Full Moon: Perfect World
An RP based in the world of Full Moon, a spin off from the D20 system adapted for forum use. Perfect World is the fifth and final installment after the Tales of Chanbara saga in flux with the DnD and D20Modern games.
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• Kelts The pointy-eared inhabitants of Chanbara who tend toward an organic way of life are more spiritually inclined than other races. They are centered on a peaceful way of life and seek knowledge and understanding from the gods. They are charismatic, agile, balanced in the ways of both melee and magic.

• Humans The inhabitants of Chanbara who tend toward a technical way of life are more physically and rationally inclined than other races. Centered on order and world advancement, most Humans are weary of magic and despise their dependency on other races, but dominate with things more corporeal.

• Muse The essence of a Kelt is the Muse. They are greatly magically inclined, but are physically limited. This mysterious manifestation race is bound in adoration of entertainment in all forms and are capable of drifting in and out of the Spirit World, changing their center gravity and can polymorph once per day.

• Uni-Mare The essence of a Human is the Uni-Mare. This mighty race is far more physically advanced than the other inhabitants of Chanbara, but are lacking in magic. The upright standing horse-like entities stampeding throughout the Forsaken Forest are ruled by a unique, unknown government system.

• Kukris The bird-like Kukris race, winged lords of the sky! They are very noble and consider themselves superior to the other land-bound races. They function much like and claim to be the advanced form of Kelts, traveling the skyways and out over the ocean as messengers and scouts which would much prefer to keep to themselves.

• Torrent The scourge of the ocean is the Torrent race, the essence of a Kukris or any other who has plunged into the terrible ocean. The amphibious Torrents have full freedom to travel throughout waterways but are a coagulated race and have no bonds to others of their own kind, as each are unique.

Tribal Races:

Anoles -- Green lizard folk who crawl the underbellies of most cities, poison-filled sacks line their cheeks.

Skinks -- Blue lizard folk who crawl the underbellies of most cities, cold-imbued sacks line their cheeks.

Cobolds -- Lizard folk who crawl the dens of dragons, capable of harnessing soma magics.

Cobalts -- Anthropomorphic wolves which prowl through the forested islands. Includes dogs, wolves, dingos, etc.

Courls -- Anthropomorphic cats which climb atop the snow-covered, mountainous islands.

Devas -- Chanbara's vampiric race, holders of a virus spreadable only to Kelts.

Lucorpans -- Chanbara's lycanthropic race, holders of a virus spreadable only to Humans.

Fae -- Tiny Kelts or Uni-Mares with tremendous magical abilities. Includes Elves (Kelt), Pixies (Kelt), Nixies (Uni-Mare), Faeries (Kelts)

Dyjinn -- The genies of Chanbara, including all types of Jinn and Skinks

Anthros -- Excluding types of dogs and cats, all other forms of animals which resemble humans inhabit Chanbara, like otters, bears, boars, frogs, komodos, drakes, etc.


Dragons -- Dragons inhabit the islands, but only a few; however, they are playable with restriction. The Dragons include: The Hyatt (White, NPC), Noiz (Black, PC) Vuurbrandwyrm I & II (Fire, both playable), ______, the Sea Serpent (Water, playable) and Mandragorra (Nature, playable), Roid'or and Argent (Gold and Silver, playable).

Great Birds -- Great Birds inhabit the islands, but only a few; however, they are playable with restriction. The Great Birds include: Krafit Bird (Neutral crow with armor, playable), Procnea (Electro, playable), Garuda (Wind, playable), Ragna (Light, playable), Roc (Dark, playable)


Elementists -- Males and females, the deities and creators of the planets, they are there, but not playable in the forum RP.

Great Beats of Legend -- There are legendary beats inhabiting Chanbara, ie, Leviathan, the Vulcan, Blu, none of which are playable.

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Is it possible to be undead?

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