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Are you a die hard MikuxKaito fan? Want to rip out the eyes of the aforementioned fans because you think Kaito is so much better with Len? Or do you prefer Len with Rin? No matter what your ship, come here to debate, sigh, and lament about how there reall
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So this page is for the i*** pairings. Len & Rin, Miku &Mikuo, or Ted & Teto. What is your love or hate.

P.S. I dont care if there robots or mirror images just go along with it!

12/24/2010 #1
Turtles in Bowties

I don't care what they are (Mirror images, twins, ect) I love Rin/Len. They are perfect for each other!

12/26/2010 #2

i agree completely together 4 eva

2/10/2011 #3

I like any form of i*** or twincest. You can't spell twincest without wincest. xD LenRin is especially cute, but does anyone like GumiSonika? The shipping is a bit overshadowed or is it because lezbians + sisters packed up in one whole are a bit too much?

Also, Green Green is a very relaxing song to listen to. (= U=)

3/6/2011 #4

i also dont mind miku and mikuo or dell and haku (i think they are counsins?)

3/6/2011 #5

Pretty sure Dell is Haku's adopted brother.

3/27/2011 #6

Rin x Len forever. Except I can't stand them in smut... I don't know why...

5/12/2011 #7

Here's my fav. i*** pairings;

RIN x ME!!!

Ok, Rin and I are like homie bitc hes and we are actually twins except we were seperetated from birth and i got trapped in this world and that's why im not a vocaloid and im here in this word! and i got replaced by Len (ok that boy is actually evil he replaced me and fuq him who needs him all the love rin should be getting is from me) oh and that's why I have blonde hair! it's rly long and blonde like rin's! except rin's short and idk y. oh and if you don't believe me then ya. i hope you all eat s*** poop.

i mean have a nice day. :--)))

5/22/2011 #8

I'm not a fan of Miku/Mikuo, but seriously, I just can't resist the amazingness of Len/Rin X) JUST SO KAWAIIIIIII~!!!


8/20/2011 #9
No Contact Ever

i really love Dell and Haku they just belong together i mean there perfect my number one vocapair but second is totally rin and len they just cant be parted Btw i heard Haku and Dell aren't adopted siblings their half siblings ^_^ that explains the last names enough for me and i never ever think of rin and len being mirror images that's for people who can't accept twincest in all it's glory.

9/27/2011 #10

Most of these are selfcest, which is dumb. That's like m*** with yourself.

10/1/2011 #11
I Am The Raptor

Isn't all m*** with yourself...?

10/8/2011 #12
No Contact Ever

you 9702 are an idiot know what i say to the whole selfcest thing if you can't love yourself then nobody else will lmao got serious for a minute hey there chibis of evil i'm a huge fan of i*** that's why i'm here i don't know about anybody else ^_^

i still think brother sister pairings are better than anything you can throw together with two people that are strangers.

10/8/2011 #13

No need to baw all over the forum... xD

I think i*** is just hot. Like how people like yaoi and yuri.

10/8/2011 #14
No Contact Ever

yes yes i totally agree no more complaining everyone we can all agree it's hot no question about it

10/9/2011 #15
I Am The Raptor

Hm...I'm not a complete fan of i*** myself, but I'm not against it. And for people who hate i***...

If you had Len as a twin brother and you were a female, wouldn't you fall in love with him? And if you're a guy, wouldn't Len make you gay? xD

If you had Rin as a twin sister, and you were a guy, wouldn't you fall in love with her? And if you're a female, wouldn't Rin make you a lesbian? xD

I think I just explained everything quite clearly.

10/23/2011 #16
No Contact Ever

Omg you make a very valid point! Well i was fan from the beginning so i totally agree with you. You just about summed everything up nobody else should have anymore objections. ^_^

10/24/2011 #17
I Am The Raptor

*Heroic pose*

I guess I'm just that awesome.

10/24/2011 #18
Weiss Rose Schnee

hmm i can tolorate i***. depends tho. len and rin are just to cute together..

11/17/2011 #19

Aw, someone is innocent. XD

11/27/2011 #20

Innocent people. :'D How I find them amusing.

11/27/2011 #21

M***, really? e.e

Just 'cause Len won't reply to your fan letter doesn't mean you have to hate on the couple...

And m*** has NOTHING to do with i***/twincest. They don't look exactly alike, and even if they did you'd have to be really mean and flaky to not like someone just because they look like you. e.e Looks is like only 1/100th of love.

11/27/2011 #22

Yes, innocent people make me feel bad though. ;___;

11/27/2011 #23
Len/Rin is AWSOME
12/11/2011 #24
No Contact Ever

yeah they really are people who bash them need to stick their noses elsewhere how could you possibly hate them

12/14/2011 #25

I'm going to say these two things quickly and clearly:



The end

4/29/2012 #26

Rin x Len

Rin x Rinto (Do they count?)

Haku x Dell

Teto x Ted


7/22/2012 #27

Rin x Len IS THE BEST COUPLE IN THE WOOOORRRRLLLLLDDDD!!!!! Kawaii and adorable and they sing PERFECT with each other!!!! /// Ahhhhh how i love them... -//w//- (I don't think of them as twins because their last name actually means "Mirror image". WHOO!)

Miku x Mikuo is my second favorite couple w

Ted x Teto and Haku x Dell are cool too...yeah.

8/13/2012 #28
K. A. Farron

Dell and Haku are related? I didn't know that! I've been shipping an i*** couple and I didn't realise!

I don't like i*** couples. Not after I've had some comments aimed at me and my brother so that put me off RinxLen big time! I still think they are cute though and they sound amazing together! But I don't support them as a couple because I think of them as twins!

@Ordile and yesh Gumi and Sonika are really cute together!

And Kagamine actually means Mirrior Sound because Kagami means Mirror and Ne means sound.

(my own twin is sitting next to me while I write this O_O)

10/4/2012 #29
@chibichu uf i was was related to len i would totally still fall in love with him. plus i live rinxlen. although i prefer them as just mirror images or whatwver, im still ok with twincest. also, you cant spell twincest without win! \( ω )/
1/22/2013 #30
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