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Character List/ Tips & Suggestions & Help

This is a thread for anyone who does not get how to work the forum or make sense of our role-play. Questions may be posted here, as well as tips and suggestions to anyone.


Here is the Character List (as of now): Users, Name of Character, (Alias), *=Canon Character

Mithos of the blue sky and sea= Kurt (Nightcrawler)*.....Scott Summers (Cyclops)*.....Laura Kinney (X-23)*.... Leon Nightbridge (Nightwalker).... Rexis Eden (Judge/Rebellion/Pride)....Callisto Schinder (Dark-Shroud)

BecauseIWasBored= (Sabretooth)*.....Logan (Wolverine)*.... (Haywire)

Winterwarrior= Selene Drizz (Seabus).... Professor Xavier*....

DarkPast00= Couger (Sky)....

The crimson nutcase= Charlie Adams (Vertigo)....

eclipsestar666= (Eclipse)

I-don't-know-my-name4= Jake Kobyashi (Shinobi)....

Chibi-Nekurrin= Kaynin Hale (Fire Stream)....

halloweenbaby=Aingeal Faldet (Blaze)....

Gamer165= Drake Adams (Dragon).... Bobby Drake (Iceman)....

Jabberwocky.is.awesome.Raven= Raven.... (Mystique)*.... (Sinister)*....

sponge610=Nico Dynal (Booster).... Luna Elvira Night (Tigress)....

Mistypelt45= Mist Vandicamp (Trickster)....

Draconc89= Wade Wilson (Deadpool)*.... Remy LeBeau (Gambit)*....


These are all the users who have posted on the 'Characters' thread and 'canon selection' thread. If I have have missed anything, please tell me. Also, any users who are not going to play in the role-play, please contact me and tell me! That way we will know who is playing and who isn't and what were going to do with your character.

Suggestions for Role-Play:

1)Use proper punctuation. Please.

2)Don't use run-on sentences. Ever.

3)Feel free to use imagery! It makes the role-play more interesting.

4)Use " " for speech and ' ' for characters thoughts.

5)We are using past tense in this role-play, so use it too.

6)Read through character descriptions so you know how to react to other characters.

7)Stay active on the role-play. You can keep track of the forum by subscribing to it. This can be accomplished by the 'Forum Subscription' button on the top right of the page.

4/29/2010 . Edited 10/20/2010 #1

12kirby12 with her character Luna Elvira Night (Tigress) has left the roleplay. Would anyone be willing to take over her character, or shall we just get rid of her? For instance, since she's being held by Sabretooth (right?) he could kill her, or leave her (and then she wouldn't show up in the RP anymore.)

Shadowfox.Snowblitz has also left the character Scythe. However, as he never was posted or introduced, i have taken the liberty of deleting him from the character list and Character forum.

4/30/2010 #2

I really don't know if we can go anywhere with Tigress, so killing her sounds like a good plan to me. Unless of course someone else can think of something.

5/15/2010 #3

I could take her, But I was wondering if 12kirby12 had already introduced her to everybody else because I would like to start fresh. Still with her past though I just would like to introduce her the way I play her.

5/17/2010 #4

If you have something in mind, I'm okay with having her around. The only person she's been introduced to is Sabertooth, so you have a lot of freedom to work with. ;P

5/17/2010 #5

ok cool sounds fun

5/17/2010 #6

Looking forward to it. :)

5/17/2010 #7

Edited the list. Hope you have fun with her! :D

5/17/2010 #8

Deadpool and Gambit are cannon

10/20/2010 #9

Fixed it.

10/20/2010 #10
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