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This is just a spot in the forum I set a side where you can introduce yourself and get to know everyone a little bit. Keep in mind this is not a place for random discussions, there is in fact another designated area here especially for that

7/6/2009 #1
X5 - 452 and 494

Hello everyone!

I'm X5 - 452 and 494, or Kayla. However, I prefer X5. I'm the mod/creator for this particular forum. Not really much to say about me I'm really pretty boring. I LOVE to read, I almost always have a book with me. I get obsessed with thing pretty easily (hence my current obsession with Prayers for Bobby ( I have another forum for that in the Misc. Movies area) and all things Ryan Kelley.) My last obsession was Hayden Christensen, I am actually still obsessed with him. That's all for right now and if I think of anything else that may interest/bore you I'll let you know

7/6/2009 . Edited 7/6/2009 #2

Hi!!! My name is Jackie and I adored The Hanuting in Connecticut!!!! I've seen the movie 9 times at the theater and I bought the DVD. Kyle Gallner was perfect in every way. God I love him!!!

7/20/2009 #3

Hi, my name is Erin and after watching the Haunting in Connecticut a second time today on DVD it surprised me that I abruptly forgot what a poem in the movie was. Can you please help me with this. I know a line in it was something like, "Two dead boys rose up to fight" or something like that. Also, my house is haunted. Not kidding. Somebody help me with that, too.

7/21/2009 #4
X5 - 452 and 494

Hello, welcome to both of you! To answer your question Erin it's, "One bright day in the middle of the night, two dead boy's got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other, they drew their swords and shot each other. A deaf police man heard the noise, he came and he killed those two dead boy's." I've also head it where right after the last line some people add, ".... and if you don't believe my story ask the blind man he saw it too."

As too your haunting problem I'm sorry, but I'm not qulified to help. If the ghost/spirits/whatever don't seem to be mean/cruel or anything just nice...like Casper then I would say try to ignore it. Or maybe talking to them...I know probably sounds weird, but my friend's House is actually haunted too and her ghost seems pretty nice. We call him Nick. Other then occasionally stealing articles of her clothing it's not that bad. She talks to him all the time. If your ghost is mean I would try salt. If you don't want it somewhere you either put a circle around the area or just lines if it's areas like window sills and door way's. Of course it also helps to trap them as long as the salt line/circle isn't disrupted then it can't be crossed. Now I have no idea if that will definitely work it's just what I've heard. My friend also told me that some containers of salt even say to keep spirits and stuff away or something like that. I would also suggest maybe doing some research and see what comes up. Sorry I can't be more help.

Have fun, in the forum glad I could help, and if you have any other questions post them in the Questions Section. Check out the rest of the forum I hope you like it and be sure to let other people know about it. I just want to say once again, Welcome! I hope you have fun.

7/22/2009 . Edited 7/22/2009 #5

The name's Carly. I'm a huge SUPERNATURAL junky, and I love writing even though I'm shy about it. It might take me a while to write a bunch of stories for you all to enjoy. I'm absolutely in love with The Haunting In Connecticut for many reasons. First of all, Kyle Gallner did an AMAZING job. I couldn't believe how well he did. He made me feel so so sorry for him and his reactions were well acted. Second, for a new aged horror movie, it wasnt cheesy or unbelievable like most. The atmosphere was creepy, and the story was quite interesting. And last but not least, I can't get enough of ghost stories, hence Supernatural. I look forward to reading all of the amazing stories on this site!

7/25/2009 #6

My name is Jackie and it's nice to meet you Carly!!! I'm a huge Supernatural fan as well. I adore Jared Padalecki. I love Jensen Ackles as well but I have a soft spot for Jared (Sammy). (: Kyle Gallner is BY FAR my favorite young actor though. He's just amazing. The job he did in THIC was beyong perfection. I was so happy when my husband bought me the DVD the very day it came out. He's very secure in the huge crush I have on Kyle!! LOL!!! You're so right about his performance in that movie. The movie itself was so good and not like other horror movies. It actually had a story to it which I loved. I felt so sorry for Kyles character and that just showed what a fantastic actor he is. I thought he got so ripped off when he didn't get nominated for break out performance by a male and everything went to the "actors" in Twilight. What a joke and insult that was. I'm so looking forward to seeing Kyle in Nightmare on Elm Street. I know that he'll be wonderful in that too!!!

7/25/2009 #7

Hey erin, My name is Jackie and I too have lived in a haunted house. Nothing to be ashamed of. In fact the house that my husband Joey and I are currently living in used to be a hospice and we have a ghost named George. He was a biker before he died. He's very protective of the house and the people that live in it. I'm disabled so he always makes sure that he locks the door when Joeys at work and I'm by myself. If it's past 6:00 at night George will lock the door. Never fails. He also likes to walk up and down the hallway in the middle of the night. Joey used to be scared of him but now he likes the idea of George locking the door while he's at work. As long as your ghost isn't bugging you or doing something bad just make him feel welcomed. Remember he or she was there first!!! I don't know if I helped you out at all but I just want you to know that you're not alone!! Have a nice day Erin!! (:

7/26/2009 #8

Hi Jackie! Well, anyways, this was the problem. Once I was just relaxing, reading my book, normal stuff, you know? Then all of a sudden I hear "Erin? ERIN?! HELP ME!!" and it was my sister's voice coming from the kitchen. So, I rush into the kitchen and there's nobody there, and then I realize I'm home alone. It was really spooky. Also, when I was eleven, I remembered sitting on my bed and thinking I saw a lady in a bridal dress walking down the hallway towards my room. Then she just... vanished. Sometimes the things fall off the shelfs, and I also have doorbeads, and sometimes they're swinging around like someone's messing with them. And the same with the chandelier, but that only happened once, and it was only swinging lightly. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one noticing these happenings, and one night when I saw the lady again, I saw and pointed to her, but none of my family saw her. And then... I realized that my great-grandmother was a Medium. Also, whenever you take pictures of around my house, there are always orbs. This past summer my grandmother died, so now I've been experiencing even more of the strange mishaps. Do you think it's my Grandmother? What do you think?

8/13/2009 #9

Hey Sweetie!!! I'm totally sure t could be your grandmother. I hate when you're the only one to see things don't you?? People look at you like you're a freakin nut!! My sister Diana Kay died when she was 16 at the time I was 8. Later when I was 12 I was sitting on the couch reading Seventeen Magazine. I could even tell you what the article was about. Wich tells you I was wide awake. Anyway's, I saw something move in the corner of my right eye and I looked up and there stood Diana Kay. She was floating about 3 ft. up off the ground. She was just looking ahead and not even looking towards me. She turned to look at me really fast and she just went floating out the door to our living room. She was really fast too. I called my other sister Franya to come and help me and she said that it looked like I saw a ghost. (I'm not kidding!!) and I told her "That's because I just did!!". That was the freakiest thing ever. It still freaked me out even though she was my sister. LOVE YA!!!~Jackie

8/13/2009 #10

Peeps! I asked my mom about the house, and this is what she said:

The man living here before me was a doctor. People came to this house for checkups and stuff. The doctor... died... and his wife moved away.

Well, I think it could be the man, or some of the patients. But I do not understand the lady in the bridal dress! I don't know her, and I don't think she could be one of the patients.

8/14/2009 #11

P.S. who likes my avatar?

8/14/2009 #12

Hi!!! I'm Jackie L. Vester. I'm married to a great guy named Joey but he's totally cool with my celeb crush on Kyle Gallner!! In fact he bought me THIC the very day it came out and said "Now you can watch your little cutie everyday!!!" What a guy!!! Kyle Gallner is by far my favorite young actor right now. I think he's so underated and it's really not fair. He showed what fantastic actor he is in THIC and instead all we heard about were the "actors" in Twilight. What a piece of crap that was. I know Kyle will go far and he should. Not only is he beautiful but he's so talented as well. As for the movie, I saw it 9 times at the theater and I watch it like everyday at home. It never gets old!!!

8/15/2009 #13

I know! I've seen it, like, five times now. I think Jonah was the hot one though. And I don't like Twilight at all. It just is not my type I guess. I told one of my friends and said I dissed the red and black bible. That was cruel to God.

8/15/2009 #14

Jonah was cute too but I'm a matt girl. I LOVE Kyle gallners eyes, mouth and voice plus my uncle and cousin both met him and said that he was totally sweet. He's VERY tiny though but that's cool because so am I. How is the whole Twilight thing cruel to God?? I'm Jewish so I really don't get it. Is it like Christian thing??

8/15/2009 #15

No, I told one of my friends I don't like Twilight, and she said I dissed the red-and-black Bible, which means she was referring to Twilight. Like... the Torah is your sacred scripture, is it not? Imagine if someone said, "You dissed the red-and-black Torah!" how would you feel?

8/16/2009 #16

That's stupid!!! I hated Twilight and anything to do with it. I'm not too worried about dissing the Bible. Maybe your friend should lighten up a tad!!

8/16/2009 #17

I know!!

Hahaha, we got so off topic.

8/16/2009 #18

I tend to do that!!! LOL!!! Don't worry about your Twilight loving friend. I think a lot of those people area little wonky!! LOL!!!

8/16/2009 #19

LOL!! Ya know, my Twilight-loving friend just dissed my twin... I don't like her too much anymore. My twin sister just said a little thing like, "All you ever talk about is Twilight," and then she got sssssoooo mad. She told her mom. Heh. She acts sssoooooo young. She's a teenager! Why does she do that! Well. I'm like a year older than her... I suppose I'm more mature. -sigh-

8/19/2009 #20

I'm sure that you're a lot more mature then she is. She had no right to diss your twin. How Rude!! I don't get these Twilight people. The movie completely sucked and the acting was horrid. I can't understand how it got all these awards. The only way it did get them was because people were allowed to vote and all these little teenage girls who have crushes on Robert Pattison or whateve his name is voted for him. The thing I hate is when they say that Kyle Gallner looks like a tiny version of Robert Pattison. PUUULEASE!!! Not only Kyle much better looking but he's a way better actor.

8/19/2009 #21

I feel the same way. LOL!!!

8/20/2009 #22

Thank you!!!! (: I fully expect all these little girls with their little Rob Pattison crushes to come along and say mean things but so far they haven't. I can totally understand having a crush. There's totally nothing wrong with that. I admit I have a crush on Kyle and I have a little one on Jonah (Erik K. Berg) but I don't believe in getting all crazy. I mean PLEASE grow up people. I'm not going to get behind some piece of crap movie like Twilight just because I have a crush on the actor. I like Jared Padalecki too but Friday the 13th pretty much so sucked. I still like Jared though. I'm not going to vote on a movie I know as a fact sucks just because I think the actor's hot.

8/20/2009 #23

I know! Don't get all crazy and say they're a gods, which some fan girls are practically doing. There are no gods! There's only one... sorry if I offended anyone, but that is my belief. Sorries!!

8/21/2009 #24

I'm Jewish so I'm cool. I too believe that there is only one God. I can't believe that people would even think for one minute that characters in books or movies are Gods. How pathetic. SHEESE!!! Get a freakin life!!! LOL!!! Twilight (the movie) sucked and I truly can't wait for this Twilight fad to end and it will. Everywhere you look you see the "actors" faces plastered all over every freakin magazine. It kind of makes me mad cause there are so many other much better actors out there. One being Kyle Gallner. He's fantastic but they never talk about him. I'm getting so sick of hearing that Rob Pattison and Kristen Stewart (I think that's her name) are a couple. Who the Hell cares?? Really!! Now a sequel?? What the first Twilight didn't suck enough; We have to have a sequel?? I just wish the whole thing would be over.

8/21/2009 #25

Yeah, I don't like it at all! LOL!! And THEN my sister forced me to write a fanfic about it. URGHHHH!!!!! GRRRRRR!!! Well at least she doesn't know it's a crossover... heh heh...

8/22/2009 #26

Your sister forced you to write a fanfic about Twilight?? First off my sdister KNOWS she can't force me to do anything. If you didn't like Twilight I would have told my sister that I hate Twilight and if she wants a fanfic so badly she can write it herself. Then I would have told her to bite me!!! LOL!!! No way in HELL would I give up my own time to write a freakin fanfic for Twilight. I'd rather bite my own tounge off.

8/22/2009 #27

You would?? That would hurt lol. You know this reminds me of a torture thing that the Vikings used to do and they'd.... um..... nevermind. Heh, let's get back on topic. Twilight talk is giving me a headache... hehe... the only medecine for it is watching Star Trek!! HAHAHA!! I love Star Trek. And THIC. And more...

8/23/2009 #28

I used to afraid of my sister but not anymore. She's almost 5 years older then me and we would get into fist fights and she would win but now since I'm older I win. I also have a baby brother but we're really tight. I adore him!! As for stupid Twilight. I'm getting so sick of anything to do with it. I never saw Star Trek but I LOVE Supernatural. That's like my favorite show. Not to mention both the guys are smokin hot!!!

8/23/2009 #29

Heey, I'm Blair :D

I absolutely loved this movie.. although I still get a bit freaked because I live in my basement alone:S Nevertheless, I still loved it, and I have so many intriguing plot bunnies hopping around in my overly cluttered brain..

But otherwise.. hmm. I love reading, and writing, obviously. Being the geek that I am, I love Transformers xD And i'll read almost anything.. But I hate twilight -_- I love writing fanfiction, but I haven't lately because my computer doesn't much memory left, from all my music and whatnot.

8/26/2009 #30
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