The Power of a Dragon
Dragons are the most powerful mythical creatures ever. Famous for their ability to fly and breath fire. Some were ridden others were not. Become a dragon or Rider and take to the skies.
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Slashermare Moon

Though the Great War was ended Skyrim had been thrown into turmoil by an uprising lead by Ulfric Stormcloak, the Jarl of Windhelm. However, peace calls once again as Ulfric is led along to Helgen for execution, with a number of his stormcloak warriors. In amongst this though, are a small mottled group of travellers, brought together by chance, who are to meet the Jarl's fate.

"I see your all awake." a blond Nord dressed in Stormcloak armour said softly.

5/19/2012 . Edited 5/19/2012 #1

Why do things like this always happen to me?

A slim Breton woman sitting across from the Nord sighed.

"What happened?"

She asked, not recalling much save for being knocked unconscious when she tried to cross the border.

5/19/2012 #2
Slashermare Moon

"You and your friends were caught up in an ambush meant for us. Along with this thief here. The black argonian tried to fight, which probably made things worse for him. If they can get worse..."

"Any ideas where we're going?" said Argonian asked, his head throbbing from where he'd been smacked.

5/19/2012 #3
Arcantos the Storyteller

"Death." A white Argonian replied, though unlike the others he was wearing the armour of the Storm Cloaks. "That is our destination. The final destination."

5/19/2012 #4
Slashermare Moon

"Well... since they captured Ulfric... That much was obvious..." the black Argonian sighed.

"What? No... that's...not right..." the thief muttred "I'm not meant to be here."

5/19/2012 #5

The Breton woman remained silent at this revelation, simply staring at the snowy landscape over the blonde Nord's shoulder. Surely the Argonian was exaggerating? She hadn't done anything wrong as far as she knew so why would they kill her? A nagging voice in the back of her head told her that it didn't really matter and she began feeling rather sick to her stomach.

5/19/2012 #6
Slashermare Moon

"What's everyone's name...?" The black argonian asked softly.

"Ralof." the Nord said.

5/19/2012 #7


The Breton woman eventually introduced, once she was sure she wasn't going to be sick.

5/19/2012 #8
Slashermare Moon

"Slasher." the Argonian said softly, looking towards Erika.

5/19/2012 #9
Arcantos the Storyteller

"I see no point if giving you my name, close to death as we are." The white Argonian said, not looking at any of them.

5/19/2012 #10
Slashermare Moon

"I'd rather know who I was dying because of..."

5/19/2012 #11

Erika didn't say anything else, content in silence as the cart was driven through a set of gates or At least she would have been if the Nordic thief would stop begging the divines for help.

5/19/2012 #12
Slashermare Moon

Slasher fell silent, deciding just to spend his last few moments thinking of his past.

5/19/2012 #13
Arcantos the Storyteller

The other argonain stayed silent as well, simply examining the wilds.

5/19/2012 #14
Slashermare Moon

"Wait... why are we stopping?" Lokir asked.

"Why do you think? End of the line..." Ralof sighed.

5/19/2012 #15

Erika looked up and towards a nearby tower, noting the evil looking man with a large axe.

"Well... I guess... this is it."

She stated quietly as an the driver got out of the cart.

5/19/2012 #16
Arcantos the Storyteller

The white scale said nothing, simply climbing out of the cart when ordered to.

5/19/2012 #17
Slashermare Moon

Slasher has his eyes closed, having already seen all he had to see. As their names were called, he waited. Ralof walked forwards when his was called. Lokir however tried to make a run for it, but was shot down quickly and mercilessly.

5/19/2012 #18
Arcantos the Storyteller

"What is your name prisoner." A brown haired imperial with a scroll and quill asked Erika, not knowing who she was exactly.

5/19/2012 #19

"Erika, sir."

The Breton replied quietly.

5/19/2012 #20
Arcantos the Storyteller

"Erika..." The imperial said, looking along the scroll for that name... then when he didn't find it, turned to the armoured lady to his side. "Commander, she isn't on the list. What do we do?"

5/19/2012 #21
Slashermare Moon

"She goes to the block!" the officer said coldly.

5/19/2012 #22
Arcantos the Storyteller

"Understood." The imperial male said, before turning back to Erika. "I'm sorry prisoner, I would help you if I could."

5/19/2012 #23

Why me?

Once again went through Erika's mind as she walked grimly over to join the other prisoners, paying little attention to the list-wielding imperial's pity.

5/19/2012 #24
Arcantos the Storyteller

The white argonain was third in line it seemed, after Erika. Though he wondered why they didn't kill Ulfrik first.

5/19/2012 #25
Slashermare Moon

Slasher shook his head, waiting to see if he'd be called or not. Didn't make a difference anyway/.

5/19/2012 #26
Arcantos the Storyteller

"You, what is your name." The list-holder turned to Slasher, the final prisoner remaining.

5/19/2012 #27
Slashermare Moon

"Slasher." he said calmly.

5/19/2012 #28
Arcantos the Storyteller

"Another one not on the list." He observed, turning to his commander he simply asked. "Block?"

5/19/2012 #29
Slashermare Moon

"Yes, after he tried to kill us." the imperial officer snarled.

5/19/2012 #30
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