down the hall with her eyes on the ground.

5/28/2011 #348

Rayal took notice of the young girl and moved to her. "What's the matter?" he asked.

5/28/2011 #349


Flare replied instantly.

5/28/2011 #350

"Usually nothing means something when you're just looking down like that," Rayal pointed out.

5/28/2011 #351

"Usually, people don't want to talk when they tell you it's nothing."

Flare replied.

5/28/2011 #352

"True enough, but how will you know someone is willing to listen when you are ready to talk?" Rayal asked. "I'll tell you what. When you're ready to talk, go the the fifth building east of the palace. My name is Rayal. Mention my name and they will let you in." With that, Rayal walked off away from Flare.

5/28/2011 #353

Flare watched him walk away and turned, walking away in silence.

5/28/2011 #354

(What next?)

5/28/2011 #355

(IDK Have Maze convince her to go?)

5/28/2011 #356

A few minutes later, Maze went to find Flare. Wen he caught up to the phoenix, he called out to her. "Flare!"

5/28/2011 #357

Flare stopped but didn't turn to him.

5/28/2011 #358

"Are you doing anything?" he asked.

5/28/2011 #359

"No. Some old man told me to go and talk to them, but I'm not going."

Flare replied.

5/28/2011 #360
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