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Sonic and his friends have settled down, gotten married, and are raising families. Will Sonic's son be the next hero, or will someone else become the star?

10/4/2009 #1

I find it highly unlikely that Sonic will ever settle down, unless something forces him too. Sonic just doesn't seem like the kind of person to settle down and raise a family. This doesn't mean to say that he won't have a kid, but whoever that kid is, has to work hard to get out of the shadow of his father's legacy.

10/25/2009 #2

What if he doesn't get Sonic's speed? If his mother is Amy Rose, he might just get her hammers. Then there's Princess Sally, who doesn't seem to have any powers at all.

10/25/2009 #3

I know. It all depends on how the gene pool works. Like with Gregor Mendal's experiment where he put 34 variants of pod plants near eachother, watched them reproduce, and recorded the results of the dominate and recessive traits. The end result being that there were more tall then shorts at the end; a 3:1 ratio to be exact (if you want to look at the exact results, go here: My point being that genetics can be explained somewhat through probability, but it's not like you can control the results yet. The child may even have super speed and hammers; or he/she might not have super speed, like you said. The more kids sonic has however, the more likely one is going to have his powers. It's a probability thing. But the kid would have to work hard to get out of the shadow of his/her father, especially if he/she doesn't have super speed.

10/25/2009 #4

He could also have completely different powers. The X-Men villain Magneto had magnetic powers, but his son was super fast, and his daughter could make almost impossible things happening by affecting probability. Or he might not get his powers until a certain age, or they wouldn't work until he had to use them to save someone. He could go for years thinking he was a disappoint to Sonic because his powers hadn't started working yet. Some versions of Sonic's origin say he was born with his speed, but some say it was an accident.

10/25/2009 #5
De' Ripper

Talking about X-Men... in the movie X-Men 2, one of the mutants said that the powers of a mutant are inherited from the father... sof if Sonic has a son, it likely will have his super speed.

But this isn't X-Men, right? But you can also deduce anyone's power by looking his familiars...


10/26/2009 #6

That's a strange statement for the X-Men to say, since neither of Magneto's children have magnetic powers.

SkyeGavin and Lord Kelvin have no authority. They just report anything they don't like to fanfiction.

Looking at your pirate story, I think it's best if I don't join. Ravenpaw0 really insulted a friend of mine a few days ago. Just today she said she hates her. When I tried to talk to her about it she insulted me. If I was in your story, Raven would probably insist on being taken out of it.

10/26/2009 #7

I've always found that particular thing about superheros to make no sense. Like how two heroes, one with super strength and one with super speed, ends up with kids that have super speed and create force-fields. Or in the X-man like you said that the kids had different powers. Superheroes seem to completely ignore the gene pool. By the way, third chapter of my story is up. Also, I made this new "Stories" forum that you should check out.

10/26/2009 #8

Anyone I can be here or is it a discussion?

8/14/2010 #9

This topic is for next generation characters. Sonic and Amy's kids, for instance. So you'd first have to come up with a Sonic character kid.

8/14/2010 #10

Okay, wouldn't Shadow and Rouge's kid be like grey with red quills and bat wings? Or maybe a lighter black? Darker than grey but light than black?

(Rena: She makes no sense sometimes...)

8/14/2010 #11

There's black and white and many shades of grey in between. Would their kid be a boy or a girl?

8/14/2010 #12

I say boy. Rena says girl lol. She says it somehow fits, but I'm not sure lol

8/14/2010 #13

Maybe they had both. One flies one uses chaos control. The girl might be lighter grey and pink while the boy was darker grey and red.

8/14/2010 #14

And they'd both act tough, be loners (or hang out with each other) and be skilled at stealing and spying?

8/14/2010 #15

Maybe. Like Cecil and Celesia if they liked making trouble for people.

8/14/2010 #16

Yeah, maybe. If they had a boy, I think the name Dark would seem good for him. Or Night. Didn't have an idea for the girl but Rena said Dahlia.

8/14/2010 #17

Any reason for that? Someone named Elizabeth Short was murdered in 1947 and the newspapers called her the Black Dahlia. They called her that because she was killed when there was a popular movie playing called the Blue Dahlia. Over 60 people confessed but they never could prove who did it. I've heard Dark suggested for Shadow's son before, although Amy was the mother. He couldn't talk but was psychic. The person that used it last year is now engaged to be married and probably won't be coming back to fanfiction.

8/14/2010 #18

She said she heard songs Black Dahlia and heard people talk about it, so it just came to mind. She thinks it's a pretty name.

8/14/2010 #19

I looked it up and there are a lot of songs called Black Dahlia. Lots of people still talking about something that happened in the 1940s. Seems there was a novel, a movie, a video game, and a death metal band by that name. Songs by Anthrax, Hollywood Undead, Porcupine Tree, and Lamb of God.

8/14/2010 #20

Oh, I see. Rena must've heard it from those things then. She just suggested the name Dahlia and we both liked it.

8/14/2010 #21

I first heard of it from a book of ghost stories I found at the checkout stand in a store.

8/14/2010 #22

Oh, I see.

So, Dark is a common name for Shadow's son?

8/14/2010 #23

I've only heard it used once. It's a good name for him. Most Sonic characters have names meaning something. I think only Amy has a normal name. Even Tails' real name, Miles, is a joke on miles per hour (Miles Prower.)

8/14/2010 #24

Wonder why her name is normal? Unless you count her last name. It used to be Rosie the Rascal.

8/14/2010 #25

In Japan it's Emi Rosu. Maybe it was supposed to be Emmy short for Emerald but they changed it to Amy for some reason. Mistake in translation.

8/15/2010 #26

Maybe. Sounds very likely.

8/15/2010 #27

Rouge is makeup, Silver is a color, Blaze is fire, Cosmo is from Cosmos meaning the universe. Big is big. So having an Amy in that group seems a little strange.

8/15/2010 #28


8/15/2010 #29

So new characters probably wouldn't have people names either. About the last character was a human and his name was Pickle.

8/15/2010 #30
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