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im so bored plz try it
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Silver-Laced penguin

okay here is mine


Name: Imani Hakura

Sailor Name: Sailor Faith

Regular Apperance: Really pale skin silver eyes with a tint of ice blue and wears dresses alot no matter what time of year it is

Sailor Appereance: white skirt with silver stripes on the bottom silver arm bands, tiara gem boots (like sailor moons) but with white stars instead of moons black bow with silver star black chocker and silver star earings

Changeing: A silver stick with a full moon

Power: Silver star scramble

Other item(s) and/or past: Black Staff with white star on top. Her father died because of a heart attack and she starves herself so it won't happen to her so she pretty much faints after she uses her power

Personality: Shy can be cold when people talk about her dad or when thay ask why she faints other than that she is nice funny strange and random her best friend is Hotaru

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Name: Chihiri Miyuki

Sailor Name: Sailor Summer

Regular Apperance: Pale skin and one warm green eye, and one icey blue eye. She has shiney blonde hair.

Sailor Appereance: A golden skirt and a white sailor shirt with golden stripes. She has golden boots and golden gloves.

Changing: A gold stick with a sun on it.

Power: Summer Sun Shine!

Other items: A staff that summons the sun to rise, even in the dead of night.

Personality: A cute girl who is adored by all the boys in her school. She is very smart and loves to read.

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Silver-Laced penguin

accepted thank u!

7/10/2009 #3

Hi everyone! I was wondering if this RP was still active because I would really like to join! If we're doing canon at all, I was wondering if I could be Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon? That would be lovely! Oh, and here's my OC :)

Name: Hina Aiko (meaning child of the sun)

Regular Appearance: She has a slight tan and long blonde hair with her grown out bangs parted in the middle. Her eyes are light hazel, almost golden in color. She is normally in her school uniform which looks a lot like Usagi's except that her's is still white because she is still in middle school.

Sailor Appearance: this is a lovely representation of Sailor Sun, by the extremely talented ~bloona :) As you can see, it would be really hard to describe in words :)

Changing: Um...I'm not quite sure what this means. Do you mean her transformation wand? She has golden wand with her brooch at the top of it.

Power: Solar flare

Other item(s) and/or past: The staff that you see in the picture. Hina is 13 years old, one of the younger senshi besides Chibiusa and she didn't find out about her power until a year ago, so her powers aren't completely controlled yet. She has a guardian cat named Apollo who introduced her to her powers.

Personality: Hina is very warm and friendly and would never do anything to harm her friends. She can have a temper at times though. She is the first discovered of the Stellar Soldiers.

Um....yeah, I might be making more characters with the constellations and such which is why I put that last bit in there!

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Silver-Laced penguin

i like it um i just want to know (i got to update this later) u know how like sailor saturn was princess of saturn well what are u princess of im princess of cosmos u dont have to awnser but yeah ur accepted!

8/1/2009 #5

She's going to be Princess of the Sun :)

8/1/2009 #6
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Penguin-chan so this is where you've been?

8/7/2009 #7
Lady of the Old World

Do we have to be an OC, or can we just be a cannon? Oh, and are we going with Haruka/Michiru = lovers, or Amara/Michelle = cousins? At any rate, I'd like to be Sailor Uranus, if I may?

8/9/2009 . Edited 8/9/2009 #8
Silver-Laced penguin

well alot of people want canons so *points forward* I shall make a canon character list and sure they can be lovers

8/10/2009 #9
Lady of the Old World

Okay then! And, I'm glad they're not cousins... I'm only good for being Haruka as a butch lesbian.

8/10/2009 #10

Name: Lami Virgo

Age: 18

Sailor Name: Sailor Virgo

Regular Apperance:

dresses very modestly in mostly long selves and pant's

Sailor Appereance:

Changeing: A light borwn stick with a light green vine design going up it completed with a symbol for Virgo at the top

Power: She has some earth powers but not a lot like Sailor Earth. She has a power called Spica Slash in which the blade on the end of her staff becomes longer, sharper and becomes more fatal when she uses it aganist enemies. She also has another attack called Virgo Remedial which she uses to heal minor wounds and injuries. She activates her shield into super mode by saying: "Virgin's Shield!" She could also destroy her enemies with earth-related powers without having to call out her powers' name.

Personality: She's doesn't like guy's all that much but other then that she's a pretty happy person.

7/21/2010 #11
Silver-Laced penguin

Oh ^^' I'm so sorry I haven't touched this rp for like such a long time. I'm going to make a new rp because I doubt the others are coming back. But you are accepted. I like your Sailor.

8/9/2010 #12

is this rp still active,can you start over?

11/28/2011 #13

Well,if your still interested,here is another sailor moon rp we are trying to get started

12/3/2011 #14
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