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This forum is for anyone who is looking for a Gundam Wing fic that they can't remember the title, author or location. Anyone can post a missing fic and anyone can post an answer.
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Just hoping someone could help me find a GW Fic I found on here YEARS ago and have just now decided to reread but can't find in my favorites, author alerts, author favorites, nor story alerts. I can't remember much of the fic except for a little bit of the first chapter. I know the chapter is scened in an office of a building that deals with special assignments and people (like spies and stuff). The boys come into the office and they're all wearing outfits that make them look yummy (don't know how I remember that since I can't remember the description of their clothes but I do) and are getting their next assignment. It is established that Heero and Duo are together as are Trowa and Quatre. One of the guys in the office leading to the boss' office hits on Duo and gets his wrist broken by a VERY possessive Heero. The one thing I remember about this story is that Duo's jacket that is black (of course) and has sliver stitching on the back that say Shinigami and then when it moves it also says Wing's. That's really all I can remember about the story but if someone could find it for me I would be really happy and extremely grateful. Ja ne ^__^

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