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Are you a die hard MikuxKaito fan? Want to rip out the eyes of the aforementioned fans because you think Kaito is so much better with Len? Or do you prefer Len with Rin? No matter what your ship, come here to debate, sigh, and lament about how there reall
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Sparklyheart n.n

And now I feel like making a yaoi topic? xD

So, what's your favorite Vocaloid Yaoi pairing? Do you like the shota-ness of KaitoxLen, or do you prefer Len topping, or is it Naisu, or AkaitoxMiku, or AkaitoxKaito, or what? O:

... I'll let you guess mine. ;;;

But other than my favorite, I lovelovelove GakupoxRitsu. Which I was told I created the first (and prolly only) video for on the internet. w

12/13/2009 #1

I personally dont like LenxKaito. I mean, it looks cute & all, but I could never get into it. :I

I've never heard of Ritsu before. o.o Picture plz..?

For my yaoi interests, I prefer MikuoxAkaito! The colors clash in the most perfect way~! :3

12/13/2009 #2

same here, kaitoxlen just didn't seem to click with me...

... but mikuoxlen does :D

5/8/2010 #3


I also like MikuoKai.

But I really hate MikuoAkaito for some reason. CLASHING COLORS ;___; I just feel it wrong that Mikuo is with the red version of Kaito who I like him with too....? ORZ ORZ ORZ ORZ

I'm cool with AkaiKai and KaiGaku too. Rrrz. KiyoKai is werrrd.

5/20/2010 #4

haha :D

ya, mikuoxakaito doesn't work so much for me.... erm, and i'm just as much of a kaitoxANYONE fan as lots of people are. i like kaitoxmiku and kaitoxakaito (as siblings!!) but that's about it. oh. and kaixgaku is also extremely smexy (especially with clearxdasoku magnet *dies*)

5/20/2010 #5

-weasling into this group- :3

KaitoxLen I can almost say I hate because of how it's portrayed and it's pretty much Kaito being a p***. Which isn't cool. D:

I like LukixKaito, actually. But I was asked what LukixMikuo would be like and it got me thinking.

...LukixMikuo... That would be Luki assulting Mikuo with his vulgar comments and Mikuo trying to block them out, ignoring them and being good, innocent little boy. Which causes Luki to get one of those smirks. So he ends up following Mikuo, harrassing him and eventually, Mikuo goes along with one of the jokes, serious though. And Luki'd be all, "Oh shi-" and then find out he's in lurv!~

Yeah, that's LukixMikuo to me.

5/26/2010 #6

Everyone wants my two cents' worth, right? Right?

I'm going to assume you all said yes.

Anything involving Mikuo is okay with me. And I do mean anything. I prefer him with Luki or Akaito because I tend to think of him as similar to Kaito, and putting them together would be awkward. But Luki and Akaito are the ones who'd be like "HEY YOU, I WANT YOU" and then he'd be a scared little boy. I think I have a shota fetish. XD

And Gakupo is just silly. I seriously only like Gakupo when he's molesting Luka. But that's not yaoi so I can't talk about it here! /shot.

(Although a few well-written GakuKai fics have caught my fancy...)

Aaaaand I do love the shota-ness of Kaito/Len! (Yeah, I definitely have a shota fetish. But only in Vocaloid!) Shota Desuyon is like my favorite song in the history of everything ever.

But I also like when Len is in love with Kaito but can't/won't say it and Kaito is being too ignorant to notice. I just think they're adorable together, no matter what the situation is.

(This is my first post in FFdotnet forums so I apologize if I'm an epic failure. Please don't kill me. Why does every website have a different method of posting!?)

7/18/2010 #7

even though i don't have much of a shota fetish, i couldn't help falling in love with kaito/len. man, this pairing put me off of len/rin - i used to love both of them together but then i think about poor kaito~ people should ship kailen more...

now i just like them as siblings with rin putting len in girl clothes for her own amusement!! Orz

i actually have something of a twincest fetish but it doesn't seem to work with vocaloid coz i can't put akaito and kaito together or miku with mikuo... instead i prefer akaito/mikuo~

i don't really mind gakupo/kaito or gakupo/len but i really do prefer him with luka coz ppl make him act so weird around her whether it's perverted or just plain stupid and it's always luka that (sort of) knocks some sense into him. xD

7/20/2010 #8

Oooh I like KaitoXGakupo. :O I think it's because of a certain video. = U=

1/27/2011 #9

Ooooh~ What GakuKai vid~?

3/4/2011 #10


^Have you seen that one? 2:00 was hawt but a bit awkward to watch. xD

3/6/2011 #11

My favorite Vocaloid yaoi pairing by far is Mikuo x Len.

It was the only one I really shipped until the lovely Piko came along...

& forced me to ship him with Len and Kaito. c:

3/10/2011 #12

Just for clarification: Do you mean you ship LenxPiko and KaitoxPiko or that you ship KaitoxLenxPiko?

I used to mostly not like any Yaoi ever unless given a good reason to. (I really hate all r*** and seme/uke stuff, and I'm not attracted to guys.) But... thanks to a song really, really didn't ship them I began to like KaitoxGakupo. (Guess what song! I'll give you a hint: It's by mothy/Akuno-P. ^^) And then a friend of mine got me to like KaitoxLen. But I'm still very against anything non-consensual.

4/7/2011 #13
Elizabeth Uchiha
So many I could think of but I have to share my top 3. KaitoxLen GakupoxKaito RookxTed The first two are obvious but some people don't even know who Rook or Ted is DX Rook is the male counter part of Ruko and Ted is Teto's. I paired them after someone made Rook and Ted's Magnet and I loved it. Both are Utau-Vocaloids but they are awesome! It's weird there isn't a Rook Y. character in the list of characters for Vocaloids D: also, if you happen to look for Rook he has a dog counter-part :3 but yeah RookxTed for the win :3
5/21/2011 #14

I like buttfucking homosexuals buttfucking each other like buttfuckers so here's my favourite buttfucking yaoi pairings;


5/22/2011 #15

I loovveee Kailen! GakupoxLen ehh I don't like it. I just perfer LenxAnyone NOT Rin! (As long as it doesn't say "Twincest" cause I hate twincest)

6/30/2011 #16
I Am The Raptor

Hm...I'm not really a large yaoi fan, but I have to go with Len x Mikuo or Len x Ted.

Why Len x Ted?

I don't have the foggiest idea.

10/23/2011 #17

Why, MikuoxTed of course. X3

I always imagined them as close friends anyway, so I guess yaoi would be the next step.

11/27/2011 #18

Kaito x Len ( the banana split pairing) and Gakupo x Kaito (Magnet duet). can't help but to HNNG with cuteness especially on Kaito X Len. i have no shota fetish but it's cute.. :3

3/11/2012 #19
First of all...YAY!!!! this is my first ever post on this site \(_)/ so now that I expressed my enthusiasm.........I'll get on to the topic at hand. I'm not really a big fan of the whole kaitoxlen thing i mean sure I do sometimes read a few yaoi or shounen ai fanfics about them (ok fine maybe I do read more than a few) but I just feel that they dont really "click" for me. Most of the time Kaito is portrayed as being a really dense and clueless guy who suddenly turns into a big perv whenever Len is around and Len is always in denial that he's in love with Kaito. I'm not saying that I hate this couple or anything so if anyone is a die hard LenxKaito supporter please don't go all crazy and hate me because of my post. Oh and as for my favorite yaoi pairing.....*drumroll* *clears throat* LENxOLIVER 4EVA!!!!! So....yup......PEACE OUT! \(-_-)/
7/26/2013 #20



But anyways... I don't like Kaito x Len much, I LOVE the mangas and pictures but don't really seem into it, as others said.

Mikuo x anybody is my all time favorite. X Ted, Rinto, Gumo, Rave Mikuo (my fanloid, he's Mikuo's 12 year old bro), Kaito, Gakupo, Lui, Len, anybody.

My favorites are Mikuo x Luki and Mikuo x Akaito

8/16/2013 #21

I have quite a few but.. I'll name some of them..

I prefer Len x Piko rather then Kaito x Len, but that's just my opinion.. I love Mikuo x Akaito... I also like Gumo/Gumiya x Luki... Taito x Nigaito is one of my favorites too.

1/8/2014 #22
Ice Cream Freak
This forum looks interesting so I'm gonna give a piece of my thought. I really love Kaito so much. Really, he's my no. 1 male Vocaloid and I really like it when he's paired with Gakupo, Yuuma or Kiyoteru. And I like it when most writers writes him as being clueless and naïve. It's sooooo cute! I'm sorry to say that I'm not a fan of Kaito x Len because for a reason of age differences and I hate it when Kaito acting pervert and all. I prefer him to be innocent and UKE!! Seriously!! Kaito is like an ultimate Uke in my mind. The only straight pair that I can accept is Kaito x Meiko since they were created as counterpart.
1/9/2014 #23
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