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Are you a die hard MikuxKaito fan? Want to rip out the eyes of the aforementioned fans because you think Kaito is so much better with Len? Or do you prefer Len with Rin? No matter what your ship, come here to debate, sigh, and lament about how there reall
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Ahhh.. I see... :P

I'm listening to their siGrE now. -q-

Yeah... But somehow, Miku is cute with Len when you get pass the colors... :P

Ahhh... I see... :P Yeah... Alot of people like GakuLuka... Everyone has their own opinion. :3

Yes, I agree with you on all those points. :D KaiMei makes me drool. -q-

11/21/2009 #31

Colors, colors, colors. 8D This is why MikuxMeiko and MikuoxMeiko and LenxMeiko are quite strange 8D;; And GakupoxMeiko, which would be alright if not for the... brown... and purple... O___o;;;;

That siGrE is amazing. AMAZING I SAYYY! I like it better than the Len/Rin version 8DD

Yeah, I don't really understand what's so great about GakuLuka. They'd be fun friends, but not really too awesome of a coupling :/ MIKUPOFTWAHAHAHA *shot* OTL;;;;;

Yesyesyes. 8DD I want to see more KaiMei~ :3 wheee~

11/22/2009 #32

Yeah... I can't see MikuxMEIKO. D: I've never been a fan of GakupoxMEIKO, but I have seen it alot lately, so I am considering it.

Me too! I like it better than the original too! :D Though, I don't understand the story in the KaiMei one, however... :/

The only pairing I really pay attention to is KaiMei, so... I've never looked at other couples much.... :P MIKUPO FTW!!! lolololololol **shot**

I'm planning on making a 4koma for KaiMei. I don't have many ideas. I tried getting ideas from the Fan Club, but only two to three people are there... ;A;

11/23/2009 #33

There's a lot of GakupoxMeiko? O___O;;;; Seriously?!

I think Meiko's a demon and Kaito is a demon slayer 8D I plan on writing a story for it because of its amazing-ness. Haha.


What's a 4koma? ono;;

11/23/2009 #34

Yeah there is... From what I see... :P

Ahhh... I thought so... So MEIKO-nee turns to a demon and since KAITO-nii is a demon slayer, he has to kill her? ;A; I look forward to reading it. 3


A 4Koma is a 4 panel comic. :3 It's actually pronounced YonKoma, but 4Koma is easier to type. :D

11/24/2009 #35

Where??? O___O;;;

Yah, cause she gets horns. And then she turns into petals. So I just assumed. xDDD;; thank-ahs!



tee hee 8D;;;

Ohhhh! Yeahyeah, like those little Hatsune Miku ones 8D I gotchagotcha. I've been reading it as 'four-koma' this whole time x___X I don't think I'll be able to switch my habit anytime soon. Darn it! XoX

YONkoma. YONkoma.


11/24/2009 #36

On Danbooru... I've seen a bit on there... .

Good assumption. :3

Ohh Thank you! X3

Chibi Miku-san? But yeah, it's like that. :3 But I need a few ideas. I'm going to do an introduction comic (not a 4koma, an ACTUAL comic) on how MEIKO and KAITO met. How it all started.... *lost in thoughts* But anyways, I need some random ideas I could do for the 4Komas.

11/25/2009 #37

Ok, I've come back to this forum to say that I am now OBSESSED with AkaiMeiKai, KaiMei, and AkaiMei. Its all I think about~ XD

So, what's everyone else talking about?


11/27/2009 #38
Sparklyheart n.n

Hmmmm. Mikupo is nice and all, but what about Ritsupo? =w= (I think I might be one of the only people in the world who ship it, though ;;; )

Mikupo is so pretty, color-wise, though =w= That's one of my favorite color combinations~

MeikoxGakupo sounds kinda... I dunno... dull? Ordinary. Done a thousand times, but in a different way than KaiMiku... and there is quite a bit of it. I think I see Meiko with Gakupo the second or third most often (rivaling or perhaps tied with MeikoxLuka)

MeikoxLen's colors are ketchup and mustard... it might work, it might not work, and I really don't care, cuz they remind me too much of condiments 8D ;;

Good luckk!! I'll definately read it!! :O

... that can be to both of you xP

11/27/2009 #39

To Hime-koi: Me too! I've had this sudden obsession with AkaMei and AkaKaiMei for some reason. So now all I think about is KaiMei, AkaMei, and AkaKaiMei! *A*

To Sparklyheart: Mikupo/GakuMiku is nice! That was the couple I supported for Gakupo and Miku before Google it... Then I started getting into GakuLuka... . But I still like it. ^_^ Yes it is pretty color-wise... :3

Yeah, GakuMei is popular... I've been considering it... But... ^^; I'm not sure if it's dull, though... .

Thank you! ^_^ But expect very bad quality... |||orz|||

11/28/2009 #40

@ aisha-sama: Yayz! AkaKaiMei fans for the win!

By the way, Aisha, you like MikuxLen right? I'd be soooooo happy if you joined the VO fanclub for it:

11/29/2009 #41

Yes! AkaKaiMei is love! 3

Yes, I recently started supporting LenMiku after a certain song showed me how possible and cute the couple would be! 3

I joined! :D

11/30/2009 #42
Sparklyheart n.n

'Dull''s the wrong word... sorry, OTL. If you like it, it's fine by me~ That was a bad attempt at saying 'it doesn't sound bad, and it would probably work, but I'm not that interested in it.' -shot multiple times-

I bet it will be awesome!! And writing anything is better than being lazy like mee |D

12/1/2009 #43

It's OK. :3

Thank you! ^_^

12/1/2009 #44

*Comes back after loooong abscence 8D*

I has a question for alll~

Who here thinks RinxLuka is a good couple? :3

I love how their colors mix into a peachy sort of color X3

12/5/2009 #45

Never really thought about it before... :/

I'm fine with all couples, so...

12/7/2009 #46

Hmm :0

I still think it looks cute :3

12/11/2009 #47

Ahhhhh... I see...

12/12/2009 #48
Sparklyheart n.n

I've seen RinxLuka before :O It is pretty, yes~ I really haven't thought about it, but it seems nice? The dominating-ness of them both seems pretty awesome xD

12/13/2009 . Edited 12/13/2009 #49

Yus, so pretty X3

Rin seems more dominent than Luka, but you never know what happens behind closed doors. o-o; lol

12/13/2009 #50
Sadistic Miku

Im not trying to dog anyone but,Meiko x Kaito makes me sick in diffrent ways.It dose not seem right,look right,and dont sound right.I really think Miku x Kaito sounds ok.I see meiko as his sister.

12/17/2009 #51

We all have our different opinions... I think KAITO and MEIKO are cute as siblings, too, however, I like them as a couple better.

I can't see KAITO with Miku, though... I see KAITO seeing Miku as his sister... However, one-sided KAITOxMiku with KAITOxMEIKO is fun too. XD

When you say they don't sound right, do you mean the paring or the songs they sing? I think KAITO and MEIKO make a great duet. 3 I don't like KAITO and Miku duets... There aren't many that are good...

And (this is a point that one of my friends told me), unless Miku is older than 20 in the song or story, it's technically considered illegal in the US for KAITO to be dating a minor... :/ I don't know about Japan though.... :P

I guess KAITOxMEIKO is sexier than KAITOxMiku... KAITOxMiku is more like puppy love and the like to me... :P

12/18/2009 #52
Sadistic Miku

Just like you siad we do all have are different opinions,and I understand that here in the US 16 years old girl dateing a 20 years old man dose nor seem right but we all ahve to remeber the simple fact that there not real pepole and yet we all have our different opinions;When i hear kaito x miku WOW OMG im so happy but when i here miekox kaito .....*

Cricket * *Cricket *.I dont know why but i see MeikoxRin or MeikoxAkaito but not kaito.I dont really dont like it when Meiko and Kaito sing togather.

12/18/2009 #53

MikuxKaito is so over used, so thats why most people are switching to KaitoxMeiko :3 They look better to me, because Red and Blue are such nice colors when put together correctly.

MikuxKaito is just a bunch of blue, and its not really creative :I Like I said, its really overused. And I personally hate pairing people who look like they're related in anyway.

MeikoxKaito duets are nice. o.o Deep voices are amazing when used correctly. :3

12/19/2009 #54

To kirayiyi: Yeah, I see... XD I can't see it unless it's one-sided (KaiMiku)... :P

MEIKOxAkaito is good too! :"D I also like AkaitoxKaitoxMEIKO, too. X3 Although... I do not understand MEIKOxRin... O_o

To kamihanazono: So that's why... :P Yeah, KaiMiku is a little overused...

Red and Blue do look better that Aqua Blue and Blue... I agree with you on the not creative thing... :P

Many people think KAITO-nii and MEI-chan look related... :/ I can go either way (couple or siblings), of coarse, I like them as siblings more. :3 I think that KAITO and Miku make for a good sibling-like relationship... :x

KaiMei duets are the best to me! 3 Too bad they don't get alot of attention... T_T

To no one in particular: I can pretty much tolerate any couple... Though some seem... You know... But I can go with them. :3

12/20/2009 #55

I can't see MeikoxAkaito o.o Idk why...it must be because off all the red. x_x; But a AkaitoxKaitoxMeiko love triangle sounds good ;D MeikoxRin? O-o Whut...? Their dominence cancels eachother out, so that equals: Very bad pairing :I

Red & Blue is epic CrEaTiViTy, and Aqua blue & blue is just...lame :I

Meiko & Kaito related? *laughs* They look nothing alike. O.o; Maybe its because they both have short hair..(wow people really are uncreative...) & yeah, Miku & Kaito seem more like close siblings than an actual couple. o:

MeikoxKaito duets should definetly get more attention! :C They're so nice, its a shame people arnt accknowledging them :I

12/20/2009 #56

Ahhh... I see... :3 AkaKaiMei is awesome! It makes me drool... *A*

MEIKOxRin doesn't go over well with me... :P

Yep! :3

They don't look alike... Miku and KAITO definately make for more of a sibling relationship... :3

Yeah... More people like KaiMiku duets, which I find horrible... I don't like KaiMiku duets... KaiMei songs need more love! T_T

12/21/2009 #57
Sadistic Miku

O_O I just want Meiko to be single nothing more then that,When I first found out about vocaloid I looked up project diva and I saw this blue man i clicked on it then i found out what his name was,I got this odd thought in my mind are him and miku related,so I got on vocaloid wiki and looked him up I found out the were lovers,then I find out about meiko and so on.I get on YouTube I look up kaito x meiko at the top it said Kaito x miku so i clicked it not knowing that was some one else (i was a noob to vocaloid then) I see a canterla pv (the one with the violin) I think there good together,Why am i telling you this because that is 1 of my reasons,Two LOVE HAS NO AGE(or color) And not all duets of miku and kaito are bad ALL VOCALOID DUETS ARE GOOD TO ME.but a love triagel will be lovely to me

2/2/2010 #58

Haha~! Well~! We have our different opinions~! :"D

Yes~! I'm OK, with the age thing... As long as it's not TOO bad... XD

I never said they were ALL bad~! But most of the songs where they are singing together don't sound that good to me because, to me, Kaito-nii's strong voice and Miku's, um, soft voice do not synch at all... :I Although, songs like Cendrillon, where the two aren't singing at the same time, or songs like Cantarella, where you can't hear Miku singing at alll cause she's singing in the background, are OK for me~! :3

Love triangle is fine with me~! :"D Although, I can't see Kaito-nii liking Miku... But I can see Miku liking Kaito-nii~! XD KaiMeiMiku love triangle is fine for me~! :"D

2/3/2010 #59
Sadistic Miku
well the only thing im am worred about is (if) there was going to be a anime a vocaloid anime...and lets say miku and len ended up togather and meiko and kaito ended up going out.Ther will be hell on nico nico and youtube.If it was miku x kaito there well be riots,flameing,trolling,spaming and so on due to the fact america rules and laws,on youtube.Nico Nico dogah there will be hell on there but not as much.I might be a miku x kaito fan but they are used alot but I just get upset when pepole just bash them I understand when you type in meiko x kaito youtube would say ''do you mean kaito x miku''.My point is if vocaloid was a anime and there was paring of any kind there will be a win lose someway.If he when out wiht anybody on the anime -there will be hell-just like that crazy wash my blood song o.o
2/5/2010 #60
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