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(thankies :)

Chibiusa stared at Imani for a second, was she serious? She began to giggle again and twirl a strand of the culprit pink hair around her fingers, "I really don't know, Imani-chan," she said, smiling. "I guess maybe there's a recessive pink gene somewhere in the pool, you know? I would ask Usagi, but she never knows anything so that would really just be a waste of my time. Hey you know what? We should go visit Hotaru! I haven't seen her in forever and I really miss her! I guess we can do that tomorrow, unless you wanna do it tonight. I'm hungry."

The young princess suddenly realized that she had been rambling and felt foolish. Her cheeks flushed a dark shade of red as she pulled herself back down to earth, "Sorry about that. I guess Usagi is rubbing off on me in a bad way." She yawned widely and threw both hands behind her head.


Hina looked away, trying to avoid looking at Usagi and Haruka. If she hadn't known better, she would've thought that they were having an intimate moment....but that couldn't happen. Haruka had Michiru and Usagi had her own prince, literally. She knew that they wouldn't notice if she slipped away, so she took advantage of that second to do just that. She recalled what Haruka had said about not being able to defend herself in civilian form but she only lived a few blocks away, and if anyone tried to pull anything on her, she would just scream.


Usagi was stunned the moment that she felt hot drops of liquid fall into her hair. She looked up and realized that Haruka was indeed...crying. It was something that she had only witnessed once before, a time when Chaos had ruled the Galaxy and threatened all life as humanity knew it. It was also the same time when Michiru had been killed by one of Galaxia's servants and Usagi had sworn to never let any more of her friends die like that.

"Haruka," she whispered, gently cupping the Wind Senshi's face in her hands, "what's wrong? Is Michiru in trouble? Does she need the sailor scouts?"

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Imani giggled she would have said she acted just like her mother but... "Sure we can go visit Hotaru." she smiled

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"Okay!" Chibiusa shouted, pointing a finger upwards, "then let's do it!"

The pink haired girl suddenly turned around and chuckled, "Um...I don't remember where she lives."

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"I'll show you." she giggled as they headed up north

(just gonna put up random directions...)

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(Lolz! okay)

Chibiusa obediantly followed Imani as she led the way. She had noticed that Imani didn't really look healthy, and Chibiusa tugged on her memory to see if she looked like that in the 30th century...she couldn't remember though.

"Hey, Imani," Chibiusa said softly, the first time she kept her voice down all night, "are you okay? I mean, I know that you haven't known me for very long. I mean, what's it been, like an hour or two? But that's not the point. Well, I mean, in the future we're going to be really close but that's so far away and I'm babbling again."

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(I'm going to assume that was a manga event, seeing as it never happened in the anime, y'know since Uranus and Neptune gave their Star Seeds to Galaxia willingly.)

Haruka pulled away, wiping her eyes furiously, hoping that Usagi knew that she had just been witness to the thing that the racer had only ever allowed Michiru to see. She then spoke, her voice horse with emotion but her face blank once more. "I don't know, Princess. I told you, we haven't spoken in the past week... No, if I'm honest, things have been somewhat strained since the battle with Galaxia and Chaos. We tried to fix things... We tried to keep it together for Hime-chan's sake, but... A week ago, Michi just... left. No note, no explanation, nothing."

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Imani looked at her and smiled "Well all I could remember when I first hugged you was Hotaru and you and me and I think we might have been at the cosmos." she giggled at Chibiusa's last part

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(Oh geez! I'm sorry! That was a manga event, my bad! Way to play it off though Ruka-kun! Brava!)

Usagi's eyes went wide, "What? Why? Haruka, what happened? Were you two fighting or something? I know that that last battle between Chaos and everything really strained our personal lives, but she really just left? That doesn't sound like Michiru at all, Haruka-kun, I think that something may have happened to her, don't you? We should try to find her. I'll call Rei and see if she can find anything in the fires okay? Don't worry, we'll find her."

Usagi's eyes narrowed; there was definitely something going on and she was going to find out what it was.


"I remember that!" Chibiusa said happily, "I loved the Cosmos, it was always so beautiful. Your parents, the King and Queen, always knew exactly how to decorate. It made me so jealous that my house couldn't look like that! Seriously though, you get sick of living in a Crystal Palace every once in a while. Your parents were like my second family."

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Imani giggled the cosmos were pretty but she always thought the moon was gorgeus "Well I liked the crystal palace was always so beautiful shining in the moon light." she looked up at the sky

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"What are you looking at?" Chibiusa asked, stopping in her tracks and looking up at the sky. "Isn't it funny that people here think the moon is made out of cheese? Really though, if it were made out of cheese, Usagi would've eaten it by now."

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Imani giggled "Why do you keep making her sound bad she's pretty nice." she smiled at Chibiusa

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(*is listening to Kaze Ni Naritai* Why, thank you, Koneko-chan.)

Haruka sighed, frustration clear in that simple exhailation of air. She then reached out and embraced her Princess, needing some form of comfort right about now. "I know it may not help... But I think I knew what drove Michi and I appart," the Wind Senshi murmured, as she cupped Usagi's chin in her hand, tilted the young Princess' face upwards, and softly pressed their lips together. The same feeling she had recived upon kissing Hina exploded within the Heaven Princess - even though it was ten times stronger. She scoffed inwardly that she had ever compared kissing the Sun Princess to kissing Michiru, as she realized that what she had felt for Hina was just as people thought it was: a rebound and crush.

However, she also realized that what she had felt for Serenity had never been sisterly at all. No, that had just been her lying to herself. She had always loved Serenity - infact, as much as she loved Michiru - she had just never allowed herself to believe it until now. Now when things were so conflicted... Now, when she stood at a point where she could loose everything and everyone she had come to hold dear.

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"Well I guess it's because she really is that bad!" Chibiusa said, scowling. "She is always blowing off school work and playing video games and getting detention and you wouldn't believe how many times Luna scolds her within a day. It gets annoying because then she cries. You'd be surprised how unheroic Sailor Moon actually is...just last night, she was having a tantrum because she got a papercut."

Chibiusa sighed, knowing that she was really hard on Usagi most of the times, but it was true! "Besides, she's always picking on me, and she calls me 'Rini' sometimes." :)


Usagi's eyes went wide as Haruka kissed her. This was the third time that she had done so, but Usagi could have sworn that things had been cleared up between the two of them. Her cheeks burned and Usagi pulled away quickly.

"Haruka, don't," she said firmly, "I thought we had an understanding."

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Imani sighed "Well were not always like we were when we were princesses maybe she has alot on her mind right now..." Imani smiled "...Or maybe she's just really stressed with everything

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(*blinks* Huh? What understanding?)

Though, as the Moon Princess had noted, it was the third time Haruka had kissed the smaller blonde, this time it was very, very different. This time, a look of deep sadness could be seen in the taller blonde's emerald eyes, as her grip on the future Queen loosened. "Forgive me... Frogive me for loving you," the Heaven Princess murmured, her hands falling away from Usagi's form alltogether to hang limply at her sides.

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(sorry... I'm manga referencing again. disregard that. But I did have another idea, what if we threw Seiya in the mixture and made a love pentagon? lol)

"Usagi? Have something on her mind? Good one Imani," Chibiusa said, giggling. In reality, she knew that the Cosmos Princess was right; Usagi did have a lot on her mind and sometimes she needed to throwback some of her extra energy and breathe once in a while. Luna didn't think that she was going to get as far as she did and she deserved to have some free time.


"Haruka," Usagi sighed, "why do you love me? You have such a wonderful thing with Michiru that I know will work out if you just try and find her again!" The Moon Princess took a step toward Haruka, practically pleading.

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Imani smiled as they arived at Hotaru's house she went up to the door and knocked "Hotaru?"

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(Uhh... No, sorry. I'm more than a little worried at Haruka might kill Seiya if she found out he was in love with not just the Princess but Michiru as well. I mean, remember the dressing room scene? That, and Haruka and the rest of the Outers hate the Starlights anyways, since they're outsiders and all. Now THAT would be a recipe for disaster...)

Haruka shook her head, her eyes proving her emotional turmoil, even if her face remained blank. "I don't know, Princess, I truly don't know. All I know is, that my heart with forever wage war on itself because of the fact that I love both you and Michiru equally."

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(Um, not to sound rude, but FYI: Hotaru lives with the other Outers, so wouldn't it be the Outer Senshi mansion, rather than just Hotaru's house? And, WE REALLY NEED MICHIRU, SETSUNA AND THE REST OF THEM! I'm not mad at you guys, I'm just mad since we're short so many essential people.)

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(oh sorry forgot about that and maybe the other guys would come if i told them but then id have to show them im online and theyd be mad and i would get kicked out they rp too fast *pouts*)

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(Trust me, I rp VERY fast as well, just not here since you guys aren't always on.)

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(me too but i have school so when im gone they have like two hundred post i have too read then it gets confusing. i don't like being confused)

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(well, lala-chan is going to play Hotaru and Ruka-kun is Haruka, so I could take one of the left Outers. It doesn't matter which one. Which one will we need more?)

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(hmmm well we really dont need neptune so i think pluto would be best what do you think Haruka and by the way thx!)

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(Well, I think we need both Outers equally, since we can insinuate as to the Inners existence for now. I'll snag Setsuna, and Koneko-chan can be Michiru. Sound good to you guys?)

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(i like it and thx again)

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(Gah...I always post and then there's like twenty replies before me! Just kidding :) yeah, I can handle Michi :)

Usagi could see the pain in Haruka's eyes and felt that she had verbally slapped the woman. She really did care for Haruka, just not in that sense...however there was that one time when she did....

"Did you see him?" Usagi squealed, grabbing Rei's sleeve and tugging on it harshly. "He's so cute!" The blonde girl felt rather childish staring at the very attractive man she had just seen. She felt her heart race, something that only happened whenever she was around Mamoru. A blush crept into Usagi's cheeks and she noticed the man turn around and look at her with emerald was so strange, she felt like she knew him...

"Usagi you're such an airhead, I don't even know what you're talking abo-" Rei's sentence was cut short as she too caught sight of the man Usagi was staring at. "Wow," the priestess breathed, brushing a strand of dark hair behind her ear. "Who is he?"

"I don't know," Usagi said, noticing that the man's gaze had drifted to the transformation brooch attached to the front of her school uniform. His emerald eyes then went to her forehead....

It hadn't been much longer that she found out the man who she had been irrevocably in love with for at least a few days was indeed a woman, and not just any woman, but one of her guardians, her very own Sailor Uranus.

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Imani knocked at the outer mansion "Hotaru? Are you there?"

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Chibiusa frowned and looked over at Imani. She took the opportunity to pound lightly on the door the way she had done so when Hotaru had been living in the Tomoe Mansion; maybe that would make her answer the door.

"Hotaru! It's me, Chibiusa!" she called. She hoped that her friend wasn't mad at her, it had been forever since she had come to visit but that was because Hotaru had been reborn and a lot of her memories hadn't come back yet, and it would be strange and awkward if some girl came to the door claiming to be her best friend.

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Hotaru came "I'm sorry I couldn't get here earlier-Chibiusa!" she said as she smiled and hugged her Imani smiled "Yep we just wanted to stop here."

(i must go u can control hotaru if ya want)

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