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Anything you'd like to say about anything Sonic, here's the place to say it!

10/15/2009 #1

Interestingly, the sad stories of Maria, trapped on a space station all her life, and Cosmo, with a device apparently planted just above her right eye, both originate in a single Astro Boy story in which Astro meets a robot girl named Nicky who turns out to be a bomb. Defusing the bomb means taking her completely apart, and the scientist that built her is unable to put her back together again. Astro is left with nothing but her legs, which he begs his adopted father to replace his own legs with so that she will always be a part of him. It works because Nicky was a prototype of Astro.

10/15/2009 . Edited 10/15/2009 #2

What is with all the writers who make Cosmo insane?!? I've seen her kill Tails, kill Rouge, try to kill Cream! I'm sick of it! It is not a cool alternative to her normal characterization. It's completely against who Cosmo is, but more stories keep coming out about her being a psychopath! People who write this are just showing that they can't come up with anything interesting about the characters as themselves, so they're going for the lowest common denominator by writing something warped and twisted. I've seen the same with Cream and her mother, and it's sloppy writing. It's saying you can't write a good story, so you'll write something shocking because that might get people to read your story. It's the mark of an amateur that doesn't know what he or she is doing. Study writing, study the characters, then try to actually come up with a story in which Cosmo is Cosmo and Cream is Cream and so on. Otherwise, you're just showing you don't know what you're doing and you don't even care! These stories are wrong headed and disgusting.

10/16/2009 #3

A lot of people make stories where people go insane. Out of the ones I've seen, only one of them was funny, and it wasn't a Sonic fix either. It was this Rosario Vampire fic that was rated M that had the main character get tired of the various monster girls following him for his love. It was amusing, but then again, he didn't kill anyone. Having a character go insane and killing people like that is just wrong and out of character. Either you really don't know about the chracter, or you just really hate that particular character. Either way, I don't like it either. By the way, my first chapter to my story is up. I would give you the link, but I can't post it here, so just go to my profile and find it that way.

10/16/2009 #4

If anyone writes a story were a character goes insane for serious purposes they should at least give a good and detailed reason for the characters insanity. You can't just decide all of a sudden, (Insert Character) woke up one day and decided he/she is going to brutally murder everyone close to them and keep thier hearts as trophies cause they're crazy like that now. It dosen't work like that, since Insanity is almost never occures spontaneously, there's got to be a reason and insanity is usually the result after a long period of time. Even the Old Gods couldn't instantly cause someone to go crazy, unless they were in actual physical contact. They telepathically sent their dark whispers into the minds of whoever dared venture to close to thier realms. The result of the victims would be unease, then paranioa, then after a long period of time said victim would eventually go mad. The point is that their has to be a good reason for a character going insane. Otherwise the story would end up stupid and laughable.

10/24/2009 #5

So what is the point of killing off an established character. I just read a story were in one chapter both Knuckles and Rouge both got rather brutally killed by Eggman. I honestly don't see the point. For one, when you kill of a well established character you alienate the parts of your audiance that are fans of that character. Also, to me having a villian kill off a main character to set a mood for a dark or brutal fic, or to make them seem more impressive seems very... amaturish. Heck, I'm pretty sure you can set the mood for a really dark fic or make a villian seem very dark and intemidating without icing one of the main characters early on. Any thoughts on this?

10/24/2009 #6

I've seen a story where Cream killed Tails and went to the hospital. Then Rouge died and they discovered Cosmo was the killer, that Cream had talked her into believing that everyone including Tails hated her and was using her, so Cosmo went on a murder rampage. Cream had gone crazy because of Eggman capturing and torturing her. The story made no sense, and ruined the characters. I've also seen Cream was the Grim Reaper's daughter, and Cream murdered Sonic then went home and Vanilla told her how proud she was for getting him. Then there's one where Tails marries Cream and Cosmo plots to murder her for stealing him from her.

What these writers are saying is that they can't write a good story with these characters if they act like themselves. They're forcing the characters to fit what they want to write. Professional writers call that sloppy writing. If they can't write about Sonic or Tails or Cosmo as themselves, they shouldn't bother.

There are characters that can be gotten rid of without people complaining. They're called OCs. That is the OCs' purpose.

10/24/2009 #7

In the story I read (which was authored by everyone's favorite annoyance) Eggman appear to have a mentle break down due to his failures to destroy Sonic and any resistance, and his inability to conqour the world. He even displayed the classic sign of believing himself not insance, (as well as being surprisingly narcessistic). I found him to be completly OOC. It dosen't make any sense, considering Eggman's one of those villians who bounces back after every failure. Granted I think it was the Archie Comics Eggman (not sure, the author didn't specify) but even so. Also I found the ways the character deaths were unnessarily violent (Rouge was blown into nothingness by a missle, and Knuckles got cut up by a saw). Of course, this author would never use OC's, he's completely against them. He deserves a bit of congradulations, since I now consider him to be the Uwe Bowl of this website.

10/24/2009 #8

Eggman getting crazier seems very popular now. There was one where he imagined someone speaking to him the whole story, when he was really talking to himself. If I see he's getting crazy in a story, I stop reading it.

10/24/2009 #9

I think that might want to be a general rule for any story, if a major character starts getting crazy, leave.

I'm sorry but as much as I like Yogg-Saron, he dosen't need to drive anyone insane outside his encounter.

Sorry, WoW humor/reference, but the point is if I want to see or read something about insanity, A Clockwork Orange is both a book and a movie.

10/24/2009 #10

I haven't played those games, but it sounds like they took the Other God Yog-Sothoth and mixed him with the villain from Lord of the Rings. There's been a lot of discussion on what Black Doom is lately. I believe he's a lich.

10/24/2009 #11

Yes, and Yogg-Saron wasn't the first, back during vanilla (pre-expansion pack WoW) one of the hardest raid bosses was C'Thun, derived from Cthullu. Old Gods are a pretty big part of warcraft lore, and were of course inpired by Lovecraft. Even my the character in my profile pic, Algalon the Observer, was named for the star Algal in Lovecraft's Beyond the Wall of Sleep.

But enough of my rambling about World of Warcraft. Black Doom a lich, eh. Hmm, possibly, but if he is, he's certainly a lot different from the Lichs I'm familar with. I've read a little bit of a story depicting him as a type of demon lord, but that story was an AU. Still, it does kinda make sense when you see his Devil Doom form, which is very demonic looking in nature.

10/24/2009 #12

I've depicted him as a demon king in my forum, but Shadow was part werewolf and Amy was a witch in that story, so it made sense to make Doom a worse monster than the others. Actually, you might have noticed I'm working on Sonic meeting Cthulhu. It's based on a forum story I participated in months ago, although Sonic wasn't in that story.

10/24/2009 #13

Yes, I read your profile page fairly often to check and see if its updated.

Aside from being a demon, its really kinda hard to tell what any of the Black Arms are. Alien is only a generic term appliad to anything foriegn. The Black Arms do certainly seem demonic, but in the end I'm really not sure what to classify them as.

10/24/2009 #14

There's been a big discussion in the Writers' forum to classify Sonic characters as Lovecraftian creatures.

10/24/2009 #15

Hmm... various alien creatures that appear to consume or assimilate other lifeforms, many of them having bloated bodies, one eye or many, having a dark, almost cult-like nature, old temples left on Sonic's world nessesary to help their conquest... yeah, I'm thinking thier on the right track.

Then again, when I had done a little reading on the Lovecraftian Outer Gods, I actually kinda though Solaris might fit the bill to be an Outer God itself.

10/24/2009 #16

Hi everyone! I'll just enter the conversation when I know what you are talking about.

10/24/2009 #17

He does. Except Other Gods can't be destroyed, so the ending wouldn't have worked. Solaris would still be out there somewhere at the end. There are similarities between Black Doom and Nyarlathotep.

10/24/2009 #18

10/24/2009 #19

True, except my mind refuses to accept that ending. I think that rather then actually destroying Solaris, they just cut him off from that particular time line. Besides, that whole thing about Sonic's world and Earth being one at one point in time, then being seperated, never to join again less time stops, kinda set a few alarms off in my head. But then again I'm probably just insane.

10/24/2009 #20

The worlds were combining in Sonic X. I think that was a trial for their game, and they saw it wouldn't work. But humans still show up in Sonic Unleashed. I know one forum was going to use Black Doom as their main villain, but the members couldn't agree on how he could show up on Sonic's world and didn't want them back on Earth.

10/24/2009 #21

Author, how many metarex Oc's do you want? I have two done right now, I was too busy to work on them until now. I have two now. I'm just making the names based off plants and colors.

10/24/2009 #22

Yeah, but that whole time will stop forever thing still bugs me, but ill avoid going into any timey-whimy technoblabble.

I still think Solaris probably still exists, he's probably just to weak to enter any dimensions at the moment and is recovering in the void in between dimensions. (Oh, and I've also been reading that Strings of Time fic, lovely story, and its got me thinking on this subject again).

10/24/2009 #23

Hmm, I'd say anywhere from about four to six would probably do. Let me know how their coming along through a PM if you could.

10/24/2009 #24

Dean R. Koontz stated he planned to avoid time travel in his books, and suggested writers trying it should read Robert Silverberg first. Paradoxes are a mess, which is why Tails' time machine didn't work in my story. I didn't want to make one.

10/24/2009 #25

Yeah, I remember reading up to that I saw that disaster coming a mile away.

True, paradoxes are tricky business, and are very difficult to handle. Not to mention I've seen a few various results of paradoxes, resulting in time loops, Reapers (Doctor Who, nasty creatures), and I've seen paradoxes punched completely in the face (Rosewell that Ends Well, Futurama).

10/24/2009 #26

3 oc's down, working on 4th

10/24/2009 #27

Youtube has removed most of the episodes of Sonic X, and they're vanishing from other sites as well. Hopefully, 4kids subtitled versions will be well made and sell enough for them to sub all 78 episodes.

11/7/2009 #28
Grand Warlock Naarghul

Umm, no they haven't. I see all the episodes still up in their Shows section up to episode 47.

EDIT: Granted, it is the dub.

11/7/2009 . Edited 11/7/2009 #29

I was mostly referring to season three, which will probably not be subtitled by 4kids unless the first two seasons sell very well, which seems doubtful after what I've read about Yugioh and One Piece subtitled sales. Yesterday I tried to rewatch several season three episodes for my writing, and couldn't find most in either English or Japanese. While I have the English episodes, my dvd player isn't working so I can't see them.

11/7/2009 #30
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