Gundam Wing lost fic
This forum is for anyone who is looking for a Gundam Wing fic that they can't remember the title, author or location. Anyone can post a missing fic and anyone can post an answer.
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Heero is a businessman and he needs to get married and Trowa (or Wufei) convinced him to hire someone to pose as his fiance (i think?) He and Duo got hitched in Vegas. Duo disappears and Heero looked for him and found him working as a veterinarian in a conservative town. ~Argh, atleast thats all i remember , not sure bout the other details but i hope u guys could help me. doumo ^^
3/2/2012 #1

here you go:

hope that's it! :D

3/4/2012 #2
Finally, thanks soO much!! ~i dont keep track of all the fic ive read so when i remember a particular fic that i want to re-read its a struggle to find it again. im running out of new good 1x2 fics to read, do u have any suggestions?
3/10/2012 #3

Depends on what kind of stories you want ;-) Chimaera/Broken Ties is a pretty long MPreg fic. Or Warheads, Bounty Hunter, Bootcamp, Additive Identity, Duo's Friendship Arc, Woke Up One Morning..., Dark Cloud Rising, Soldiers and Fools Arc, Fangs of the Wof, Two Halves, Genesis, Upon a Fiery Steed, A Grudging Secuction, Something To Live For, Digital, Marked To Death, Blue Bottled Belly Dancer, Robot Lover, Sorcery & Magic, The Locker Shock Incident - those are my favourite long stories.

I still have loads of other not-so-long fanfics, but it would help if you'd know what kind of fic you're searching for? Canon, AU, fantasy, romance, action, futuristic, angsty, school, gender, slash...?

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THANKS!!! Fangs of the Wolf, Two Halves, Genesis, Upon a Fiery Steed, Something To Live, Digital, Marked to Death ,The Locker Shock Incident , Woke up one morning.. ~ havent read these, do u have the links?
3/21/2012 #5

Fangs of the Wolf Upon a Fiery Steed Something to Live For Marked to Death(with sequel)

Two Halves and its sequel:


Locker Shock Incident:

Woke up one morning:


As you've noticed quite a lot of these are archives :3 If you browse a bit there'll be loads of good fics (since is rather strict many authers won't post their "good" stories here)

Feel free to PM or ask if you need anything else ^__^

3/21/2012 . Edited 3/21/2012 #6
snowmaidenharuhi theres a fanart on this video that i really am curious about. its the one where there seem to be a confrontation bet. heero and duo and Zechs was pullingHeero away from Duo. Duo was wearing a priest outfit. Do you know if its base on a fic? i would really like to read it if it was.
3/30/2012 #7
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