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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Laura was taken to some kind of lab in the back and put into a chair,and strapped in as the man watched with a smirk,as a scientist pulled out wha looked like a drill and got behind her,they were going to put a hole in her head.

3/14/2010 #241

Logan busted in before some scientist drilled a hole through Laura's head and he unseathed his claws and sliced the drill in half "Alright bub I'm only going to tell you once release her and I might decide not to beat you up and don't think of calling your goon squad cause I already took care of them usless lugs aren't they." And Logan was thinking of the guards that he beat black and blue. And he looked at Laura "Hey kid you alright?"

3/15/2010 #242
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Laura groaned"Ahhhhhh,I would be better if you got those cuffs off me their sapping my strength!"She explained to her father.

The man sighed"You know as a member of the Human superiority group I can't let you take her!"

3/15/2010 #243

Logan just let out a sigh "Well don't blame me if you're knocked out." And he grabbed the man by the head and slammed his head into a wall and then slashed him across his stomach and finshed with a roundhouse kick to the man's chest.

Then he got the cuffs off of Laura and helped her off the table "Don't worry I'll get you out of here." and after getting her out he got on his motorcycle and helped her get on "Alright next stop home."

3/15/2010 #244
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

The man walked out and sighed as he smirked and Logan was tossed against the wall,"Did I forget to mention I'm using the Human Superiority group and I'm really a class five Telapath?"He asked as he pushed Laura against a tree and started to try to strangle her with telekinesis,"Call me Pride!"

3/15/2010 #245

Logan was soon thinking "Great he's problay stronger then or as strong as Jean, Dragon, and Iceman because those are the only other class five mutants I know wait a sec maybe Jean and Dragon can help."

"Jean this Logan I need your help asap don't ask why just get out here and try to bring flyboy with you." And Logan turned off his communicator and hoped Jean and Dragon would show up and he knew this wasn't going to be an easy fight and Logan knew that Dragon's nickname was flyboy.

Meanwhile back at the mansion Dragon got into a fighting stance even he knew Selene told him not to attack "Alright Mr. Sinister I may not know what you're up to but I know it isn't going to work."

3/15/2010 #246
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Eden sighed as he approached Logan"I am going to use you for my project too.............................you and your daughter will serve me well,Wade get out here and haul them off!"He shouted as Dead-Pool walked out and picked Laura up and hauled her back to the lab.

3/15/2010 #247

And Logan saw Deadpool heading for him "You know Wade do me a favor and say a smart-aleck annoying comment that'll give me more of a reason to pound you."

3/15/2010 #248
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Eden smirked"He's not all that talkative after the procedure,I inserted an experimental nano-tech chips into his spinal cord and a control chip into his brain he's a puppet now,just like you will be,we have drills that can get through even Adamantium,with the new Adamantium drill we made."He explained.

3/15/2010 #249

Logan managed to activate a hidden morse code function of the communicator and sent out a S.O.S message to the Professor to have Jean and Dragon rescue him. And after he got his message out he tried to scared Eden "You know bub I have a friend named Dragon and I doubt you know about him so I'll give you a heads up he's a powerful class five mutant himself and if he gets over here you're gonna be in a world of hurt."

3/16/2010 #250

He stopped in his advancment towards Iceman his nostrils flaring with scent. "More...alot more mutants." he said his voice getting raspy. He cleared his throat before looking back at Iceman. "Seems your lucky kiddo but I'll be back for cold meat again soon." he said racing out of the yard and back to the street as fast as he could. Scents he loved...scents of his own kind. Weapon X program projects. He needed to find them and one in particular. That girl with Logans scent. She might prove useful in the long run.

3/17/2010 #251

Professor Xavier recieved Logan's S.O.S. call right as he was leaving his office to see what the trouble was outside. Even though he had already appraised the situation with his mental abilities, he felt that his appearence would settle things down. He was not happy with all these security breaches in his school. He mind linked with Logan and saw his situation. Calling hurriedly to Jean and Dragon mindwise, *Jean and Drake, I'm going to need you two to get the Blackbird prepared and assist Logan. Here are the co-ordinates. Do not kill anyone, just rescue Logan and Laura quickly and quietly. We don't need anymore tension between humans and mutants.*

Rolling down the hallwways toward the front doors he saw Selene, one of their newer additions, and- well, it was Bobby, but not Bobby. This was Mystique. She had been wanting to talk to him about something..? "Ah. Selene, thank you for bringing Mystique to me. Will you please return to the front gates and help our uninvited guests leave the estate? It is well past dark now, and we do not accept visitors at this time." Really, you would have thought that they would have some manners. Especially Sinister.


Selene grumbled out a "Yes Professor." and headed back towards the doors, roughly throwing Bobby-Mystique's arm away from her grasp. 'Filthy woman.'she thought angrily, 'turning into another beings body.' Shuddering, she walked out the doors and sighed. And nearly ran into a person standing by the doors. What? Another kid?! She backed up and looked at him. "Oh just come in already!" she said huffily. Who knows how long he had been standing there! And with Dragon arguing with that other woman too. Opening the door wide open, she pointed toward the staircase. "First hallway on your left, snag an empty room and set up your stuff. Have one of the other boys help you figure this crazy place out. I really don't have time." Shifting her attention towards her assignment, Selene assesed the front yard. There was Sinister over by the blown apart gates. And whoever that girl was. She had called Mystique 'mother' so that meant she was demon-spawn. And there was a man leaving on a motorcycle. Hmm. 'Don't know who he is.'

Striding over to Sinister and lengthening her nails she pointed to the doors. "Oh, just go in already! I'm sure Dr. McCoy will see you in the MedLab downstairs. Don't clog up the gates." Grumpy enough as she was, the fish woman gaped at the shredded gates and moaned. How the heck was she supposed to fix this?! Hmm. Maybe Kurt and russian metal man could help her. Giantgantus or Cola-Sauce, whatever his name was.

Striding off towards the doors again, she stopped and saw Dragon messing with the girl. Couldn't he just lay it off people sometimes? But of course, the Proff did want her to kick everyone out who didn't have an appointment. So... "Hey! You! I have no idea who you are, but i need you to leave. Come back tomorrow when were open."


Jean recieved Xaviers message right after she dropped Tony off with Dr. McCoy and headed further where they held the Blackbird and X-Jet. Passing the MedLab and underwater vehicles, the large metal doors slided past and there was the hanger. Jumping in the Blackbird and revving up the engine, she waited patiently for Dragon.

3/17/2010 . Edited 3/17/2010 #252

Nico listened to the instructions from the girl heading up the staircase. He found an empty room and set up his stuff. He went back down the staircase and started to look for a kitchen and somebody to help him. He wondered how many more people there are that are like him. "I hope that people like me." he said to himself sure that no one was there to hear him.

3/17/2010 #253

Coprolite let a low growl escape his throat as he sped past oncoming cars and lights. HIs nose flared more with the scent that he had come to love. "Oh thats it alright. Wade Wilson is there too...along with Logan." he said licking his lips. He put his hand backwards more revving the bike faster and sending it into a car jumping out before the impact. He didn't need a vehicle anymore...he just needed his legs and that scent. "I'm coming to get you Logan Girl, and this time no one is going to stop my hunt!" he shouted scraping his nails across the allyway walls as he ran.

3/18/2010 #254

Sandwiches were hard, Haywire decided, prodding the pile he had made uncertainly with his finger. It was wet and squishy, and stank so bad that Haywire plugged his nose with his other hand.

He never really saw how Old Master's me made the food into a sandwich, but the mushy pile didn't seem right.

The bad smelling stuff ad splattered when he bit into the funny bottle to get it open, and the stuff inside tasted just as bad. The other funny bottle with the liquid wouldn't open either, and it was too big around to bite into. Besides, it was glass, and breaking glass was bad. The squishy stuff in the bag tore under his fingers too, and the bad smelling stuff made it wet and a little sticky. It was only goop now, and it tasted awful. Haywire tilted his head to the side. Why would any eat something so awful?

Haywire pushed away from the mushy stuff, groping along the counter until he found the roll of meat and started to gnaw on it. As he ate he remembered that his deer was still outside, and for breif moment wondered if Miss Selene would let him go get it. There was still some left, and Old Master always told him to finish everything. He said it was bad to waste, and there were still some good parts left.

There were more angry voices in the direction Miss Selene and the Dragon person had gone. There were new voices too, they smelled like not-human-smelling people. Haywire's ears drooped a little, glancing warily over his shoulder. The new not-human-smelling people seemed to break a lot of rules. Miss Selene had left too, he hoped she came back soon.

As he finished the meat and was licking what was left off his fingers he heard Miss Selene again, ears perking attentaviely to her voice. She sounded mad still, he noted, shrinking into himself a little when she yelled at the not-human-smelling people. Miss Selene sure was scary when she was mad. Her voice faded out when she started to leave and Haywire took a tentative step forward, following he voice until he couldn't hear her anymore.

Her voice was back a few moments later, but she was still using a 'mad' voice, but she sounded a little better. Haywire's ears perked at her voice, letting his fingers leave his mouth and moving forward a little. Miss Selene had told him to stay there though, so after a few steps he stopped. Miss Selene would be mad if he didn't listen, and he didn't want to make her mad. Did she still want him to see the 'professor' person? She and the Dragon person talked about him a lot...

Haywire brought a finger to his lips, brow furrowing thoughtfully. He gave a quick glance to where the mushy pile was and cringed at the strong, spicy smell before he turned back to where Miss Selene voice. Haywire thought about it a moment longer and nodded firmly to himself, letting his hand fall back to his side.

"M-Miss Selene?" he called out hesitantly, taking another step forward. He hoped he didn't make he mad...


Tony's eyelids felt heavy when he finally stirred, opening them a little and immediatly shutting them when he was met with a harsh light. His side throbbed, pulsing with pain when he tried to shift his weight. His head swam when tried to lift it, so for the moment he simply lay there, letting his eyes slide shut. It was warm and soft, and he was already starting to drift again.

But where exactly was he anyways? Tony's brow furrowed, forcing his eyes open and blinking wearily at his surroundings. It was the infirmiry, he was lying on one of the hospitla-looking beds. That was odd, he didn't remember falling asleep. He shut his eyes again, trying to recall what had happened before.

He had been with that weird kid, the one who asked him to turn into a dog (he still was a dog, he noted briefly but not really caring) and the man when he had smelled blood. He had followed the scent and had gotten outside, he remembered, but after that there was nothng. There was blood though, lots of blood.

Tony nearly jumped out of skin when he felt a furry hand on his side, sitting up on his front legs despite the pain. The blue hand that was tying off the bandage wrapped around his middle pulled away and he glanced up, meeting the eyes of the blue-haired man from before.

Tony's eyes widened, dog claws kneeding into the bed underneath him. This was bad. This was very very bad. The blue-furred man was reaching out his hand and Tony leapt away from it, off the bed and onto unsteady paws.

He didn't look back as he sprinted away, ignoring the stubborn throb that followed. He needed to get out of there, before the man caught up with him. The thought of it made him run faster, stumbling a little on legs he wasn't quite used to. He bounded through an open doorway and caught sight of a stairwell, not caring where it went at the moment as he ran up them.

(Sorry, I've been a little busy. Hopefully I did Tony justice... ^^;)

3/21/2010 #255
Raven's Spark

"Uh. It may have seemed i came at a bad time but...i actually came here to exchange hypothesis' with mccoy I had an appointment I thought." sinister replied.

Raven ran to catch up with mystique. "well Mom look what trouble you got into this time." Raven Said to Mystique. "Oh shut up Raven" mystique replied.

3/24/2010 #256

(I could reply to yours)

Nico saw a double eye patched 'thing' outside what looked like the kitchen. Hopefully he could tell me more about this place. "Hello I'm Nico Dynal. Whats your name?"

3/26/2010 #257

(That works, thanks :D)

Haywire's ears perked up and twitched towards the new girl's voice. She smelled like another not-human-smelling person, her name was 'Nico.' That was a nice name, and she sounded nice too. Haywire gave a wide grin in the direction her voice came from, pointing to himself. She had asked for his name, New Master said it was polite to answer when nice people asked something.

"Haywire is Haywire!" he replied brightly, his smile widening enough to show all his teeth.

3/26/2010 #258

((its a he))

'Haywire is Haywire' wow he is primitive. "Oh........ nice name." He said at a loss for words.

3/27/2010 #259

(O_O Oh crap, I'm so sorry...)

"Thank you," Haywire replied, still grinning to the 'Nico' boy. He let his hand fall bak to his side, rocking back and forth on the back of his toes. The 'Nico' boy didn't say anything else though, maybe he just didn't like to talk? Haywire glanced in the direction of the Miss Selene and the Dragon person, unsure what to do. His ears drooped a little as he turned back to the 'Nico' boy, pointing in the way Miss Selene's voice had come. "Are you a friend of Miss Selene?"

3/27/2010 #260

(Its all right)

" Miss Selene??..............Oh the girl by the door. No not really I just met her she was kinda frustrated. What can she do??" He said starting to get more comfortable with Haywire."What can you do?, Do you live here too?, Is there actually classes here?, Who else lives here?, Who do I talk to to get enrolled in the classes?."

3/27/2010 #261

((You did great with Tony, Because. :) Sorry i haven't posted in awhile... ))

Professor Xavier turned his wheelchair around and started down the hallway again. The scene outside seemed to be in control. He'd have the gates fixed tomorrow. And Miss Drizz would do her best to handle any situations that would arise. But back to the present, Mystique and her daughter. What to do with them? What did Mystique want? She was blocking his mental abilities somehow, so he had no idea why she was here. Which made her dangerous. And he knew nothing about her daughter. It made him nervous, that there were so many unknown factors. Continuing down the hallway he said to Mystique and Raven, "You both are welcome to come into my study and discuss what you are here for." He just hoped his students would be safe while these 'X factors' were in the mansion.


Selene had left Sinister at the gates, she had heard that he had an appointment, but as he stated the obvious she just pointed towards the doors. "You have to go downstairs to see Dr. McCoy. He'll be in the MedLab." She had heard Haywire and that other new kid talking in the kitchen, and Dragon was left outside alone since Raven had ran in with Mystique. Deciding to go back in to check on Haywire's sandwich she left Dragon and walked through the front doors.

And found a huge pile of mush on the counter. Groaning at this new mess, she walked past the new kid, what was his name? She didn't recall him saying anything. Grabbing the garbage can and swiping her arm across the counter to make the mess smush into the trash can, Selene took two new slices of bread and swiped the musturd and mayo on the sandwich. Haywire was chewing on the meat, so she turned to the fridge and grabbed out a package of ham. "Hey kid. Did one of the boys show you around?" she asked the new kid. Slapping the whole package of meat on the bread, she grabbed some pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and finished it off with olives. Putting the slice of bread on the top of the monstrous sandwich, she took Haywire's clean hand and put in in it gently. At least he had tried. She felt stupid for trying to make a blind man make his own sandwich. Smiling, she put back all the food stuffs into the fridge and sat on the counter facing the two males.


Jean was sick of waiting for Dragon, if he didn't turn up soon, she was going to find him and pick him up at this moment. She didn't care if he was in the shower, he had orders, he needed to fill them out.

3/28/2010 #262
Raven's Spark

"I think it's time for me to get to know these students because I have a feeling we will be staying for a while at least..me. Nice to meet you proffessor." Raven said and walked out of the room.

3/28/2010 #263

(Good to know. :) It's okay, you're back now.)

Haywire cocked his head to the side, brow furrowing in confusion. "Classes?" he questioned.

What were 'classes?' He'd never heard that word before, but 'classes' sure sounded important. The 'Nico' boy sure asked a lot of strange questions. What did he mean when he asked what he and Miss Selene could do? Haywire did lots of things, he wasn't sure what Miss Selene did though. Maybe he should tell him to ask her, Miss Selene would know. He opened his mouth to say so when Miss Selene walked towards them.

"Hi Miss Selene!" Haywire greeted, his smile returning and stepping aside as she walked past him. He turned to follow her, but paused when he realized she was walking towards the pile of mushy stuff he'd made. Miss Selene groaned after a minute and Haywire winced at the sound, ears flattening as he shifted from foot to foot. She sounded mad, she must be mad about the mess. Miss Selene didn't yell at him though, but he heard the muffled splat of the mush being put into some sort of bag, a door opening, talking to the 'Nico' boy about someone showing him the Big House, and then the scattered sound of things being moved around. Haywire tilted his side to again, wondering what she was doing for a brief moment before she was walking towards him again. He gave he a small smile to show her how sorry he was about the mess when she grabbed his hands and put something thick and flat into them.

Haywire wasn't sure what he was holding or minute, brow furrowing and squeezing the boxy thing between his hands. It made a weird, crunchy-mush sound, and it seemed to have the same stuff that Miss Selene gave him to make a sandwich. Oh, maybe this was what a sandwich was! Haywire's mouth broke into a wide grin, turning in Miss Selene's direction.

"Thank you, Miss Selene!" he chirped, giving a small, thankful bow. Miss Selene sure was nice. He turned back to the sandwich he was holding, moving it between his hands. It was square like a box, but it was really soft. Miss Selene must be really good at making them. It wasn't anything like the things Old Master and New Master fed him - they gave him meat when he didn't have to catch his own food.

"Sandwiches are hard," he told Selene, looking up to her, "Old Master's men used to make them all the time when they were in that one room that had the food and the really hot drinks they were always drinking. They always got mad when I wanted to watch them make one though, they thought I was going to take it. I told them I wouldn't, but they didn't believe me."

Haywire turned back to the sandwich, bringing it up under his nose and sniffing along the edge. He could smell traces of the bad, spicy-smelling stuff from the bottle, and there was other stuff in it that Haywire didn't know the name of. But Miss Selene had made it for him, he should eat it. There was meat it anyways, it couldn't be bad if it had meat.

He hesitated for a second longer and shoved as much as he could into his mouth. The spicy stuff still tasted bad, and the other stuff in it tasted funny. He tried to hold back a wince as he chewed, and grimaced when he swallowed.

3/28/2010 #264
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Pride smirked"I am not afraid my power exceed any normal mutant maybe this will make things a bit more obvious,I was sent to bring aboout a war between humans and mutants,with the king of both emerging to shape this world, Apocalypse!"

3/28/2010 #265

Nico turned to see the girl walk by and throw out a gross mushy thing. then she made haywire a sandwich. Why didn't he make himself a sandwich. He thought. Then the girl turned to him and asked him if he been shown around yet "no I was just lucky to find the kitchen, How do you enroll for classes?...Hi I'm Nico your name is Selene right? What can you do?" He asked " I can temporarily negate powers and boost them as well as bestow powers onto humans"

3/28/2010 #266

Selene replied to what Haywire had said about 'Old Master's men'. "Sandwiches aren't that hard. Just two peces of bread and stuff to go inside. And sometimes people just don't trust other people. I trust you, Haywire, to not steal anything from this house, or harm anyone in it. You are a good man, i think." She really did think so. Haywire just wasn't someone that she got a bad vibe from. He seemed harmless, even with his strange and unusual appearence. But looking strange and unusual herself, Selene had learned a long time ago that looks don't matter at all.

What about this new kid? Nico, he said? He seemed harmless enough. Although he asked alot of questions. "Yeah, I'm Selene. Selene Drizz at your service." She reach out her scaled hand and wonder for a second if he would shake it or not. Some people didn't. They stared up at her with shock, glancing at all of her 'unique' features and definitely avoiding her sickly looking eyes. Most of the kids had said it was creepy, like some deep underwater angler fish was staring at you hungrily. One of the more nerdy kids said he imagined her eyes as Gollum's in Lord of the Rings. He later said it wasn't a compliment, when she asked around the entire mansion asking what a Gollum was. But you got used to the stares, the shock and disgust. Selene was proud of her face and wasn't one to hide it. She had chosen it after all.

"Enroll for classes? Oh. For the school. To do that wonderful thing you go chat it up with Professor Xavier. That's cool that you can 'bestow' or whatever. But from my point of view, you might want to keep it to yourself because if you bestow to a human who doesn't want it you're gonna be in a lot of trouble." She looked at Haywire's grimace at her sandwich and grimaced herself. "What can I do? I can make a really nasty sandwich. Right Haywire?" she asked, jokingly.

3/29/2010 #267

Coprolite stopped his pursuit resting against the gate for a few seconds before slicing through it. "Alright wolvie girl. Cut through this." he murmered scraping his body against the wall as he clambered up the building. His claws left imprints into it as he finnaly got to the roof carving a hole for him to fit into in and out of the building. "Good theres the easy bit done. Now to find the rats in this maze." he snarled walking to a door.

3/29/2010 #268
Raven's Spark

"AW S***!" Raven yelled as she stepped right into the door of the kitchen without it being open.

3/29/2010 #269

Haywire tensed a little at Miss Selene's voice, shaking his head when he looked up at her. "Sorry Miss Selene," he replied quickly, giving a small, almost nervous smile in her direction. "I'm okay."

He took another big bite out of the sandwich, his grimace deepening when he chewed it. He didn't like it, but Miss Selene made it for him, he should eat it. I would be rude not to, and she might be upset if he didn't. He didn't want her to be upset. Besides, Old Master always told him to never waste food. He swallowed hard again, scraping the top of his tongue against his teeth in an attempt to get the awful taste off of it. The sandwich didn't settle easily this time, stomach churning in protest for a moment before quieting down.

Miss Selene was talking to the 'Nico' boy again, his ear twitching in the direction of her voice. She was talking about that 'professor' person again. Did he still have to talk to the 'professor?' Maybe he should ask Miss Selene. But as he opened his mouth to speak a girl's voice cried out. Haywire started, shoulders tensing as he whirled around to where the voice came from.


Tony finally reached the top of the stairs, skipping over the last step and landing on unsteady paws. He wobbled for a moment before he caught himself, barely able to stand on shakey paws. He couldn't see the blue-furred man when he looked over his shoulder, stumbling away from the doorway. He could imagine that the man wouldn't be too far behind, regaining his balance as trotted away. He was in another hallway, except this one had carpet and pictures were lining the walls. He couldn't tell much else though, he was feeling light-headed again and his vision blurred at the edges.

Tony shook his head to drive the feeling away, picking up the pace. He wasn't going to pass out again, not when a man was after him. Ignoring the dull pain in his side that was making itself known again, he turned around the corner of the hallway.

3/30/2010 #270
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