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Mithos of the blue sky and sea


Alias:Dari,Mao-Oh the destroyer,Dark-Lord

Senshi name:Chibi-Tuxedo Kamen



Evil Appearance:

Normal Appearance:

(Pic of him asleep.)


Senshi Appearance:same color scheme of Tuxedo-Mask with shorts and a black fedora hat instead of the top hat,and a tiny cape that goes down to about his knee's,and the Ball-Mask had a red jewel in it and has the Moon crescent design at the top of it.

Transformation device"A tiny crystal frozen Red Rose.

Personality:Jealous,Lonely,clumsy,and naive he clearly has a ton of his mothers qualities,however he gets his noble and brave portions from his father,he is also very kind hearted and funny.

History:He is the Son of Serenity and Endymion if they had a son instead of a daughter(Chibiusa),he is from a canceled future where they had a son and their realm was destroyed however he managed top keep the castle together with the power he had taken from the silver crystal and with the help of Prince-Diamond,however now he was all alone Diamond dead,His Quartet dead,totally alone until Nephilim arrived and she said to him:"I will be your friend and now you will never ever be alone again I have many friends who want to meet you just bring your toys and come with me"Thus he followed her and she resurrected his Quartet and made him part of Methuselah's iunit the second in command,and somehow she had made him her fiance though that was actually all SEED's idea.

Other:He is fun and happy and is always accompanied by his floating ball friend A-Chan,he can also wield Moon and Earth Artifacts and can wield a Silver-Eclipse Moon Saber which only pure hearted heirs to the throne of the Moon-Kingdom can use,he misses his parents and actually doesn't want to marry Nephilim.

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Laguna & Seguna The Twins of the Blue Tides

Alias:Laguna the Wicked,Seguna the Cruel,Laguna Bluewater,Seguna Bluewater,The Twin Terrors

Senshi Name:???(They should have forms and names though they have yet to awaken.)

Age:both 10

Race:Human(though they were Neptunian Children.)

Civilian Appearance:



Seguna(Hair up):


Seguna and Laguna(Battle armor minus coats): (When they are not using there powers they don't need there eye-patches on)

Senshi appearance:????

Seguna(Sailor Chibi-Neptune):

Laguna(Neptune-Tux/Neptune Knight):

Villain Appearance:Classic Zohar outfits Leather like body armor his and her style,and long light blue jackets,with his and her eye patches boy left,girl right,Laguna's patch says water Marine,and Seguna's Sea Marine

Powers:Laguna controls water and can bend and use it,while Seguna can breath underwater and weaponize it,as well as control it however they need to work together or they suck,as they need to be acting as one to enhance the others abilities.

Personality:Laguna:bratty,angry,obsessive curious and dark,though sometimes he can do nice things or say nice things as he has a slight split personality dis-order/Seguna:Intelligent,naggy,witty,clever and sarcastic,she is also a sadist and likes to toy with her prey as does her brother though in different ways.

History:They were new Born's that were separated from their parents and raised by one of the big six of the Dark-Kingdom,he raised them and educated them like they were his own and turned them into soldier assassins,they each thus in order to cope went in different directions Laguna creating an imaginary friend and her going numb,Laguna now is a schizophrenic and Seguna suffers from sever night-terrors,each is a classic form of shell-shock.

Other:They are expert fencers and each wield a different blade Laguna a Rapier and Seguna a Foil,their eye-patches seal off their excess and unstable energy which if fully released could destroy their bodies,they each carry a photo of their parents with them as a reminder they once had parents,parents that abandoned them.

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I'd like to join. If you are still accepting that is. =)

Name: Daniki

Scout name: Sailor Libra

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Caucasian

Hair: Dirty blonde, waist-length, straight

Eyes: Gray

Skin Tone: peach

Civilian Clothing: Denim capris, silver tunic with black belt, black strap wedge shoes

Sailor Outfit: silver, black knee-high boots, same traditional style dress

BIO: Mother died when she was a child. She lives with her father who pays little attetion to her.

Sailor scout call: Libra crystal power

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

she needs a last name other then that she looks fine. :3

7/14/2011 #34
Hugs of Doom

Name:Hikari Fujiisaku

Scout name:Sailor Gemini





Civilian Clothing:A white and light blue striped tank top,a light blue plaid skirt,and knee-high black leather boots.

Sailor Outfit:A blue and light blue sailor dress,blue fingerless gloves,and knee-high light blue leather boots.Holds a golden staff with a blue star on top

BIO:Lives alone with her mother,who abuses her.She covers her scars and bruises from the past years.She uses her free time to sit under the weeping willow in the park.She one time ran away,but her mother caught her.So,she works,cleans,cooks as a punishment.She rarely smiles or laughs.Hikari watches the stars at night,wondering what to do to get away from her mother.

Sailor scout call:Sailor Gemini!At your service!

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Okay a few notes:1:No all star scout pick a constellation to be in charge of,2:No that was pretty much it.

3:If you want to just be start and not a constellation then add light to the end of the scout name and then some random support power and you can fit in with the Starlight scouts.

7/19/2011 #36
Renaissance Rose
Name: Rose Sailor name: sailor starlight Age: 16 hair: short blonde with red tips Civilian clothing: black leggings with baggy rose tee Sailor clothing: multi-colored skirt and boots
8/13/2011 #37
Alright first you need a bio, you know a hidtory, srcond you need a call, like " Earth dream power!"
8/13/2011 #38
Renaissance Rose
Bio: just moved from america she has gone through life unnoticed even by her parents her father died in a car wreak, she is the princess of the north star Scout call : starlight power
8/13/2011 #39

Name: Angelica Jasper

Scout name: Sailor Pleiades

Age: 17 *18 in a month*

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hair: Dark brown corly hair that goes beyond her hips.

Eyes: Expressive Green eyes.

Skin Tone: Pale fair skin.

Civilian Clothing: Victorian gothic style clothing, lolita type.

Sailor Outfit: Black skirt, red earrings, black choker necklace with a red heart on it, Silver tiara with a red gem in the middle, check and back bows are red, red high heels like sailor Mars.

Transformation device: Red and black wand with a heart on it.

BIO:Angelica was in the Moon Kindgdom during the attack and was sent to the United States to live there. Her family is harsh on her and do not understand her and she grows depressed. After her 17th birthday things start to get odd and she keeps getting attacked by uknown forces in her sleep. She slowly starts to remember her past and gets nervous and condfused because she heard that there would be danger soon. She escaped to Japan after finding a scout in America who said she was going to Tokyo where all the scouts met up.

Other: Has a silver sword with red gems in it.

Makup phrase: Pleiadian star power

Sailor scout call:

8/17/2011 #40

Name: Aria Tanemura

Scout name: Sailor Flare

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hair: See Sailor Outfit

Eyes: See Sailor Outfit

Skin Tone: Peach

Civilian Clothing: Blue jean jacket, blue jeans, white shirt, and brown shoes

Sailor Outfit:

BIO: Aria is a young girl who lives with her aunt and uncle. She is in high school in her senior year. She has two cats name Pepe and Loki who accompany her in battle and they give her advice. She doesn't have a boyfriend, but hopes to find the one for her. She is the leader of a new team of Sailor Scouts.

Sailor scout call: Flare Crystal Power, Make-Up! (I LOVE the uncut version, so I used the Japanese call)


Name: Fern Maison

Scout name: Sailor Forest

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hair: See Sailor Outfit

Eyes: See Sailor Outfit

Skin Tone: Peach

Civilian Clothing:

Sailor Outfit:

BIO: Fern is Aria's childhood friend since they were babies and is always there to look after her. She is known to have fights with some girls and boys at school, so she is known as 'The Ice Demoness'. She and Aria do feud at times, but she mostly does that with Maya. She has parents and her faithful Shiba Inu name Hachi.

Sailor scout call: Forest Star Power, Make-up!


Name: Tanya Starling

Scout name: Sailor Aqua

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hair: See Sailor Outfit

Eyes: See Sailor Outfit

Skin Tone: Peach

Civilian Clothing:

Sailor Outfit:

BIO: Tanya is the calm and friendly person that anyone would like to be friends with, but she is also one that some would see as a big sister. She likes to cook and dreams to be a singer. She sings at some night clubs on weekends.

Sailor scout call: Aqua Star Power, Make-Up!


Name: Saya Sagisu

Scout name: Sailor Sakura

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hair: See Sailor Outfit

Eyes: See Sailor Outfit

Skin Tone: Peach

Civilian Clothing:

Sailor Outfit:

BIO: Saya is shy and quiet, unlike her older sister, Maya. She dreams to be a elementary school teacher and loves to be with her sister. They live with their mother and father and are good friends with Aria.

Sailor scout call: Sakura Star Power, Make-Up!


Name: Maya Sagisu

Scout name: Sailor Spark

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hair: See Sailor Outfit

Eyes: See Sailor Outfit

Skin Tone: Peach

Civilian Clothing:

Sailor Outfit:

BIO: Maya is Saya's older sister by 7 minutes ahead. She is the punkish one of the two and she likes to party, but not all the time. She is always sticking with her sister and hopes to find a nice career. She dreams to be a dancer!

Sailor scout call: Spark Star Power, Make-Up!

8/20/2011 #41
Scarlet Camellia626

Name: Samantha Lorenz

Scout name: Eternal Sailor Pluto

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hair: Burgundy

Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Skin Tone: Porcelian

Civilian Clothing:

Sailor Outfit: Regular sailor uniform but the skirt and, boots, and arm bands at the end of the gloves are all burgundy colored. The ribbon is dark violet and he gem on her tiara is also violet. The ribbon on the back of her sailor uniform is long and goes to about halfway to her legs.

Bio: Samantha is the princess of planet Pluto of the far off future. She is very nice, kind, and is always polite and obedient to orders and is very mature for her young age. Soon when she was 10, she learned of the Sailor Pluto before her and had learned of the duties as the time keeper were. At that time, there was no need for one in her time since they had been in great peace. She told the council though of how someone should tke care of it and soon dedicated her life to taking care of the Time Gate just like the Pluto before her.

There have been times though she wished she could go out to the world and see new things, but is unsure because she has dedicated her life so far to obeying the rules and protecting the Gate of Time.

Sailor scout call: "Pluto Galaxy Power!"

Extra: Samantha is very good with children. She also loves flowers.


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Name: Ark

age: 1600+

gender: male

race: demon

eyes: red

appearance: true appearance unknown. Usually takes the form of a small jack rabbit but can change his form and shape

abilities: shape shifting,super strength,super speed,super balance and high level magic user

bio: thousands of years ago he was a very powerful demon,attaking and destroying all that got in his way. It was until a very powerful warrior came along and practically toyed with him before finishing him off by turning him into sa rabbit and sending him into an alternate dimension.


Name: Paku aku

age: unknown

gender: male

race: demon

eyes: diamond blue

appearance: a small crystal-like creature (Comes up to Usagi's waist) with what seems to be spiky hair but is actually hard diamonds. His body is jet black and his face beneath his eyes are completely white. Has no visibe mouth but can still talk and eat some how. Has a tail that is twice the length of his body that has a sythe on the end of it. Has two sharp clawed toes and three sharp clawes fingers. His hands aree white and his sythe is silver. On his shoulders its a crystal-like padding that points upwardand on his knees its the same.

abilities: high level magic user,can turn into dust and reform at will,able to communicate mentally,levitation and super endurance.

His special move: Dark Convey: generates a giant energy crystal and throws it into the sky. The crystal then breaks into thousands of small peices and those shards stab the opponent

Bio: in his universe he was the gate keeper to his kingdom. He often abused his power and used it to his advantage. One day,several other gate keepers saw him abusing his powers and he was stripped of his power,stripped of most of his negative emotions and banished to another universe.

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

all oc's approved. XD

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Name: Adelheid Reichmann

Scout name: Sailor Europe

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: German Caucasian

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Skin Tone: Lily white

Civilian Clothing: Either in everyday modern stylish clothes common to Germany and sometimes wears traditional Bavarian lady's clothes.

Sailor Outfit: (Base uniform for all the earth scouts. Europe is blue in the skirt, trim of gloves, bow, trim, boots, and pitch flap. Each earth scout reflects the colors of the Olympic flag...Europe being represented by blue.)

Scout powers: Telekinetic

BIO: When earth was one continent, she patrolled one sector which one day be Europe in aid to Sailor Earth of that time. She was later incarnated during the Victorian era due to an emergency at that time of which some kind of sailor senshei was needed. The Silver Crystal slated her for rebirth, as it did the others, in modern times. She was the ancestor for Thomas Reichmann, (Marine Ceres, my OC that I am not running for this thread,) and is a distant relative now. Her father is a physics professor now slated to teach in Tokyo University, and has put his daughter, fluent in several languages, into the local Juban High School. She could not look more German! At the start of the thread, she has no idea of her two past incarnations. She is incredibly smart, on par with Ami, and, though she has an air about her that makes her appear stuck up, it is only because she is very businesslike, efficient, exact, and precise in everything she does, though that does not mean she is not outgoing and friendly. She just has a mindset of "Get business done first, and fun comes after worry free."

Sailor scout call: (Says it in German) Europa Kristall Potenz...bilden! (Pronounced, Ooropa Kreestal Potents...beelden and means "Europe Crystal Power...Make Up!)

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On Soaring Wings

Name: Celeste Howlet

Scout name: Sailor Technarch

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Human/Technarchy hybrid

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Skin Tone: pale white

Civilian Clothing: a black mock-wrap kimono covered in pink rose pattern with a pink obi, and black low heel pumps

Sailor Outfit: a black sailor fuku with a gold broch, and skirt (knee length) Black gloves up to just below her elbows, and gold low heeled slingback pumps (The gold portions of her outfit appear to be composed of some sort of black and gold circutry

BIO: In anopther Galaxy there was a planet on good terms with the Moon Kingdom called Technarch... It was populated by a race of beings composed of metamorphic organic circutry called the Technarchy. Over time the planet was rendered uninhabitable by the Technarchs... To surive humans from the Moon Kingdom came over, and merged with the technarchy surviving as symbiotic beings. Anyway there was a Princess who became a Senshi. She was unable to reach the kingdom to protect it from Beryl. The silver cystal sent her into hibernation and teleported her to Earth to awaken the day the Senshi needed her.

Sailor scout call: Technarch Symbiotic Power Make-up!

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Name: Kyle Garret

Scout name: The Crescent Moon Knight

Age: 20(When Serena is 18 so 2 years older than Serena at any age)

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasion

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Brown

Skin Tone: Tan

Civilian Clothing: Wears business suits when he works out of his family's office building. Changes into shorts and a t-shirt when he goes home.

Sailor Outfit: Transforms into an outfit of a Royal Guard from the Silver Moon Kingdom.

BIO: In the present Kyle is the son of one of the richest and most influential families in the country. He is getting his business degree so that he can help run his family's business empire.

In the past, Kyle as had two past lives. The first one was as an orphan on the Moon that Queen Serenity herself took in. Kyle grew up in the palace and Princess Serena was his best friend. As a teen he grew to love the Princess but kept his feelings for her a secret though his rival for Serena's affections, Prince Darien, suspected. Instead of choosing a life at court Kyle trained to be a Palace Guard. He died on the front lines when Queen Beryl and her army attacked.

Kyle's second life was as Sir Galahad. Also known as "The Perfect Knight". Sir Galahad never found love in his life-time. In my story it is because his soul can only love Serena. And since she was sent straight to the present to be reincarnated to fight Beryl he could not find love. Thus the only bit of unfinished business Kyle has left over from his past lives is to allow his love for Serena from both the past and current times to be known.

Sailor scout call: Moon-Light Eclipse (Instead of a hention stick Kyle was given a tattoo on his left peck in the shape of a sword in front of a Crescent Moon. Given to him directly by Queen Serenity herself when Serena was kidnapped by the Green-Eyed Monster.)


Villian's now!

Name: The Shadow Scouts are the evil versions of the Inner Scouts from another dimension where everything good in this dimension is evil there and vice-versa.

Age: The same as each of their counterparts

Gender: Female

Race: The same as each of their counterparts

Hair: The same as each of their counterparts

Eyes: The same as each of their counterparts

Skin Tone: The same as each of their counterparts

Civilian Clothing: Only Shadow Moon has been shown in Civilian Clothing. Each time she has used her disguise power to blend in undetected.

Villian outfit: The same as each of their counterparts

BIO: The Shadow Scouts have been trying to over throw the Queen of the Light Kingdom ever since the Queen Serenity of their dimension was deemed too cruel to be coronated as Queen of the Kingdom.

3/3/2012 #48

(Welcome!Now we have some villains for the new RP! But...No one's on...)

3/7/2012 #49
Name: Prince Escurobreu (Brue for short) his fake name will be...... Onyx.

Age: unknown, looks to be 19 or so.


Race:He's a Race known as Trevasians

Hair:pitch black, with dark red streaks in it, it's cropped short in the back while the bangs are just abit longer.

Eyes:Blood red, in his citizen desguise they are a reddish purple

Skin Tone: His skin tone is black, but again in his citizen form it is a tan color.

Civilian Clothing: he wears a tight black shirt with a white jacket over it, black trench pants, white gloves and black shoes, he has his ears pierced and his lip as well.

Villian outfit: he wears black armor that has a black cape over it, similar to edymion's but his has a blood runes on it.

BIO:He was born in a world ruled by darkness, as the prince, he was prophesied to lead the people into the worlds of light and to rule with a princess of elements at his side, he has conquered many worlds and has his eyes on earth know, but he learns that his future queen is on Earth, and that she is known as princess terra, but her heart is taken by a knight, he will do everything in his powers to take Terra as his own.

(..............How is this bad boy? Oh! personality!)

Personality: he is viscous and cruel, hw is also slightly insane, he doesn't care if Children or women suffer at his men's hands.

3/8/2012 #50
(Know, we need knights! The race are based off of Portuguese. So if you must look up something in Portuguese. He has an army but he has 6 main knights, the first six get to be the main knights the rest are underlings, or second in command to the knights.)
3/8/2012 #51

Villian's now!

Name: Skandor Akbaar

Age: unkown

Gender: male

Race: Well...he LOOKS human

Hair: Jet black

Eyes: blood red

Skin Tone: tan

Civilian Clothing: grey turtleneck with black sports coat, navy blue slacks, black wingtips and sunglasses to hide his eyes.

Villain outfit: black plate mail armor with spikes on the shoulder and a dragon head helmet.

BIO: His history is obscured with his age, but he has served his prince loyally for some time. However, there have been rumors that he combatted the Earth Scouts near the end of the 20th century when the skill of youma master was passed to that generation, and that person passed on the skills and started to make them in an effort to try to take over Earth that Queen Beryl might have it easy whenever it was she would resurface. He was the tool, but when defeated, went into a torpor and re-emerged as servant to the prince for as long as he can remember. However, the emergence of the earth scouts was sensed by him and now seeks to spread the name of the threat to his prince to stop them before they sprout, or else the present scouts will be unstoppable.


Villian's now!

Name: Mi-Lo-Fen (Youma Master)

Age: 16

Gender: male

Race: Human, Korean immigrant.

Hair: Black

Eyes: brown

Skin Tone: Asian

Civilian Clothing: likes the grunge look, but that is just to throw people off

Villian outfit: similar to what Beryl's generals wore

BIO: He was born in Korea and spent his first few years there, but his family moved to Tokyo and the Juban district not long after. While there, he discovered he was a descendant of one of Beryl's Youma Masters, who make and train the beasts. He survived the Silver Crystal incident, and spent generation after generation handing down the secret from father to son. His father had moved them there when he became aware of the emergence of Beryl, and accelerated his efforts with the appearance of Sailor V. However, he was not involved with the original fight, and waited until things settled down. It took a few years, but with things quiet, decided to let his son loose and to take over to start producing the creatures, and hopefully, have more success than back in the late Victorian era than his ancestors did.

3/18/2012 #52

Yay enemies!

4/9/2012 #53

Name: Yukiko Tsukino

Scout name: Sailor Asia

Age: 16

Gender: female

Race: Human

Hair: Jet Black, but done in Usagi's style.

Eyes: Brown

Skin Tone: Japanese

Civilian Clothing: Very modest clothing, often in Kimono, reflecting the stereotypical image of a proper young Japanese girl

Sailor Outfit: (Base uniform for all the earth scouts. Asia is red in the skirt, trim of gloves, bow, trim, boots, and pitch flap. Top is yellow, as are the gloves and boots. Each earth scout reflects the colors of the Olympic flag...Asia being represented by Yellow.)

BIO: Cousin of Usagi of whom she has not yet met, living in the far north in the country, but close enough to a High School. Her father taught chemistry there, but looked to move to Tokyo for better financial benefits for his only daughter, as he is a widower. She was raised, though, in the ways of the Japanese woman of old, and behaves in that way, but is far from naive. She is very intelligent, and loves chemistry as does her father. They move into the Tsukino residence, and Yukiko starts to attend Juban High. What she does not know is that, in a past life, she had once emerged as Sailor Asia as a direct ascendant to Usagi and her father herself. Her powers are based on being able to summon and use the right chemical element of the whole Periodic Table of Elements at any time she needs them and uses them as either a weapon or as defense.

Sailor scout call: (In Romanji: Asheea Creestial-ku...SHTAY!) (Asia Crystal Power...MAKE UP)

4/10/2012 #54

Yay! Welcome!

4/10/2012 #55

Name: Miouku Huevenna or Kaylee Jones. (You Choose, Fausha. :3)

Scout name: Sailor Star

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: ...? Um... Anthro. (Human with animal traits/animal with human traits)

Hair: Long dirty blonde hair with brown cat ears and a brown tail, and black stripes on hair, ears, and tail.

Eyes: Yellow

Skin Tone: white

Civilian Clothing: Pink t-shirt and jeans with red and white sneakers.

Sailor Outfit: Sailor scout outfit, yellow.

BIO: Miouku/Kaylee grew up working in a pastery shop with her abusive human aunt and uncle after her parents died (Cat... demon, to call her something and human). The only one that cared for her was her pet cat, who, eventually actually spoke to her and turned her into a magical anthro and called her a sailor scout, Sailor Star. She didn't like the sailor name, but accepted it. Bright, her cat, lead her to the other scouts and they became good friends.

Sailor scout call: Feline Star Power!

9/30/2012 #56
10/2/2012 #57
Andromeda Vortex

Name: Damion Ignatius

Age: 17

Guise: Stardust King Entei Heartgold

Title: King of Sigma (golden city of scholars) & Signer

Traits: somewhat cold and rigid, short tempered, daring, youthful, intelligent, impatient, protective, quick-witted

Birthday: December 31

Height: 5'11"

Gender: Male

Blood Type: unknown

Favorite Food: Veal

Favorite Drink: Spring water (it restores his power)

Least Favorite Food: cheese (he's allergic to dairy)

Favorite School Subject: Ancient History

Least Favorite School Subject: Physical Education (he doesn't want to hurt anyone with his strength)

Career or Career Goals: To become an international treasure protector (like an archaeologist)

Favorite Sports: bowling

Performance Arts Talent: dueling (whether by sword or magic or playing Duel monsters

Hobbies: studying, practicing fighting skills, reading

Home: in a mansion that is thought to be haunted (he can communicate with spirits)

Favorite Topic of Conversation: ancient items

Favorite Space/Sky Anomaly: blue moon

Love Interest: none (although a lot of girls do flirt with him… much to Damion's chagrin…)

Favorite Games: Sailor V fighting game, Duel Monsters

Favorite Scent: blueberry

Idol: His sister, Jade

Favorite Color: White and blue

Favorite Flower: Bluebonnet

Favorite Metal: Gold

Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Favorite Mythical Animal: Dragon

Jewelry: Wears a deep blue sapphire (Stardust Sapphire) around his neck

Fortune Telling Ability: Starsight- whatever is dreamed about often comes true

Dislikes: Oppositio senshi (read my fanfic Legend of Sigma to see why- unfinished), Sailor Mercury (thinks she's arrogant), Sailor Neptune (they have their reasons)


Skin Tone: white

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: white

Hairstyle: long (down to middle of back)

Eyebrow Color: black

Eyelash Color: black

Clothes: khakis, black t-shirt, white fur trench coat, black boots, golden stud earring in right ear


Color Scheme: White and blue

Crown: Silver Circlet

Lapel: The golden Star badge (a golden pentagram)

Shoes: Silver boots

Earrings: wears a golden stud earring in his right ear

Hair Accessories: none

Make Up: Battle Armor (like Stardust Dragon)

Specialized Accessories: Stardust Dragon wings and mask

Battle-Related Stats:

Battle Weaknesses: Has limited flight power and duration, vulnerable against psychic attacks.

Special Battle "Talent": Can locate an enemy's weak points in seconds, One of the best swordsmen and magicians known in the universe, excellent strategist and tactitian.

Moves/Attacks (sword):

•Stardust Supernova (unleash a wide blast of stardust)

•Victim Sanctuary (sacrifice power to heal a friend)

•Shooting Sonic (fire a blast of starlight that deals heavy damage)

•Cosmic flare (blind enemies with a blast of starlight)

•Assault Sonic burst (attack with a crescent shaped energy beam)

•Falling Star Slam (body slam enemies with sword hilt)

•Stardust Mirage (create clones)

•Creation Burst (unleash a burst of light that can bring the dead back to life)

Cannon Attacks:

•Shooting Star: unleash a flurry of missiles

•Brutal Swing: Swing the cannon around to deal massive damage

•Ascalon: Shoot missiles in the path of a foe

•Artillery Strike: Shoot missiles all around a foe

Transformations: Starlight Cosmic Nexus (normal transformation), Stardust Berserk Nexus (Assault mode transformation)

Weapons: Great Twin Swords of Stars (can transform into a cannon or a great sword), Great Cannon of Stardust, Great Sword of Starlight

Special Items: Dragon Pentagram- Holds the Ancient spirits of the Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit gods.

Bio: Not much is known about Damion except he is the son of a rich family and is famous for being the World Champion of Duel Monsters 7 years in a row. His father was in a special part of the United Nations, and his mother was in the Japanese government. Because his parents never spend time with him, Damion grew up alone having to take care of himself. He is very independent and rarely trusts anyone.

More Detailed Bio: Damion was born on the same day and time as Entei Heartgold. When they were born, Entei's and Damion's souls and spirits merged as one. One day, as Damion was taking a visit to a museum, he stumbled upon a stone tablet that had Stardust Dragon carved on it and the Starwell in a pedestal. Damion freed the sword and was given the power of Stardust Dragon and Entei's body combined with his own, giving him Entei's memories. Cosmo appeared and told Damion that he was Entei Heartgold and his past and of a new evil that was on the rise. Damion at first didn't believe her, but then came to realize what was at stake. Now, Damion, as the legendary King of the Star City, must finish his mission and find his long-lost sister Jade…

Bio (Entei): Entei Heartgold is generally described as many as the greatest young king who ever ruled a kingdom. He is well known for his kindness and true to his family name, usually has a heart of gold. He can sometimes be hot headed and often has a short temper, leading him to often go into violent rages. His sister, Jade Heartgold, rigorously trained him in the arts of magic and the sword since his toddler age of 500. At the age of 1300, he became the youngest Glatorian to become a Master Paladin. After defeating Apsu and the Oppositio Senshi, Jade left Entei to pursue greater tasks. Entei plans to grow stronger so he can prove to Jade that he is a strong warrior and gain her full trust.

More Detailed Bio (Entei): Entei was born during a total eclipse to King Zodiac Heartgold, the Crimson Dragon, and Queen Kakyyu Heartgold (Princess Fireball). As he grew up, he developed a great love for knowledge and a passion for the twin swords and magic. He also grew to have a great interest in the stars. He also came to learn that he had power over the stars, amazing his family and the kingdom. Upon reaching his adolescent years, Entei learned of an ancient evil from his sister Jade that was the Hell Destiny. Entei knew they had to be stopped at all costs, so he armed himself for battle during his sister's imprisonment. After completing a trial for the Stardust Dragon Maiden, Cosmo Starsoul, Entei discovered that he was to become the next wielder of the legendary Stardust Dragon. When he entered the shrine, he discover the great treasure of Starwell, a mythical sword that could become twin swords. Entei freed the swords and by doing so, awakened the Stardust Dragon. After this, he was able to free his sister and rally his old friends together, who had also become Signers. Together, they joined together and took on Apsu and the Oppositio Senshi. After a long, hard battle, Entei and the Signers emerged victorious. Shortly after the battle, Jade left and promised Entei that she would return and made Cosmo, who had been turned into an owl in the battle, promise that she would take care of Entei. It has now been 500 years, and Jade had not returned. So Entei decided to take matters into his own hands and began his search for his sister. He left his kingdom and crash-landed on Earth to begin his search for Jade, completely unaware of the impending danger close at hand. Unaware of the enemies that wish to bring Entei to the darkness, and unaware of the cold fact that in order to protect what matters most, you may have to destroy it…

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Name: Utsayumi (Derived from Beautiful and Darkness In human world its Yumika)

Age: looks to be the same age as Brue

Gender: Female

Race: Same as Brue

Hair:Blueish purple

Eyes: Red (Human world Redish purple)

Skin Tone: Death blue

Civilain clothing: Red sun dress

Villian outfit:Red dress that has gold trimmings and only covers her chest on the top part she also has bat like wings.

BIO: Twin Sister of Brue she grew up adoring and obeying her elder twin brother, she came with him to the human world and loves to toy and drain men.

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