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Witty Sarcasm

Alrighty guys, once you've posted, feel free to start RPing...don't need to wait for anyone to 'ok' your character. I'm too lazy to keep checking and giving characters the 'go ahead'. Just...try and keep it clean enough to not get me trouble, yeah? ^^

7/7/2009 #1

Selene sighed as she walked through the mansions hallways. "I feel sorry for the newbies. They probably get a map when they join up." she blearily said as she reached the kitchen. Staring at the extra large refrigerater, she wished it would open. Surprise surprise! It did! "Wha?" Selene gasped, she had never done that before! A chorus of giggles and chuckles brought her out of her 'newfound ability' faze. She glanced around and found her terrorizer, Jean Grey. Glaring and smirking, Selene grabbed her usual can of sardines and sat down on the counter. "Yeah yeah, real funny Jean. Mind reading to scare grumpey early riser." she said harshly at the red head seated at the table with a few other X-Men.

7/7/2009 #2
Witty Sarcasm

A shotrang through a small alley followed by several heavy footsteps and low chuckles. A pained whimper and an indistinguishable murmuer of pain answered weakly.

Then silence.

Suddenly an underweight dark haired young man bolted out of the alley, blood sluggishly making it's way out of a wound in his side. Heavy footsteps followed and in no time, a large man, looking like he hadn't had a decent place to sleep, (or a shower), in weeks, appeared in the mouth of the alley, slowing gaining on the boy.

The boy, favoring his left side greatly, suddenly morphed into a large brown furred dog, and began putting some distance between himself and his attacker. The thug brought out his gun, but with a few zigzags, Tony was gone and out of sight.

His side killing him, Tony jumped in the air, morphing into a large hawk and taking to the skies. He was only able to fly for a few minutes before he began to loose altitude, along with consciousness.

Spotting what looked like a large mansion hidden in a small forest of sorts, Tony began his quick descent, only able to hope the occupants would help.

Landing ungracefully on the front step, Tony, with the last of his energy, shifted his body to that of a small kitten.

With a soft mewl of pain, Tony passed out.

(Whew, that was long. But hey, got my charrie introduced. ^^)

7/7/2009 #3

Selene wasn't having the greatest day. Being made fun of was usual at the Mansion, but animals at the door? You wouldn't think so. Looking around the kitchen and seeing no one had heard the mew, besides Wolverine that is, but he was focusing too closely on Jean at the moment. She sighed. "I'll get it!" Selene yelled as loudly as she could, making the occupants of the room jump in surprise at her outburst. Smiling smugly, she walked to the exaggerated front doors and opened them.

"What?" she exclaimed. A pitiful ball of fur was on the front steps. Rolling her eyes, Selene picked it up carefully and shut the door with her bare foot. Petting it carefully, she walked back into the kitchen. "Hey Jean! Since you're so talented, can you figure out what's wrong with this?" she held up the pitiful furball. Jean, being the way she is, gave a cry of sympathy and ran over to Selene. Examining it for a few minutes, Jean came with a conclusion, "It's unconscious."

Selene sighed. "Yeah, i know that! What the crap am i supposed to do with it?!" Jean just gave her a blank stare. "Ugh! You people are so, so, UGH!" Selene yelled in response and headed down to the med lab, where Dr. McCoy would be.

"Hank!" She yelled through the shiny doors, "I've got a customer for your specilties!" A blue, furry form rose from a pile of papers and walked over. "A customer?" it asked in confusion. Seeing the kitten, Dr. Hank McCoy nodded and ushered Selene and her newfound friend into the med lab.

(Well, now we're even on the longness of things. ;) You could wake up any time about now, i'm not that good at playing a docter.)

7/9/2009 #4
Witty Sarcasm

Voice that seemed so far away were the first thing Tony was aware of. Followed closely by blinding pain that almost had him falling back into unconsciousness.

Breathing deeply, Tony forced the pain, as best he could, to the back of his mind, concentrating on the far away voices.

He stiffened.

Someone was holding him. He didn't recognize the voices. ....Where was he?

Panic rushed through him and his eyes snapped open. He struggled violently, claws out, thrashing in the arms of...whoever was holding him.

7/9/2009 #5

Selene gasped slightly as the kitten started struggling in her arms. She frowned and picked it up by the nape of it's neck. "You calm down right now, kitty, or i'll drop you this instant and we'll see if you can fly!" she exclaimed menacingly, lookig into it's bright green eyes.

Sighing, she looked at Hank, who had gotten some doctery stuff Selene could only guess at. "What am i supposed to do?" she asked, refering to the kitten in the air. It wasn't that the tiny claws had injured her at all, her scales were tougher than they looked, but she had never been good with land animals.

"Well, as soon as it's calmed down, we can take care of that wound." Hank answered.

Selene nodded and looked at the kitten again. "Shush." she said again, shaking it a bit to emphasize the point.

7/9/2009 . Edited 7/9/2009 #6
Witty Sarcasm

Green eyes narrowed and Tony hissed, morphing into a larger cat and struggling to get his feet on the ground.

Fight or flight. And since fighting wouldn't work with a hole in his side, then flight would have to do.

7/9/2009 #7

Selene narrowed her green eyes in return. "You're not a cat, are you?" she directed toward the large cat in her fist. It was getting heavy, and she wasn't sure if she would be able to hold it from the nape for much longer. She cocked an eyebrow and slammed the doors behind her.

Dropping the cat on the ground she stared at it for awhile. Suddenly, she burst out laughing. "I, I was right!" she gasped in reply to Hank's confused face, "We don't usually get pets dropped on our door, but we get kids dropped all the time! This 'cat' is a kid!" She collapsed on the ground in a fit of giggles.

7/11/2009 #8
Witty Sarcasm

Tony suddenly morphed into himself, holding a hand over his side and glaring.

"I'm not a kid!" he growled, green eyes narrowed.

7/12/2009 #9

Selene sat up on her arms. "No. No, you're not." She said as she took in the guy standing in front of her. "You could be a threat to the mansion, or some hopeless dope that doesn't know how to ask for help."

Scowling at the newcomer, Selene stood up and took the bandage Hank was offering her. She waved it in front of the boy's face, "If you wanted to be fixed up," She now pointed at the bleeding wound, "you could have just asked for it."

7/13/2009 #10
Witty Sarcasm

Tony snorted. "Yeah, because asking has worked so well in the past. In case you forgot, I wasn't able to ask for help."

He snatched the bandage from her. "I'm not a threat to wherever the hell I am," he said firmly. "And I'm not a dope."

7/13/2009 #11

"Ah right. Because you turned yourself into a kitten on our doorstep!" Selene replied angrily. "Of course, you were unconcious, but a kitten? What is with that?!" She didn't reacted all that well to newcomers, obviously.

At his last remark she raised an eyebrow. "Oh, i wouldn't be too sure that you aren't a dope."

7/13/2009 #12
Witty Sarcasm

Tony narrowed his eyes. "I've learned from experience. The cuter the animal, the more likely people are to help. Oh, do forgive me for giving a last ditch effort in saving myself." He growled low in his throat at her dope comment, but didn't say anything, opening the bandage.

He'd lost a lot of blood, but he'd have to make do with a crummy bandage job.

7/13/2009 #13

(( I don't want to have to keep playing original X-Men characters. Like Hank, i have no idea about the docter biz. So i'm not playing them anymore.))

Selene just sighed. She couldn't blame him really, he was hurt and needed help, but she was still annoyed at this unusual man. He hadn't even told them anything about him except he had asked for help alot from people and had been turned down. "Selene." she said abruptly, offering a hand.

7/13/2009 #14
Witty Sarcasm

(Mind if I play him then? Lots more of Tony's character I need to bring to light. ^^)

Tony looked at the hand warily. Then he nodded, though he didn't offer his own hand. "Tony," he said gruffly, looking down at the bandage again.

7/13/2009 #15

((Sure! After all, it is your RP.))

Selene looked down at his injury and hissed quietly. It was bad. "How'd you get it?" she asked refering to the wound.

7/13/2009 #16
Witty Sarcasm

(Hey, just asking. ^^)

Tony winced as he tried to bandage it. "I got shot."

Hank stepped forward. "It needs to be cleaned and the bullet needs to be taken out before you bandage it, young man," he said quietly.

Tony stiffened until he was completely rigid. "I-I'm fine," he suddenly stuttered, body trembling lightly in fear.

7/13/2009 #17

Selene was confused. First this guy, Tony, she had to remind herself, acted all macho, and now, he was scared to death by being cleaned up. She rolled her eyes, "Typical." saying aloud.

7/13/2009 #18
Witty Sarcasm

Tony shot her a glare. "I'm fine," he said again, not looking at Hank. Hank narrowed his eyes.

"You need to get that cleaned. Sit. Now." Hank pointed to a table and moved away to get the correct supplies.

Tony's eyes darted around the room as he trembled slightly. Slowly, he moved over to the table. He didn't flinch at the sponges and iodine that Hank pulled out, but his eyes glittered in fear as they kept locked on Hank.

7/13/2009 #19

"Hey, thanks Hank. I'm... gonna go." she said. Being in the Med Lab for long periods of time brought up hidden memories that she didn't exactly want to bring up now. Selene waved back at Hank and walked through the silver doors, determined to finished her anchovies before someone else got to them.

7/13/2009 . Edited 7/13/2009 #20
Witty Sarcasm

Hank nodded to her, before turning to Tony. "Shall we get you cleaned up?" Tony shook his head, leaning away from the blue doctor.

"No. I'm good."

(.....sorry. Got a lot of Life suddenly piled on my plate.)

7/20/2009 #21

((I'm all up for RPing with those guys, but not the slashes.))

Selene arrived in the kitchen, ignoring the students that quickly filled the room. Grabbing her previous place and anchovies, she tried to gather her thoughts. 'I just had to go answer the stupid door because of stupid Jean and take the stupid kittenin disquise to Hank. Ugh!' she thought, trying to concentrate on her anchovies. 'Hopefully i won't be asked to give him the tour if he stays. I'm not sure he will stay.' came another thought. 'and what if he does? What are you gonna do? Ignore him probably, like with every other student in the mansion.' Selene sighed and drobbed the empty can in the recycling bin. Having nothing else to do, she wandered through the halls and found herself by the Med Lab again. 'Great. My subconcious has become a stalker. Just great.'

7/29/2009 #22
Witty Sarcasm

(Who are they agin? The characters.)

Tony burst out of the medical doors, Hank yelling from the inside. He took off down the underground hallway.

7/29/2009 #23

Selene jumped back as the new guy ran out of the Med Lab. 'Where is he going?' she hissed in her mind. Obviously Hank was upset, so she concluded that Tony was running away without the full check up. Narrowing her eyes and running after Tony, she decided if he caused any trouble at all she would do all she could to bodily injure him.

7/30/2009 #24
Witty Sarcasm

Tony growled and sped up as Selene took off after him. "Last time I ask for help," he grumbled under his breath, morphing into a dog and taking a hard right down another corridor.

8/4/2009 #25

Selene smiled as Tony morphed into a dog and turned right. She knew this place like the back of her scaly hand, and where Tony had just headed was her favorite part of the mansion. The underwater outlet. Once you got to the the huge door and went inside, you would end up in an enormous cavern filled with water and the water equipment the X-Men used on missions. Selene would usually spend most of her time there practicing her swimming and morphs.

Jogging a bit faster, Selene face glowed with anticipation at the race that would be sure to happen.

8/7/2009 #26
Witty Sarcasm

Tony approached the door at breakneck speed, for a dog, and raced in as soon as the doors opened. Green eyes widened as he took in the underwater caver, {he hadn't been expecting THAT!}, but he dove in, morphing into a fish quickly and taking off underwater.

8/7/2009 #27

Selene ran faster and jumped in midair, whispering the words that would painfully change her. As she hit the water, pain rippled through her small body (well, small for an adult), and she gasped in a full mouth of water. Before she could even push the water out her gills, the transformation took place. It happened too fast for Selene ever to explain, but she went through the steps in her head.

First, both legs rippled as the usual microscopic scales grew larger and harder, making it impervious to bullets. Second, her legs tightened and then relaxed as they absorbed each other too make one large and strong appendage. Third, Toes grew out at least two feet, thinning out as they grew, while her toenails sharpened into wicked talons. The webbing between her toes grew along with them, thickening and hardening into a tail. And at last, her fingernails grew the smae way her toenails did, growing two inches longer and tapering into deadly points. All of this happened in as little time as it took Selene to push the water out of her gills.

After the pain had left as the transformation was complete, Selene found a single fish rocketing away from the entryway with her underwater vision. She smiled and took off after it, knowing that there were no other fish around for miles, due to the warnings she had given to them about the machines in the cove. With a flick of her powerful tail, she raced after Tony and wondered why he was running away. He had wanted help hadn't he? And they had given it to him, and he didn't have the courage to leave out the front door? She shook her head in confusion, what a silly little fish.

8/9/2009 #28
Witty Sarcasm

Tony mentally cursed as the girl behind him changed and caught up. This was rediculous!

Morphing into a shark, he took a sharp right and then headed back to the door. There was no water way out, that he could see at the moment and he didn't want to keep running, er swimming in this case, in case there was no way out.

((Hope that made sense...I'm...out of it at the moment.))

8/12/2009 #29

Sensing the change in direction before it happened Selene swam swiftly to the door and sat on the rock outcropping by the metal exit, awaiting the silly boy racing towards her in sharkform. "You might as well change back so that you can speak with me." Selene said as she wringed the water from her dripping yellow tank top. 'Ugh, i hate the plastered feeling this tank does after it's wet!' she complained in her head.

Waiting for some response from Tony, Selene absently pushed a button on her wristwatch, successfully calling someone from the team to come help her out. She was sick and tired of chasing this boy around for no reason and was determined to find out why he was running away.

8/14/2009 #30
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