Gundam Wing lost fic
This forum is for anyone who is looking for a Gundam Wing fic that they can't remember the title, author or location. Anyone can post a missing fic and anyone can post an answer.
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I remember reading it where Heero,Duo,Trowa etc were like slaves kinda to Zechs who was owned by Trieze! Heero got in trouble for arguing with his tutor in like the first chapter. Anyone have any idea which fanfiction this one was! I know it included stuff about trust and that heero got shot near the end!

8/4/2011 #1

Well, there's "Cages" on

The boys are owned by Zechs who's undercover and pretending to be a slave owner. But it only lately developped into Treize owning him so I don't suppose it's the fic you're searching for.

8/13/2012 #2
mythical rose

I so remember that story but cannot remember who wrote it. If you find it could you please post it as i now want to read it again. I do remember that it had a sequal to it. Will also keep looking for it.

8/18/2012 #3
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