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Witty Sarcasm

Just so we all get a refresher for you charries....Please repost! Any way you want to is fine. Just make sure the info is up for people to see. Don't need to do this for cannon.

Name: Tony Rodchester

Alias: Shift

Looks: Dark shaggy hair and emerald green eyes. 5'7", very thin and wiry. Inherited mother's delicate and feminine looks, getting teased and bullied a lot through school because of less than manly looks.

Side: Good, eventually. Loner in the beginning.

Age: 17, going on 18

Personality: Quiet and a loner. Tries to avoid people in general, though is afraid of men more than women because of his father. People are kept at bay with walls of sarcasm and aloofness. Loyal to a fault once he considers someone a friend. Always trying to prove himself and so comes off as violent and reckless because of it.

Past: Refuses to talk about it, hates to think of it. Parents didn't want a mutant kid so his father tried to 'beat the freakishness' out of him. His mother did nothing, only tried to ignore the issue, hoping it would somehow miraculously go away. Tony recently ran away. There is a new baby on the way and they will not want him to 'infect' it. Because somehow, being a freak is all his fault.

Ability: Can shapeshift into animals so long as he has a vivid picture in his mind. The downside to this is that he has to train constently in various animals forms to be comfortable and able to function properly in that particular body. And, as another downside, (this one more obvious), all animals, no matter what they are, are dark brown with emerald eyes. (Not a very common eye color amongst animals and not a very accurate fur tone for some)

7/7/2009 #1

Real name- Selene Drizz

Alias- Seabus (not that she uses it now...)

Age- Unknown (due to surgical procedures and patching done by S.T.A.R.)

Gender- Female

Appearance- She is about 5" 5' ish and very lithe. She has very stong leg muscles and has a great endurance. Her ears resemble fins (delicate bones and transparent skin stretched to each bone, similar to a human ear with extensions.), fingers and toes have stretchible skin between them, six ragged slits on neck (three one each side, Gills). Her hair is fashioned into a short, messy dark purple fauxhawk. Large eyes have four pupils (one large one surrounded by three smaller) with a bright neon green background. She has legs, but when she changes she had a fifty lb. mass of muscle called a tail. Her entire pale, sickly looking body is covered in tiny scales that are better than a bulletproof bodysuit.

Her legs absorb each other at a code word and form a makeshift tail. At those words, toes elongate and flatten, making the skin between them stretch into a hardy and solid fin. The microscopic scales that surround her body enlarge on the 'tail', making it strong and durable. Her tail is not blue or green, it is the same tone as her skin color, a sickly pale.

Clothing- With her tail, she usually wears a short jean skirt (for more manuveribility and shifting. And switching back to legs leaves her pantless.) and a yellow V neck halter top. No shoes, 'cause who'd want 'em when you can't get hurt?

Side- Good (since being picked up by the X-Men) deciding if it's really worth it, Borderline Neutral really.

Personality- Selene is very... indifferent at times. She doesn't care what happens, but enjoys watching the outcome. But when engaged, she can be very sarcastic and dramatic. She loves to make fun and is very snide with her comments. She doesn't take no for an answer or take crap from anybody. If you're not following what she thinks is right, you're doing it wrong and she'll set you on the 'right' course. Not being attached to anyone at the Mansion, she doesn't really like to have deep, endearing talks with anyone. She hates 'shrinks' and anything medical. Selene wanders a bit. Walking through the halls, swimming in the pool, or running around the grounds are usually where you'll find her.

History- Selene was found by the X-Men in a training facility that surgically boosted mutants powers and trained them to be agents for their cause (S.T.A.R.). They (X-Men) were amazed to find that she had volunteered for the painful procedures that boosted her insignificant purple hair and microscopic scales into the abilities that she uses now. The X-Men broke into the facility, leaving it in ruins, before Selene's surgery was done The docters shut her down, mid-patch, by dropping her into a grate by the ocean, still drugged from the operation (leaving her with temporary Amnesia) and open wounds. Selene was 'rescued' with five others from the facility whom she refers to as her 'teammates'. She often refers to her training there and sort of misses 'those days'.

Her family was all mutants. Selene was a mutant also, but showed no sign of spectacular abilities. She became so obssessed with being better that she finally went to her friend Rick, who set her up with S.T.A.R. at age 18. She hasn't seen her family since. Being at the Mansion gave her a place to stay, so now she feels she owes the X-Men something in return. She has spent two months there so far.

Abilities- Breathe, see, and hear underwater due to special surgery to her person. Her real mutant ability is bodily manipulation without hurting herself significantly.

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

name:Leon Nightbridge


Looks:semi-long white frosty hair with a tint of blue,long in the back,and flat,yet spiky,very young feminine looks,and eyes of blood red,and kind of pale,he is 5"9.

Side:good,though he is a trouble maker at the start,and needs to be carefully recruited.


Personality:Quiet,dark,depressing attitude,and very good at one word-ers,he prefers to be alone,unless it involves training,playing a game,or studying,although he comes off as a loner and an insensitive j***,he only voices his opinion which he gets from books most of the time,however he is trustworthy and incapable of betrayle,he is also the type who would risk anything he has for a friend.

Past:his father ran out on him and his mother when he found out his son was as he called him"a dirty,fithy,mutey-freak",his mother then became overprotective and began to become an alchohalic,she raised him the best she could away from the people around him,she rarely let him leave the house,and made sure nobody even knew she had a son,then oneday his mother met a new man,and they became serious,then he found out about Leon,and that he was a mutant,this enraged him so he began to thrash their home and he called the Mutant registration agency,after beating Leon's mother,she released him and he fled,at the age of 13,he was all alone so he began to become a wanderer,and now a criminal,he mugs and takes what he wants from normal humans,all so he can get bye,and stay alive,nobody has ever shown him any kind of compassion,or careing so he finds the world he had never walked in before,a dark lonely,and hateful strange place.

Ability:he can createe and manipulate a type of odd bloack coloed energy,which he call Miasma,it can filter oput all light,and can be made into a solid,or a smoke,or a mix of both,it seems to be able to be able to be used to for many differant things,even an energy source if studied properly,he can create it from his hands,or his whole body at once,with it he can do a great many thing,its power grrown when there is less light,however it can absorb light,and the downside it is tied to his emotions the more he feels the more power he can generate.

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Is It still ok if I join?

Warning: If you let me in, I have ADD and tend to miss things when I spell Check so I am sorry... I do my best!


Real name: Couger

Eyes: One brown, one Gold.

Hair: Shoulder length, Black.

Hight: 5'5

Power: Sort of like Sabertooth with the whole nails thing, and fangs. Not to mention a tail and cat ears.

Personality:Very, very bad temper, Funny, and easy to talk to (as long as you're on her good side.)

Age: 16 and half

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The Crimson Nutcase

Name: Charlie Adams

Alias: Vertigo

Looks: short brown curly hair, light blue eyes, 5 ft 12 wears a Grey shirt with red lines moving in random directions, black eye patch. simply black trainers. has sliver ipod headphone in his ears most of the time.

Side: good, but would take advante if he could.

Age: 16

Personality: laided back, fun loving, friendly. he is the kind of person to take nothing seriously ever. he would help some one if they were his friend but not if he didn't like them. all ways say something stupid at the wrong time, never keeps his mouth shut for long, overconfident in his powers. can be very opportunistic.

Past: his parents being fine with him having powers but his brother was a different story who was a firm believer in the news and that mutants where dangerous freaks so he got a group together to beat Charlie to a pulp but because of his powers he managed to get out of but did lose his left eye and the healing factor only helped with the smaller cuts and bruises he had gotten. keeping what had happened to him and just wearing an eyepath saying that he was simply knocked his head and now couldn't see in that eye, mainly coz he wanted to get his own pay back on his brother.

Ability: photographic muscle memory (like taskmaster), small healing factor

9/12/2009 #5
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Rexis Eden



Side:He is a leader in the human superiority faction(So Bad?)


Personality:Arrogant,calm,manipulative,wicked and evil

Past:A skilled speaker who has great support from all mutant haters,he pretends to be a normal human but is actually a powerful telepathic who has the Senate wrapped around his finger,he claims his entire family was murdered by mutants and that they are a scourges on the human race,somehow he can hide his abilities from the sentinels mutant radar,and actually just desires control and power,he is the CEO of a powerful company Called:Way-to-Paradise-industries.

Abilities:He is a high level Telepathic nearly on par with Gene's,he can read minds,manipulate memories,levitate objects,and control wind,water,earth,Lightning and fire in truth he has altered his Genetics to increase his powers well beyond the normal limit.

(He is linked to an X-Men villain care to guess which one? and no its not Magneto.)

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Is it too late to join?

Name: Unknown

Alias: Haywire

Looks: About 5'10" and vert thin but has an athletic build. Hairy, dark skin and bright red hair the looks like it was cut with a dull Swiss army knife and a line of 5 o'clock shadow. His ears are long and pointed and he has an earring in his left one, and his teeth are pointed like a carnivores. He wears a dog collar around his neck with a dog tag that has a smiley face on it. His eyes have been gouged out, so he covers them with eyes patches that have cartoon skulls on them.

Side: Neutral mostly, he doesn't really care (or notice) sides too much

Age: Unknown

Personality: Haywire's very childish despite his appearance, thinking in simple terms and gets excited about things easily. He is a carnivore that has a ravenous hunger, often hunting in the dead of night and tends to play with his "food." He used to eat humans, but he hasn't done so for awhile saying that "Master said 'eating humans is wrong.'" He still has some craving for humans though and has an obsession for really obese people (due to having so much meat and being easy to catch) and usually leers at people like he's about to attack them. He doesn't seem to realize that he makes people uncomfortable, getting way to close for comfort. He has a type of hierarchy system for most people, treating people who are stronger than him respectfully, though never more so than his "Master." To those he deems 'strong' he refers to in formal terms and bows when they address him, and will usually do what they ask of him without a second though, as long as it doesn't clash with his "Master's" orders. He will also bring them and his Master 'gifts,' usually dead animals. Those he deems weaker he won't do a damn thing for, and sticks his nose at them should they ask anything of him. He can't stand the sound of gunshots, and will attack them in blind rage. The smell of blood brings out his craving for meat, and a lot of it can send him into a feeding frenzy. He's terrified of lightning, and during storms he can be found cowering under something with his hand over his ears. He acts nervous around people who are acting angry or yelling, and when directed at him he will literally throw himself at the person's feet and beg for forgiveness. He speaks in broken sentences, usually sounding like nonsense, and pantomiming objects like phones or guns. His mood can change very quickly however, and in certain situations he can become very vicious and dangerous. He also likes knitting.

Past: Not a lot of his past is known, since he only mentions random bits and pieces of information that almost never say anything. He was apparently working for an organization (the name of this organization is unknown) for assassination purposes, killing targets and then consuming the body to get rid of the evidence. He never says how long he worked there, but he refers to someone as "Master," supposedly the person running the place. Shortly before he left he started to neglect his work when he began to killing and eating the wrong targets until a person Haywire calls "the Bear Man" clawed out his eyes in retaliation. He says that he was given one more mission before leaving, and that his "Master" told him "don't come back with failure." During his mission he got distracted and failed to assassinate his target. He simply never went back afterwards, since his "Master" told him not to. He apparently found another "Master" later, whom he refers to as "New Master." This master he mentions is much calmer and kinder and gave him the title "Haywire." He doesn't give details to where this "New Master" is, but mentions that he sent Haywire to protect something important to him.

Ability: He is a very capable fighter who is very skilled with knives. He has heightened senses and exceptional strength, speed, and agility, which allows him to function without his eyes with incredibly little difficulty. His sense of smell and hearing are the strongest. His teeth are more like fangs to allow him to feed on meat and has a powerful bite to match. He is very enduring and can stand a good amount of damage, but he has no accelerated healing. His hands are equipped with small claws. Due to the nature of his origins, he might not actually be a mutant at all, though he definitely isn't human.

Hopefully this wasn't too much. I've never done this before. ^^'

11/12/2009 . Edited 11/12/2009 #7

Here is mine(Got this from another forum I posted and yes, he is part of Weapon X.)

Name: Jake Kobyashi

Alias: Shinobi

Age: Unknown due to his slowed aging by the healing factor but looks like he is 20

Looks Mutant form: Black crazy style hair, mechanical arm, X-Men uniform which is simillar to the X-Men uniform in the movies except his that the only glove is on his left hand, under it are some robes, and he wield a special ray shooting sniper rifle and 2 pistols.

Looks, civillian form: Looks like his mutant form, mechanical arm is hidden by a black, tight glove.Instead of wearing his uniform, he wears a black shirt and jeans and instead of a sniper rifle, he wields two pistols.

Background: Born on a unknown date in Japan, his mutant power was triggered by a witness of his father's death by his uncle. In a fit of rage, he made clones of himself and used his right hand to brutally slaughter his uncle before his uncle revealed that he was a mutant as well and that the one he slaughtered was his clone. But then, Jake took out 2 katanas from his father's collection and sliced his uncle in half. Since then, he moved as a immigrant to America to join the army during the Vietnam war. He managed to survive multiple gunshots since he via healing factor and didn't seem to age. By time, he became a experianced marksman and was know as "killer hand" because, he was a subject of Weapon X after his right had was sliced off and was upgraded with a mechanical one which is now able to upgrade by focus on his mutant spells. He can also shoot energy bolts. Finally, he has adamantium sword that can be reatachable from his hands like Wolverine. But if he uses spells, it will take up alot of energy since he can be reckless with his spells. Unfortunatley, he lost his memories just like Wolverine. He was approached by PX and then bought to the X-Men team. But then, he learned to use less energy on a spell by PX. He then accepted the name Shinobi.

Powers/Abilities: Adamantium swords, laser bolts by shinobi power, shinobi skills, healing factor, slowed aging, mechanical hand capable of penatrating Sentinal armor but can still activate his swords also can give access to technolgy type shinobi-like skills, teleporting, special upgrade that makes his sword more powerful and his spells more powerful, faster, gives access to making his spells more powerful but gives him a lot of strain and may be considered to make him lose his memory if he keeps it on too long, forcing a telepath to recover him. His only skill which took him ages to master is his superb marksman skills. But after hard training, he basiclly gained control of his super mode and it is shown by 3 marks on each cheek.

Hero/Villain: Hero

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Name : Luna Elvira Night

But You Can Call Me : Tigress

I Have golden Eyes and orange tiger-striped Fur.

My Age is 16.

I Chose a Side Long ago and That was good.

People Say I’m : Luna has quite a temper when provoked! She is a feral, so anger or frustration and her should not mix. When in control of her emotions, however, she is nice and will listen to anyone's problems. She cannot remember her past, only that she is trying to find her uncle Logan, and that deeply frustrates her. She will occasionally wake from nightmares with a scream, but she tries to keep her feelings hidden. She believes that she is a killer for unknown reasons and as a result tries to distance herself from everyone. She adores Logan and the X-Men, and will protect those that she loves with feral ferocity.

My Past Reveals Very Little : She doesn't remember anything from the time she was thirteen or so (so she only remembers about three years of her life, though she knows about Creed- think Logan ), but I shall give you a brief rundown: She was born to Victor Creed (Sabretooth) and a woman by the name of SaraBeth. Creed killed her mother, but abandoned his daughter. Someone found her, took pity, and adopted her. When she was about five or so, they handed her over to Fury, who taught her Martial Arts and such until she was roughly seven, then Fury handed her to Stryker for a large sum of money. Stryker activated her powers, triggering her physical mutation, and put her through intensive training. At the age of fourteen, she was put through the Weapon X program and adamantium was coated to her bones, permanently stunting her growth. She went feral, but they sedated her and trained her until she recently escaped less than a year ago. She is currently seeking out the help of her only living relative besides her father.

I Can : transform into a tigress (adult and cub) of any color (for camouflage purposes), heal myself, heal others (though it takes away my own energy), and I have retractable adamantium-coated claws from my fingers (five on each hand). Enhanced senses like Wolverine. Healing can be draining and transforming into a tigress can be painful at times.

And I Look Like : a human tiger. I have short orange tiger-striped fur, whiskers, pointy cat ears, a tail, fangs, claws, and luminescent golden eyes. I wear dogtags around my neck, engraved with my name and such, as well as Logan's 'motto:' “I'm the best there is at what I do.” I stand at a short stature of 4'5”, weighing in at a measly 95 lbs, mainly because I have been starved.

And Only 12kirby12 Can Play Me!


12/5/2009 . Edited 12/6/2009 #9

Name: Kaynin Hale

Alias: Fire Stream

Appearance: Blue eyes, blond hair. Raggy blue t-shirt, knee length camo shorts, and father's old safety glasses

Relatives: Mother (Deceased); Father (Deceased); Brother (Unknown)

Age: 17 years

Personality: Always aware of things. Quiet. Doesn't trust most people

Origin: Born to a mutant mother and scientist father, he lived a happy life. He had a twin bother, and they always did something reckless every moment they had. His powers manifest at the age of nine-years-old, after the death of his mother the morning before, and when they did his arms become engulfed in flames and his house leveled with some rubble. He started running when the cops was hot on his trail. He robbed pharmacist trying to keep his powers under control, but only his powers to reemerge hours later with a bigger explosion each time. He finally was able to contain them at the age of eleven when he found a scrapyard. He soon later found two helpless kids, one boy with the power to create dome-like barriers and his sister who's powers recently manifested. They travel together in hopes of finding a legend among mutant children about a school that is a sanctuary for their kind.

Powers: Able to manipulate heat and/or fire sources (including his arms). Pyro-Healing factor (Heals from heat or fire around). Short-range Thermo-detection (Senses heat sources).

12/11/2009 #10

Can I join?

Name: Aingeal (prononced Angel) Faldet

Alias: Blaze

Looks: 5' 3"ish, lean with muscles. Curvey. Light brown hair thats got blue, green and purple streaks dyed into it. Blue-grey eyes. Lightly tanned skin. Wears tank tops that show abit of her stomach and low rise skinny jeans paired typicaly with converse, flip flops or running shoes.

Side: good (nuetral at first but swayed by the x-men)

Age: 16

Personality: Fun loving, flirty, daring,stubborn, doesnt like to acept or ask for help, sarcastic, shy at first, competitive, loyal and trusting.

Past: Aingeal lived with her father after her mom left. Her father was always busy with work so she wasnt close with him. She had been kicked out of a total of three bording schools before coming to Xaviers for reckless behavor and ignoring the rules. She has a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and won sevral sparring compititions. Her powers appeared one day as she was doing her home work, starteld she moved the flame hovering above her hand to close to her homework and it burnt up along with her desk.

Ability: Using friction (i.e. snapping fingers, rubbing fingers along the palms of her hands, rubbing hands together) creates fire. She cant really control it yet and when trying to make the fire do what she wants she ends up with head aches or nose bleeds.

12/17/2009 #11

Hey I hope it's not too late for me to join anyway here's my character.

Name: Drake Adams

Alias: Dragon

Appearance: Has short spiky brown hair a musclar build and weighs in at 310 due to increased muscle weight and is around 6 foot 5 inchs has hazel eyes, 7 foot scaly wings, and a scaly tail with a pointed tip and his X-men uniform is black sneakers, white socks, black jeans with hole cut for his tail, sky blue T-shirt and black vest jacket with an red X on the front with slits cut in the back of the both for his wings and his civilian uniform is blue jeans, white socks, red sneakers, and a brown T-shirt even though he complains that his tail and wings are cramped in his civilian uniform.

Side: Good due to joining the X-men

Age: 18

Personality: Loyal to his friends and members of the X-men but a bit hot-headed at times and will rush into danger or a fight to protect his friends but sometimes will accidently reveal his powers sometimes.

Past: Drake was typical fifteen year old high school student until his mutant powers developed in school after getting into fight and after getting explled from school and then his dad kicked him out of the house then Professor Xavier quickly found him and took him in to the Institute and as three years at the Institute went by he quickly formed friendships and learned to master his powers he eventually became a full fledged member and he became best friends with Iceman and quickly proved himself to be a skilled pilot and a master martial artist earning him Wolverine's respect.

Ablities: Flight due to his wings, being able to shoot balls of fire and ice, intense high pressure blasts of water, and a electric beam out of his hands, healing factor, unbreakable diamond hard bones, and super strength.

2/1/2010 . Edited 2/1/2010 #12
Raven's Spark

Name:Raven....well no last name she stole this name from mystique.


Looks:reg. skin color for a girl her age.

Side: evilish mostly good and neutral


Personality: Energetic, happy, goes into rages out of no where, pretty much changes.

Past:mysterious no one knows not even her. all she remembers was mystique helping her and she took all her personality, powers, and so on.

Ability:when she touches someone and thinks about it she can take everything about the person. so unlike rogue she doesnt have to cover all her skin unless she wants to.

3/3/2010 #13

Name:Nico Dynal

Alias: Booster

Looks:Thin, lanky, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes

Side: X-men


Personality: Sickeningly cheerful always looks on the bright side about everything. Some people find it annoying, but he doesn't care.

Past: Unlike most mutants he had a wonderful life before his power appeared. It appeared when him and his younger brother were fighting, he accidentally bestowed a power on his brother luckily it was only Class 2 So he could live the rest of his life like a normal person. His parents did not want him or his brother to go to Xavier's academy. But he convinced them that it was for the best. He was unable to convince his brother to come with him but he would be fine.

Ability: He has Power Bestowing it is the ability to jump start mutant abilities or like the name says bestow them on regular humans. He cannot choose the abilities it depends on the humans genetics. They could end up with an ability like Rogues and its permanent so you would be stuck with an ability that restricts you from physical contact for the rest of your life. He also has Power Negation which lets him negate the powers of other mutants. Both of these powers may be controlled with enough concentration. Though when he gets mad or scared he can't control it.

3/10/2010 . Edited 3/10/2010 #14

Name: Mist Vandicamp

Nickname: Trickster

Looks: Blondish brown hair with Icy blue eyes

Side: Brotherhood

Age: 17 (Same age as Pietro)

Personality: (Read fanfic for more info) Trouble maker

Past: Lived a normal life until she was pushed off a skyscraper and used her powers to levitate off the ground. Later was taught by Magneto to control her powers then was put in the Brotherhood

Powers: Anything she so desires (Don't worry shewont use others powers)

3/14/2010 #15
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Callisto Schinder


Appearance:A black-helmet designed similar to a knight helm,a long cape with shoulder spikes,and a fancy noble black and purple clothes,her face is badly scarred and she has lavender eyes and long jet black hair.

Side:Good?(She i like Magneto only without the megalomaniac part.)


Personality:Dark,twisted,freedom loving,and hate injustice and racism.

History:A teenager who has had a hard awful life,she has been discriminated against most of her life,she has suffered much and was badly burned when her family was murdered for being mutants,she is a public speaker craving to help mutants be accepted,though she has been guilty of execive force,she has also been compared to Magneto,though she has no desire to gain power,merely for mutants to be free from oppression,she also pretends to be a boy.

Abilities:Mild healing factor,powerful technopathic power,and telekinesis,she can also alter people perceptions and make herself or others seem invisible,and read minds,she also has increased reflexes,she can also see and sense other mutants.

3/15/2010 #16

Real name- Gabriel Gigante

Alias- Overload

Age- 12

Gender- Male

Appearance- A short young man with dark brown nearly black hair and electric blue eyes. He does not bath much due to his mutation. Scars cover his upper body hidden under his clothes and a few electrical burns cover his body as well.

Clothing- He normally wears a long black trench coat (duster) over a dark armored outfit,

Side- Neutral

Personality- Gabriel's life has made him untrusting and a loner.


My name is Gabriel, Gabriel Gigante, but I do not really go by that much since I have no friends or family anymore.I was never very popular in school.That made it easier to disappear and keep my weird eyes a secret.My parents both have dark hair and brown eyes, but I dark brown hair and bright electric blue eyes.I am rather smart but I did not try very hard and got average grades no matter what courses I took but I have always liked science.I gave up pleasing my parents at the age of six when my dad took to beating me on a daily basis.

My mom was the only one who knew.Dad would use his hands or his belt normally.My teachers took care not to notice and the bullies knew I was not going to cry so they left me alone like everyone else.Life went by in a simple pattern all I ever did was go to school come home finish most my homework then wait around until my dad came home.Once dad got home he would beat me it was simple.Occasionally mom would take me to the store with her but then dad would beat me worse than normal.I enjoyed the time me and mom spent at the store though she would get me something like a drink or a snack normally.

It was on my eighth birthday day that mom left my life for good before my eyes.I remember it clear as if it just happened.It was raining while we were leaving the store when he stopped us.I still do not know who he was.I was happy mom had just given me a plastic deck of playing cards she said they were perfect for me.He pointed at my mom and started calling her, a freak.He said I could live but she had to die and shot her.I did not know why he did until later but he knocked me out.I woke up as the police showed up.That was the first time in two years since my dad decided I was his personal punching bag that I cried.They found my mom's head after a few hours, but the rest of the body was missing.They never found the killer.My dad picked me up from the police station as one of the detectives started to notice my bruises and scars.I was confused that the detective took any interest, no one had before then but he gave up after visiting my house and talking to my dad.I wish he had kept in touch but it was pointless.My dad beat me to the point my eye swelled shut the following day that I took off school nobody even noticed.I never went back to school.Everyone assumed I was being tutored at home since the weird mugger killed my mom.In actuality, I just stopped going.Dad never knew I always left after him and got home before him.From then on, we had power trouble, which my dad used as an excuse to beat me worse than ever before.The weird thing is I never showed any sign of the beatings the following day.One day everything changed.

It happened on the anniversary of my mom's murder, which was also my ninth birthday.My dad said he was being nice in reality he was too drunk to hurt me so it was my first day in three years without being hit, after that night I was never hit by my dad again.I went to bed early because the power went out but it was the whole street this time the transformer had overloaded from a large draw of power.I woke up screaming in pain as lightning shot out from my body.My dad saw this and smiled.At the time, I did not know he was in the mafia as an underboss but every adult knew who he was and would soon learn of his freak of a son.The next morning he took me to his work with him.The power went out instantly.He walked in and killed his boss making him head of the Genovese Family.I was kept close until dad figured out how to best use my powers to help him.I figured out I could channel the electricity through my legs allowing me to move as fast as lightning, and I could shoot it out of my body in bolts.I became one of the world's best thieves.

I never claimed the title of number one thief but I was good with my powers never shutting off the only evidence ever found were scorched marks of my running and a double G at every scene.Dad was not happy about my signature but he knew it would not lead to him since he had every record of my true identity destroyed by me.That was his first mistake I just kept it all.I had six different identities by the time I turned ten none of them were connected to my dad in any way.The whole family feared my dad, but after my tenth birthday, my dad wanted to make sure his reign as the boss would not end until he died naturally.

I became the perfect killer to serve him as a loyal assassin he could turn his back on and not have to worry.He had me study both Sun Tzu and Machiavelli.They taught me what my job was.I perform better than expected once I got used to the blood.It took me a full year to become so good my dad feared me by that time he had used me to unify every mafia family under him and became the controller of all the crime in America except for one city.I stopped twenty attempts on my life by the time I was eleven but then I was so tired of killing I told dad I was done.He pulled a gun and shot at me.It just like those would be killers who had come for me over the past year.The bullet stopped just before touching my skin inside an electric field I maintained outside of my body to help alleviate the pain from my abilities.After his attempt on my life, I gave him a double G scar on his chest like I gave my every target before leaving in a flash.

I did not leave empty handed though I had three full identities with me including my own from birth and enough evidence to put my father away for life.I went to Chicago and lived on the streets sleeping in unused apartment buildings and avoiding any kind of authority legal or not.I stole food to survive, but I did not eat much.I thought I could live like that and be happy, but life is never that easy.After six months, I noticed my powers growing so that instead of the constant static shocking I felt since the morning after I got them it became a torture to be alive, but that was not the only side effect the stronger my powers were the faster I healed and my mind worked.I thought about suicide more than once over the next few months, but I decided to try something different.I did what most lower class kids my age do I turned to drugs. Taking a mix of depressants that calmed my powers some and painkillers to dull them even further, I survived on through the next few months.I had to take more and more until some annoying people started to chase me after I had an accident.

Abilities- Uncontrolable electrical absorbtion. He can release electrical blast from both his hands and feet. He also unconciously holds a bearier up around his body and mind to prevent injury or unwanted intruders. He can channel his electrical powers through his legs giving him super speed.

10/19/2010 #17

Real Name: N/A

Alias: Eclipse

Age: Undertimined appears to be 7

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has extreamly dark brown skin that fits the similarly lean form of his 4'5" body. His body is littered with scars mostly bullet holes but he also has some sword marks and knive wounds. The left side of his jaw is a gaping hole of tissue and teeth revealing his sharpened teeth and bloody gums. His eyes are hell-fire red and have the same appereance as rotting souls trapped in eternal torment. His normal clothing consists of a black leather jacket with black jeans. He rarely wears a shirt and usually will also have something covering his eyes and his face.

Side: Neutral. Acts on no regard but his abilities and his emotions.

Personality: His personality changes on a loop but usually it has the same base emotion. Insanity. From the first moment he meets a strong opponent he becomes sycopathic (or more so) licking his lips and shouting words that would make no sense to those that don't know him.

History: Document number 1

My name is Papiole and I believe my acheviments are a success. The mutant born child has been brought into the world. I am writing these documents because they are to be important scientific finds of the world and they will be recorded throughout history. So far the child is alright. He has no inclination of having any power but we hope to see it come forth.

Document number 5

We have seen what he can do...he killed tommy by just looking at him. I saw the boys head burst and his body split in half. He looked at Tommy's girl next. God she was flattaned into a lump of flesh no thicker then a peice of paper. Eclipse is so quite. He only responds to his mothers calls and she rarely talks to him. Only when she wants him to eat. We've seen what he can do though. For once...I'm actually scared for tommorow.

Document number 19

I can't sleep anymore. He scares me too much. We began the process of talking to him a few days ago. He didn't talk back but he used his powers again. I could see what he could do to me...and how slow he would do it. He would let me be alive while he pulled out my organs one by one and strung them along the wall. I would feel every bit of it. I will have him terminated tommorow. At least that will help me sleep.

Document number 29

This will be my last notice to the world. We can't contain him any longer...he escaped confinement. It's just me and his mother now. I don't know where she is. I can hear something near the door...he's here. It's all my fault. To be killed by your own child.

The rest of the documents have been too heavily bloodstained to record. THis last document had more writing but blood has worn the letters to nothing. We will recover more data as it goes.

Abilities: Apparent psyonic ability to the extent of being able to crush a human body and slice away body parts. What is known is that he can control the amount of fear a person experiences and cause that fear to appear in their minds. This power has been put to such use as to cause intense insomnia.

I deleated my last character so this will be my character. I will not ditch again.

10/20/2010 . Edited by Winterwarrior, 10/20/2010 #18

(Hey, Welcome back Eclipse. :) Glad to be RPing again)

10/20/2010 #19

I'm typing too fast. not 6' 7". 4"5.

10/20/2010 #20

yeah a seven year old taller than Gambit would be a bit wierd

10/20/2010 #21

Yeah point taken. Hmm this kid is going to be fun to play as. I'm heading to the rp now.

10/20/2010 #22

I edited it for you. So Coprolite is done?

10/20/2010 . Edited 10/20/2010 #23

Yeah. Coprolite was a character I had just made and I hated him.

10/20/2010 #24

Alright, i'll delete his bio, if that's alright. Hmm. Wonder what we're gonna do with the kidnapped X-23 when she had no kidnapper now. :) but that's fine, if you don't like it, then don't play him. Rps are for enjoyment after all.

10/20/2010 #25

Yeah...well Eclipse is a psycho. Find a way to incorporate him with X-23's return and you have a new storyline. Not to mention I like my documents but remember there are missing peices.

10/20/2010 #26

Name- Anyette 'Mack' Ilysiaane

Alias- Reverb

Age- 23

Gender- Female

Appearance- Mack is 5' 8". She is a slender young women, but has enough muscle on her to snap a neck with both hands. She had long, light blonde hair that is always straight and color changing eyes. Her eyes usually depict the mood she is reflecting. Mack always wears sweatshirts. Unless its extremely hot or other exception situations. She usually wears short cut off jeans or skirts, making her dress seem a bit mismatched. Thats okay with her, she likes it. Sneakers are her shoes of choice. She doesn't wear any make up or jewelry. Mack is light in skin color and has no blemishes except for a thin scar running along her back vertically.

Side- Doesn't have one.

Personality- Developing

History- Still trying to figure it out myself.

Abilities- Affecting other people's emotions and having complete control over her own. Mack usually takes a foreign emotion (an emotion from someone else) and reflects it, which gives her more energy and makes the emotional instability go away for awhile.

10/20/2010 #27

Name: Alexander Frost

Alias: Frost

Age: 21


Appearance: Alex is 6ft 180 pounds very thin semi buff wears a black shirt with the edge from wwe logo of rated r superstar.

Side- brotherhood

Personality- Cold dark and uncaring except around friends

History- was expiremented on by prometheus and has thus sworn revenge

abilities: Can create illusion similar to itachi from naruto

Other: despite being a memeber of the brotherhood is dating dazzler

1/30/2011 #28
Tori English

Here´s my character... Hope I´m not too late ;)

Name: Victoria Munroe-Xavier

Alias: Storm/Harmonie (call her which one you like, she´ll respond on both)

Looks: White long hair. Chocolate brown skin. Diamond blue eyes. smooth body with feminine muscles. Pretty much a beauty. A scar is smoothing down from her eyebrow to her cheek. Very atlethic and fast. Cool, controlled appearance. She´s mostly wearing light clothes and small sandals. Her Xmen uniform is likely Storms old one with the hairband and cape.

Side: Xmen.. Eventually shy about new people.

Age: 18 (turning 19 in November)

Personality: A bit shy to new people, but very open and direct when she gets to know somebody. She has been alone most of her life, so she is a bit 'strange' sometimes.. She´s claustrophobic too (just to have a weakness) and that really knocks her out sometimes.. But she is very controlled with her powers and she knows of her small weaknesses such as the speed she´s providing..

Past: She was adopted when she was 2 years old, but she was never happy with her new parents. They got runover by a car when she was 13.. When she 14-15 she began to seek for her real family and for now she has come this far: Bayville, Xavier institute for gifted youngsters.. Charles Xavier! Can be something there last name is Munroe-Xavier...

Ability: She is a mixture of Storm, Professor X, Wolverine, Emma Frost, Beast and Mystique. Those where the ones who donated a mutation for her to live.. She has evolved her own powers too... The natural elements (fire,earth,wind,water) is a part of her..

6/6/2011 #29

I'm sorry Victoria storm Munroe, but this thread has been dead for quite awhile. I'm sorry to disappoint. :(

6/6/2011 #30
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