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Here's the list of characters and who's playing them

Angel- Buggy

Mimi- Screener

Collins- Angsty


Mark- PB




Calyssa Montez(OC)- Buggy

Roselyn Montez (OC)- Angsty

Kristen Johnson (OC)-Envy

Alex Darling (OC)- Buggy

Anthony (OC)- PB


As soon as someone applies, we'll begin. :D

7/8/2009 . Edited by musicallyren, 11/2/2009 #1

Can I be Collins? -pouts- please Feema?

7/8/2009 #2

Of Course, dahling, of course.

7/8/2009 #3
Angsty Anime Star

Can I be Roger?

7/8/2009 #4
Red Queen Megz

I wanna be Momo please?!?!?!

7/8/2009 #5

yes and yes, you may begin. LOL, it's getting WAY too much like a fluffy fanfic up in here.

7/8/2009 #6
Red Queen Megz

Lol I'll make my OC here soon. Thanks Feema.

7/8/2009 #7
Red Queen Megz

Here Feema.

Character Name: Kristen Johnson "Kris" "Krissy" or "Kix"


Physical appearance: Brown-blackish hair with red streaks that randomly change color to her mood. Slim,toned dancers body.Piercing,blue eyes.

Personality:Sweet,bubly,yet can be snippy.She has trust issues cause of her one boyfriend who beat her which cause her to do drugs and cut herself even after he left. She's protective of her sister and people close to her. She loves Oreos and Diet Coke.

Fears:Alone at night,Her boyfriend coming after her.

History/Bio: She lived in Chicago with her then boyfriend before she moved in with Maureen. He was abusive and beat her everytime he could.This led her to do drugs and cut herself even after he left. Maureen soon came to the rescue and helped her break those habits. Yet she still has trust issues though she tends not to show it.

Current Home:With Maureen and Joann.

Current occupation: A struggling Choreographer and singer.

7/8/2009 #8

yes, of course. My OC's gonna be with Mark in this one though, if we ever actually get one.

7/8/2009 #9
Red Queen Megz

That's fine. Tehe. Can you make an OC for her pwease?

7/8/2009 #10
Angsty Anime Star

Since we don't have a Mimi, for now can I keep Roger single?

7/8/2009 #11

Yes to Envy, and but Angsty, this RP is post RENT (but AU since Angel's alive) so until we get a Mimi, instead we'll just won't do anything where Mimi will need to be in it. But I can find a Mimi.

7/8/2009 #12
Angsty Anime Star

Alrighty then. xD

7/8/2009 #13
Red Queen Megz

YAY thankies Feema.

7/8/2009 #14

Character Name: Alex Darling

Age/birthday: May 5th 1966

Physical Appearance: tall, lanky, pale. Has light brown hair, that's kinda long, but not really. Has gray eyes.

Personality Description: He's mysterious, and really afraid to let people in, but he can be a softy. He's sarcastic and funny.

Fears: He's afraid of Spiderman.

History/Biography: He lived a normalish life, but when he was eleven his mom comitted suicide, his sister is Alexi Darling from Buzzline.

Current Home: He lives a couple floors down from Roger.

Current Occupation: He's a waiter during the day, and at night he's the bartender at the Cat Scratch Club.

7/8/2009 #15
┬┐Puedo ser Mimi por favor?[Can I please be Mimi?]
7/9/2009 #16

Why yes you may

7/9/2009 #17

We need a temporary Collins

7/12/2009 #18
Angsty Anime Star

Um, i'll do it unless you had someone else in mind.

7/12/2009 #19


7/12/2009 #20

Here's my OC's character chart

Character Name: Calyssa Arizona Montez or 'Cally' or 'Calzone'

Age/birthday: 3-17-68

Physical Appearance: Long platinum blond curls, all the way down back. Piercing green eyes.

Personality Description: She is nice, but can be mean to people she doesn't know or trust. She is very protective of her friends, and very rarely lets harm come to them. She can be charming when she wants to be. She has an intense love of Taco Bell and ponies.

Fears: She is afraid of spongebob.

History/Biography: She had abusive parents and was put in foster care after one time when she attempted suicide. When she was 13 she got asthma, and so now she has to have her inhaler with her everywhere. She was Collins' only friend when he was at MIT, and also his student, they were like twins.

Current Home: homeless

Current Occupation:She is a struggling writer.

7/14/2009 #21
The Beginning of Talent

I'll Take Mark for a character =8]

7/16/2009 #22

Approved, welcome to the gang. You can call me Buggy, and I'm the moderator here.

7/16/2009 #23
The Beginning of Talent

Character Name: Anthony//Antonio//Ism//Dis-trackt//Masqurade

Age/birthday: Dec 4th 1969

Physical Appearance: Athletic due to the type of activities he partakes in, 5'8, Tan skin, brown eyes and black cut hair.

Personality Description: He's a real joker, but can be serious when the time comes. Has a competitive spirit but clowns around with competition. He has a love for funk music and the feeling it brings him.

Fears: Re-addiction, Violence, Being Framed

History/Biography: Growing up in a poor part of NYC Anthony moved downtown to a less poorer part known as alphabet city (although still poor). He brought with him the knowlegde of NYC's own breakdancing (Bboying.) At the moment he makes minimal pay teaching and performing for crowds and on his spare time can be usually found practicing or going to jams to battle. He hates Mainstream media for turning Hip Hop into something dispicable. His multiple street names were given by friends.

Current Home: Lives 2 floors down from Roger and Mark where his studio is used to practice.

Current Occupation: Freelance dancer

7/22/2009 #24


7/22/2009 #25

Character Name: Roselyn Elaya Musetta Montez

Age/Birthday: 5-5-88

Physical appearance: She has mocha skin, curly black hair, and green eyes.

Personality: She has a more sarcastic, less-trusting edge to her than most children, but she can be very sweet once she learns to trust someone.

Fears: She's afraid of being beaten

History/Bio: When Roselyn was born, her mom sent her to live with her aunt, as she couldn't have her daughter living there with Roger and April (since Roselyn was born Pre-RENT) on heroin. But when Roselyn was two, she ran away from home, and has lived on the streets ever since. She also happens to be the daughter of Cally and Collins, as a result of getting drunk one night. (before Collins got AIDS).

Current Home: Streets

Current occupation: None, she's FOUR FUCKING YEARS OLD

8/7/2009 #26
Angsty Anime Star

She's awesome. xD Accepted, obviously. Way to cause mega drama....well, MORE mega drama.

8/7/2009 #27
N a e l a C a l o r e

i hope im doing this right :P

Name: Lacey

Spiecies: Collie/german shepard

Age: 9 months

Bio: Her previous owners abused her. but she had series of then, the first injured her paw and then kicked her out onto the street. The next family was loving to poor little lacey, but had to give her up because they were poor D:. later her wound was infected and she ran into angel. Knowing angel she had learned hy angel was called angel. Angel took the hurt cold injured puppy in and nursed it back to health...

Personality: Shes the sweetest dog youll ever know :3


10/8/2009 #28

You ith approved. XD. -turns to older forum members- HEY GUYS WE HAVE A NEWBIE!!!!!

10/8/2009 #29


I'm Screener!! Or Jenna...WELCOME TO HERE!!! =D

What do you wanna be called??

10/8/2009 #30
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